Thursday, September 20

VMAs has never boaded well for Britney Spears

I think the track record speaks for itself:

In 2000, when her image was still squeaky clean, Britney shocked audiences by stripping off a dress suit to reveal a sparkly semi-nude outfit. About the controversy, here is a MTV article.

In 2001, for "I'm A Slave 4 U" was lackluster and forgettable. PETA organization criticized her for the snake and white tiger part of the performance.

In 2003, the infamous Madonna-Christina Aguilera-Spears three-way. It made front page news, my grandma was all disgusted because she said she didn't want to be seeing a two women kiss each other. I think it impacted so much because they were so well known and they kept freaking repeating it over and over again. Progress or Publicity stunt? Would Britney kiss anyone else? More on the kiss

Now in 2007, I don't think it was that bad but I think she was a bit out of it. Some people exaggerate and say she kicked or stepped on the other dancers. Now people believe she has ruined her chances of appearing on the MTV Video Music Awards again.