Friday, April 24

Away from Purpose

It has 3 years and a month since I started this blog and I beleive I have gone off purpose on it. With Spanengrish Ramblings, I was to use English, Spanish and Japanese mixed in. But as of late, I have only used English and moslty talked about television. Anyway, at least I am acknowleding it. I like the name so I am keeping it. I don't think anyone minds but I am gonna try to use more Spanengrish in my Spanengrish blog, si? Talves, vamos a ver.

Wednesday, April 22

Miss USA/Perez Hilton Controversy

This is my take on the controversy, as much I am a fighter of gay marriage and the rights, Miss California has the American right to speak her mind. But we are not all that sure that her answer was the main reason she did not win. Perez Hilton feels really deeply about this, I honestly believe he shouldn't have even asked that question. He KNEW what her answer would be. And to judge her on her answer (in a bias view) is not right, if that was the case. We don't know for sure. Well, Perez thinks he does, and I think he is being a bit bias in this particular situation. I think this, like many others things, have been blown out of proportion.

Wednesday, April 15

We Love Flo!

For those wondering, Stephanie Courtney (a Groundling!) plays the woman or girl in those Progressive commercials, she has for like more than a year, well since 2008. She has had multiple commercials. The character's name is Flo and I love this character! She has grown on me. She has also appeared in television commercials, such as Skittles (2008), Wienerschnitzel (2005), SC Johnson Glade products. Wikipedia even has a page on her and on the character!

Sunday, April 12

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Born To Run Series Finale Review

I love "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," it makes sense that it is going to be canceled or has been canceled. It is brilliant and many people, including Terminator movie fans don't like it. Big spoilers here, but most people aren't keeping track with the show. So basically John's uncle Derek Reese, brother of Kyle Reese, had been in the present and recently was killed. John, Sarah, and their Terminator Cameron confront the big villain portrayed by Shirley Manson and she reveals she is terminator and her true intentions. The last villain Cromartie (Garret Dillahunt) had been wiped cleaned and made into a creepy child-like robot that was devious. Anyhoo, it turned out that when Cameron met Cromartie, she gave him his chip and he went to the future. Catherine (Manson) started yet another time machine around John and Sarah.

John was determined to go to the future to save Cameron, Sarah just couldn't do it since she had been through so much (her second true love had been killed, before Derek) and she backed out and saw John got sucked into the future. John goes through an awkward naked moment with Catherine, who then made clothes for herself since she is a T-1000 and he meets Derek once again, who has no idea who he is. Since John is now in the future, there was no John Connor. He then meets his father Kyle and a very-alive human Cameron, well, the girl who Cameron was modeled after. So reading TVoholic, he theorizes that this John Connor is the John Connor. Interesting theory. This was the potential season three very interesting, unfortunately we may never see it.

TVoholic Review

TV Recap

Saturday, April 11

When did Nail Painting start?

I was watching the 1956 film The Ten Commandments and heard they painted their nails, I wanted to know the truth and after doing some research... The history of nail painting dates back to the Chinese, when as early as 3000 B.C. royals used a variety of substances including flower petals, beeswax, egg whites, silver and to gold tint their nails. In Egypt, both men and women colored their nails, with color indicating social status. The royals used darker colors for painting their nails, while the lower classes used paler tones. The Japanese and Italians are thought to have been the first ones to actually use nail polish. The Chinese used a colored lacquer, made from a combination of Arabic gum, egg whites, gelatin and beeswax. They also used a mixture consisting of mashed rose, orchid and impatiens petals combined with alum.

Friday, April 10

That's Right: We don't care

I have heard this new slogan used more than once now: "Thats right, Lifetime." Now "That's Right, TV Land." Lifetime network uses "Thats right, Lifetime." when advertising "How I Met Your Mother" and maybe other shows, not sure. And now I recently heard "Thats right, TV Land." for their new reality contest show "The Cougar," about a hot older woman and 20-something men at her beck and call. This is a sad attempt to attracting viewers and 'smashing' their image. When A&E and TCM have reality shows, all cable channels will look alike... or already do. By the Way (BTW), the Golden Girls have been dumped by Lifetime and are now in Hallmark Channel.

Thursday, April 9

South Park: Kayne West is a MoFo Gay Fish

"You like fishsticks?"
"You like fishdicks in your mouth?"
"Then you are gay fish."

Much better outloud and not written. Anyhoo, a very very funny and creative episode from South Park, it was a very awesome episode!!! Good work guys, it's a classic.

Parks and Recreation Review

I love Amy Poehler, she is a talented comedian and very funny, but I think slotting her with the show "Parks and Recreation" was not a great idea. The premise is way lame, I know "The Office" on the paper sounded lame, but I think "Parks and Recreation" is a bit too mundane to carry a whole show. Amy's character Leslie Knope on the surface is very optimistic and is like one those people that get excited over small things. I think she needs a character that is more extended and gives her more room. Her character gets to be drunk and a little kooky but seems out of the cookie cutter character that was made for her. And it is more boring than funny. The only funny in it is her. Aziz Ansari, who can become a new up and comer, comes off obnoxious. And I love Rashida Jones, but I still don't understand what her character Ann is doing in the show. She doesn't work for the government, her boyfriend just fell in a hole and she complained about it to Leslie and now Leslie wants to build a park on the hole. I guess Leslie and Ann becomes friends. It is just so awkward and not in the good way. Everwood's Chris Pratt plays Ann's injured boyfriend. Does this show have hope? As much as Kath & Kim has to being picked up for next fall. I love comedies that are headed by women, but why can't they be more board and funnier?

THe Unusuals and Southland: Yet more shows to be canceled

"The Unusuals" and "Southland" are such forgettable names that we won't even know in a few months if they were novels, movies, or a TV show. "Southland" (below) is a serious drama 'from the producers of ER' taking the place of ER on Thursday nights on NBC. While "The Unusuals," is yet another ABC dramedy in the shape "The Nine," "Traveler," and those other forgettable shows. "The Unusuals" tries to be quirky and funny like "Picket Fences" but I think it will soon be canceled. It is a little bit too quirky. For one, it has Adam Goldberg in it, who is so strange (not that is a bad thing) and has had a lot of canceled shows like "Head Cases," "Relativity" and "The $treet." Harold Perrineau's character is afraid he will die so always wears his bullet-proof vest and Jeremy Renner (Dahmer) is the cute 'normal'-ish one? And Amber Tamblyn sticks out like a sore thumb.

The promo to "Southland" is hiliarious, because they say "The people behind the badge." It reminded me of an episode of "The Simpsons," where TV Producers use Homer Simpson's name for a goofy cop TV character, ruining his life and they said they wanted a show about laser-blasting badges and then when they figured that was too expensive, they figured to make a show about who was behind the badge. "Cops?" "Police?" "PoliceCops!" I don't think they will last that long. It stars Benjamin Mckenize and the network are showing him off like a piece of meat. If I didn't know better, the show was about his face. By the way, "The Unusuals" airs after "Lost."

Friday, April 3

Project G.e.e.K.e.R.

Project G.e.e.K.e.R.

Project G.eeK.eR. was an animated television series that aired on CBS from 1996 to 1997. It was created by Douglas TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jim, with original music by Shawn Patterson (main title theme by Terry Scott Taylor). TenNapel and Taylor also collaborated on the video games The Neverhood, Boombots and Skullmonkeys, and in 2005, re-united for the Nickelodeon cartoon Catscratch. Despite good ratings, the show was pulled fairly early on in its life when CBS made a major rescheduling change to meet the three hours of educational TV required by the government (although the show was initially listed as an "educational" program).

Set in the future, the show was based around a genetic shapeshifter experiment known as Project GKR (Geno-Kinetic Research), who had been stolen by Lady MacBeth (who has a techno robot arm and is called Becky by Geeker) before he could get the programming he needed to be a deadly and powerful weapon at the hands of the evil Mister Moloch, head of Moloch Industries. Due to the lack of his final programming, "Geeker" is left to be a totally random, permanently salivating, four-fingered idiot. He only occasionally manages to use his powers to any full extent, a blessing and a threat to his friends and their enemies. Lady MacBeth and her partner-in-crime Noah (an intelligent Tyrannosaurus rex that wears a baseball cap) must now prevent Moloch and Geeker's creator Dr. Maston from ever obtaining Geeker at all costs.

It starred well-known voice actors Billy West (Fry from Futurama) as GeeKeR, Cree Summer (Elmyra from Tiny Toons, Penny in Inspector Gadget and Foxxy Love in Drawn Together) as Lady MacBeth, Brad Garrett ("Everyone Loves Raymond") as Noah and Charles Adler as Dr. Maston and Jake Dragonn. I loved this show because it was so smart, complicated and random.

Wednesday, April 1

Reno 911 Season Six Cast Change

Everyone loves Reno 911!, it is a funny show but the plot has always played around and hasn't ever been linear. Season Six has two new cast members, who are part of The State and are no strangers to the show, they have made cameos before. The new cast members are Detective Sergeant Jack Declan (Ian Roberts of the Upright Citizens Brigade, who has gotten fatter) and Deputy Frank Rizzo (Joe Lo Truglio). For some reason, Clementine Johnson (Wendi McLendon-Covey), James Garcia (Carlos Alazraqui) and Deputy Kimball (Mary Birdsong) have not returned. On the premiere episode, Dangle claims 'some officers' died in a blaze or something, and that's it, no names mentioned or anything. There was one scene with Wiegel and Dangle are trying to figure out who they were--something about an Asian guy. No reason has been given to why the cast members have left the show, they are still on the website.

Wendi's myspace blog:
Monday, March 30, 2009

Since you asked....
Hi everyone!
Recently I've been asked the same questions over and over, so I thought I'd better just address the subject here so I don't have to keep writing individual messages about it. No, I'm not on Reno 911 anymore. No, I didn't leave on my own. No, I didn't see it coming. No, I wasn't the only one who was dismissed. No, it wasn't because we weren't doing a good job - in this business you don't necessarily get hired because you're good, and you don't necessarily get let go because you're bad.
Yes, I was on the set of THE OFFICE when I found out. Yes, I was disappointed at first, but as Sophia Loren used to say, "Don't cry over anything that won't cry over you." Five seasons and a movie was a good run, and I'm surprised that it lasted that long. I'm grateful to have been a part of the show but believe me, it was really time to move on and play other types of weird women - maybe someone who wears a turtleneck! We wrapped season 5 in April of 2007, so I've been away from the show for 2 years. It's a distant, bittersweet memory now.
So thanks to all of you for liking my character! Thanks for being so sweet to me.
xoxoxoxox, Wendi


South Park has had many episodes on gender issues, double standards and feminism. Tonight we had quite a enlighting episode, for South Park standards, this episode was about double standards and what South Park had be complained about for years. There hasn't been much farting on the show lately, but it was a good episode. Terrance and Phillip was created because many thought the show was just farting, so they made T & P--which is all farting. South Park is the first and only show to bring 'queef' to the lexicon, a vaginal air fart. So, this episode was about men becoming disgusted about queefing and not seeing the difference between that and farting. On top of that, the episode lampooned how they did a April Fool's joke ten years ago with part 2 of revealing who was Cartman's father. Good ep, maybe a bit dated but with being queefing back, that is yet again taboo and cutting edge, how some 'Man' things are ridicilous but because a man likes it, it's cool and fine but when a woman does it, it's wrong. Yay South Park writers!

Did I just see Porn on Adult Swim?

Last night, I was about to turn off the television when I stumbled upon... porn on Adult Swim? I kept waiting for the punch line but there was no punch line, which happens sometimes on live-action Adult Swim programming. I only stayed up for a half an hour after Midnight, then a Tim and Eric Segment started, I am not a Tim and Eric fan, so I turned off the TV because I was sleepy. Today I find out this was brought on by Tim and Eric. It was actually a movie that aired on and on until 5:30am called "The Room" directed and starring Tommy Wiseau. It was a pretty soft-core porn, about Lisa (Juliette Danielle) who is to marry Tommy's character Johnny but has jitters and has sexual encounters with other men. Basically her bare breasts are covered with a big black box and sometimes the boxes got bigger and moved around for comedic effect. Even Tommy's ass was covered! There was a real hot guy there... Greg Sestero.

Two clips on Adult Swim

Someone on Wikipedia says:
After a brief run in Los Angeles, the film went on to develop a cult following in the city, because of its perceived unintentional humor. It continues to have monthly midnight screenings. Wiseau promotes the film as a black comedy and insists that the “unintentional” humor is intentional, although audience members generally doubt this. On April 1, 2009, the movie aired on Adult Swim at midnight and 2:30am EDT as the programming service's annual April Fool's joke.