Saturday, September 1

Kyle XY Labor Day Marathon excludes 3 epsiodes

The 'Season Finale' (10 new episodes come this new year) of Kyle XY's second season is this Monday at 8pm and ABC Family is running a marathon starting at 11am. But it isn't all the episodes from this season. The episodes highlighted below are the episodes I reviewed.

11am - The Prophet
Noon - The Homecoming
1pm - The List is Life
Balancing Act

Come to Your Senses

2pm - Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish
3pm - Free To Be You and Me
4pm - What's the Frequency, Kyle?
5pm - Ghost in the Machine
House of Cards
6pm - Hands on a Hybrid
7pm - Lockdown
8pm - Leap of Faith

Last year, they did a marathon and showed all the eps but they were only 10, now there is 13. The reason I think they couldn't show them all because of The 700 club.

In "Balancing Act," Kyle tries to balance his practices with Tom Foss and his life; "Come to your Senses," Nicole meets Emily and gains Jessi as a patient while Kyle looks for Amanda's necklace and nails a crook with Lori's help; "House of Cards" entails Kyle, Declan, and Tom breaking into Madacrop to retrieve Kyle's Latnok ring.