Wednesday, February 28

James Maclurcan Eye Candy

Australian model/actor Twenty-one year old James Macluran is the newest Red Ranger in the newest incarnation "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive" based on Boukenger (mentioned before on this blog).

There are a couple of hotties in Power Rangers, most notably remembered Austin St. John and James David Frank but lately they are filming in New Zealand, they have these creamy white hunks. He can actually act or just plain endearing. He is more tolerable than some other Red Rangers Disney has chosen lately.

Ooh, the money shot baby. The actors don't usually wear the suits, moslty just for one scene or two throughout the year without their helmets.

Bryan Greenberg in new ABC show

Bryan Greenberg who I mentioned in my review of the movie Prime with Uma Thurman, will be in a new ABC TV drama called 'October Road' that seems promising about a man who comes back home and discovers his ex-girlfriend has a child.

Like many young actors these days, he fancies himself as a singer as well. Bryan has also been on 'One Tree Hill' as a singer father, in a movie called the Perfect Score with Scarlett J. and will be in a new movie Nobel Son. He was also an a improv George Clooney produced HBO series called 'Unscripted' where he palyed a character with his real name.

Lost/Family Guy Subconscious Joke?

Could there be a subconscious inside joke with calling a newscaster in a flashback Tricia Tanaka in Hurley's episode on 'Lost'. She is Asian and sounds suspiciously like Tricia Takanawa, newscaster from 'Family Guy.'

Addison spin-offs well deserved but stirs jealously

Kate Walsh, who portrays Dr. Addison Montgomery is getting spinned off on a own series. Congrats to her. When news broke, "The rest of the cast seemed instantly resentful of [Walsh]," says a source, because they all thought they were going to get their own show. Dr. Grey herself, Ellen Pompeo, was especially unhappy, as she thought she should've been consulted. - AOL article here. I think they should have spinned her off earlier. I've grown to like her and believe she is integral to the series now. Other characters that are worthy to be spin-off are Callie and Joe the gay bartender. Most likely, Addison will be moving away because sources says the series won't be based in Seattle like the original.

Good news is that series creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes brought it up and will be completely behind me. It surprises me because it sounds sort of flimsy and would have liked that the spin-off series would not be like medical. But some critics believe it would be like a 'Law & Order' or 'C.S.I.' franchise. Anyhoo, I think Kate is worthy of heading her own series.
Hopefully Dr. Steamy or Callie will make guest spots. While the drama behind the series has caused more gossip than the actual series, I hope that brickering dies out soon. One of my favorite critics, Matt Roush talks about his reactions on

Orlando Jones

Kudos to Orlando Jones who did deverse roles in February. He played a strict 'drill sergeant'-like teacher in 'Everybody Hates Chris' and a gay estranged son in 'Men in Trees.'

Tuesday, February 27

Nathan Fillion in "Drive"

This might be old news but I just found out that super-talented Nathan Fillion ('Firefly') will be in the upcoming FOX show "Drive" along with Whedonversie Amy Acker ('Angel'). Unfortuantely because it is FOX and shows don't last that long, I don't think it will last. Check out the official website, still up as of August 2007.

RBD Mun2 Exclusive Promo Vid

If it were that easy. [I hope this one doesn't go down, it's not YouTube anyway. It's from Mun2]

Justin Timberlake's What Goes Around

Justin Timberlake's new video "What Goes Around Comes Around" features Scarlett Johansson (Home Alone 3) and Shawn Hatosy (In & Out) and the 'plot' was written by Nick Cassavetes (Alpha Dog). I like the song even though uses a cliche in the title which like everyone else I believe is about Britney. (Apparently a lot of people are visiting my blog for that little post I made about her, thanks for visiting! Hope you stick around) But the funniest thing is that the video's story almost has nothing to do with the song (sort of) and ends with a grim ending. Where the ending tries to be poignant and does a slow-mo, it comes off as trite. Now, there are rumors that JT is with Scarlett, if that is true, this is a rocky way to start out a relationship. Her playing a cheating and slightly suicidal girlfriend that meets her end. The whole thing comes out predictable. I still say his best video yet is "Cry Me a River."

Here is the link to the video on YouTube, I didn't embed it here because most times the video is pulled off and I get complaints when it isn't around anymore after five months or a year after I posted it.

Matt Smiley My Space

Check out this phenomenal actor's myspace page.
Matt, no problem. Actors need lots of support too.

Monday, February 26

Unknown Hotties of the Week 02/25/07

Nick Dal Santo
He is an Australian Footballer (Rugby) and plays for the St Kilda Football Club since 2002 when he debuted.

He just became 23 years old on February 22nd.

Kasey Mahaffy
In TV and film he has only been able to get bit parts like 'the red haired guy' in the now-defunct 'Joey', a waiter in 'Medium' and Russian Lit Student in 'Veronica Mars.'

I'm not sure if this is the same Kasey Mahaffy but what are the chances? He played Laurie in a Kansas City Repertory Theatre presentation of 'Little Women.'

Lawrence Jacob Milman
Okay here is a real unknown actor, he has been in stuff I never heard of. He played Shawn in the Canadian series "The Eleventh Hour" in 2003. He played a character with same name, Shawn, in This Town's Called Crash Shawn.

Sunday, February 25

I Knew it, I didn't know it

As I said a couple of hours ago (about 15), Helen Mirren won for Best Actress ad she gave a eloquent speech.

Forrest Whitaker winning Best Actor was a pleasant surprise and shocking because no one expected it, it was like a fat chance but he is great actor and deserves it.

For Best Original Screenplay, Babel didn't win but Little Miss Sunshine surprisingly did.

And Best Director, of course, I got it right. Now, was The Departed taylor-made by Martin S. to win? Well, I don't think it was all him. It won for adapted Screenplay and Editing , it is not only him. Much like Susan Luuci who took forever to win, this is more building for him. Everyone stood up and he spoke forever. Six and half years working with Leo and he wants 12 more?

And The Departed won... Ooh, wow what a surprise (I say sarastically because you can't see my face). And a correction, Children of Men was nominated for some awards but didn't win. :(


Now during the Oscars, they showed a lot of commercials about Windows Vista and the tagline is 'Wow.' Puh-lease. We know they are still going to freeze up and Windows Media Player is still going to take up a lot of space.

They knew it--Jennifer Hudson

Everyone thought she was going to win and it is so great she did. Myself, I secretly knew she was going to get it but I wasn't sure to say it or not. Congrats! All night, they were talking about her grandmother, on the Barbara Walter's special and all and she says it is because she was singer and she wanted to spread her talent. I don't know if she died recently or before.

Happy Feet Win out Cars

You'd expect Disney/Pixar to win like almost year they are nominated for Best Animated film but Happy Feet surprisingly won. The film is about being different and showing the world it is great to be yourself.

First Half Hour (of the Oscars 07')

So far, Pan's Labyrinth has won for Art Direction [ Art Direction: Eugenio Caballero, Set Decoration: Pilar Revuelta] and they mispronounced maybe all their names. No surprise, the movie won for makeup as well [David Martí and Montse Ribé]. The ceremony started with many of the nominees in front of a white screen and it was very creative. According to Ellen, this show is all about the Nominees supposedly. Also, Will Ferrell and Jack Black were very funny with their singing and dancing Schick about not being able to be nominated for an award. Nicely done, they have a crush on Helen Mirren. Jaden Smith and Abigail Breslin came to be present Best Animated Short and Jaden read the wrong line. It was so cute, he seemed unphased.

And they should have done what they did last year and have the winners from the top seats have their own podium because it was very akward when the winner [Torill Kove for The Danish Poet] for the short animated film took forever to come down from her seat. They also presented the award for best short film. The winner for that, didn't catch his name, made a great speech about his subject matter and short film directors period. They didn't play that 'stop talking' music once.

My Oscar Picks

Well I'm not going to over all the categories, some years I can do all the categories but this year, I'm not all into it. And I wish Children of Men could have been in the nominations but maybe they were too late.

Best Actor
Almost every Best Actress category goes to a cute young thing (Reese Witherspoon) but actors don't (Not that Jamie Foxx isn't cute and young). Now, I know I said actors shouldn't be compared by other actors on talent but I am sure Ryan Gosling can act Leonard DiCarpio out of a bloody T-Shirt. While Forest Whitake, Will Smith and Peter O' Toole gave strong performances but Ryan deserves it. Yes, his movie Half Nelson was a characterization-based movie and Pursuit of Happiness had a larger audience but stranger things have happened.

Best Actress
Helen Mirren hands down. Meryl Streep may gave a good performance but she did a comedy and the Oscars aren't known for giving awards to comedies. Also Old Royal English Ladies always trump everything else, remember Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love ?

Best Director
Hands down to Scorsese

Original Screenplay
Babel, if you can just write that thing, you need an award.

More to come.

My Take on the Oscars

Tonight I will be posting a lot about the Oscars, which is the Super Bowl of award shows. I love the Emmys and Golden Globes but the Oscars I look forward to the much. The year after the Titanic, the lay people weren't feeling the Oscars a smuch because there wasn't a movie the could unite for. Last year, I really enjoyed it--of course, it was awesome that Jon Stewart hosted it. He said something that was true, everyone was down- depressed and stressed. He wasn't. I think it was because th tension formed by the nominations. I think it was an injustice that Brokeback Mountain didn't get Best Picture. Don't get me wrong but Crash was awesome and poignant but people didn't think it matched up. But like one-time host Chris Rock said, you can't compare one movie to another, talent to talent. How can you say Will Smith's performance was better than Ryan Gosling? As for, Ellen Degeneres, she has hosted the Emmys way before people found out she was gay--she's cheery, what the Oscars need. Now, is she the first gay person to host the show?

Thursday, February 22

Al Santos Eye Candy #3

This is Johnny undressing for a wet suit in the pilot.

These are from a "Prelude to a Kiss."

Don't remember which ep was this one.

Johnny has a wardrobe malfunction in "Prelude to a Kiss."

And these might be the last for a while.

Wednesday, February 21

Positive Female Role Models on TV

About ten years ago, a surge of young female protagonists on television started emerging. There was a serious lack of them and even with more shows starring women, not all of them were taken so positive ('Ally McBeal' comes to mind in the sense that nobody thought she was great for feminism, evidence by 'Time' Magazine). There was 'Clueless' (which switched from ABC to UPN), 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' (ABC to the WB), 'Daria' (MTV), 'Moesha' (UPN), 'Sister Sister' (ABC to WB), Dawson's Creek (the WB), and of course 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (WB to UPN). I am not saying those were all positive either. What I am talking about specifically is positive role models for young girls.

Now, why I am talking about this is because I have noticed that we are sort of dry in that department. CBS has 'The New Adventures of Old Christine' and 'How I Met your Mother' that are more adult fare but have female pragmatists none the less and not treated as victims or someone's mom (well technically for the latter). FOX has none basically and even The O.C.'s women couldn't be consider at all role models or positive. It could be said that Tina Fey is a positive protagonist in '30 Rock' on NBC but I am not sure if she would like to be considered a role model. 'Medium' is a great series too, a working mother who saves people and solves crimes. The CW, much as its predecessors the WB and UPN, they have female-headed series such as 'Gilmore Girls,' 'Veronica Mars,' 'Girlfriends' and so on. I would totally say that the negative is 'One Tree Hill' that has more cat fights and skanks than 'Dawson's Creek.' Finally we get to ABC, which has a boat load of women but they do walk the fine line that Ally McBeal took. The women in 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Grey's Atanomy' can be considered independent and sexuality liberated but of course in this country, that is not considered all well and good.

As for 'Veronica Mars,' I am not in the camp that considers it the next 'Buffy' but it is still a work in progress series even in its third season. Veronica, herself as a character, comes off more annoying and stuck up than Buffy-trademark wit that I see her emulating at times. It is still about a teenage heroine which is a good. More shows like these people and less Laguna Bitches. Don't even get me started on gay-protagonist shows! 'The L Word' is great but it is not on a network. And 'Brothers and Sisters' is the next step. But where is our 'Will & Grace' successor?

Grosse Pointe Hotties: Jonathan Del Arco

This handsome actor's name is Jonathan Del Arco.

On "Grosse Pointe" he protrayed Greg who I believe may have been the casting director. These pics are from the episode "Star Wars."

You may not be able to tell from these pictures but he protrayed pre/post-op Sofia Lopez on 'Nip/Tuck.' He has also been on 'Huff' (Dr. Ruiz), 'The Sopranos' (Father Jose), '24' (Ian) and a bunch of Star Treks (Fantome on 'Star Trek: Voyager,' Hugh on TNG and did voices on the video games).