Sunday, November 30

Yo Quiero Mi Principe

Two weeks ago was my four-year-old niece's birthday party and she loves the Disney Princesses. We got her Ariel, big Belle and the non-princess big Tinker Bell. She looked at all her dolls and then she asked, "Donde esta mi principe?" We laughed but I gave this great thought. She had many Princesses (Jasmine, Cinderella, Baby Ariel, etc.), but she had no prince. She didn't have no Barbie nor Ken. My eldest niece, her cousin, hates Barbies and is happy she doesn't have any Barbies. But when I wished to get the little niece "A" a Prince doll for Christmas, my eldest niece "M" suggested buying Ken's prince. I went to Toys R Us and they only had the new Diamond-no-se-que (Diamond-I-don't-know-what) and he didn't look much like a prince. And they had Sleeping Beauty with Prince Phillip for $22 in a pack. Even as much as I love them, no way I was going to pay that much. I found the Princesses in 'wedding dresses' but no groom. What kind of wedding is that? Are they promoting same-sex weddings? If so, awesome but I doubt it.

So I decided to go to the Disney Store. I was sure I would find it. There was the tall wall of the Princesses: Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, and Mulan. And down there, a few of the Beast. It shows off that you can change the Beast into the prince. As much as I love the Beast, "A" loves the Little Mermaid and has the doll in that size. In the back of the packaging of the Beast, there is the other Princes: Prince Charming, Phillip, Aladdin, Eric, and the Beast. I went to the sales lady and said, "Yo amo la Bestia, pero no tenien los otro princepes?" She told to look back there, I told her I did, she asked if I searched, I told her I glanced at it. We went to the second wall of dolls and searched, I just moved a bit of figures and she finally accepted there wasn't any. She then went to the back to check. I told her I would prefer Eric, but she said she would get what she could.

I went back to the first big wall of dolls, search and search and nothing. It is obvious where that the kids give up searching, the dolls above were all perfectly stacked. There was only the beast. I fear that my niece "A" will loose the beast head. So the lady came back with a couple of Prince Charmings and Prince Eric. I was so thrilled, I tried taking Eric from her but she needed help to carry them. So I helped put them on the shelf. She felt bad for poor Beast. Having less Prince merchandise in Princesses is common with any gender-based merchandise, there are few male CabbagePatch Kids, there are few female Power Rangers or even female figures in any male-based toyline. Because with the theory or proof that they don't sell well. The Princes were pretty good deal too, originally they were $12.50, they are now $8.

Tuesday, November 25

Belle, Snoopy's sister

Lots of people remember Flashbeagle from the 80's, I think the Peanuts specials' heyday were in the 80's. I used to love watching those specials and movies. But I had a stuff toy above of a Snoopy character and always thought it was his girlfriend. This was a common misconception. Belle only made a few appearances in the Peanuts comic strip, but is well-remembered because of the Belle stuffed animal toys sold in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Many people who were not regular readers of the comic strip mistakenly thought that she was Snoopy's girlfriend, rather than his sister. Belle also appeared briefly in the opening sequence of "The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show." While she was mentioned in the lyrics to the opening theme song, Belle never appeared in the actual cartoon series. One of Snoopy's most seen sibling was Spike, who had a special called "It's the Girl in the Red Truck, Charlie Brown," which many criticized but I liked it as a kid.

Scrubs premieres January 6!

It has been announced that Scrubs' new season will premiere January 6th, 2009 on ABC.

Monday, November 24

Joanna Cassidy is AWESOME

Joanna Cassidy, age 63, still looks fabulous and has played 3 of my favorite roles ever. She is still magnetic and powerful as ever. Recently she has guested on "Ghost Whisperer" and the first season of "Heroes" as Victoria Pratt. She is just a great actress and hopes keeps getting meaty roles.

I found it weird that she was not on "Desperate Housewives" yet and lo and behold, she is on it now! She plays the mother was Andrew's fiance and a thorn in Bree's side. I guess they were waiting for the right role.

First time I saw her, she played Dolores in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, she gave the movie heart and gravitas. She also got the material, so she was funny without trying.

[Picture thanks to MovieScreenShots]
She played Rose Lindsey in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter, which was a somber bland movie, trying to propel Christina Applegate's "Married with Children" career. Rose played her oblivious boss who believed in her.

And her most famous role ever in Blade Runner as Zhora. A year ago for the 25th anniversary, she got in the costume (which still fit after all that time!--which she loved) to re-shoot the sequence in which Zhora fell through the glass in order to fix a continuity error with the stuntwoman's helmet hair. (She wore a helmet under the wig)

Thursday, November 20

Product Placement in Telenovela

I saw the funniest thing the other day. I was at the gym and they had a telenovela (soap opera) on and there were two girls together and all of the sudden it became one of those old product placement segments. One girl was timid about talking about her period and the other busted out with maxi pads. It was hilarious, this actress was doing the whole nine yards of spokesman-ship.

Wednesday, November 19

X-Men: The First Class?

Well, it finally happened. What some fans have geared because they didn't like X-Men 3: The Last Stand, there will be a new X-Men movie besides X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men Origins: Magento and it will be called X-men: The First Class. "The O.C." and "Gossip Girl" producer Josh Schwartz has been tapped to helm it. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is due to come out May 2009 and X-Men Origins: Magento hasn't started filming. "Fox has been leaning toward using the younger characters introduced in the previous pics in future installments -- teenagers with powers taught at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. Given Hollywood's penchant for reboots with new actors playing familiar roles, pic could also reintroduce characters. Comicbook revolves around the Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman, Angel and Professor X." And lots of new Marvel films are re-booting and rather quickly if you ask me like Punisher and the Hulk. It would be cool to have a movie with those six characters.

Tuesday, November 18

The Beauty of the Male Form Part 3: What is Sexy?

[Joe Griffith, above]

Now I will discuss What is Sexy about Men?, now yes the majority will be what I believe is sexy but also what sexy should be. I do believe Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes, it is a bit ironic saying that if I have a hot guy blog. But I don't always pick guys that fall into agreed-upon convential beauty. So 'Sexy' is the same. It depends on the person you are attracting. But what I think should be an agreed-upon 'Sexy' is more about attitude. Indeed, woman have a more open ideal about sexiness in men, while the stereotype is that the majority of men have a narrow view of what is sexy in women. Actually, most men actually do like plus-size women and also like tomboy girl, many men find a woman in men's clothing enticing, well not all the time, mostly in the bedroom but it is something. Most specifically their own clothing that might be bigger on the woman.

[Daniel Gillies, above]

Sexiness do come in attitude. Even if a guy is handsome, I don't like a guy when he is stuck up or thinks he is 'all that' or a complete jack hole. I like humble guys, those 'ah shucks' guys. While the are hard to find, like needles in haystacks... Lots of women and gay men say confidence is key. And from personal experience, confidence does make a large effective difference. Confidence vs. Cockiness. Cockiness not great, it's annoying and off-putting. Confidence is just assurance, self-reliance in one's self. I do like guys that are introverted but not too much. So like with anything else, excessiveness is not good. Some people don't even like men that are 'too beautiful' or more beautiful than they are.

[Novak Djokovic, above]

Now, I have had my crushes that have come and gone. For Example, I had a thing for Andy Roddick (before I started this blog) but now I find him to be a boring douche. I had a thing for Justin Timberlake, found everything he did sexy and cute, but he also got bland and tired. He stopped updating his look, which I like and he is now fond of facial hair and I don't like too much facial hair. I am okay with some hair but not the scruffiness. I don't like when handsome guys get scruffy to hide their hottness. How annoying is that?

[Julian Mcmahon, above)

Fathers are also sexy. Fatherhood means responsibility, empathy and caring. Nothing isn't more sexy than a young handsome father playing with their kids or with a stroller. And it's happening more often these days. It is heart-warming to see how many young fathers are stepping up and being a true man by taking care of their children and being there for them.

Yay! Whoopi defending Gay Rights in The View

She totally gets it and defends it. And she is awesome. Thank You.

Sunday, November 16

SNL: Paul Rudd is a brave one

Finally a funny post-political season SNL, I think SNL will be doing fine. Paul Rudd takes it there, he is not afraid. Of course since he has lots of improv experience. He didn't even plug his new movie Role Models in his opening monologue. He did poke fun at SNL being in post-political season and had Kristen Wigg join in the fun---not as Sarah Palin but as an obscure politician. I am sure others won't agree. But there was one sketch where Rudd and Andy Samberg are roommates and go to Rudd's character's home where he, his parents and brother kiss on the lips and ends up with a kiss orgy. And there was...what I guess was a Digital Short with Andy Samberg and Paul Rudd painting each other naked ala Titanic and ending up to be one those Ben Stiller/Adam Samberg-ish movies. There were lots of gender bending and challenging of gender norms in this episode and that's great. And more bloody sketches, always good. And of course, a gay marriage skit with Rudd and Bill Hader about closeted guys that ended up sweet and not like all completely "ha ha, they are gay."

Sidebar: I had to mention Weekend Update, with the 'featuring castmember' dressed up as Snagglepuss discussing what Seth Meyers puts as a 'setback for the gay community' just like straight guys say to separate themselves from stuff. Snugglepuss 'came out' and announce he wanted to married the little green The Great Kazoo. That was hiliarious. Cute. But I am not going to put much against Meyers since he was equally prejudice with racist jokes like "Laura Bush and Michelle Obama met and Laura kept a close look at her pocket book." Everyone booed for that and for ban on gay marriage. John Stewart went through the same booing thign when he mentioned it on "The Daily Show."

Thursday, November 13

Surprise Night Court Reunion in 30 Rock

I wasn't that thrilled about Jennifer Aniston guest-starring on "30 Rock" because I am not much of a Rachel Green fan, but I was very surprised to find out that there was a "Night Court" reunion! I loved "Night Court" growing up and that theme song is so iconic. I was thrilled to find 3 of my favorite actors from that show: Harry Anderson, Markie Post, and Charles Robinson. Even though John Larroquette wasn't there, he was mentioned, that he was too busy.. I was kind of glad he wasn't there. The plot involved the page Kenneth wanting a decent series finale with Harry and Markie's characters marrying each other, all because he is bummed they are changing his work jacket. So Tracy helps make it work. I half expected fake actors playing them and Tracy saying he couldn't get the real actors. The jokes were so funny, especially Markie complaining that she didn't get an Emmy nomination. I think it is freaking awesome that Markie and Charles played husband and wife in There's Somehting About Mary---(oops! My bad! I've been told it was Keith David, another of my favorite African-American actors). The funniest Night Court-related joke was Kenneth freezing in moment like the ending of all of the Night Court episodes. And Aniston wasn't half bad either as a crazy old pal of Liz.

The Beauty of the Male Form Part 2

Okay, I said I was going to cover clothes on men, so here I go.

[Above, Gaspard Ulliel]
I am not that crazy about really skinny guys but I do appreciate how a decent jean looks on a tall skinny man. Also, love leather shoes. I'm a foot guy, I got to admit. I am crazy about feet but mostly with the shoes on. No, I don't want shoes stepping on me, no I don't like doing anything physical with the shoes. I just like looking at them.

[Above, Milo Ventimigla]
I love the whole look. The stance is very sexy. And those shoes, I am melting. I don't know how to explain this, this is almost uncharted waters. It has been discussed on the internet about male feet and male shoes, there are plenty videos on YouTube but there is not much discussion in psychology which I would love to read.

[Above, Adrian Armas]
Sneakers and shoes like those are foxxy with business pants, I love this whole outfit, the layers. Leather jackets look hot when they are shorter.

[Above, Penn Badgley]
Can't help but to love this whole picture and the outfit and the stance and the shoes. I can't say anything else.

[Above, Cillian Murphy]
Again, sexy boots, skinny jean pants, etc.

[Above, Dean Sheremet]
I love when shirts can be seen under other shirts, especially the biceps. Such form fitting. Do I even have to say that I look seeing nipples sticking out of shirts?

[Above, Oded Fehr]
There is a stereotype that women can't resist a man in uniform, but I believe it depends on the man. I mean it can true, for both women and men attracted to men. But army fatigues are real hot, especially the boots. The whole look is so very attractive.

[Above, Greg Plitt]
Ditto, they look like GI Joe dolls come to life.

[Above, Nicholas Lemons]
This fashion photo is great because it shows an uncommon thing, most men are full of motocross gear and sometimes it looks sexy but sometimes it looks too clunky, but in this picture, we have the strong but somewhat fragile tender male body with the hard, sexy and sleek armor.

Don't get me started with kilts! How striking!

[Above Right, Tom Zbikowski ]
Seeing the brief line, much like the panty line in women, in pants is really scrumptious.

[Above, Robertas Javtokas]
Talking about uniforms, I love baseball uniforms but most baseball players don't have the figure to pull it off. I love basketball outfits the most because of the amount of skin that is shown.

[Above, Jimmy Clausen]
Football uniforms are awesome, I think the most alluring. The college football uniforms are most hot because you can see the calves.

[Above, Kevin Zegers]
Above you can see the vulnerability and the cuteness, the nimbleness that can has a lot of potential.

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Tuesday, November 11

Peppermint Rose

I loved shows designed for girls in the 80's like Rainbow Brite, Lady Lovelylocks, Strawberry Shortcake,Care Bears, Popples, She-Ra, and Jem; Peppermint Rose came out in 1992 by Mattel, a line of dolls and stuffed animals with perfume scents of a mix of flowers and candies. Since it was created by "Those Characters from Cleveland" (who also created Strawberry Shortcake, Lady Lovelylocks, Care Bears and Popples), American Greetings made the cards and wrapping paper. TCfC was the toy design division of American Greetings.

Anyhoo, they made one animated special, probably as a pilot but it was never specified. It was syndicated and when it was going to air, one of the toy commercials had a voice-over for it, announcing to 'check your local listings.' So I did and the special aired on a Saturday morning in my area (Miami, FL) at 7 on what was WDZL 39, which is now SFL. I recorded it but with time the tape became unplayable and I no longer have it. I am kicking myself as much as I did with the fact that I gave away my Care Bears and could have sold them to eBay. Anyhoo, the special was later sold on VHS.

The special was about a typically spoiled brat teenage girl Rose, who was home alone and taken by a elephant-dragon, who I think her name was Petalpuff, but I am not sure. She was taken to another dimension to a dark land that needed their help. She was greeted by Diminutive, a little wizard. Actually, the story was told as a flashback, the show started with the girls in their 'hero' outfits and Diminutive said Rose wasn't always a fair and chaste girl. Anyhoo, the land was savaged by flower-eating bugs, three brothers and their mother. Rose traveled to Bagoona, which smelled horrible. On her way, she had to outsmart a roach-man with a riddle. When they arrived to the castle, Petalpuff went back to Earth to find her friends Lily, Daisy, and Violet, who supposedly were in a singing group. They all sung to 'tame the beast' and all the bugs became good and everything became bright and beautiful when they brought the peppermint rose patch back to its sacred spot. Diminutive then gave them their outfits and new names or rather, titles.

Merrymint Violet, the only black girl, was in the cartoon and dolls, but not included in the other stuff like stickers, puzzles, cards, wrapping paper, etc. The other outfits were different, but this one was a lot like Peppermint Rose's. I guess this was like their 'AA Barbie.' AA meaning African American. Her other friends were Vanilla Daisy and Lemon Kiss Lily. In the toys she was called Lemon Kiss Lilly and in the cartoon she was called Lemon Drop Lilly. The toyline of course didn't pick up and just became obscure. I know the dolls were still sold until 94 or so.

There were also little rabbit-like friends in plastic figurine and plush figure forms. They had different names, but there only seemed to be three in the cartoon. Also, I got to mention that the animation in the toy commercials were different than the animation in the special. This also occured with Jem, most of the animation in the commercials was the same but sometimes given to another company so it varied.

Sunday, November 9

El Show de Lucky the Clown

'El Show de Lucky' was a Children's program that was made in 2003 I believe and ended around 2005. It was made and produced in South Florida, mostly Hialeah and Miami. It was made in Spanish and English, the theme song was in Spanish but most of the show was in English. I was forced to watch this show when I worked for a Spanish network, well many of them and almost all of them had this show. The basic concept was of a Ronald McDonald-like clown named Lucky and his 'Lucky Stars' that dressed in different colors of the rainbow performing a show with a studio audience. He would say, 'Yo soy tu Amigo.' (I am your friend) And there was a person in a dog suit named Aliu that really didn't do anything. I had an inkling that Lucky's wife was in the suit. Also, there was a puppet, Tilingo, who looked like a lesbian science teacher with a big nose. It had an annoying voice and was the source of cynicism and ignorance.
"El Show de Lucky" es un programa de la Infancia que se realizó en el año 2003 yo creo y terminó alrededor de el año de 2005. Se hizo y producido en el Sur de la Florida, la mayoría en Hialeah y Miami. Se hizo en Español y en Inglés, el tema principal (canción) fue en en Español, pero la mayor parte del programa fue en Inglés. Me obligaron a ver este espectáculo, cuando yo trabajaba para una estacion de television en Español, así muchos de ellos y casi todos de ellos transmiteron este espectáculo. El concepto básico era de un payaso como Ronald McDonald llamado Lucky y sus "Lucky Estrellas", que fueron vestidos de diferentes colores del arcoiris con un estudio de audiencia. Él diría, 'Yo soy tu Amigo. " y hubo una persona en un traje de perro llamado Aliu que realmente no hacer nada. Tuve una idea de que la esposa de Lucky estaba en el traje. Además, hubo un títere, Tilingo, que parecía una profesorda lesbiana de ciencias con una gran nariz. Tuvo una voz molesta y fue la fuente del cinismo y la ignorancia.

The basic format of the show started out with Lucky coming out with a drum and his lucky stars singing a song. Then he would have the kids from the audience do aerobics. Then he would introduce his Lucky Stars. Then usually Monique would talk to Tilingo and would talk about the topic of the day, if it was weather, time, flowers, flags, Christmas, etc. In some episodes later on, Eric and Elisa would have a news segment and Christopher would do a segment and later on, Derrick and Debby would do the weather. Before they ended, they would have a guest kid perform a talent, usually dancing and singing. And by the end, they would answer mail and announce the address. They would then announce kids who had birthdays that week. There would sometimes be a field trip segment with Jeanelle interviewing somebody and a karate segment with Master Joe--an actual Children's karate teacher from a local dojo, which was kept even when the format changed later on.
El formato básico del programa comenzó con Lucky salir con un tambor y su suerte estrellas cantar una canción. Entonces tendría la chicos de la audiencia hacer aeróbicos. Luego, se presentará su Lucky Estrellas. A continuación, Monique se suele hablar con Tilingo y hablar sobre el tema del día, si era tiempo, flores, banderas, Navidad, etc. En algunos episodios más tarde, Erik y Elisa tendría un segmento de noticias y Christopher haría un segmento y más tarde, Derrick y Debby haría la clima. Antes de que terminó, que tendría un niño invitado realizar un talento, por lo general bailando y cantando. Y al final, respuesta el correo y la dirección. En ese caso, anunciará los niños que habían cumpleaños esa semana. Existe a veces ser un segmento como viaje de campo con Jeanelle hacieron entrevistas con alguien y una serie de sesiones de karate con Master Joe - un profesor real de karate en su dojo local, que se mantuvo incluso cuando cambió el formato más adelante.

The Lucky Stars started out with five, they all dressed in shirts and nylon excerise pants of the same color they were assigned: Monique, the oldest, who dressed in aqua; Erick, the chubbiest boy in green; Elisa, the prim and proper girl in purple; Janelle Marie, who started out in pink and when the show progressed and the other kids left, the outfits were phased out; and Christopher, the most into theatrical stuff, in blue. A bit later, a new kid was added, Derick, who was initially dressed in navy. Christopher then left and there was a few episodes with just the five until the last little girl came, Debbie the youngest, she dressed in red and by the next year, they phased out the first type of uniform. The second uniform was a shirt of their color and overalls with their name drawn on it. Derrick then changed to orange.
Los Lucky Estrellas comenzó con cinco, todos de ellos vestideron con camisas y pantalones de nylon de excerisio del mismo color que fueron asignados: Monique, la más grande de los otros, quien vestio de aqua; Erick, el niño mas gordito en verde; Elisa, la chica adecuada de color morado; Janelle Marie, quien comenzó en rosa, y cuando el show avanzaba y los otros niños se fueron, los trajes fueron eliminandos gradualmente, y Christopher, que le gustaba la mayoría de cosas de teatro, en azul. Un poco más tarde, un nuevo chico se ha añadido, Derick, que fue inicialmente vestidos en azul oscuro. Christopher luego se fue y hubo algunos episodios con sólo los cinco hasta la último niña llegó, la chicita de Debbie, vestida de rojo y por el próximo año, el primer tipo de uniforme fue eliminando gradualmente. El segundo uniforme era una camisa de su color y overoles con su nombre dibujado en ella. Derrick luego cambió al color naranja.

By the third year or so, all the kids grew up and left the show, leaving just Janelle Marie. Eric, Monique, Elisa and Derrick made their own singing group, I forget the name, something like Sol, Arena, and Mar but that may be wrong. The group is now called 4 Elements and has Debbie instead of Monique. Then a new member was added in the form of Super L ('L' was pronounced in Spanish so it sounded like Super Ele). He would 'fly' in, in a cheesy manner and was superimposed over the opening credits even though most of the kids had long gone and Tillingo was phased out as well. By this time, the audience had disappeared and the studio looked kind of empty. Super L was the son of a famous Cuban comedian, forgot who. Later on, the son of the guy who played Lucky was added to the show and I forget his name, maybe Daniel, but he was difficult to work with. It seemed he didn't want to be involved. He would look at the camera with such disdain.
En el tercer año o así, todos los chicos crecieron y dejaron el show, dejando sólo Janelle Marie. Eric, Monique, Elisa y Derrick hizo su propio grupo de canto, me olvido el nombre, algo así como Sol, Arena y Mar, sino que puede estar equivocado. El grupo que ahora se llama 4 Elementos y ha Debbie en lugar de Monique. A continuación, un nuevo miembro se ha añadido en forma de Super L. El 'volo', en un manera muy 'Mickey Mouse' y fue superpuesta sobre la apertura de créditos, aunque la mayoría de los niños ha ido de largo y Tillingo fue eliminado también. En este momento, el audiencia había desaparecido y el estudio estaba vacío. Super L es el hijo de un famoso comediante Cubano, que no me recerdo el nombre. Más tarde, el hijo del actor que hizo Lucky se ha añadido el programa y se me olvida su nombre, tal vez Daniel, pero era difícil trabajar con ellos. Parecía que no querían estar involucrados. Él mira la cámara con tanto desprecio.

By the end, it seemed their bugdet got reduced because they got cheaper opening sequence and a smaller studio with a smaller audience. By this time, with Janelle, Super L, Daniel, there was another girl, an older girl, maybe even older than Monique but I forget her name and she didn't have a color. Jeanelle would wear her old overalls until they changed the studio. They even had a 'special' episode where they went to a 'special location.' But no not Disney world, no not Hawaii.... Dominican Republic. It seems to be where Lucky is from. It was pitiful, they made a big deal going on the airplane and going to this resort and of course, they had an 'adventure' where they had to go find Lucky. I mean, the place looked like the last place a kid would want to go have fun in. Well, that's my rant, this show was highly made fun by my co-workers and I just wanted to share in the absurdity. This show still reruns in some local and cable Spanish channels.
Al final, parece que tiene su presupuesto reducido porque los graphicos de la segunda apertura fueron más baratos y el segundo estudio fue más pequeño con un audiencia más pequeño. En ese momento, con Janelle, Super L, Daniel, hubo otra chica, una niña de más edad, quizás incluso más de Monique, pero se me olvida su nombre y no tenía un color. Jeanelle uso su traje viejo hasta que cambió el estudio. Incluso había un episodio "especial" en el que ellos se fueron a un "lugar especial". Pero no fueron a Disney World y no a Hawai.... Fueron a la República Dominicana. Parece ser que es de donde es Lucky. Es lamentable, hicieron una gran cosa va en el avión e ir a este recurso y, por supuesto, tenían una 'aventura' que tuvo que ir buscar Lucky. Quiero decir, el lugar parecía el último lugar que un niño quiere ir a divertirse. Bueno, ese es mi despotricar, de este programa fue muy divertido hecho por mis compañeros de trabajo y yo sólo quería compartir en este absurdo. Este programa todavía se repeta en algunos canales locales de cable en Español.

Viewer Beware on YouTube!

Thursday, November 6

My take on the Gay Marriage Ban

So here is my take, I was all for 'No on Amendment 2' in Florida which defines marriage in the traditional sense and it was passed. I had no idea about California, I thought I was safe on that side but unfortunately Amendment 8 was approved and now there is a ban on gay marriage but I know my people will not take it without a fight. There is no so far 3 lawsuits against the amendment and plenty groups are fired up and fighting back. Yay for them and I am right with them. This is not the end, this is just the beginning. If we can have Obama for president, I can have my husband one day.

I worked as a poll worker/quality assurance specialist in the election on Tuesday and I had to read in Spanish to the non-English speaking voters that required help, and it was hard to see them vote 'yes' on the amendment but I took an oath and had to take it with stride. This is the rare times I mention something private about my life on my blog, my win was that my mother, who I have fought with for years about me being who I am, voted 'no' on the amendment and that touches me so much. So much, without words to express but I have tried.

South Park/Obama Episode Quick

That was rather quick with South Park's episode last night about Obama and McCain pulling an 'Ocean's Eleven' on us to find a diamond under the White House. They have done this before with Sadam and his spider hole with that Canada/Wizard of Oz episode. I wonder what they would have aired if Obama didn't win. My dad thinks there is a whole other episode out there with McCain winning. But Parker and Stone sure are psychic to predict Obama and McCain voters' reactions. I wonder if McCain won, would they have had Obama suiciders.

They tell The Live Feed this:
"We've only ever worked on an Obama version," said Parker and Stone via email, when asked if they prepped two versions in case McCain won. "We followed Vegas odds. If McCain would have won we would have been screwed. It would have been our 'Dewey defeats Truman' moment."

The Live Feed
Watch the Episode free online at South Park Studios

Tuesday, November 4



But this doesn't mean a magic wand is going to fix everything. The White House is a mess and it is not going to be a quick change and he has said that. McCain actually did a great speech, he was real humble and he got boos for supporting Obama but that was because he had created a monster with his voters. I hope that in four years, we don't blame Obama, if you voted for him, stick with him. This is the first time in eight years that I have voted three times for present that my candidate won!

Saturday, November 1

Vampire Shows Post-Buffy and Angel

I was watching one of my favorite shows "Angel" and thought about how after "Angel" and "Buffy" ended, how there now has been a surge of vampire shows. I am referring to "Blood Ties," "Moonlight" and the new "True Blood." Three shows is not much of a surge but it is really curious. Even though vampire fans have complained about how "Angel" and "Buffy" weren't all about vampires, the two shows really change things for the vampire genre. Great special effects and the shows were higher brow that anything else could muster. "Forever Knight" was great but it is less in the cult totem-pole than the aforementioned shows. "Moonlight" is the only show out of the three that was on a network and it got canceled. "Moonlight" was also produced by David Greenwalt, who spear-headed "Angel." But it had different vampire rules than "Angel" and most vampire lore. "Blood Ties" is on Lifetime and I think it is coming back, but is overall unknown. It has lasted two seasons. "True Blood" is on HBO, recently started and much more dark and sexual and gory than anything. I am not saying these shows came up because of "Angel" and "Buffy," plus that "Angel" ended in 2005. Before "Buffy," there was a long lull of vampire shows, not many, so it is curious to me that they are attractive now. I just hope they push the envelope, I am sure "True Blood" is going to do that. But I don't want them to ruin the lore, play with and use it like the other two shows did.