Monday, March 28

Victoria Jackson's attention getting about Glee Gay Kiss

Okay, my friends already heard me rant about this. Victoria Jackson, Saturday Night Live alum is now trying to get attention (from already declaring that the president is a communist) by being outraged by Kurt and Blaine kissing in Glee. She said she loved the show, that she identified with Kurt's struggle, and that she knows her gay friends are probably not going to approve (are you kidding me? Of course not, you stupid bitch). And now she is getting flack and rightly so. For some time, Jackson has appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show and The 700 Club, claiming to be a devout Christian and fervent Republican. My friend brought up a good point in saying that she had no idea who Victoria Jackson was, and that proves what her impact has been. Her last acting role was in "Kamen Rider Dragon Knight" in 2009 as Aunt Grace, aunt to one of the main characters, an aspiring writer. She needs help, really. And HLN and other news networks have to stop giving her attention.

She said that she knew other people felt like her and yes, that they do. And they aren't silenced at all, lady. You are silencing other people. You are just outraged about two kids in love? And you said it was the worse thing on TV? Hello?! Go complain about family Guy and blood coming out of a baby or the Jersey Shore, but not Glee. It has taken years for gay people to be taken seriously, let alone gay characters. Gay teens never gotten to kiss and they are a significant minority. Kurt and Blaine are positive role models, they don't do drugs, they don't drink too much (Blaine did but learned his lesson I hope), they care about others and represent so many kids out there. Do you know how many gay teen suicides happen every year Victoria?! Ugh, just go home and feed your cats.


Thursday, March 24

The Office "Garage Sale"

At first glance at this episode, I thought it would be stupid and thought it was a repeat. But I quickly realized it was a new episode and set in the warehouse where the gang is having a garage sale. Holly and Michael have a talk that might lead to marriage. She calls her mother and asks if Michael called and yes, he spoke to her father, but it seems her father has Alzheimer's. Pam catches Michael trying to light the parking lot on fire---he's bad idea to put gasoline in the name of "Will You marry Me" and light it up. So Pam convinces him it is a bad idea. Later, Holly explains that she has to go back home to take care of her father. Michael stops her from proposing to him and we are surprised by a touching proposal inside the office, which has hundreds of candles, but makes the water go off on top of Holly and Michael. Michael surprises the others by saying they are going to move. They are all shocked. I would say woo-hoo! Finally, bye-bye! This was Holly's last episode, so most likely she is moving first. I like these turns of events.

Next week Will Ferrell comes in, Michael got him to be the manager but they figure out it is not that great.

Tuesday, March 8

Hurrah to Glee! Lesbians and Fluid Sexuality

For two years, Brittany and Santana have shared a close relationship, such much as to kissing and alluding to sexual activity. For a long time, it had been playing for comedy. But it did touch on the subject of teenage girls just playing around, not putting labels on things. Sometimes straight girls just kiss, doesn't mean they are lesbians. But tonight's episode "Sexy" touched on it more deeper. Santana realizes she does love Brittany and that she indeed love women and doesn't care about the 'boys.' She tells Brittany she doesn't care about the other men she had sex with. She mentions Finn and not Puck, strange enough. Brittany tells Santana that she does love her but she loves Artie and doesn't want to break up with him. of course, Santana doesn't take it well. One good line is when she says, "Whoever thought that being fluid meant you could be so stuck?" Fluid, as in sexuality is fluid. She told Rachael to not label her. She doesn't want to be labeled. And sexuality is fluid means sexuality changes.

Monday, March 7

Greek Series Finale

I can't beleive they are ending the show I think because ABC Family probably doesn't have enough money. 4 seasons and only 2 years have passed by? You'd think the series would last longer? It was a really touching episode and I really wanted to cry. They teared down the Kappa Tau house. It was a touching episode. But Rusty and Asheligh? Still weird. I am glad they didn't pair up Dale and Rebecca. So in the end, Cappie and Casey drive away together, Casey to D.C. and Cappie graduated. Evan still in Law School. Rusty, Dale, and Rebecca still in school. Asheligh moved out of Rusty's house and has a job and in a relationship with Rusty. Calvin and his boyfriend Heath are to move to India. We are to assume that Heath graduated.

Thursday, March 3

Babies adicted to Pampers Wipes?

My one-year-old nephew seems to love the Pampers Wipes (sticking them in his mouth and sucking on them), I checked online if anyone has this problem.

Baby Club Forum

One mother says: She will grab for them and shove them in her mouth! I take them away as she will pull out her soother and shove in the wipes no matter what. I worry as sometimes she gets so much in her mouth I know she has sucked liquid out!

Another mother says: [My daughter] does the same, with asda own brand idea!

Another: We use the Pampers ones (with aloe and chamomile) and Maya would happily munch on them if I let her. I usually wipe her face with one after meal times and she always opens her mouth when she sees the wipe and gets all excited, it's funny.

Another: as far as I could make out from the ingredients there didn't appear to be anything that would cause any major problems. My LO loved to pull them out of the packet and stuff them in her mouth!

One theory: I think its something to do with iron deficiency in the body.or something is missing in their body maybe some type of vitamins.its called pica,n it affects pregnant women n son does the same thing.he eats all types of our country babies used to eat sand.odd!