Sunday, April 30

Missing Solider found dead

A solider that was in Iraq for a year was missing and there was a long search for him. Robert Hornbeck is his name and ofcourse he caught my attention for what you may be thinking. Anyways, he was found dead in a hotel's air conditioner big thingy. What a way to go and lame. Some expect he was intoxicated, he wasn't even booked in the hotel. I, for one, smell something fishy. I don't think this was an accident. It's way too strange. And ironic that all those war protestors don't want 'our boys' dying on foreign soil and this one did on our own turf.

Son from Grace Under Fire on Desperate Housewives

Remember Grace Under Fire? Well, it doesn't matter. Her tv son left mysteriously because of conflict between him and her. Suddenly he was replaced with an older actor-Sam Horrigan. Well, anyway he has comeback on Desperate Housewives of the birth father of Gabie (Eva Longria)'s adopted daughter. The character he played was the typical spring break-attending bubble head jock.

Austin St. John: Porn RedRanger declined

For those who don't know, people are claiming this is the former red ranger Jason (Austin St. John). The reaction from fans is that is not him. I hate when this stuff comes up. Every so often, the board topics will show up 'so and so in gay porn.' Much overact and its not atually porn and it is regular gay movie.

Fans just saw him in three years ago in 'Forever Red' special and he is not that big (a real good look-a-like) like the person at top. He was kinda chubby in it. My reaction is that isn't him.

This is not bad as when Cerina Vincent (Maya from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, the seventh season) appeared topless throughout Another Teen Movie.

Charmed A Look Back

Back then: 10/7/1998
Not exactly a mid-season replacement, coming in late in October. It was a sleeper hit, no one expected it to be a hit but it was. As much people didn't want to admit it, Shannon Doherty really pulled the show together, she is real good actress. Yes, there was bad points with the Piper turning into a werewolf.

Now: 5/21/2006
I don't really miss Prue that much, I believe the show is still good. After eight years, the writers are pretty good at remembering villians and storyline-wise. Alyssa Milano is the producer now, ofcourse star-focused. True, Rose McGowan's acting is still bad, she don't show emotion, the other two are the real pros. I still think Holy can realy carry the show but ofcourse after 8, she must be real tired. She already is. Showing fatigue for some time. The show, people haven't admit deals with alot of different deep themes and complex ideas like all three faking their deaths and having new lives, rebuilding the world with the avatars and a edgier Leo and kids from the future. Now Leo is no show this year and signs showing he might not come back until the final episode (they cheated out with a old Leo in a dreamland). This year, the big villian is two sisters, one they trained and another who was raised by evil. They bring up the fact that how can this be the final villian. Last years was, more essitentically, Brad Kern the producer meant last year to be last and this was a new chance. Yes, there are bad points were fairies, gwomes and all such things but they have been able to keep it balanced.

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7th Heaven A Look Back

Back Then: 8/26/1996
A smaltzy drama trying not to be, how can you get kids that want to be devlish and sexy and apart themselves from this sweet can? heh. It's human. Now, supposedly the kids never did anything bad, just their friends. But, ek, they did so much episodes where it was big deal and somebody just scratched a car or something.

Now: Series Finale is May 8. They making it out to be countdown to the end. Their mom must be freaking tired after spealing out seven kids. How is that dog still alive after ten years? I doubt Jessica Biel will be coming for the finale but she... she isn't even a movie star, just like all those who think they are too great for TV, go out to do movies and get squat.

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Friday, April 28

Eye Candy in Funny Commercials

Here are couple of funnies:

Guy in airplane looses his clothes in bathroom.

Axe Showergel Commercial --- No Longer up
Never seen in the US, just as rash as the American ones

One she will get caught --- No Longer up
Airplane Security

Don't judge a book
Nerdy girls win

and this one girls can relate too --- No Longer up

and for those who fantasized about fairy princesses...

and just plain HIRALOUS!!!!
UK Travelocity Commercial

Well, not as funny but about airplanes
Mile High Club -- warning, gay sex

Thursday, April 27

Radio Reporter/Cover Band/Press secretary

Well Tony Snow got a third gig. He has experience in journalism, has a show for FOX News Radio and network, and not only that... he has a cover band called Beats Workin'. Now he is the new press secretary. article

Beats Workin website

Too Many Babies

Okay, we all know that Mr. and Mrs. Spears are expecting a second hell spawn and so are Bragelina, but my rabbit-horde of a family are busting out kids too. I'm not naming names since ya'll don't know them but if they google they name, they might bitch at me. My cousin is expecting her second kid, her brother just had a girl, and my other cousin is having a second after nine or so years. And my dad's cousin, my second aunt is having her second too. That's four ya'll! Months apart, but all in 2006 dude.

South Park Censoring: Jesus Christ!

I have been watching South Park syndicated repeats, on local channel 33 (My Network), yeah know its censored but its not that bad. You barely noticed sometimes, at best they blur something or cut something out. But where I draw the line now is... I was watching the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy parody and they cut out Mr. Slave's most famous catchphrase, the only one he has. "Jesus Christ!" Now, that deserves a "Jesus Christ."

Sunday, April 23

Unknown Hotties of the Week 4/24

Nicolas Lemon, a model who ofcourse did A&F catalogs.

Sarunas Jasikevicius
Lithuanian Olympian Basketball champion played for Maryland from 1994 to 1998. He is 29.

Tyson Ritter
His band All-American Rejects are finding more hits with their latest "My Dirty Little Secret"

I can't help it: Alejo Sauras

I can't help but display hunky guys. Here is Spanish beauty which is much of a celebrity. He played a gay character in a soap opera. He's 26. He is more than a face. Alejo dreamed to be an electrician but at the age of 16, he decided to pursue acting instead.

Malcolm in The Middle A Look Back

Premise: A kid genius stuck in a white trash crazy family. His older brother meanwhile chucked over to military school.

Back then: January 19, 2000
It was going to be in the fall season but it went mid-season. Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey did the last-ever Fox Kids fall lineup special. A special that networks do to show all the new cartoons. Networks rarely do it anymore. On the first season, there was Malcolm's teacher-- Caroline Miller (Catherine Burns) was quickly kicked off. Critics say because one of the original writers left, the show fell as well. The first season was more like looking within, like it was all set in the past, that Malcolm was meant to be great.

Now: Series Finale: May 14
It hasn't stopped being funny and being creative. For example, one episode Malcolm formed the opposite of the Prom--the Morp (episode before the last), where freaks and geeks have an anti-prom. And in other episodes, Hal had to convince Dewey to stop smoking. As for the characters, Malcolm has become a sore looser, no longer the smartest pencil. Dewey has become the most talkative and the most whiny. They gained a fifth child--Jamie, a non-talkative wonder tot. The oldest son Frances has gotten married to a Native American Piama (Emy Coligado) and barely gets any screen time. In fact, the actor Christopher Masterson directed an episode. Ironically, his brother and girlfriend's show That 70's show is also saying godbye. One of the episodes that was potient but little mentioned is the Thanksgiving episode that aired November 2003 where Malcolm skips family dinner and ruins a good one by showing up drunk after declining a girl's offer to have sex (she drops a condom on him).

Overall, I love the show. It's smart, funny and an inventive sitcom. It still didn't loose the gleam. It's just, you can't get over that the kids have grown up. Sadly, like much FOX shows, no one will notice it is gone or that it is even still on the air.

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Thursday, April 20

It's Hard Out There for a Press Secretary

Scott Mcclellan is gone. Good for him. He was no fun. The last guy was hiralous---Ari Fleischer, you would feel he would jump out and strangle people. This guy--sad sack puppet who wouldnt give a stright answer and I don't think anyone expect him to. Now did he quit or was he fired? Doesn't matter, good he is gone. Is this considered a shakeup? Ed Helms of the Daily Show hiralously (as always) said "Like any house cleaning, they need to change the door mat."

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo who was in UPN's Shasta McNasty but now he is in CSI: NY. He has rised from the ashes. He was not going to be an actor originally. Should've been a model.

He was in this movie with Steven Bauer and the Invisible Man Vincent Ventresca called the The Learning Curve that runs alot at my place of work. He is goddamn sexy in that movie.

Wednesday, April 19

Series Finales-bonanza

There are a lot of series that are ending this year and some unknown from WB and UPN that may be dead. I will be covering each series individually later on.

Series / Date of finale / How many years on air / Network
Malcolm in the Middle / Sunday May 14 /7 / Fox
That 70's show / Thursday May 18 / 8 / Fox
Charmed/ Sunday May 21/ 8 / WB
7th Heaven /Monday May 8/ 10 / WB
Will and Grace /Approx. Thursday May 18 /8 / NBC
Alias /Monday May 22 /5 / ABC

Gilmore Girls: Lane got married!!

Lane, Rory's bestfriend got married with her boyfriend Zack in Tuesday Night's episode "I get a sidekick out of you" written by series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. I didn't see the whole episode but what I did see was good. We all found out Lane's strict mother has another even stricter mother that has been hiding her Seventh Day Adventist-ness (my uncle is and I seen a wedding). They ended up two seperate weddings. One at home for the buddhists and one at church. Lorealai ended up taking Rory's husband while she Luke was out.

For those who don't know, Lane has been 'going out' with Zack for the past two years. They were in the same band and suddenly started dating or tried it. He is a caring,
awkward, senstitive fellow. I am glad they are taking the character to new steps and they probably did this to get a wedding knock out of the park before the season finale.

Rum and Joke

My favorite comedian Donald Rumsfeld is criticized by six retired generals that want him to retire. Then he got four other retired commanders to defend him. I say my favorite because he always says hilarious things at press time. Here are some thing he has said, provided by

"I would not say that the future is necessarily less predictable than the past. I think the past was not predictable when it started."

"I believe what I said yesterday. I don't know what I said, but I know what I think, and, well, I assume it's what I said."

Whats great is when he quotes other quotes:
"Well, um, you know, something's neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so, I suppose, as Shakespeare said."

I like it when he tries to sound smart:
"Learn to say 'I don't know.' If used when appropriate, it will be often."

"Don't 'over-control' like a novice pilot. Stay loose enough from the flow that you can observe it, modify, and improve it."

Don't say 'the White House wants.' Buildings can't want."

If you are not criticized, you may not be doing much."

Monday, April 17

Beakman's World Assistant(s)

Well at work I got a Latin American cable channel that shows Beakman's World, the popular science show from 1993-1995 that aired on CBS. Did you know he and his rat Lester had THREE female assistants? And the most popular-Phoebe was actually the third??!

Alanna Ubach
Her most popular and recent role has been as Resse Witherspoon's friend Serena in the Legally Blonde franchise but she has done roles on Party of Five, Monk, CSI: NY, and some modest voice work. She was the first assistant, name: Josie. She is real beautiful at premieres.

Eliza Schneider
She was Liza, just as erractic and eccentric-dressing as the others. She has done ALOT of voice work since then. The only recently live-acting work was in Girlfriends. She has done voices for Johnny Bravo, King of the Hill, EverQuest II (video game), 3-South, and most noticably for South Park (1999-2003)! She was the voice of lots of the women of the show: The Mayor, Liane Cartman, Stan's mom Sharon Marsh and sister Shelly Marsh, Kenny's mom Mrs. McCormick, Wendy Testaburger, Principal Victoria, and Mrs. Crabtree. As for Kyle's mom Sheila, the woman who did the voice of Red Butler from Rainbow Brite does her voice.

Senta Moses
Everybody knows this little mama, Phoebe. Since then, she played Dot on Sister, Sister; Everybody Loves Raymond, Rose in Dodgeball (2001) which is not at all the Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, and now lifetime shows like The Division and Strong Medicine.

Well, they have done more work than anybody else on that show has.

Unknown Hotties of the Week 4/17

Silvio Nascimento
Hot model, part of Terra Brazil's The Boy which I just love. Nascimento means birth in Spanish. They have a new model every month which I learned from my favorite blog:

For more on Terra's the Boy click here.

Pedro Moreno
He was in a popular Colombian Telemundo novela "La Mujer en el Espejo" and he's cuban. Sure, he looks stuck up but with that body, how can't he? Those eyes I just can fall in.

Will Kemp
This British beauty (is a dancer) did a Gap commercial where he danced a few years ago. Last year he did promotional photos with Sarah Jessica Parker. He has been doing stage. He was Velkan the werewolf in the supersmash flop Van Helsing.

I love a man in a kilt. He is currently filming Miguel and William where he plays William Shakespeare, yet another movie where Shakespeare is in love.