Wednesday, May 31

Dreams do come true!

Ewan Mcgregor saying what I've been waiting for in a Japanese Aeon commercial.

Nature serves more on the evolutionary chain

A two month Shanghai was born with a fully-formed third arm. When I first heard of that they wanted to give him surgery, I was like 'let him keep his third arm!' But then on further reading, neither of his two left arms are fully functional (but it seems logistically they wouldn't be able to) and has only one kidney. He has alot of problems that has to be attended, god bless him. I hope he survives. So children with extra limbs have been born before and of course they have been removed, but in those cases, it was more or less obvious which appenge was the most workable. In other words, they could tell which one was the 'good' one and the 'useless' one. But in this case, it is difficult to tell.

I think differences are highly respectable. Lots of people are borned with sixth fingers and they are removed, imagine with they were kept? They would be much more people with sixth fingers--like left-handers. Even that is very taboo, not unheard of but not talked about. The left handed revoluntion. Yes, I know that is a pretty radical idea (six fingers thing) but it interesting to ponder.

X-Men: Last Stand Non-Spoilerly Review

I was so excited to see the movie and after watching it, I still liked it. It is good but not great. Indeed being the movie with a shorter length than the last two, it does feel bit packed in. Not rushed, just stuffed. Even in the quiet moments, they don't say what they should be saying. Brian Singer's absence is felt, but Brett Ratner did have an ambitious try. There are alot of shocking and at times disappointing moments. All the elements of a hit, it just doesn't get it. Strangely it does live up to expectations (especially the rampage of the Phoenix saga), it does indeed finalize the 'trilogy'.

I do want more movies team-wise (we do have Wolverine spin-off and Magento prequel), 'the next generation' is set up but it feels there is not enough of the 'old generation' to support them. The X-Men comic books do offer lots of fodder for more than nine Star Trek movies. These three X-Men movies offer a different brand X-men, without extraterrestials, other dimensions, variety of flying X-Men and step-children from the future and instead turns in things that never occured in the comic books. It sort of grounds our favorite characters in a more topical reality with mortal limits and sums up the series.

Inviso-text for Minor-Spoilers:
One statement from one of the producers that it would be stupid to start off and end the movie with Dark Phoenix but it pretty much does.

Inviso-text for Major-Spoilers:
The death tolls includes Scott Summers, Charles Xavier, Phoenix and a couple of the Brotherhood. The secret scene after the credits is Xavier seemingly coming back alive in a comatose man and found by Moira.

Tuesday, May 30

Alzheimer's follows Kate Burton

Kate Burton is an actress who plays Ellis Grey, Meredith Grey's mother who has Alzheimer's on Grey's Anatomy and recently she played Rose on Rescue Me who is helping the Chief Jerry Reilly (Jack McGee) who has a wife on Alzheimer's. I think the Rescue Me role came first, but not only does Alzheimer's follow Kate, affairs with chiefs do too. It seems Ellis had an affair with the hospital chief Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.), divorcing with Meredith's father. While it seems the other show is alluding to an relationship between Rose and Jerry (who also has a gay son).

The O.C.'s Marissa Cooper is dead

I couldn't find a bad picture of this bitch. Her character finally died in the season finale of The O.C. I didn't see it, but all I know is Mischa Barton spilled the beans the day before and some people are bummed about because they say 'it would have been a shocking moment.' All I believe is that it is the best moment! Somebody may be repeating that scene over and over again on their VHS or Tivo just like Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her. Cheers.

Monday, May 29

Conrad Boys: Just check out this movie

I don't care that this movie has already been talked about in one of my favorite blogs: Tottyland but this movie is real awesome. An indepedent film Conrad Boys created, written, directed, and starred in by Justin Lo, who is half Chinese and half Jewish Caucasian. It is about two brothers, after their mother dies, the older brother Charlie puts his college plans on hold to take care of his little brother. Charlie then meets Jordan and falls in love, is pulled in another direction and more conflict starts when their lost-long father comes in asking for custody of the little brother. Sounds and looks revolutionary.

Unknown Hotties of the Week 5/29

Unknown Hotties of the Week is a selection of mostly three virtually unknown or not yet popular actors, dancers, models, etc. Some can have some attention but the key is that they are not widely known. Now, what considers them a hottie? Well, if they catch my attention. I try to open in people of different diversities but sometimes, you just go easy and go white.

This is Aaron Ruell, believe it or not he played Kip, Napeoleon's older more unattractive brother on Napoleon Dynamite. He hasn't done much films--he has directed and written three indepedent films. He surprisingly did a guest voice on Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Rafael Rosell: Philippinian model/actor
More like him here

Brian Tee
Actor who has made appearences on Zoey 101, Monk, Passions, JAG and even the 'Family' episode (the ep where not-yet-Oscar nominated Amy Adams guested as well) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as an intern. He will be in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift where there is many Asian-american actors and grownup former Nickelodeon actors.

This week I am adding more:
Marcell Jansen
A German rugby footballer. Yes, he is generic blonde haired and blue eyed but he makes it look so exotic.
He of course has nice thighs.

He won an 'American Idol' like competetion. He is so hot, he recently hosted Reventon on Mun2. He doesn't seem to speak English. He has a wonderful voice and has big ears.

Hovercraft: Nine more years of wait!

Remember in Back to the Future II where Marty goes to the future and uses a Hovercraft in 2015? Well I was looking up trivia for fun and because the fake one had 'Mattel' on, fools thought that was for real!

During a television interview with Robert Zemeckis, the movie's director, he explained that "hoverboards float on magnetic energy". He also added, "they've been around for years, it's just that parent groups haven't let toy manufacturers make them. But we got our hands on some and put them in the movie." He was only joking of course but interesting enough, Mattel (whose logo appeared on the hoverboard props) soon found themselves overwhelmed with callers asking where they could buy one. "In most cases, we make it clear it was made specifically for the movie,'' said Glenn Bozarth of Mattel back in 1989 when the phones were ringing off the hook. "But if they've got a sense of humor, we tell them to wait until 2015.''

The hoverboard props for the movie were just wooden boards stuck to the actors feet and the actors were suspended by cables. This infromation is from IMDB trivia and an Archived weblog. Wikipedia offered some technology basis. When I first saw it (I was 7!), I obviously knew it was fake. It belonged to a girl and was pink--obviously a Barbie version.

1999 Repeat Commercial: Godzilla and Doritos

The 1999 commercial featuring the U.S. version of Godzilla chasing after an 18-wheeler carrying a truckload of Doritos has been airing again! I thought it was a look-a-like but it indeed is that awful Godzilla (1998). I can't find the commercial online but it is freaking airing on television! What could the freaking explaination? Is Doritos toying with us? I know no one is trying to revive this, albiet, real monster.

Sunday, May 28

Rescue Me's Daniel Sunjata

Talking about "Rescue Me," Daniel Sunjata is one of the hotties on it. He also was a foresnic/coroner guy in Law & Order: Special Victims Order. He plays a lovable prick on Rescue Me but he actually does alot of theater and has a sense of humor.

El Residente Calle 13

When I first saw a music video of Calle 13 (13 street), I thought that was his stage name. It is actually the name of the group... a duo... two brothers. The cute guy rapping in the majority of the video calls himself 'El Residente Calle 13.' If you haven't figured it out, they are a Spanish rap group, not really Reggaeton, not really just rap, and not to be simply called Hip-Hop. I thought they were Cuban but they are ofcourse Putero Rico. Apparently his brother calls himself el visitante ('the visitor').

Their latest song 'Suave' is to premiere Monday and Tuesday every hour on Mun2.

El Residente's real name is René Pérez and he kinda looks like MADTV's Ike Brainholtz. El Residente ('the resident') got more popularity by teaming up with whats this guys name?... Don Omar? no, the uglier one, if thats ever possible... Voltio. Yeah him. And is it wrong I found El Resident sexy as a priest in the Chulin Culin Cunflai (sp) video? Yes, Yes, I know El Residente has a wierd pattern on his head.

Saturday, May 27

Rescue Me Third Season starts June 30th

For ya'll who care, the new season of Rescue Me starts this Tuesday June 30th at 10pm on the FX network.

Finally Justice, Double-Lightsaber justice

Trying to get more money out of us, George Lucas is re-releasing another set of the original Star Wars triology September 2006 but this time, it includes the original unaltered version! But as a bonus material. Atleast, it is something. I didn't bust out the money for the last set because I was so upset for many reasons, two being replacing the actor playing the emperor with the current one and replacing old Jedi ghost Anakian Skywalker with cute but evil Hayden Christensen.

Thursday, May 25

And now for someone a little older

I was watching the first episode of Friends and I forgot that Monica went on a date with a hot guy--the wine guy. Well his name is John Allen Nelson and he was on Baywatch as well. He is 47 and still doing work, recently on 24 and a Fall Pilot.

Still with impressive biceps.

Back when in Baywatch.

Wednesday, May 24

Evangelion Live-Action Movie: New to me

Well this might be old news but this is new to me that ADV Films is planning a North-American Live-Action film on Neon Genesis Evangelion. ADV Films claims there will try to make it as accurate as possible like LOTR supposedly. Weta Workshop had been working on sketches and such but I am not sure if they have been hired or not. Fans were very upset when American names were used for the characters. And most likely, they will use Caucasian actors. Fans and I believe they should would Japanese people or atleast Asian-Americans. When the Live-action Pretty Solider Sailor Moon Tokusatsu came out in 2004, I showed a friend and she said it was wrong and they should of used a white people and I was like what??!!! It's Japanese, ofcourse the actors were going to be Japanese. The only excusable character to use an European is Aska (she's German and 1/4 Japanese).
Anyway I enjoy watching the repeats on Adult Swim (Weeknights at 1am). I enjoy the early 90's-sounding opening theme. And I don't care but the finale of The End of Evangelion was kick butt. Here is a fan page on the live-action project. The Robin Williams-connection scares me. Apparently the Eva toy appearing in his movie One Hour Photo was at his part--he is a fan. I'd accept him as the noises of Pen-Pen the penguin. Not talking, noises.

Everwood A Look Back

First Air Date: September 16, 2002
Firstly with all the boo-hah about it, I thought it would a load of crap family show and had a lot of critical praise. The plot---a dead beat 'top doctor' father decides to move his teenage son and daughter to a small mountain town from New York after his wife dies in a car accident. The teenage son Ephram (Gregory Smith) is a genius pianist resents his father and then falls in love with a chick who has a boyfriend in a coma. I couldn't stand any of the characters, they were a back of stuck-ups. The father was a dorky full-of-it, the son a ungrateful crybaby, the girl he liked a total bitch and her father as a complete a-hole. But soon I warmed up to them. They were clearly flawed characters and the mistakes they made were sure fun to watch. ANd there was plenty of homoerotic fun between Colin (Mike Erwin) and Ephram.

Finale: June 5, 2006
Since then, Ephram inpreganted the babysitter and only his father knew and then he found out when he was auditioning for Juliard. So Ephram is a dead beat dad now. Hannah (Sarah Drew), a character introduced two years ago reminds me much of my first girlfriend, the overreacting bookworm church girl, falls in love ofcourse with the wrong guy--Bright (Chris Pratt) and ofcourse he cheats on her, albeit a year later. Recently, Ephram met his grandfather who surprise, surprise his father has problems with him too. The grandfather brilliantly played by Charles Durning.

Recently, Bright and Ephram's roommate Reid (hottie Justin Baldoni) surprisingly attempts suicide by taking overdose of pills and let water steam throughout closed bathroom after he is kicked out of medical school. He was known of a well-adjusted, happy and heavly excersing guy. For several episodes, the kdis thought he was gay which led on and WB kept doing promos about Amy being into a gay guy and it even wasn't about the episode! They showed his hot torso for a minute or so and the actor said he was self-conscious about it.

Anyway, it was a good show and yes, I was getting tired of Scott Wolf's dimples. I wouldn't be surprised if he made a cameo on Lost.

Tuesday, May 23

Scrubs Next Season Delayed

TV Guide considers Scrubs not being on the fall schedule for NBC just like last season a upheavel on NBC's part but why couldn't it be consider like FOX and ABC's choice two years ago to start 24 and Alias in January? The series creator of Scrubs says he even knew about this. The show is pretty funny, this whole season was hiralous.

To catch you up:
J.D. (Zach Braff) had a relationship with his real-life girlfriend Mandy Moore and even bought a front porch (literally) with her but then found out she wasn't interested in having a long-term relationship. Then he did find a real good girlfriend.. the chick (Elizabeth Banks) from the 40 year-old Virgin. The finale ended up in Jordan (The Drew Carrey's Christa Miller Lawrence) and J.D.'s girlfriend pregnant, while Carla is already pregnant. Travis Schuldt an intern became Elliot's new beau and Jay Kenneth Johnson became the new resident hottie genacologist.

Everwood VS 7th Heaven

Literally it was Everwood vs 7th Heaven for CW and they chose 7th Heaven because of the ratings for the supposed series finale. So now there will be a freaking 11th season. I bet you it will only last one more year. As for Everwood, the producers were ready and made a series finale ending for June 5. I am mad because I didn't get to see the end of last night's eppy. Well, soon I will be doing the 'a look back' at Everwood and flip-off 7th Heaven.

CW: Congrats to Supernatural & Girlfriends fans

The CW (UPN & WB merger) fall lineup had been announced and only two shows are new.

Gilmore Girls (without their original show creators)
One Tree Hill (Which fans was fighting for according to E!)
Beauty and the Geek
and ARGH! 7th Heaven (It was between it and Everwood and I am very mad)

Gilfriends (Sunday, along with its spin-off The Game)
Everybody Hates Chris (Sunday)
All of Us (Sunday)
America's Next Top Model
Veronica Mars

Fast and the Furious 3 good?

Word from Harry Knowles ( is that Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift set in Japan is actually good. It stars Lucas Black, with the sexy southern drawl and was in Friday Night Lights. He was the cute kid with southern accent back when. Lets just hope it reflects the Japanese culture with respect. But, yeah, it has Former 'Lil' Bow Wow.

Charmed Series Finale: The Best

It was pretty good episode, continuation from the last ep, after the Charmed Ones and the other two sisters both used the Hollow, Phoebe and Paige end up dead. Piper and Leo (who the Angel of Destiny gives back to her) use Coop's ring to go back to the past to her sisters but end up picking up her mom from before Phoebe was born (1976) and grams from when she was raising the three.
Without spoiling any more, the ep generating much of the Charmed folklore and keeping most of the history correct with hiralous results (their mother realizes she divorced her husband, had an affair with her whitelighter, had Paige and died in bacially one instant). It was very clear and very heartwarming. The ending, ends as a commulasion of years. And Adult Wyatt (Wes Ramsey) sure is hot with shorter hair. Is it me or did Wyatt act like the little brother?

Sunday, May 21

Are you Illegal and don't know it?

Well it happened to a German teenager Manuel Baretsch, he lives with his stepfather in Ohio and was told by his local immigration office that he filled up the wrong form to became a full citizen after his temporary visa expired. When he went to the office, he was surprised to be arrested. His step father didn't even officially adopted him! Now with court ordeals and uncertain future, he was even releaved that he graduated High School. He waits on the outcome of the ongoing legal proceedings, hoping something will be done so he can attend Ohio Northern University, where he was recently accepted and where he hopes to pursue a business or economics degree. The Dream Act would allow citizenship to Manuel, since he came to the United States before he was 16.