Wednesday, March 29

TBS Lord of the Rings Ad

There is a new promo for the Lord of the Rings trilogy that will air on TBS Cable Channel that is just plain wrong. Clips of Sam and Fordo... longing for each other and love music. Sure we all thought of it and we seen the websites fantastizing. There is nothing wrong with this. Just... sigh, well this is the same station that advertized Shangnai Noon a gay cowboy movie as well. It's just... they didn't have go there.

Tuesday, March 28

Poser Mobile: What happened to the transgender fellow?

Okay, you know the T Mobile commercials called Poser Mobile where a shlub is stopped by a group of 'posers' who charges them for ridiculous things. Well, in all commercials most of them come back, the Asian guy in baby blue jacket, the guy in pink with yellow goggles, the fellow in the yellow and the guy in orange. But one has been missing! In the first ever commercial in the bowling alley, there was someone where you couldn't tell if she was a she or he was a he. An androgynous hip-hop person ("Extra dollar a day extra.") which I never seen before. It was refreshing. But my protest is that she is gone! I say she instead of saying the horrible 'it'.

Monday, March 27

Zona Cero of MegaTV 22

Well I don't think anyone that watches Mega TV 22 will go online looking for info on it but this is an interesting tidbit. Mega tv is a new local channel which is pronounced Meh-ga Teh-veh in Spanish. Zona Cero is a variety show at 10pm that is based on a radio show of the same name and same people. It used to air live with a delay starting March 1st, the launch of the show. But then last week, because the FCC was upset that the co-host came out naked or something, they decided to do the show pre-recorded on tape. I wasn't there so I don't know.

So okay, today, they did the first segment live. The tables have turned. Why you ask? Because another snafuu happened in thefirst segment pre-recorded of the tape and they had to re-do it live. The rest was pre-recorded. Now the snafuu was that one of the Colombian dancers came out dancing without panties and you could see her shaved snatch. Sorry, no picture. It did not go to air and I doubt anyone will be take a picture of it.


Sunday, March 26

Poor Christian Campbell

Sure looks familar? This Candidian actor was in the short-lived Adian Quinn headed controversial dramedy Book of Daniel. He played the 23-year old gay republican son. I didn't see much of the show, just him flirting with a similar-age altar boy. As for the actor has been trying and trying. He was Reefer Madness (he was in the stage version as well) with his younger sister Neve Campbell (yes younger he will be 34 in May!) and a tv-movie I've Been Waiting For You with Sarah Chalke (Roseanne, Scrubs) and Ben Foster (X-men 3, Flash Forward). Well, there were some unfortuantes in the movie... Soleil Moon Frye who has only recently done voice acting in Bratz and the Proud Family and Maggie Lawson (who Six Degrees here... she guested on Party of Five). Well, he is a year and five months older than Neve.

Okay, so why I am saying Poor Christian? Well, he can't catch a break. An All-American-looking guy that plays jocks and puppy eyed losers. Yeah the reason I put his name up to easy to identify him.

Christian Chavez and Brazil Tragedy

Have I said how much I like You Tube? Better than that crap MySpace, yes I said that crap. I finally found some decent pics of my darling mijo Christian. Probercito, after the tragedy in Brazil that some fans and parents passed away, the evil Spanish media been following them around. In the chisme show La Oreja they followed them and he did speak up. His words were beautiful as always and he started to cry under his sunglasses. So precious!

I decided not to show pictures of that because to just be hounding them at an airport is disgraceful. Yo no quiera ponde fotos de la interviesta porque para perseguir a ellos en un airporto or qualquiera lugar era desgraciado.

He is such a powerhouse performer. Yes, he looks like a chicken in "Aun hay algo" music video. Se pacer pollito.


Saturday, March 25

Representing Duestchland!

Have you seen the "Unpimp the Auto" ads for VMW? There is a german guy 'umpimping' autos from hip-hop loosers. I had no idea he was Peter Stormare from Prision Break! He has shown his comic genius in these. Awesome. Just see them! They are a gas. He was even in "Fargo", he shredded Steve Buscemi! The chick in the ads that says "It's definately sucking." is cute too.

He is kinda handsome in a dirty 'you gotta be drunk to go down on him' way.

The CW Shuffle

Well my best friend ask me what shows will survive to CW, here is my estimate:

WB to CW (For sure)
Gilmore Girls
Beauty and the Geek

WB Series Finales
7th Heaven

Unknown Fates

My Estimate Buh-Bye
One Tree Hill

My estimate is that Supernatural will survive. I love Everwood but I think it will.

Veroncia Mars
America's Top Next Model
Everybody Hates Chris

My Estimate Buh-Bye
Half and Half

Friday, March 24

Miami WB 39 and UPN 33: CW

For Local Miami people, now since UPN and WB merged in CW network and it will start in September. WBZL Channel WB 39 will become CW and WBFS Channel UPN 33 will become the new latino Spanglish network 'My Network'.

If you like your syndicated repeats of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Martin, they will be going to channel 39. That is all I know. As for 'My Network', it will only be in some channels around the country. Only big ones and Miami is so obvious. How do I know this? Inside info!

It will no longer have the channel 6 news. I dunno if they will stay WBZL. They used to be WDZL and they changed it to be B because you know...

V for Vendetta: Why you should see it.

If you want to see Medea's Family Picnic or Health Inspector or Slither, go see V For Vendetta instead. Please, do yourself the favor. Yes, Entertainment Weekly called it "Rage aganist the machine by the machine" and Alan Moore (the creator of the comic) has parted himself from anything Hollywood ever makes of his masterpieces. I will cry when Watchmen are made into a movie. No, I will not post a picture of pre-operation transgender Natalie Portman and yes her English accent fades in and out from the movie. No Spoilers here. If you are diehard fan of the comic, I didn't read it, but according to the trend, I believe you may never be happy.

If you hate Bush and like Batman, you'll love this movie. V quotes Shakespeare like crazy and makes soliloquies very tokusatsu-like.

Guy Fawkes - was an English soldier and a member of a group of Roman Catholic conspirators who attempted to assassinate King James I of England and the members of both houses of the Parliament of England.

Tokusatsu - What idiots would call 'Japanese Power Rangers' but in reality is a genre of Japanese Live Action series that include Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes, Sentai (Power Ranegrs), etc. Many times these costumed heroes stand around talking.

Brokeback Bunnies and RBD

If you have seen Brokeback Mountain, I totally recommend the Bun-O-Vision version. Super cute.

Here are the hotties from the Mexican pop group RBD/Rebelde. I find their inoffensive pop melodies really pleasing, yes I have been watching too much South Park.

Alfonso Herrera

Christian Chavez

Who is super hot in the videos but I can't find any hot pictures of him.

Christopher Uckermann

Who I can find plenty of cute pictures of. He's 21 people!

South Park: Chef is dead and gone forever

I don't care if I am spoilering you, the episode already aired in the U.S. So if you are from another country, I am sorry. Well, Issac Hayes quit because he was upset at Trey and Matt for the Scientologist episode. They officially said, "Issac never had a problem with the show making fun of Christians..." Matt Stone said. The first new episode featured Chef leaving to a Super Adventure Club and coming back a child molester, ofcourse Issac was not in the episode and sound clips were used... for jokes but then got old. When the spell was broken, the sound clips were used better. They brutally brutally killed Chef and he came back in Darth Vader fashion, creepily. On the show they made it clear that they love Chef/Issac and can't judge him on what he did and love all he did before. Anyway, Chef wasn't used in many episodes lately anyway and the show will go on. Parting is such sweet sorrow. He has been on the show for like ten years or something.

Thursday, March 23

First Post


I have wanted to do this for a long time and haven't had time. This blog will be full of lots of random things. Whatever is on my mind about the world around me. Yes, it is one of those blogs. I am rather fond of the hot guy blogs so there will be plenty of that. But, I also know alot about television, music and media, so there will be stuff there too.

Boring Info on me:
If you want to know, I work in Spanish Television unwillingly in Miami, where I was born and raised. I just started a year ago in television production. What I do is record commercials, promos and music videos (adjust color and sound) and import the schedule/logs for the channels on the computer that plays them for air. When you see the logo of the channel stay on during commercials, that is us. If there is a wrong promo airing, that's us. Well, that is things that go wrong. If a commercial is repeated twice, that is not us, that is Traffic, another department.

Well, to have a taste of what this blog will be about, here is a random hottie: