Tuesday, September 30

Greek Episode 27 Review

Initial thoughts, more soon.

Good ep! Thinking his friend Evan cheated on Frannie, Calvin did cheat on Michael with Heath. And Heath being emotional and hopeful was refreshing. As he just seems like a background character when not interacting with Calvin. I do like that he doesn't act stereotypical gay with his brothers. I love how the gay characters are complicated. Last week, Michael has been corrupted by Evan for money and hasn't told Calvin. Now Calvin has cheated on Michael.

Cappie jealous of Max was priceless. I never really noticed Cappie never met Max, so now that they did, it was awesome. I also liked the line Cappie said to Dale, "Chip. I knew it was one of them."

They give Lizzie a not-so-awesome but nice makeover. Charisma Carpenter is an excellent presence, in her young age, she brings some gravitas to the show. Yes, her role is very close to her previous roles. But she does she does good and she does it well.

Saturday, September 27

Not a PC

I got to say, for those people that don't pay good attention, that new PC commercial with a guy that looks like the guy that plays PC in the Mac commercials is not the same guy. He sounds like him, more than he looks like him. Those that are familar with the actor, they will obviously know he is not the same.

Wednesday, September 24


After years of proding by comedians, press, tv shows, MADtv, and Kathy Griffin, Clay Aiken is finally being true to himself and admitted he is gay. I believe if you are in the limelight, you should be true to yourself. I can understand if he is southern and everything. I hate when Gay guys come out and they say they don't want to be an advocate. I guess they feel deep down that they will burnt at the torch. If you are a positive guy and don't do drugs, then what is wrong with being a positive role model? If people look up to you and want you to speak at a couple events, what is the harm in that? As for Clay, I think he has big steps here and there to get there. He's not there yet. I mean, he just had a kid through artificial insemination. How obvious you got to be there. He didn't go the Tom Cruise route. I mean, Tom Cruise went the Tom Cruise route and people still suspect he is gay. Yes, people's business is people's business. But stop kidding yourself and be true to yourself. Stop being ashamed, I'm not.

If he is afraid that he is going to loose his country music fans or fans from the red states, he can think he can make a difference. The difference is showing that gay kids come from the red states too. You can be raised with good values and still be a person with good values. That your sexual orientation, shouldn't matter. Just be openly gay from the beginning, it has worked fine for Jim Verraros, John Barrowman, and Peter Paige.

Monday, September 22

Emmy 2008: Don Rickles and Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin was paired with Don Rickles for the Emmy's last night. Kathy Griffin was trying to be civil and Don Rickles, but he was going off script and be hiliarious. She was nervous. She had everyone stand up for him and he berated them for standing up. She read the script and said they were pairing like McCain and Palin, he didn't like it. When they announced the winner, he kept talking as they came up and stood with them. He later went up alone when he won the Emmy Award 2008 for outstanding individual performance in a comedy, variety or musical program : Don Rickles, Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project but I changed the channel because I grew tired of his attitude, I thought he was gonna make a fool out of himself. Kathy is always the contreversal one, now it was him, the master.

Sunday, September 21

Emmy 2008: Jeremy Piven pokes fun at five Host opening

Oh, Ryan Seacrest sucked at hosting last year... so what is the Emmy's solution? Let's put four other hosts with him! Oprah opened the show and they supposedly had nothing planned and just rambled and rambled. And then three of them (Jeff Probst, Seacrest, and Howie Mandell) ran off, leaving Hiedi Klum left with that host from Dancing with the Stars and America's Funniest Videos. William Shatner came up and he and Tom pulled off Hiedi's akward tuxedo and another akward moment, revealing a short dress. Jeremy Piven won Supporting Actor in Comedy award and seemed to not really kiss Tina Fey and said he came off an airplane. He then said what it would be if he just kept on talking for 12 minutes... it would be the opening sequence! It was pointed but good. I think Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would have been better as the hosts, they were funny.

Wednesday, September 17

Project Runway: Snap Kenley out of it

I was all for Kenely in the beginning, but now she is getting on my nerves. She seemed really cool and her style was great, but now her outfits are seeming like more of the same. And she has the same problem as her pal Daniel, in which she doesn't respond well to criticism and DOESN'T LISTEN. Daniel didn't listen and neither does Kenely. She has openly said she won't listen. I feel sorry for Korto and Leanne, that they have such great talent and they have to listen to that sniveling whiny-puss. I am getting tired of her laughing, she reminds me of an acquaintance of mine, who I think is beautiful, smart and like her style, but she is just a great big bitch and doesn't know how not to be mean. So I am happy she gets what she deserves next week, it looks like she is crying and whining. The challenge is a hip-hop challenge with LL Cool J as a guest judge and there is a funny clip where she thinks something is 'hip-hop' and Korto said that she and Jerrell were not going to tell her that what she had was not hip-hop. And just because they are black, they know about hip-hop? Korto is straight from Africa and Jerrell is a gay oreo. Kenley didn't listen last week and did whatever she wants and did the gravest mistake... not listen to Tim!

Even though Tim was not completely right on Jerrell's design, which Jerell won, Tim is there for a reason. You to listen and learn and incorporate. Hasn't Kenley ever watch the show before? When other designers don't listen to his advice and then get kicked out. As for Joe, he didn't listen either. I knew Joe was gonna get kicked out soon, his dress for the spy movie/old designer challenge was bad, in poor taste. Unfortunately he suffers from straight guy-don't know much of fashion-itis. Sticking too much to stereotypes and general ideas. The Chinese dress he did was too cliche-y, this one he did for this challenge was way cliche-y, and even the dress he did for the drag queen... he said he had to think of it like making a halloween dress for his daughters and went with pink, which was very stereotypical for girls. And the outfit he did for this challenge was badly constructed. I liked what he said about going for your dreams and proving that to his daughters, that's great. He just wasn't for this competetion and his level is not at the level it has to be for Bryant Park. The funny thing is that he mentioned it alot as if he actualy thought he had a chance of going.

As for Suede, I think the kid is sweet but the whole 'Suede this, Suede that' is annoying and like Michael said, he is not at the level that he can be saying that. His outfit didn't look at all for the girl, it looked great but it was way too overworked. Korto's was great but I get disappointed that she always ends up at second place and Molly Sims... I'm sorry what's her name? German Beer girl? She always says, "Nice work, Cut Toe. You're in." One thing I am not going to miss about Joe is how in every challenge when Hiedi would say what the challange was, he would have his mouth open and have an empty look in his eyes and blink constantly. Also when he would do it as well when standing there on the catwalk listening to the judges. Close your mouth! You are getting flies in there!

My "It's Always Sunny in Philadelpha" promos


Tuesday, September 16

Greek Episode 25 Review

September 16, 2008
Episode 25
"Gays, Ghosts and Gamma Rays"

I love Greek but I don't like the title. I don't like 'Gays' as a phrase, nor to be use as something 'different.' Rusty has a Kappa Tau test and has to remember facts about all the actives. He digs about one member's true identity and thinks it is Cappie. Casey likes Max (Michael Rady above), Rusty's R.A. Michael says Calvin doesn't have enough gay friends, so he makes Calvin go to a gay bar called Gentleman's Choice, which is an ongoing joke throughout the episode. Ashleigh feels left out and Calvin invites her to accompany them and then Ashleigh feels sorry for Rebecca, who has broken up with Cappie and invites her too, in hopes that she gets cheered up by gay men.

This episode was all about how men and women relate to each other. I have heard of gender studies but no phallus class. The episode is the most transparent and guessable. I guess that Max's girlfriend was dead. And that Joshua Whopper was really a computer program. And that Calvin was going to end up seeing Heath again. There is one interesting scene where Michael talks to his three gay friends into making Rebecca happier and three hot guys play Rock-Paper-Scissors and lumper over to them and be a gay stereotype with 'girlfriends.' I liked that, but it was a bit tacked on, but it is a good point that Ashleigh is completely cluless about gay men. Talking about cluelessness, Casey tries to play the 'game' and the rules with Max but he doesn't play with them, also that he hurt because his girlfriend died of cancer. Michael Rady (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) is a perfect doppleganger for Zachary Levi from "Chuck." (They are actually only a year apart!)

Also, there is a lively debate between Michael and Calvin that Judd Apatow's movies are a bit homophobic but I actually find him pretty pro-Gay. I think the whole 'You know how I know you're gay?' joke is a parody of homophobia, a statement of how silly it all is. And all the straight male characters bond, without question of their sexuality.

Sunday, September 14

Danielle Fishel in Soup-like show on Style Network

Danielle Fishel ("Boy Meets the World") has her own show on the Style Network and it is very much like E!'s "Soup." The show is called "The Dish." She covers celebrity fashion and lifestyle, almost anything that can be poked at like Good Morning America, etc. It has laughter just like Soup. She is actually really funny! The comedy is beyond PG-13 and talk like 'whore,' 'hoochie-mama,' and not afraid of making fun of fashion idiocy. I commend her for this, not most young actresses go this route.

Spike Feresten and his Straight Talk Bus

Spike Feresten's show on Saturday, he talked about the Republican party caucus, he actually went to it with his own 'Straight Talk Express' bus... for gay republicans. While dumb, it was pretty funny that people actually climbed inside his bus. He took people on a 'tour' talking about other gay republicans... even a guy dressed up as Abraham Lincoln. They had two suit guys outside, one with his face blurred, the blurred face guy was backing up but the guy without his face blurred looked willing to go inside the bus.

Saturday, September 13

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin was a stroke of genius, when people mentioned Sarah looked like Tina, I never imagined she would played her. Of course, Tina has friends at SNL and they probably begged her to do so. She nailed it with the accent, but she did play her a little dumb. Amy Poheler as Hilary Clinton was as funny as ever.

The Adventures of McGee and Me

There was this show I watch during Sunday school that was live-action with cartoons and very memorable. The Adventures of McGee and Me (1989-1995) was about human Nick and his imaginary cartoon friend McGee. Each episode of it promoted a moral lesson while containing many underlying ethos throughout. Episode titles are puns or witticisms derived from literary or pop culture references. A typical plot-line involves Nick and McGee's adventures while either attempting to help others or overcome a personal setback. Before the resolution, Nick has a 5 minute dream sequence involving McGee in his native cartoon world. McGee plays out a new story that mirrors the trials Nick is facing in the real world. Although shot on film, McGee and Me! was the first made-for-video production to air on network television (ABC-TV), and was a winner of over twenty awards.

Nick drew McGee and I loved drawing and wanted to be a cartoonist so I looked up to Nick. I thought he was cute too... something I kept to myself of course. I once talked about it to a work mate about the series. He had seen it too, being homeschooled and of a Christian religion. This series is rarely mentioned or referenced.

Thursday, September 11

Raising the Bar Hair Raising

As I made my comment about Mark-Paul Gosselaar's hair and I was informed by a cool game on TNT.com to vote for a cool hairdo for him. It is a fun and funy game.

Wednesday, September 10

Project Runway: The Crap Hit the Wall

The previews always make the next show look like it will be harsh but that's just how they edit it. It literally did, this episode was off the chain. The challenge was a zodiac-inspired avant garde challenge with past losers. The ones that i thought were going to bring them down didn't but some really really did. it was great to see Stella back, she was full force this time. She was helping Blayne and was really Gun-Ho about it. Wesley and Daniel came back but unfortunately nothing was mentioned about their relationship, nor anything was shown. I would at least be happy to see them waking up together or something. Keith came back and apparently he is still not over being booted and that was two weeks before, Stella was kicked out an she seemed fine. Keith is still a crybaby and unfortunately teamed up by force by uberbitch Terri.

No one has been liking Terri and her style has been the same old crap. She wanted to do everything and Keith gave up and she did everything on her own. Kenley was all 'horray' about her dress and it was horrible, like Tim said, it looked like Glenda from the old MGM Wizard of Oz movie. It looked nothing like the challenge. And I was surprised that Tim totally ragged on Jerell's design, he was helped by miss 'I think I am Avant Grade' Jennifer but she actually did help him well because he won. The top part of his dress was nice. As for Daniel and Joe, I thought they were going to sink each other but they did pretty well, I like their outfit.

The wierdest part of the episode was that past castmembers came back to vote on who will win at some museum. Christian, last year's winner, who gets on my nerves, came back, but wasn't so annoying. At least he critiqued super bitch Terri. I never liked any of her designs, the judges did. Kenley got super defensive when Heidi critized her dress and even more when the judges did. Nina Garcia came back as a judge with no explaination where she was, the past challenges felt uneven with her and she is sharp with her opinions, it felt much more balanced with the critique now. Blaine's wasn't that bad, but he got kicked out, which surprise everyone, including Stella, causing almost everyone to cry. I was not surprised Blaine got kicked out, he got warned before. I think he just didn't fit the show, he has great stuff but still has to grow. I think the producers wanted to make him the 'next' Christian with his catchphrases but it just wasn't working. I was so glad Suede didn't get kicked out because Terri did!

Jerell was so happy he won, he thinks he is going to win more, but I don't think that will happen, because the past designers voted for it, not the judges. I think the next challenges they won't vote for him. As for Suede, I don't think he will make to the end. There is six now and I think the final 3 will be girls. Or if Kenley continues this stubborn streak, maybe Jerell will have a chance. Next week looks like they will rip them a new one but it might be true, since this one was very... wow.

Tuesday, September 9

Good Sport Jonas

After the 2008 MTV VMAs (which was boring by the way) host Russell Brand took a shot at the Jonas Brothers for their purity rings, the teen sensations were asked about it by the BBC. Nick Jonas said, “For us it’s cool to see that he recognizes we are gentleman.” Brand also apologized to the trio after the remarks after the event. Kevin also added, “We had a lot of friends there and everybody’s so nice. We had a good time!” Despite the verbal jabs, Nick complimented Brand on his hosting job saying, “I think he did a good job. We saw him on Conan O’Brien and thought he was hilarious.” The Jonas Brothers were good sports all together, Jordin Sparks and Paris Hilton stood up for them, but the media is making it as if Jordin is 'retailtating' towards Russell and she just said it was respectable for the Brothers to stand up for what belive in. Paris said, "I don’t pick on them. That’s something cool for a kid to keep, so don’t pick on them for that." to US Weekly. And besides, Russell wasn't making fun that they were virigins, just saying how ironic it was that how many tail they could be getting if they are rock stars.

Scrubs' Final season is on ABC

"Scrubs" is coming to ABC, but mid-season. No word when when it will premiere nor what day or time. Big news is that Courteney Cox (Monica from 'Friends') will be the new chief, replacing Kelso, for 3-episodes. Zach Braff and Judy Reyes said this will be their last season, they said this separately of course. "Their salaries exceed the budget of ABC and, I think, so do their ambitions," Reyes told Bloomberg. "Mine do, too. "

ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson indicated there might be a way to keep the comedy going with new cast members, a la NBC's revolving-door medical drama ER. "We do think that it will not hopefully be a one-season situation," McPherson said. "We do think there's an opportunity after that--talking to Zach, talking to Bill--and whether all of the cast is a part of that, I still think there's a great amount of growth there. " Still, creator/showrunner Bill Lawrence has the finale--which he'd written about four years ago--ready to go, and it might finally reveal the name of the janitor (Neil Flynn). "We just have to change some pop culture references," he said. "When you hear the janitor's name, the show's over. "

Michael Ausiello (Former of TV Guide, now for Entertainment Weekly) announced that last week they shot the probable series finale for the show. Creator Bill Lawrence brought together significant guest stars from the comedy's past eight scenes for a scene that will much like Seinfeld's series finale that brought all past characters back. But unfortunately, NBC has to be a spoiled sport and not let two past guests come back because they are part of NBC: Sarah Lancaster ("Chuck") who played the Souveiner Shop girl and Masi Oka ("Heroes") who played a doctor. This series comes back this spring.

TV.com article

Sunday, September 7

Bad Bad Seinfeld/Gates commercial

Jerry Seinfeld has lost his charm and Bill Gates has never have it. I don't even know what the heck they are advertising but this commercial royally sucks and you can see through their lame charade.

Saturday, September 6

Wonder Boy: A Blog post about Gender/Sexuality

I stumbled upon this great post on this blog Alex in Wonderland wondering why there is no Wonder Boy in the current Wonder Woman world. There was a Wonder Boy in 1940 that has been in Teen Titans but nothing more has been done. The post/article is really great, stuff I talk about alot about seperating gender and sexuality. For example, ahving a character that is gay but masculine, canceling out the belief sexuality and gender are tied together. The reason this brought up is the notion that people might believe a boy superhero following girls would be gay or less 'macho.' And this notion is brought out by our society.

Here are some excerpts from the blog to entice you:
" Attempts to incorporate men into the adventuring cast of the Wonder Woman title are often hampered by their status as love interests. So, why no Wonder Boy? "

" Supergirl, Batgirl, Miss Martian, Speedy, Aquagirl…all of them have been at times accepted as legitimate heroines without questions to their femininity. "

" This move is important because it seeks to debunk the supposed link between sexuality and gender by maintaining that it is possible to be masculine and still desire men. "

Meet Levi Johnston: Sex on Skates? lol

Sarah Palin, running mate of John McCain is now old news, the big microscope is now under 18 year-old Levi Johnston, the boyfriend of Sarah's pregnant daughter 17 year-old Bristol. One blog calls him 'Sex on Skates.' Levi, Bristol's boyfriend/fiancee/baby daddy, has been called a redneck, some people have compared pictures of his high school picture as an 'before,' weird and then him 'cleaned up' as an 'after.' So they have been showing off, after the choice. The 'redneck' crack came from his Myspace, which is mysteriously hard to find now.

Fairfax Digital: Sex on Skates
The Huffington Post: Pictures
The Huffington Post: Tattoo

Friday, September 5

The color of this new Volcano Taco

Taco Bell has revealed their new Volcano Taco, supposedly hot and the color looks very suspicious. It looks a bit like the Pink Tacos from Pink Taco, which is also, if you didn't already know, a slang term for vaginas. Also check out their website. As for more on the Taco Bell taco, check their website. The American commercial is fine, but the Spanish version is suspicious with sexual innuendo. Unfortunately I don't have video since it is relatively new but it has people finding women (a young lady and a grandmother) in a car with steamy windows and making a post-orgasm face about the new taco. Hmm.. very subtle.

Thursday, September 4

Oprah Rocks 30 Rock

Oprah will be on "30 Rock," she will be playing herself. It is unknown in which manner, if self-deprecating or really herself. She hasn't acted since that awful movie Beloved, she actually provided voices for Bee Movie and Charlotte's Web. She once appeared as 'herself' on Fresh Prince, the lines sounded friendly but she came out like a bitchy Ms. Potts (yes, a fat joke). I heard this news on the radio and the DJs thought it would be funny if she would play a key grip or a coffee girl. I don't think Oprah would let that happen, nor would Fey waste her in such a role. From the quote from the blog below, I think she will be a mediator.

In the Nov. 6 episode, Oprah would play herself in several scenes with Liz Lemon (Tina Fey), and that story line would figure into an ongoing feud between Jenna (Jane Krakowski) and Tracy (Tracy Morgan). "30 Rock" creator Fey had long expressed interest in getting Oprah to appear on her show.

The Watcher Blog

Wednesday, September 3

Issac Hayes gets no love on Root of All Evil

Issac Hayes died a couple of weeks ago and on "The Root of No Evil" on Comedy Central, the same network that airs "South Park," a comedian made an Issac Hayes joke related with Scientology. Obviously this episode was filmed before he died, but it would have been nice or respectable if Comedy Central (who refused to show the image of Mohammed on "South Park" even though they do in reruns of a past episode) could have cut that part out or do something or postpone the ep or something. Out of respect of course.

Project Runway: I Love Stella

I was gonna say before she was asked to leave was that Stella is one of my favorites this season and she definitely is the Sweet P of the year. Unconventional and you are rooting for her. I just knew when she started out, she was not going to make it because her style is rock and roll and leather and you need to have a larger pallet to be in Project Runway. Also, the judges are New York and upscale Fashion, they are going to go for that, all that Bryant Park is that. So, at least Stella tried to be 'feminine' but she had no practice in it and no experience in it and when you are going against experts in it, there you go. But I love you Stella and you rock. She had the last word too. She said her 'ego' was too much, I don't think so. She doesn't have as a big ego as the other idiots, at best it was her attitude. Tim called her ebullient.

Now it is sure who will be the final three or four (like last year). The ones with real talent is Korto (when Heidi says her name, it sounds like 'Cut Toe'), Leanne for sure, Kenley (who might crumble under pressure but has great design), and Terri (but lately she coming up as a one trick pony). Korto is definitely the obvious talent. Kenley reminds me of the past designers, she definitely will make it to the last 3. Leanne at first I got her confused with Jennifer. I thought Jennifer had a bad hair day and a good hair day, but in the end, finally we found out Jennifer was bland and boring and out of her mind ("I'm Avant Guard!")--she needs a dictionary. Leanne has shone this past weeks and she is a plcuky designer.

Ninja Turtles: Back to the Basics

TMNT director Kevin Eastman revealed, "Although the CGI film did well enough to warrant a sequel, there has been much talk between Imagi and Warners to do a better 're-invention' (newest Hollywood buzzword) of the TMNT's, in a live action film -- like what was done with Batman. Back to basics, back to the origin and the intro of the Shredder, etc." Eastman added that "there have been talks, trips to Northampton to talk to Mr Laird, and discussions with the original 'first' TMNT film director Steve Barron to come back and do it right -- but no official word yet."

So the TMNT movie was a hit (but not as much as the original Live-Action film), but they want to a Live-Action film instead of CGI, but it is not because of budget reasons but its because they want another Dark Knight! I don't know if Laird and the movie company will agree on something, but they think they want to go back to the comic book roots, much like the second cartoon. The comic book was pretty dark, much like Dark Knight, can they do it?

IGN: TMNT Sequel Update

Tuesday, September 2

90210 review

I was 8 when "Beverly Hills 90210" came out, so I was not into it, I only picked up a couple of episodes later on. I really went into this show "90210" with high hopes, while the plot is good, some of the dialouge and acting sucks. Some parts of the dialouge is pretty juvenile, like it is a starter series for teenagers. The parents' dialouge is not so bad. Kelly has the good parts, though she is only as a 'guest.' Kelly and Brenda don't reunite until in the second episode, which is a hour and a half into the '2-hour event' and sparks flew, it was like the old days. As for the new kids, there is cheating, lying, backstabbing, betraying, etc. ---It is like if they think we have never seen today and this is the first time we seen this sort of stuff. I would think they would think ahead to people who have lived off teen shows like the writers of Gossip Girl, which the second season premiere was pretty well written. Much better than this one. 90210 is not bad but it's not great. Also stuff that the teacher (Ryan Eggold) says is so unlike what real teachers say, it is more like an ingrate overgrown student. He looks too close to their age as it is.

The lead girl is like if they plucked her out of that awful "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." Rob Estes, since he is from Melrose Place, looks like he was already in the first 90210. I love to see Lori Loughlin in anything, she plays the mom. I thought Rob's character would be involved with Kelly but instead of... having a child with the mother (the second Laurie on "That 70's Show") of Naomi (AnnaLyne McCord). In "90210," everyone is connected. And I get confused how many girls on the series. There is Silver (Jessica Stroup), Kelly's half-sister---I don't remember being one and some other chick Adriana (Jessica Lowndes) who steals Naomi's money to pay for her drugs.

The Voice is Silenced

68 year-old Don LaFontaine, most famous for saying "In a world...." in his deep voiceover voice has passed away. LaFontaine was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California with a blood clot in his lungs and was reported as being in critical condition the following Tuesday. LaFontaine died September 1, 2008 following complications from pneumothorax. He recently did a Gieco commercial and was on the Jay Leno Tonight Show lapooning voted out American Idols. He also appeared in two eps of "Family Guy" satiring himself. While working on the 1964 western Gunfighters of Casa Grande, LaFontaine had to fill in for an unavailable voice actor to finish a client’s presentation. Not long after, the client bought the spots, and LaFontaine’s career as a voice actor had been sealed. Prior and into the 1970s, LaFontaine developed his signature style of a strong narrative approach, and heavy melodramatic coloration of his voice work.

Monday, September 1

Simpsons Sequel Circles

[Picture provided by G4, I liked it enough]

In late 2007 and early 2008, a sequel to The Simpsons Movie seemed unlikely due to salary disputes with the voice actors and the Writer's Strike, and the producers delved in the same pixar jargon that they have said about Toy Story sequels, "If we have a good story worth telling..." But in July 2008, Groening joked that the reason the first movie took so long was, "We didn't want to work harder" while also continuing to produce the series. He noted that the film "took four years" and indeed a lot of work. It will take a while, but most likely it won't take as long as the first movie took to be made. But yeah, I forecast them even talking about a new movie in 2010 and might release by 2012 or so. Look, we thought 2002 would be far but we are now in 2008, so time flies.

G4 says how it could not happen
Odd Blog says how it could happen