Wednesday, January 31

Eduardo Verastegui Eye Candy #2

Él tiene 32 años y nació en Mante, Tamaulipas, México. Él ha modelado para Versace y Calvin Klein. Él ha estado en Telenovelas Mexicanas como ' Soñadoras, ' Alma Rebelde ' y ' Tres Mujeres. Él se enseñó Inglés a el mismo, ha estado en la película Bella (cuál él produjo) y Meet Me in Miami con Carlos Ponce. Él estado en los programas Norte Americanos ' CSI: Miami ' y ' Charmed' como 'hombre perfecto' en su temporada sexto. Él era una banda llamada Kairo por cuatro años desde 1994 y lanzada un álbum solista en 2001. Él estaba en vídeo musical de Jennifer Lopez "No es él divertido." Sus fans le llama Lalo.

He is 32 and was born in Mante, Tamaulipas, México. He has modeled for Versace and Calvin Klein. He has been in Mexican Telenovelas such as 'Soñadoras', 'Alma Rebelde' and 'Tres Mujeres'. He taught himself English, recently has been in the movie Bella (which he produced) and Meet Me in Miami with Carlos Ponce. He has guested in 'CSI: Miami' and 'Charmed' as Mr. Right in season six. He was a boy band called Kairo for four years since 1994 and released a self-titled solo album in 2001. He was in J-LO's music video "Ain't It Funny." He is called Lalo by his fans.

Tuesday, January 30

Déjà vu storylines for Rick Fox

Go-to-jackass Rick Fox that you may seen but can't name. He has been on "Oz", "1-800-Missing" and "Love, Inc." but what is curious is that a storyline has repeated on him. Recently he played Daunte on "One Tree Hill" and threatened to hurt basketball player Nathan's (James Lafferty) knees. Now he is on "Dirt", as a basketball player who Lucy (Courtney Cox) is blackmailing and he has spilled on his mob boss and in tonight's episode, he was threatened to loose his knees and did! So either the Dirt writers don't keep track on his work or they really really do.

Poor Lauren Graham shelling for movie where she has a small role

Lauren Graham is in the upcoming Diane Keaton vehicle Because I Say So with Mandy Moore and has a minor role as scenery. And I guess they forced her to shell out for the movie during breaks of her show 'Gilmore Girls'. Isn't it enough that TV actors are in the movies that they have remind us during the show?

All pictures of Daniel Radcliffe in Equus

This is making waves in the web about Daniel Radcliffe's risque role in Kenneth Branagh's version of Equus a play by Peter Shaffer. It opens in England on February 27th. Parents are going 'rabble rabble' about him being a role model to kids and having to be responsible. These pictures are promontial pictures, I grabbed as many as I could find. The role calls for the actor to be naked on stage and Daniel says he is committed. He is 17 and seems to rubbed off almost all of that baby fat.

Esto está haciendo mucha noticias por el Internet, Daniel Radcliffe tiene un papel nuevo muy risque en una versión de Kenneth Branagh de el 'play' Equus de Peter Shaffer. Se abre en Inglaterra el 27 de Febrero. Padres no le gusta porque ellos creeran que el es un elempelo para los niños y tenie que ser responsable. Estas fotos son fotos promocionales, yo hice mucho pues podría encontrar. El papel llama para que el actor esté desnudo y Daniel dice que él está confiado. Él tiene 17 años y se parece el sacado casi toda su grasa del bebé.

Eduardo Verastegui Eye Candy #1

Don't ask, just bask.

John Norris: The Second Oldest MTV Correspondent

He wears jeans and a T-shirt and has bleach blonde hair and he works on MTV and he is 47 years old. He and Kurt Loder have been there since the 80's. You'd think he would find a more respectable gig or retire or go to VH1 like that all-knowing-about-music bald guy (forget his name). Not ragging on the guy but it is about time he moved on. Serena Altschul did.

Monday, January 29

Title Confusion of Bridge to Terabithia

There is this new Disney film Bridge to Terabithia and I thought it was somehow one of the Narnia books, since I am not so familar with the other stories other than the most famous one. It happens to be a novel I read in the fifth and sixth grade. I didn't recognize it from the trailer. I wasn't fond of the book because of the sad ending and death, and it actually caused controversy because supposedly it used the word 'lord' too much out of prayer.

The author of the book Katherine Paterson acknowledged that Terabitha sounds a lot like Terebintha, a Narnian island. It has been a while since I read the novel but I didn't remember such an imaginary world in which they actually traveled to it like Narnia but it was like imaginary and they would just talk about it. I'm not super sure.

Wife saves Husband from Mountain Lion

Last week at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park in Northern California, sixty-five year old Nell Hamm saved her seventy year old husband Jim from a female Mountain Lion. She used a log, when that didn't work, she stabbed the lion with a pen her husband suggested in the eye and that didn't work either. She tried to stick again. [According to AOL news] She managed to get her husband's head out of the lion's mouth. The lion mauled his face, inflicted other ruptures and scratches, and teared off part of his lips. "Hamm is taking antibiotics to prevent infection, but doctors remained concerned about bacteria entering his body from the cat's claws and mouth." Game wardens closed the park after the attack and released hounds to track the lion. The wardens shot from a chopper and killed a pair of lions found near the trail where the attack happened. "The carcasses of the lions – believed to be siblings – were flown to a state forensics lab, where researchers identified the female lion as the attacker. She did not have rabies. " Never underestimate a six-something woman when her love is in peril.

Nick Turnbull returns to Miami just after signing wih the Bears

Nick Turnbull is a football player that was the perspective leader of the Florida International University Football team that began in 2002. In 2006 he was drafted to the Atlanta Falcons as a free agent and recently was 'claimed off of waivers' (whatever that means) by the Chicago Bears on December 12, 2006. Ironically, the Chicago Bears are playing at the Super Bowl in Miami, near his hometown. (He was born in Miramar and the Dolphin Stadium is not technically in Miami but nearby.)

I don't know for sure if he will be playing in the Super Bowl, probably not. I went to the FIU as well, I think I graduated before he did. All the girls would swoon over him. He would hang around the main building where I worked. I remember he used to smile a lot and had a good demeanor most of time. I managed to gather some. Especially of his piercing eyes.

I don't think he has played yet for the Bears (he has joined the team at the tail end) but he is on a lot of webpages as part of the Bears team.

You can see his eyes popping out there, he is the one to the right.

Unknown Hotties of the Week 1/29/07

Mike Dunleavy, Jr.
26-year old 6 foot 9 Basketball player who has been recently traded from the Golden State Warriors to the Indiana Pacers.

He is the son of the current coach of the L.A. Clippers. Hey sport fans, why those Los Angeles have two Basketball teams?

No comment.

Steve Segerlin
He will be 22 in March, he is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a diver.

He has been in national events since 2001 and International since 1998. He actually began diving in 1994.

He got in the bronze U.S. Open last April at the Indiana University Natatorium.

George Slebi
He is Colombian actor, he played Damian in the telenovela 'Floricienta.'

He got his start in 'Protagnists de Novela 2' (a Big Brother-ish show) in Colombia.

Sunday, January 28

Mending the Blog Fire

Well here is my retraction, I unfortunately fell into the angry mob of bloggers that went on attacking Dr. Roselli from Oregon State University. Thanks to fellow blogger Jim Newman from OHSU, I was able to be clarified on the subject and gave some good reading. According to this NY Times article Newman sent me about Roselli clearing this up, "The researchers acknowledge that the sheep are killed in the course of the research so their brain structure can be analyzed, but they say they follow animal welfare guidelines to prevent suffering." But I still want to know how many animals went through this process and what were their previous condition. Okay, they just wanted to learn more, not look for a 'cure.'

say with a grain of salt. I admit that what I said in the last post without making more research was just carelessness and I apologize. I don't act like I'm all high and mighty news blog or anything anyway, I mean I post semi-nude men on my blog for god's sake! (Not that you can't take other blogs that do that seriously.) My point is that my blog is my bullhorn and at times I might be wrong, it's human and I know no one was accusing me of being wrong or whatever but maybe I feel semi-responsible for this current All these articles about the explosion of misinformation all mention PETA and tennis player Martina Navratilova. What I want to express on this post is that it is so silly how much bloggers have some form of power in journalism in the media these days. A lot of people don't consider them real journalists but most news come from them or about them or what has been going through the web. Perhaps the major news publications need to take what the bloggers say with a graind of salt. Maybe I feel responsible for this current outpour from bloggers.

And yes, I've bascially taken a break from translating all my blogs to Spanish. I might do it again, you never know.

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Last blog I had in two languages: Welcome Mr. Beckham to America
The blog after that, was only in English: Jake Gyllenhall a delight on SNL

Saturday, January 27

Amber Benson and Jonathan LaPaglia on SciFi's Gryphon

Super Hottie Jonathan LaPaglia ('The District', 'Seven Days') and my favorite actress Amber Benson (Tara from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer') were in tonight's SciFi channel original moviue Gryphon. Which was a little campy but sitll good, very much steep in myth and both protagnists given strong performances. LaPaglia was super hot in chainmail and hot tights. While some talk very Medively, soem lines are very modern and LaPaglia delivers them with his wit. Amber plays a strong female character, but still not to compete with Buffy.

Legally Blonde

I may way overdue on this but I wrote in May about Manuel Bartsch, a teenager who was illegal and didn't know it and was arrested December 2005. In August, he got permission to go to work. In this article from last December it says it was his step-grandfather that brought him here and not step-father. Also, he is still awaiting the immigration hearing! I even spelled his last name wrong.

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My assement of Hilary Clinton as the possible first female US President

I always think women should be treated equally and women are just as strong and important as men. It is ridiculous to me that it has to be proven. I come from a family of strong independent women so that may be a factor. Anyhoo, I also believe that the United States is long overdue for diversity in their 'commander in chief' but unfortunately in politics there is a lot of 'Token-ism.' That politicians are simply trotted about by what they represent. If anything, I think the 'first' of anything will be a bit token.

Now on to Hilary Clinton, she like many women in power--particularly in the United States--are reduced in the media. They may say they are 'bitches' or 'butch' or 'lesbians' in negative connotations. For example, Janet Reno and Margaret Thatcher are brought down a peg or two regularly. So in many instances, Hilary Clinton--who did not have any power before she was senator--was also made out to be this shrill Lesbian bitch. My father believes if she becomes President, she will be some what like Jimmy Carter: soft. I think she will be anything but. But there comes the Double Standard. If she isn't tough, they will say she is soft and if she is, they will say she is on her period or something stupid like that.

I was fairly certain that she would be able to win the Democratic primary but now that Obama is running as well, we have to see. Even if his name is very similar to a certain hard-to-find wanted man, he might get the torch. But I wouldn't be surprised if she gets John Edwarded and shows up as a Vice-President on the 2008 ballot.

Friday, January 26

Unlawful treatment from Homophobes

I have so much to say about this subject. Read the articles first.

Time Magazine article: Yep, They're Gay
London Times: Science Told: Hands Off Gay Sheep

Here is the gist:
Their is more mating ritual research to show that about 8% of rams have sex with other male rams regularly. And now, PETA is fighting Oregon researchers that are cutting up ram brains to see what makes them gay ["Charles Roselli of Oregon Health & Science University has killed about 55 sheep, homosexual and heterosexual, in order to study the neurological basis of sexual attraction."]. London Times put out an article about researchers that may able to find a 'cure' for gay people or a way to take off whatever causes homosexuality in an unborn fetus. So this of course set off the bloggers and Rush Limbaugh.

So I maybe one of those that ally with Martina Navratilova (also I am grouped with those bloggers) that call these people that chopped up these poor animals homophobes. Yes, it is a bit unorthodox and morally ambiguous, maybe they could have done something more justifiable. Something also curious: ["The Oregon group's work has shown, however, that gay rams have different brain structures from heterosexual ones, news that should cheer those who see homosexuality and heterosexuality as mere biological variations."] I don't know what to think about that. Also this Oregon group hasn't be successful in finding anything like a 'cure' so just like wanting to achieve something is not the same as actually achieving it. I hope this doesn't turn into X-Men: The Last Stand.

When Pranks go Bad

In 2000 two roommates burned a paper banner in a lounge and that fire spread and killed three in a freshman dormitory at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. Now, they plead guilty and will get five years in jail. It took seven years and now they will get five years? The simpatico Sean Ryan says, "I want you to know I am very, very sorry for your losses. I hope you can move on," to victims' families after receiving his sentence according to Time magazine online (

ABC News article accidentally puts January 25, 2007 was Friday but that was Thursday

The whole timeline here at

Thursday, January 25

Fire when ready

All this buzz about the possibility of Isaiah Washington being fired because of his comments about T.R. during shooting and at Golden Globes press conference. I saw the video, he busted through his fellow cast members and the creator of the show, grabbed the mic and said, "No I didn't call T.R. a faggot." He said like it was nothing and he was too cool. Now, why did he apologize a few weeks ago? And the way he said it was very unpleasing. I totally understand why Karherine Heigl. His character story lines are weakening and not being as interesting, so it would be no lost. As for this 'counseling' stuff, that is no surprise and complete bull and Jay Leno predicted it.

In the latest information, Sloan, Addison, McDreamy, and Isaiah's character were all hungry for being chief when the chief retired and Miranda was the most logically candidate. I think those characters have to eat their guff and let her shine.

Wednesday, January 24

Blake McGrath Eye Candy

Blake McGrath is a dancer who has been seen on 'So You Think You Can Dance' and MTV's 'Dancelife.'

He has danced with Madonna, Britney Spears, Ashanti, Destiny's Child, Paulina Rubio, Pink, Craig David, and Jewel.

He is 23 and from Canada. He has even acted, in an episode of 'Goosebumps' called 'Stay Out of the Basement' and the TV movie 'Choices of the Heart.' He has danced in the movies Chicago and Rent.


Monday, January 22

Internationally Big Bird

I remembered seeing Shalom Sesame and Plaza Sésamo and remembering Big Bird was different. I was researching it now and found out that in every country there are different muppets other than Bert, Ernie, and Cookie Monster. But they are changed sometimes too. Other muppets are added with the 'big one.' Well here is a list of the big replacements. All info from Muppet Wiki.

Originally a dragon he served as the host 1972 to 1981 for Plaza Sésamo in Mexico and throughout Central and South America. Then he and his buddy were replaced.

He was replaced with a very Big Bird-ish green and colorful big muppet. His original name was Montoya but then renamed Abelardo. He guest starred on the American Sesame Street on May 5, 1997 as part of the Cinco de Mayo celebration as Big Bird's little cousin. Oscar the Grouch later dropped Abelardo off at the airport and taught him one English word: scram.

The big blue (periwinkle?) version of Big Bird on Sesamstraat, the Dutch Sesame Street. His look has changed a lot. He started out as a big clumsy dopey bird with a Belgian accent; the first episodes were Dutch/Belgian co productions. He evolved slowly from an ageless bird who is a little slower than the others to a more childlike Pino. Dutch viewers got confused when the American Big Bird showed up in movies and such and was referred to as Pino so now he is referred to as a cousin.

La Gallina Caponata is a seven-foot tall, multi-colored (largely reddish-pink) bird from Barrio Sésamo, the Spanish version of Sesame Street from 1979 to 1980. The Spanish audience was initially confused by Big Bird's appearances on video releases and movies such as Follow That Bird; Big Bird was confused with Caponata although his name had been translated as Paco Pico. The dubbed version of Play with Me, Sesame which debuted in Spain in 2006, Big Bird is called Caponata, not Paco Pico. It's unclear whether this was an oversight or an homage to Emma Cohen's character. She was later replaced by a pink hedgehog named Espinete and now Bluki, a big blue cat-like monster.

Minik Kus is from Susam Sokağı, the Turkish version. Kirpik is the grouch. Other re-colored lookalikes include Poupas who is peach in Portuguese Rua Seasamo, Garibaldo from Brazil's Vila Seasamo is blue (indigo?), and our American Bird's identical yellow cousin in the Japanese and Chinese version.

He is a big yellow monster of France's 5, Rue Sésame and he is France 5's mascot. He looks to me like a mix between Big Bird and Bear of the Big Blue House.


Is the biggest change to Big Bird, he is a bear of the German Sesamstrasse. In other countries, they are felines, otters and monsters.

Kippi Ben Kippod
Kippi Ben Kippod is a male porcupine who lives on Rechov Sumsum, the Israeli co-production of Sesame Street. Kippi first appeared on the first five episodes of Shalom Sesame in 1986, an Israeli-US co-production in which Hebrew language alternated with English. He also appeared, along with other international Sesame Street Muppets, in the special Sesame Street Stays Up Late.