Saturday, March 31

Entertainment Weekly's Harry Potter quiz

I just got the April 6th issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine and took a 50 question or so (there are bonus questions) quiz on Harry Potter. I managed to answer like 39. I'm a moderate Potterphile (not hardcore hardcore but enough to name all the Weasley children), I have read Books 3-6 and just finished the six and have the seventh pre-ordered. There is a 547 % increase in first-day pre-orders on for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows compared to Half-Blood Prince. Not to spoil too much of the quiz, one answer I got wrong was the ingredient needed for the Draught of Living Death and I put Wolfsbane, which fans can tell you is wrong. I got the school crests right, where Harry first kissed Cho Chang right and I knew what numbers were used by Arthur Weasley at the London telephone box for access to the Ministry of Magic. Some of the questions were super hard and there were easy one like what platform does Harry take to go to Hogwarts and to put the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professors in chronological order. The reason I have Ginny above is because she is one of my favorite characters, for sort of obvious reasons fans would know.

Chris Evans does Iraq Indie

The absolutely gorgeous Chris Evans (Not Another Teen Movie, Fantastic Four) will be in Under The Blue Sky, an indie about Iraq.

He is 25 and he did the voice of Casey Jones in TMNT.

No words.

There is something about a supple man in a tight suit.

Friday, March 30

Zach Gilford Eye Candy

Since I got such a great response from posting pictures of Scott Porter. Here is another cutie from 'Friday Night Lights.' 25 year old Chicago native Zach Gilford.

The two pictures above and the one below are my own scans from TV Guide Magazine. This one is super cute.

He had to make a credible Texan accent for the show. It gets corny sometimes but he makes a sexy drawl.

He has been in Handbook to Casual Stalking, 'Law & Order: SVU', and Rise: Blood Hunter.

His character Matt is bashful and genuine--he has to take care of his sick grandma when his dad is in Iraq and a bit innocent.

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(where I refer to him as Zack)

Wednesday, March 28

Harry Potter and the bad book cover

The highly anticipated final novel in the Harry Potter series is due in July and now the front cover illustrations are out.

I always felt they drew Harry Potter way too young than he should be on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but maybe I'm basing that on the movies. I always felt the British Bloomsbury covers were better than the Scholastic ones.

But unfortunately this time, the Bloomsmury cover sucks. Hermione and Ron look ridiculous and this is suppose to be when we take them seriously because they have been through so much and Hermione looks like some harlot out of a Judy Bloom book. And in the Scholastic book, the font for 'Deathly Hallows' looks so lazy.

Tuesday, March 27

Stupid Spongebob Burger King

I haven't been able to find the commercial online, probably because it started airing this week, but there is this inane commercial for Spongebob Squarepants toys at Burger King where a mom promises her kids they will go to BK once their dad is done with his bath. He was in a bubble bath and comes out and puts a sponge on his head and asks his wife who he is imitating. He then made a horrible joke about having no 'pants', ugh. It was uncomfortable, embarrassing and a bit too full of adult innuendo for a commercial for children's toys.

Robert Pattinson Eye Candy

Robert Pattinson is 20 year old London-born British actor that will be in the vampire movie Twilight and was in 2004's Vanity Fair. He has done theater. When he models, he sometimes credited as Robert Thomas-Pattinson.

Of course, he is known from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

He sure made trackpants and capes look hot.

Sometimes he does look drunk or drugged. He has acknowledged this in a recent Entertainment Weekly magazine.

He always manages to have different arm candy at premieres.

He is so creamy and beautiful.

Monday, March 26

Unknown Hotties of the Week 3/26/07

Jeff Henry
He'll be 41 next month, barely noticeable huh? Well, depends when this picture was taken but I doubt he changed so much. He got his first acting break in "Exorcist 3" as Angel back in 1990. He usually plays bodyguards and police officers.

He know him from 'Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue,' where he played the resident female scientist's brother Clark Fairweather in 2000. This one was about a team that was selected to fight demons with rescue vehicles and the help of a marine-like captain. The female to his left invented all the weapons and zords (giant robots) and her brother was also a scientist who invented this awfully named cool armors for the blue and green rangers called 'Mega Battles'.

He played Tiger Handler/Roustabout in six episodes of the 'Days of Our Lives' in 2004. He played a construction worker stripper on the ill-fated 'The Geena Davis Show." He recently was the improv comedy KwameWorld. In a spoof of you know what when you read the title called The Slow and the Cautious, he played a transgender nameless character.

Christian Klien
Baby boy just turned 24 back in February and he is from Austria.

Klien was into Formula One with the Jaguar Racing team but in 2005, Jaguar were sold to Red Bull and renamed Red Bull Racing. Klien shared the race seat with Italian Vitantonio Liuzzi.

After an unsuccessful 2006, it was announced that Klien's old teammate Mark Webber would replace him for the 2007 season. Klien was offered a few alternatives to Formula One for 2007, but Klien refused and wanted to continue driving Formula One. He was eventually given a test driver role at Honda despite competition from other drivers.

He made his debut for the Japanese works team at the Circuit de Catalunya during late November of 2006.

Anthony Davidson
Anthony Denis Davidson was born in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and will be 28 next month.

He is an British racing driver currently racing in Formula One with Super Aguri. In November 2006, it was confirmed that Davidson would partner with Takuma Sato at Super Aguri for the 2007 Formula One season.

Last August, he married his girlfriend Carrie in Banbury, Oxfordshire. The couple live in London.

Sunday, March 25

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

641 posts later, it has been a year and I have had time to think about which were my favorite posts this year so here are some random pictures of chaps...

Internationally Big Bird
Is Sesame Street the same in all countries?
Rum and Joke
Some of Donald Rumsfeld's quotes

The O.C.'s Michael Cassidy in Zoom
Raggaeton Ambiguous Duos
Justin Chatwin pictures
Double duty for Wendi
Scariest Thing Ever
A superpup pilot that never aired

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I got an answer to 'Are We Done Yet?'

This new Ice Cube and John C. McGinley movie gets the MOST NON-RHETORICAL QUESTION TITLE EVER! award.
Annoying and irritating at the last one was Are We There yet?, here is my answer: I thought you were! In the trailer, it was like if they lifted the same dumb CGI deer with the big eyes from the last movie. I'm not even posting the dumb trailer here. Like McGinley's character Dr. Cox on 'Scrubs' who think, why would people waste their money on this gobbly gook?

The Last Starfighter: Lance Guest -- Where is he now?

I wanted so bad to see The Last Starfighter once again and luckily they showed it on Scifi channel. Remember that space fighting movie from the 80's? Anyway he was so adorable and beautiful.

He was 24 when he did the movie. He doubled up as a clone robot 'Beta' which led to some hilarious moments. He did a good job as Beta. A cool scene was when Beta revealed to Alex's girlfriend that he was Beta and was to be used as 'target practice' and just then he gets zapped and his circuits show and he simply tells her, "See?"

He is now 37 and bascially let himself go. He part of some band or something with Roy Zimmerman. Page here.

Saturday, March 24

Scott Porter Eye Candy

Before the show "Friday Night Lights" even started and I saw the pictures of Scott Porter who plays Jason Street, who becomes quadriplegic, I thought he just another plain white pretty boy.

But since I've been watching the show much closely, I like his character very much--how tough it is for him to transition to life as quadriplegic and had to deal with that his girlfriend was cheating on him with his best friend and then when they got back together, her father didn't want him to be with her because he believe he had no future.

Scott gives a stronger performance and once he got rid of that awful hair cut (above on the first picture), he looks better and got a little more meat on him and muscular.

Porter played Matthew in the original cast of the Off-Broadway hit Altar Boyz. He can be heard on the show's cast recording. Scott Porter is 27 years old.

He played Colin Thompson, the more visible part of the duo that fronts the fictional band PoP!, in the movie Music and Lyrics. Yeah, I didn't recognize him in the trailers either. It seems he likes singing in parody stuff.

Look at those hot legs and shoes, tight. cute.

Those hot legs, juicy. Scrumptious.

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