Wednesday, September 26

Bionic Woman First Episode Review

I never saw a full episode of the "The Six Million Dollar Man" or the original "The Bionic Woman", but I did see the TV Movie of the Bionic Girl, Sandra Bullock. NBC is counting a lot on "Bionic Woman." It is pretty good, from the producers of the current 'Battlestar Galactica," it feels like it. Like all current shows, this one has its mysteries. Michelle Ryan, the English woman, as Jamie Sommers, may not seem like much as a character but her charisma takes control. Jamie takes care of his sister Becca (Lucy Hale), runs a bar and has a boyfriend Will (the enthralling Chris Bowers, who looks a bit like "Moonlight"'s Alex O'Laughlin) is working on the Bionic project. The last Bionic Woman come out from the dead and tries to kill Jamie and Will. Jamie suffers the most damage. Will decides to make Jamie Bionic. Jamie feels violated when she finds out what happened to her.

A great cast is assembled, Miguel Ferrer (as the boss guy), Will Yun Lee (as an operative or something), Mark Shepard (As Anthony, a escaped prisoner claiming to be betrayed) and Molly Price (the number 2 woman) rounding out the cast. By the end of the episode, she understands her powers more and takes her power back by putting down that the company must play by her rules. The breakout star is Katee Scakhoff ("Battlestar Galactica") is just wonderful, she is funny, sexy and cool. Perfect villain or antagonist. What can sum up the whole thing is when a little girl sees Jamie running fast and tells her mom, who doesn't believe her. "I just think it was cool that a girl could do that." The pilot isn't all that thrilling but has good potential.