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Big Hero Six - Movie Review

May Contain Spoilers
A short summary of this movie is that Hiro (Supah Ninja's Ryan Potter) is a 13 year-old genius loses his genius brother Tadashi (Male Model Daniel Henney) who invented Baymax (30 Rock's Scott Adsit), a med robot and seeks to stop a mysterious man in a kabuki mask who seems to have stolen his own invention. Tadashi went to a technology university with colorful friends who become Hiro's teammates like tough chick GoGo (Jamie Chung), Follow-the-rules Always-in-order Wasabi (New Girl's Damon Wayans Jr.), goofy dreamer Fred (Silicon Valley's T.J. Miller), and Manic Pixie Dream Girl Honey Lemon (Miami's Genesis Rodriguez). The sidekicks come off one-dimensional without a lot of depth. We first see Fred only in a comical manner so when we first see him serious, it looks ingenue. 

Baymax is a well-meaning A.I. fish-out-of-water huggable and lovable character, an innocent. When we first meet Hiro, he is doing illegal gambling in robot battles and Tadashi is his protective older brother that only wants the best for him. The whole movie is an ode to Japanese culture (Hiro has a Mazinger Z clock in his bedroom), set in the fictional San Franstokyo. It is the usual coming-of-age story with the Disney tropes of loosing a love one. It is a bit over-kill that Hiro has lost his parents and then his brother. The story is a bit predictable. The villain is hinted upon to be the millionare Alistair Krei (Suburgatory's Alan Tudyk), I had a feeling the characters would think it would be him and they did and then I knew it wouldn't be him. And there you go.
Hiro convince/tricks Baymax and his friends in a different manners to become the team. For Baymax, he tells him to capture the kabuki mask guy would make him happy. He tells the gang all they are doing is taking off the mask of the villain-which controls the robots that Hiro made and were stolen. But what Hiro later becomes obsessed with is revenge and almost kills. Well, he wants Baymax to kill and it gets deliciously dark. Of course being a Disney film, he learns his lesson quickly and changes his mind. But there is that duality there with him and the villain, here are the spoilers:

The villain of course ends up being Hidashi's mentor and he wants revenge on Alistair for losing his daughter in  failed experiment. But when Hiro asks Callaghan about Hidashi, he says it was his own fault, not seeing the irony in that Hiro lost his brother and wants revenge and he wants the same thing--he wants his daughter back. If you seen the movie, you know that Hiro and Baymax end up saving his daughter and bringing her back. The movie could had done in two directions: Callaghan could have gotten Hiro on his side by convincing him Callaghan started the fire and get revenge for Hidashi on Callaghan as well. The second direction could had been that Callghan could had egged on Hiro more so about the loss of his brother in order to drive him to the edge of committing a double suicide-kind of thing but of course, that's way too dark for Disney but has happened in Pixar's Incredibles.

Anyway, the movie is funny and great but has noticeable flaws. As for cameos and in-jokes, there are references to Kajuu (Godzilla-like monsters like Fred's costume), giant robos (like the aforementioned Mazinger Z), Sentai (masks in Fred's room) and other Anime (Samurai Pizza Cats in the end credits). I don't want to be a total negative person, it is a pretty movie but is it better than Frozen? It's like comparing apples and oranges. But is it better than Meet the Robinsons, Bolt and Chicken Little? Lightyears.

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Actresses pregnant in sitcoms

I was thinking about this. Majority of info from:
 Debra Messing on "Will & Grace"
In Season sixth of Will & Grace, Debra Messing was pregnant and didn't appear in 5 episodes. She wore muumuus and jumpsuits during season 6, it worked to cover it up early on except in earlier seasons she wore fitted clothes. They then tried sitting down and hiding her behind a table but that failed. 

Jane Leeves in "Frasier"
 When Jane Leeves was pregnant, the writing staff used it to use fat jokes, call it binge-eating for her character Daphne, having stressed from her relationship with Niles. It took three Cranes (Niles, Frasier and Martin) to lift her after she tripped. Daphne was later sent to fat camp to drop the pounds. Fortunately for Leeves' self-esteem, her second pregnancy was written into the plot.

Katey Sagal in "Married with Children"
In 1991 on Married... with Children, Katey Sagal had an unexpected pregnancy that was written into the show. However, she had to have an emergency C-section in her 7th month of pregnancy, ending in a stillbirth. The pregnancy on the show was then regarded as a "dream". The writers deliberately did not write Sagal's two later pregnancies into the show, opting instead to write off her absences in a subplot in which Peg is traveling the world to reunite her parents. In scenes where Peg was shown, Sagal had her midsection obscured, such as in a taxicab or at a craps table in Las Vegas, and was often seen or heard talking to family members over the phone.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in "Seinfeld"
 Due to Julia Louis-Dreyfus's off-screen pregnancy, her character had to spend the latter half of this season hiding her belly behind furniture and laundry baskets.

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Every Witch Way - Season 2 - Finale Review

"Emma vs. Emma"
Last episode Evil Emma wanted to join Desdemona and give her the 'real Emma.' She says she'll destroy Desdemona, Desdemona laughs and calls her 'goody-two shoes.' Jax says they are stronger as a group. Desdemona says she doesn't do groups, she throws snakes a them. Jax tries escaping but Desdemona puts a lock on it. Jax moans as snakes get on him. Desdi said she would fill the room with snakes.. but it is just a clump of snakes. Outside of the clinic, Gigi makes sense of the whole thing, she wants revenge on Desdemona and sees snakes and runs off. Jax keep complaining. Desdemona talks about Emma's mom and says she will turn her into a cookie. Evil Emma says she wants to join her. Jax pleads for help. Evil Emma says, "Quit your complaining, they are just snakes." And just like that, Evil Emma makes the snakes disappear.
Desdemona is about to do a spell but Evil Emma smacks a magic thing on Desdi's hand on the wall. Desdemona says she is not the Emma she knows. Evil Emma clarifies it and Desdemona FINALLY figures out she is a clone. (Sigh, how stupid is Desdemona?) Evil Emma wants to know how to merge the two lights. Desdemona asks what if she says no. Evil Emma asks "Can ONE council member defeat TWO chosen ones?" At the dock, Andi tells Hex that she messed up. Hex drags her to get help from Maddie against her will. Her plan was to get her guardian belt and bust out Danny and Emma. Back at the Abyss, Emma asks if the surf board will hold and the walls start moving again. The board breaks. Back at the Limbo, food is dropped to the Council Members Ramona, Lily and Agamemnon. They get a note from Diego that he will hold the portal open. If the portal closes halfway through, they will end up in the Limbo of Limbos which you can not escape from.
Meanwhile at Maddie, Andi begrudgingly asks Maddie for help. Maddie says why help Emma and Hex almost bites her. Katie says they need more witches and that Maddie will be the leader. Andi is coaxed to flatter her. Andi owes Maddie though. Hex glows and they need copper, wax, silver and a key and they run off to the T3 who have to have it. Then at Emma's house, Francisco (how Evil Emma refers to him) offers E and Jax dinner and E freezes him. Jax is a little scared of her. She says in 24 hours SHE will rule the world. Jax corrects her with "WE." He thinks Desdemona will double cross them. Evil Emma says they will double cross for. Later at T3's room, they make a key with a machine and they say will make it in 12 hours. They leave for dinner. Maddie hurries the process and it blows up on Sophie, Andi, Maddie and Katie. They find the key on Sophie. Maddie sends Sophie to the Abyss. The walls start moving. Emma unlocks the door. Daniel holds the walls and forces Emma to go without him. Emma and Sophie end up in the school.
Emma screams for Daniel. Emma leaves Sophie. Desdemona finds a spell in a book, that all other wizards will get sucked into nothing. She hears Emma and goes out. Emma hugs Desdemona. Sophie tells her not to do it. Emma explains and tells her to safe Daniel. Sophie tries helping. Emma tells her of the AByss and that her evil clone sent her. Desdemona figures out that Emma is the regular one and is about to make a spell. Desdemona reveals they formed an alliance to destroy the Realm. Sophie jumps on top of Desdemona. Emma turns her into a stone statue. Sophie and Emma run away. Daniel appears at the dock. Back at Maddie's, Andi, Maddie and Katie talk. Sophie texted to Maddie and Maddie didn't tell her. Andi is about to get her. Sophie and Emma arrive, Andi and Emma hug and they apologize. Andi tells her that Philip was dangerous. Katie asks for Danny. Maddie is worried that Daniel is in trouble, eh texted her a half an hour ago he appeared on the dock. Andi is mad. Later at Emma's, Evil Emma nd Jax talk about what they will do after taking over the world.
Jax wants to magic surf, E doesn't, Jax mixes up regular Emma with Evil Emma. E makes it clear that she doesn't like glitter or helping people. She sits on an ATV. Danny watches form the window. E says there is things she doesn't like about Jax. The next day, Andi and Emma wake up at Maddie's as they slept over with the Panthers. Andi plays a prank on Maddie and Emma chastises her. Ursula rushes in, not having slept in two days, she knows how to get the Council out of limbo. She says someone can pull the Council out. Katie says the Council already told them this. Maddie sees what Andi did and screams at her. Back at Emma's, Emma and Andi spy the window with Evil Emma. Evil Emma leaves. Andi and Emma and Hex enter the house. Andi loves the ATV. Emma puts a spell on Francisco, to got to a big brain convention, gets rid of the stuff Evil Emma did and unfreeze him.
Desdemona breaks free from the statue form and teleports away. Meanwhile, Danny puts on paint ball armor. Danny's mom comes in with cleaning supplies. Danny tells his mom that she is a great mom. She tells him not to take things too seriously. Meanwhile, Jax and his dad talks. Jax's dad says Desdemona knows a lot of spells and not to mess it up. Jax mentions twins (his sisters?). Jax looks at a photo of him and Emma at the beach. "What I must." At 7, Diego and Gigi talk, that they have to get to Maddie. Desdemona comes in. Gigi hides behind Diego. Back at Emma's house, Emma wants to know what to know. She says they need a Guardian. Danny comes in and she hugs Danny. Jax comes with flowers and sees Emma and Danny in the window. Danny and Andi hug. Andi asks about the armor, Danny says T3 made it, hoping spells reflect off. Emma, Andi and Danny leave, Jax hides and is mad. "You're all going to regret this." Jax steps on the flowers.
Diego and Gigi tells Desdemona to go away. Desdemona says Gigi knows too much. Gigi swears she won't tell. Diego tells Gigi not to move, Gigi runs, Desdemona attacks her and Diego throws pizza boxes. Diego then uses sand on her, covering her mostly. He runs out. Back at the school, a boy is getting his books and Jax turns him into a mouse. Evil Emma is looking over clothes, guarding the Realm entrance. Jax says they have a problem. Emma changes white dress into black. Jax reports that Emma and Danny escaped. Evil Emma is mad. Jax tells her she is planning to stop them. Evil Emma plans to destroy her. Diego and Gigi are going to Maddie's and Desdemona hears this, they are at the back of 7. Desdemona puts Diego and Gigi in a prison cage and take a picture. Maddie wonders where Diego is when Emma, Danny and Andi enters Maddie. Andi says they are the starting lineup and they are the reinforcements. Maddie tells Emma he is de-hunked. Maddie tries turning Danny into a lime and the vest works. Katie says they need Diego to get the Council out. Maddie gets a text from Desdemona.
 At the school, Jax asks how they will stop Emma. Jax says she has no flaws. Evil Emma thinks he prefer Emma.  Jax says they are destined for greatness. Evil Emma says Emma is their dad. All fights out of Miami has been canceled, Emma's dad's flight has been canceled. Danny says to split up. Emma and Danny will get Emma's dad, the Panthers get Diego and the Council while Andi will guard the entrance with Hex. Emma isn't sure about it, she is worried, Andi tells her she has earn her stripes to be a Guardian. At 7, Desdemona says she has no time and plans. She tries making scorpions appear and the Panthers appear. Maddie and Desdemona have a magic fight. Diego is freed and he sends a wind towards her. Desdemona teleports away. Diego and Maddie hug. Sophie awws and the others "ewws."
Francisco arrives at his house to Evil Emma and Jax, E turns the dad into a Beta fish. Back at the school, Andi and Hex stop Desdemona at the entrance of the realm. Desdemona tries attacking but Hex gets her and Andi wraps her with a lasso. Desdemona frees herself and de-powers Hex. Andi goes to Hex's aid and cries. Desdi laughs. The realm door opens. At Emma's house, Emma and Daniel meet E and Jax. Danny goes near them, E has the dad as a fish and threatens him. Emma says Jax won't hurt anyone. Jax says she doesn't know him. E wants Emma's powers in a bottle or she drains her father. Emma puts her powers away and Jax takes the bottle. E puts the fish in the sink anyway. Andi cries for Hex as Desdemona about to enter and Andi tackles the witch. They wrestle on the floor. Daniel got the dad fish. Back at 7, Gigi si sleeping--a spell Maddie made. Sophie ties a cord on Maddie. Diego opens a portal and Maddie goes in, after hugging. Katie holds the rope.
Desdemona tries pushing the lockers. Andi is all tied up. Jax and E arrive. Andi says Jax is banned from the sharks. Desdi was double crossing them. The last light begins, Jax and E attack Desdemona, double crossing her double cross (Having Andi narrate this spells sloppy writing for me). They fight with magic. Meanwhile at the limbo, Ramona, Agamemnon and Lily say the Last Light start. Maddie entered with a rope. Lily hugs Maddie. Maddie offers the rope, Lily goes up. Back at school, Emma and Danny see the last light has started. They hold hands. Evil Emma and Desdemona have a show off. Jax goes to the lockers, trying to push them open. Danny unties Andi. The last light hits Desdemona, making her weak. She asks for help from E. Desdemona turns good again. Evil Emma claps her hands. Agamemnon enters the 7, Maddie is the last one. Diego can't hold the portal anymore, he faints and the portal closes. Hax can't open the lockers. Evil Emma blasts the locker opening realm portal (It isn't clear why only a portal opening is needed). Emma asks where Hex is. Emma says Evil Emma is her responsibility. Jax tells Evil Emma to remind their agreement about his family, E says to not get sentimental. Emma faces her. Evil Emma says she will go bye bye. Emma tells Jax to think about their friends and family.
Jax fells that Emma didn't think about him, he is hurt. Emma asks Jax again, the light blinds Jax. Evil Emma stands by herself and turns around. Meanwhile at 7, the others wonder where Maddie is. Agie says that is it, that she is trapped. Diego tries opening the portal but he is too weak. He opens it again and Maddie is pulled out. (Why is Sophie and Katie the only ones pulling? Why not Agie and Ramona too?) Anyway, Maddie and Diego kiss. The two Emmas wrestle, Jax gives Emma her powers. Evil Emma blasts Jax down on the floor. Emma regains her powers. Evil Emma says it is too late. Evil Emma is about to attack Emma, Daniel jumps in front and the spell reflects off him and hits Evil Emma. Evil Emma falls. The vortex starts pulling all magical beings. Andi saves Hex. Emma fights being pulled. At 7, the limbo has weakened the council. Ramona, Lily and the others are started to be pulled away. The Panthers hold Maddie. Danny pulls Emma away. Evil Emma wakes up and stands in front of the door again (why isn't she being pulled in?). Emma flies in the air and tells Danny that she loves her. Emma flies away, Evil Emma is knocked in. Danny grabs Emma and the door closes. The wind stops. Jax apologizes. Andi and Danny are mad. Desdemona asks where she is. Danny and Emma hug. A week or so later, Gigi is reporting and says she forgot what something important. Jax zaps Emma's lunch to (something better? hard to tell). Emma and Jax share smiles. Emma then looks at Daniel longingly. Jax looks at them.
We see video cams of the cast talking about season 3.
Like I said before, Desdemona is an idiot. It took her forever to figure out that Evil Emma was talking to her in the beginning and she was also dumb when talking to original Emma when she came out of the Abyss. Desdemona could had tricked Emma even more but at least Sophie was there. I liked Sophie's involvement and bravery, helping Emma and Daniel out of the Abyss plus her jumping on top of Desdemona. Andi was also brave with Desdemona, so Andi and Sophie get points. I liked the scenes with Maddie and Diego, it had more momentum than the scenes between Evil Emma, Desdemona and Emma. I like how Maddie saved the Council, she shows her bravery and near-unselfishness. I wish Emma was stronger in character, she was ready to let herself go telling Daniel "I love you" and it took him to get her out. I guess you can say it is true love but Evil Emma had more bravery. Evil Emma was smart and Paolo did a good job with her.
 I did like the characterization and plot work of Jax. But it did seem that Jax was supposed to be two characters. Sometimes comical (like when people call him a witch and he says, "Wizard!") and then a real dark character (like when trying a student into a mouse and his betrayals). But I did like what Rahart Adams did with the material. What was confusing was his dad's plot because supposedly he was to war up to Emma and then combine the two lights? But it didn't looks like he was going to do that. Anyway, moving on.. the whole combining two lights plot was confusing. Clearly they are hindered by the small budget and that Council portal at the lockers. It is ridiculous that it is the only portal, because when Ramona got out of the Limbo, she was in L.A. and then scrambled in Miami school for the portal... why didn't she look at another portal in LA?
Anyways back to the whole thing, how was Evil Emma destroyed? The portal just closed, doesn't it mean she ended up in the Magic Realm? Or was she just absorbed? It wasn't clear. Because if Evil Emma was standing in front of the portal and the others were being sucked in, weren't they just going to knock Evil Emma in like real Emma did? Ah.. whatever.


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Every Witch Way - Season 2 Final Week Review

This is a review of Season 2 episodes that aired Tuesday to Thursday August 5th to 7th. The one hour finale will have its own post on Friday after it airs Eastern Standard Time. Remember Danny = Daniel, Agie = Agamemnon, Bad Emma = B.E. and Desdi = Desdemona

"Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree"
At 7, Jax, Emma, Andi and Philip eat pizza and discuss Danny getting foamed. Phillip asks Andi to dance and everyone joins in zombie dancing. Jax says when he gets his powers back he wants to use it to make his friends happy and Emma says she will help him get them back. Danny and Sophie enter and everyone claps (due to their performance in Romeo and Juliet). Emma excuses herself to talk to Danny, Jax says outloud to himself that "Danny will be 'no problem' once I get my powers back.. ever again." (paraphrase) After the opening and commercials, Diego moves behind plants at Maddie's house and Ursula comes in curlers and Maddie hides Diego from her. Ursula thinks it is a skunk and runs out. Maddie goes after her. At school, Philip is popular with the kids and Andi scares off girls from him. Jax and Emma arrive and Jax tries a handshake with him. Philip goes to his locker. Emma says people might notice he is a zombie and he tries biting Emma's hair.

Andi defends Philip and leaves. Jax suggests to use a memory erasing spell, Emma is not for it. He wants to push magic boundaries when he gets them back and suggests she will be boring. She gets mad and leaves. He goes after her. Gigi calls Desdi and has big news for her. Agie teleports behind Gigi without her knowing and listens in to Gigi saying that Emma wants to get Jax's powers back. Gigi hangs up and leaves. Agie talks to himself and runs away. Elsewhere, Maddie moons over Diego--who get pelted with hot curlers by Ursula. Katie and Sophie bump into them. Katie wants to skip. Boys text Sophie, crazy about her and she gets flowers. Meanwhile, Agie follows Gigi (hilarious in the small brightly lit set) and he sees she is under a spell. He teleports out. Later, Philip and Andi play around in the hallway (same hallway) and bump into the Panthers. Danny intervenes when they are dissing. Maddie mocks Philip and he tries to bite her, Danny takes him away.

Danny, Andi and Philip enter Gigi's janitor closet and the camera is rolling. Andi is angry at Danny. Gigi wants an interview with Philip and Andi. Andi is for the interview. Gigi puts a bright light and Philip gets hostile. Danny takes him away. Andi takes Gigi's phone. Meanwhile, Emma and Jax are by their lockers putting on safety goggles. Jax hasn't done his homework and she chastises him and he tries being a cutie. He makes her use magic to finish it and they high five. She wants to take it back. Back at the cafeteria, Andi and Danny discuss the Philip issue. Danny thinks it is best to send him back. Philip sits next to them. The Panthers arrive, teasing, making Andi angry. Philip goes after Maddie's brains, Danny, Philip and Andi leave. Danny chastises Andi, she says he was doing them a favor. Philip goes into the janitor closet. Danny and Andi go after him. Ursula calls Maddie, she wants to know who is next to her, they hide Diego. Katie blackmails Maddie to make her a boyfriend. In the janitor closet, Gigi and Francisco arrive, asking for her phone back. 

Philip is about to attack, Andi returns the phone. Gigi puts the light on and Philip attacks Francisco. Francisco says Philip is suspended and makes Danny take him outside and calls Danny a slacker. At the clinic, Agie enters and looks through Desdi's things, finding Ramona's shoe. He casts a spell and see Desdi sending Ramona away the second time. He realizes Desdi is the Big Bad. He says he has to stop her. Later at Danny's, Danny and Philip play video games. Andi arrives.  Danny tries convincing her to go back into the game. Andi defends him. Andi takes him to 7. Danny goes to Emma's and discusses returning Philip. Jax is on the couch. (funny enough he doesn't mention Philip getting expelled by his dad) Emma and Danny head to the 7, Jax follows. At Maddie's, Katie and Sophie enter with three dogs to Maddie and Diego. Katie is not sure which dog. Maddie makes the dog into a boy and he follows Katie. Katie changes her mind. Maddie says she will stay with the dog boyfriend (Howard) for the rest of the day as a punishment for blackmailing her. 
Meanwhile at 7, Philip and Andi are happy when Jax, Emma and Danny arrive. Emma is mad that Philip tried eating her dad. Andi is short on money and wants it from her 'partner' Jax. Jax says he thought Andi was not for it. Andi says she has reconsidered it ("Money, now.") Philip goes after Gigi and Danny stops him. People run, Sophie comes in with Howard. Katie, Maddie and Diego arrive. Andi pushes Howard away. Just the main cast is left in the 7. The group conflicts. Andi asks Diego which side he is on, he says he doesn't know. Howard bumps Sophie who bumps into Andi. Philip attacks Sophie. Danny pulls him away, Philip gets free and goes after Emma and Emma sends Philip back into the game. Emma checks on Danny, he's fine. Andi is fighting with Katie when she notices Philip is gone. Andi looks for him and asks Emma what she did and is mad at her. Emma says she had to. Andi says she is hurt and exits. 

Later at the dock Emma is alone and Danny arrives. Danny felt bad about Andi and went there as it is their spot. Back at the clinic, 247 spells and Agie has failed in bringing Lily back from Limbo. Desdi teleports in and says it is no use. Agie says she is an ex-council member and is about to send her away when they have a magic battle. She gets half of her hair fried and she sends him away to the Abyss.

Guests: Agamemnon, Desdemona, Francisco, Philip, Ursula
Not Present: Ramona, Lily, Danny's mom, T3

"Best Friends Never"
Emma and Danny are at the dock. He quotes his mom, that the right thing doesn't always feel good. Emma can't get a hold of Jax. Danny says maybe he is busy. Emma says he is never too busy for her. At the school, Jax tries opening the lockers leading to the Council. He tries prying them open when Desdi arrives, asking what he thinks he is doing. Agie is dumped in the Abyss by Desdi and bumps into "Emma" but it is actually Evil Emma but he doesn't know this. She pretends to be the Real Emma. B.E. asks what is going on. Agie explains Desdi's plan. The Abyss is where all lost things land. B.E. has been trying for days (since she was banished) to get out. Agie lost his key to the door so the key must be in the Abyss. They must search for the key. Back with Desdi and Jax, Jax says he was working out. Desdi knows he was entering to the council. Jax denies it.

Desdi figures out he wants her powers back. She blasts at him and he dodges it. She says the last light is hers. He denies it. Gigi arrives. Jax runs off. Desdi is mad at Gigi. Meanwhile at Maddie's house, Maddie is alone. Diego doesn't like sneaking around. Maddie thinks it is romantic. Before they go to school, Diego has been training and shows his new tricks. Diego finds he can create portals (holding his morphing ability) and Maddie uses it as a trash can. She wants to dump Andi, Emma and Jax inside. Diego says it drains him if he keeps it open too long. In Limbo, Lily is trapped along with Ramona. Ramona tries escaping but it is no use. She escaped last time because of the storm. They receive a balled up paper that Lily tries decrypting. Then at school, Andi is moving lockers. Emma says Philip was dangerous. Andi says Jax is dangerous too. Andi leaves in a  huff. Jax arrives and says she should've kept Philip and makes jokes, which Emma isn't thrilled about. Jax figured out how to get his powers back by proving himself worthy to the Council or break into the council to get them back. Jax makes her feel bad that he lost his powers for her. She says he doesn't let her forget that. She leaves in a huff.

Danny and Diego talk in the locker room talk about getting Emma back. Danny has to figure out his next move. Diego thinks he is moving too slowly. In the Cafeteria, Emma sits where Andi is and Andi leaves. Panthers believe they were fighting. Maddie says Andi is stubborn and that their friendship is over. Emma finds Andi in the clinic, looking for the magic mobile phone. Emma asks Andi if Desdi was acting weird, she was tough at them at gym and growled at Emma in the hallway. Emma wants to spy on Andi, Andi is not laughing and somber. Andi says she is not her sidekick anymore and leaves the room. Emma gets the phone and calls Lily but there is just a beeping noise. Meanwhile at Jax's bedroom, he gets a laptop message from his dad (just voice)--which seems he is in Australia. He was suppose 'to get his hooks on the Chosen One.' He has be ready for the last light to take over the world. Jax's dad says he and Jax's sisters will enter the Bunker soon. Jax looks at his phone but his dad makes it disappear. They talk about a bunker, he has to be inside and be safe. His dad tells him push Emma into the realm.

Back at the Abyss, once a month it crushes everything. Evil Emma and Agie have to hurry. Back at Maddie's house, Sophie and Katie talk about how strange it is Maddie is doing homework. Ursula comes in and Diego hides. Ursula is happy Maddie is reading and eats a banana. She says she'll be back with a camera. She says something smells rotten, Maddie says it is Katie. Sophie hides the door Diego is in. Ursula thinks Sophie puts eggs in her hair and leaves. Jax knocks Emma's house and apologizes with flowers (he ripped out of her yard) that he claims he got them from a vending machine. He wrote an essay to plead his way to the council, he wants to know where the entrance is. Emma says yes. They go. Meanwhile, Katie laughs that Kanays smell like rotten eggs to witches, Maddie says no.

Maddie wants Diego to show his new power and he pushes the Panthers away and  creates a portal. Katie says it is a black hole. They use it as a trash can. In the Limbo, more junk fall in. So the portal leads to the Limbo. Lily sees that there is a portal between the two worlds. Lily thinks Diego is their way out, she writes up an S.O.S. note. Meanwhile at the school, Emma, Jax and Hex open the locker room portal to the Council. Hex fights with Jax. Emma enters and the lockers close. Emma returns and says there is nobody there. Jax wants to grab the powers. He asks if doors open when she gets close. Emma says the Hex told Andi how to open. Jax thinks Andi might tell other people. Emma leaves. Jax tries entering but the door closes. Jax says for her zombie boyfriend she would.

Evil Emma (B.E.) drops some new keys with old keys but Agie manages to open the door to get out the Abyss. B.E. and Agie end up in the hallway. Agie wants to get Lily out of limbo. Emma asks how you send someone to limbo. He says you picture a dark gray blob of nothing. Evil Emma says she can't wait to send Emma back. Agie figures out she is a clone. B.E. even calls him "Agie" like he does.

Guests: Desdemona, Agamnemon, Lily, Ramona, Ursula, Jax's dad (voice)
Not Present: Daniel's mom, T3 (and Desdemona, Danny and Gigi only have one or two scene each)

"The Abyss"
Agie is afraid of B.E., he says she is evil. She laughs. B.E. wants to destroy the realm of magic herself, she sends Agie to Limbo. Meanwhile, Ramona throws a note that Lily made and they get it back along with Agie. Agie apologizes to Lily for sending her there. He wonders who is guarding the realm. All three say "Oh no." At school, Evil Emma sees Jax but Jax spotted the real Emma. Evil Emma hides behind lockers. Jax says he is learning to do things with magic and it seems Emma doesn't care. Emma says she has other things on her mind, like loosing Andi. Jax leaves. Daniel and Emma bump into each other. Daniel tells Emma he told Andi it was his fault that he told Emma to get rid of Philip. They agree to meet each other at 4. Emma leaves. B.E. changes to look like good Emma and changes the time to 3:30 with Danny. At Maddie's, Diego and the Panthers play with the portal. A message is thrown to them and Sophie breaks it. Diego puts it back together, it is S.O.S. from Lily. Sophie thinks it is aliens.

 At the 7, Emma is sitting by herself and Jax comes to her and asks to go to the Council and get his powers. Emma says she's been thinking, that their relationship is not working out. She realizes that he likes her being impulsive, that it is not really her. Gigi makes her spying too apparent. Jax says he likes she is responsible and says he knows he has been selfish lately. She made up her mind and wants to be friends and she leaves. At the dock, B.E. meets Daniel who gives her flowers. She doesn't like them and fakes liking them (sort of). Danny apologizes for breaking up with her. B.E. imitates his face when he saw the clones. B.E. laughed and says she thought she could be good for at least a day but she couldn't. Real Emma arrives. B.E. sends Danny and Emma to the Abyss. Meanwhile, Andi bumps into Jax at 7. Andi says it better not about Emma. Jax says she will be in danger, he wants to help her and wants to steal his powers back. Jax says they are both mad at Emma, he wants her to help get his powers back and he will help her get Philip back. She says she'll blackmail him if he double-crosses her.

Back at Maddie's, Ursula wants Diego to leave but they tell him about the message. She reads that Desdi sent the Council to the Limbo. She says it is her chance to prove herself and save the magic realm and leaves to shop for a savior outfit. Later at 7, Desdi wants to find Emma and talks to Gigi. Desdi has a plan B. Gigi says if they have a deal, that she wants to be the most famous journalist. Gigi asks the internet where Emma is. Andi opens the portal to the Council for Jax but he must be fast. Danny and Emma struggle through the Abyss for a way out. Emma tries using magic but it doesn't work. The walls start contracting. Danny looks for something to break the door lock. They try a surf board and it stops the walls for a bit. They hug. Back with Andi, the doors are closing and Jax is helped out and the doors close. Andi accidently drops his powers and manages to catch it. He struggles to open it. Andi teases and she pops it open.

He pours it out and it makes a blue mist. He makes her quiet with her powers. Back at Maddie's, Ursula returns with a strange green and gold outfit. Maddie says the Magic Realm is a stake and who cares about fashion. Ursula cries and exits. Diego says he likes it. Maddie reads a book and reads all wizards will disappear. Diego calls Emma. Maddie says her powers are flawless, Katie brings up her faults. Back at the school, Jax turns Andi's tools to cupcakes and tries making jokes, she is not amused. B.E. arrives and asks why she wasn't asked. Jax says they broke up. B.E. says she wouldn't do that. B.E. tells them she sent Agie to Limbo. Jax figures it is "E" and B.E. explains what happened. Jax and B.E. hugs. Andi is about to leave. B.E. tells them that she sent Emma and Danny to the Abyss. B.E. tries sending Andi too and the Hex flies in and defends Andi. Andi and Hex hide from Desdi and Gigi in the cafeteria. Desdi says they need another council member to take away Emma's powers. Andi hears this plan (I don't think she knew Desdi was evil yet).

At the clinic, Jax says he's happy that B.E. is back and she has his jacket. He says his dad's plan was to destroy the realm, that was why he was with Emma. B.E. gets jealous that he was with the original Emma. He tells her now. B.E. asks if his dad will be okay with them together. He says he has to do as they say. B.E. and Jax team up. Danny and Emma are bored in the Abyss. Emma apologizes he got dragged into this. He is stuck there because of magic. He says he is afraid of the magical threats, not the magic, that he can't protect her. She says it doesn't matter. They stand up, they care for each other and they kiss. Back at the clinic, Desdi and Gigi enter to Jax and B.E. Gigi says to get rid of Jax and B.E. Jax Junior stops Desdi from doing so. Gigi climbs up on Jax Jr. Desdi sends Junior away. Jax says he will get rid of Gigi. Desdi says he doesn't have powers. Jax frees Gigi from the spell and B.E. closes the door on her. B.E. tells Desdi they will talk about the last light, Jax and B.E. wants to join Desdi. She will give her the real Emma.

Guests: Ramona, Lily, Agamemnon, Desdemona, Ursula
Not Present: Daniel's mom, Francisco, T3

In the episode "BF-Never," I like how a lot of the characters are trapped in different places. Agamemnon and Evil Emma trapped in the Abyss and Ramona and Lily in Limbo. I wish there was more of the Ramona and Lily scenes. Lily mentioned knowing Maddie and Diego are boyfriend and girlfriend but since they have been hiding it and Lily has been M.I.A. for most of the season, I am surprised she even knows. We finally see Jax's bedroom and hear Jax's dad in this episode. It is confusing that Jax lives in Miami but his dad doesn't. It seems that Jax has sisters, I guess Jax's dad picked Jax to sway Emma instead of his sisters. Also as for Philip, the actor playing him did a decent job as a zombie with a heart for Andi, the two of them had chemistry. It was a strange detour to the main story but I guess it was needed to put Andi and Emma at odds. Will Philip return in Season 3?

In "The Abyss," funny how Jax promised Andi to bring back Philip and she didn't ask for it once he got his powers up. Of course, Evil Emma came but there was like two minutes in between. Evil Emma's motives are made clear rather fast but she didn't really give her reasons to wanting to be the only witch left. I do like how the Panthers were researching on how to stop Desdemona and free the Council. What confused me was Jax's dad's motives, that Jax was supposedly sent to charm Emma but it didn't really seem so the first two weeks of Season two. And Emma and Jax's conflicts didn't seem organic when watching it once a day but seeing it back to back, you can see how they don't really click. Danny and Emma have a natural easiness to their relationship. After Jax joins forces with B.E., it is hard to tell his alliance and feelings for the real Emma and Andi. By the way, S.O.S. means "Save our Ship," used by ships in the olden days. And I like Andi and Hex's relationship.


Tuesday, August 5

Finding Carter Episodes One to Six Review

UPDATED 8/7/14 8:30 PM EST
Six episodes have run of "Finding Carter" on MTV and I haven't brought myself to write about it. Critics have raved about the show and fans too but it doesn't seem to be as popular as "Teen Wolf." Let me tell you, I was intrigued by the premise but then watching it, I felt that the protagonist was insufferable and rude and other characters were stupid and one dimensional. But I can't stop watching it. Some moments feel real and complicated like life and others are heightened and unreal.
Carter (British Kathryn Prescott) finds out the woman she thought to be her mother Lori (Milena Govich) is actually her kidnapper and she jolted into this family of strangers who are actually her real family. She instantly finds an opponent with her real mother who she calls Elizabeth (Cynthia Watros), a seemingly cold cop who is after Lori. Her father David (Buffy and Angel's Alexis Denisof --wasted in this role), who became famous writing a book about losing Carter and now is in talks of writing a book about getting her back, which angers her and he promises to not make it. But of course, he lies as the promising book will make a lot of money and they are near poor. Elizabeth who is the most complicated character and I feel more for than Carter, which comes in part with actress Cynthia Watros who brings warmth and hurt to her character. She gets along with her new dad.
Rounding out the family is Carter's twin sister Taylor (Anna Jacoby-Heron) who breaks out of her shell once Carter joins the family. Her brother is a sweet and funny pre-teen Grant (Zac Pullam) who is considered ignored. So Elizabeth was about to leave David and cancels an affair with fellow cop Kyle (Eddie Matos), but gets back with him after not trusting David over money issues. Carter doesn't like Kyle as he was sent to spy on her. Kyle's son Gabe (Jesse Henderson) is a close friend of Taylor's who she has a crush on but then he falls for Carter. Then in Episode 5, after Taylor kisses Gabe in a game of spin of the bottle---he then chases her. In Episode 6 they go on a date. To be honest, I thought Gabe was just a nerd longing for Carter but supposedly he was a popular boy. The whole thing of Carter making friends with Gabe's loadie friends with horrible nicknames like Ofe, Bird and Crash seemed to happen rapid fast and had no substance (pun intended).
In fact, Gabe looks like a teen heartthrob from the 90's and Ofe looks like a nerd from the 80's. Bird is the only modern looking one but she has much dimension as a Kleenex. Even the ep about her painting a portrait of Carter that Carter hates, then alluding to being raped and in the next ep she is having sex with Crash in the middle of 'hosting a party' shows her being a badly written character. In Episode 6, we find out more about drug dealer (Oh, did I mention Carter OD's in the second episode?) Crash (Caleb Rumnier)--who Carter falls for and falls out and then falls for again. Crash may live with a drunk aunt in a trashy trailer and deals drugs and butt heads with police, he has a tragic story about losing his little brother due to his own negligence. One fan said it was hard to keep track of who is into who, but teenagers are like that. That is one of the authentic things about the show. Also authentic and genuine is Max (Alex Saxon), an old on-off relationship of Carter who becomes a surrogate family member of the Wilsons. I have not seen The Fosters but I heard that Alex Saxon's character Max is much like the one he plays on The Fosters. Max is a seemingly dumb but genuinely sweet individual who becomes Grant's best friend and falls for Taylor.
 Taylor and Max seem to be a budding romance, even being her 'third kiss' in Ep 5 but she goes out on a date with Gabe in ep 6 after asking him if it was okay. Max moves to Carter's new town and gets a job to look after her after Lori uses him as a carrier pigeon between her and Carter. Lori, we know VERY LITTLE about and why she even kidnapped Carter in the first place. It seems to be the least of the show's concern but a big issue for MTV to promote although Lori barely appears. Lori does increasingly seem like a stalker and gets scarier, but Carter still has fond memories of. Carter slowly gets charmed and used to her 'new' real family. The show is a interesting Guilty Pleasure. The only major characters I have problem with is David, I wish he'd grow a pair and stop blaming other people for his own mistakes. Oh, did I mention he knows about the affair and hasn't said a thing? I do love Carter (she's growing on me), Taylor, Grant, Elizabeth and Max. Should you check it out? Yes.  

Monday, August 4

Every Witch Way Season 2 Once Upon A Spell

UPDATED 8/9/14 9:30 AM EST
Tonight instead of a new episode, we got a catchup episode playing clips of the past episodes of Season 2. Also a preview of upcoming episodes of this week. Here are the clips and some things the narrator said.

Jax and Magic Hiding 
"We are going to get you ready," the narrator says. A montage of spells and teleporting. Then the opening sequence plays. "The biggest story at Iridium High is the new bad boy on campus named Jax." We see Jax come in on his motorbike. Francisco talks to Jax in the principal's office and Jax meets Emma. Then we skip to when Jax says he is a wizard to Emma and explodes 'goo' on her. Cut to Francisco liking him at Emma' house and Danny sees this in the window---and he tells Emma the next day at school prompting Andi to call him a stalker.  "Stuck between two heartthrobs, Emma's life is more complicated then ever." Cut to Jax and Danny fighting with bread backstage. Cut to Emma hiding her powers from Daniel and her lying to him in her room about the goo.
Maddie's powers and the Council
MEANWHILE Maddie lost her powers and Diego 'was happy to help.' Cut to Diego making a conduit scrap ball of metal and Maddie gaining her powers again. Then the Panthers dance and she turns her shoes to cheese. "IN OTHER NEWS..." The Witches' Council come out of lockers and go to her house to tell her she can't date a human boy. She refuses in the clinic. They threaten to take the powers. Andi is for keeping the power. CUT to the Fool Moon. Desdemona explains it and then we see it change her. "An evil plot is revealed," the narrator says. First she has to make Emma lose her powers. Desdemona plots to get Danny and Emma back together so she will lose her powers. "Almost everyone is up to something," the narrator says.
Everyone's Agendas and Gigi's a Minion
Ursula makes a love pie for Francisco and Jax causes mischief with Daniel in detention (making him draw bad pics of Francisco, etc.). Later, Daniel suspects magic and Emma denies it. Daniel thinks there is another witch around. "Daniel is more danger than he knows," the narrator says. Gigi is about to reveal about magic and Desdemona stops her and makes her a minion. After the commercial break, we see Jax causing trouble. "Maddie is mad," the narrator says. Jax makes Maddie bounce like a bunny.
Siberia, Jealous Panthers, German Danny and Zombies
"The council keeps pressuring Emma." The Council sends Andi and Emma to Siberia. "And of course, there is the terrible three." We see T3 pull a fish prank on Jax. Then cut to Diego cheering up Maddie with chocolate and unicorns. "It has the Panthers acting catty." We see Diego attacked by the Panthers (Katie and Sophie). "Daniel on the other hand, isn't acting himself either." Jax makes Daniel forget who he is and convince him he is German. "Dat is gut," Danny said. "In the meantime, Andi gets sucked into her favorite video game," Narrator says cutting to the last ep "Zombie Boyfriend" where Philip the zombie is brought out of the game. Cut to the Panthers meeting Philip.
Clones and Stormageddon
Jax shows Emma the cloning spell and she makes Evil Emma. "Why are you being so mean?" "Don't ask me. I'm you so ask yourself," Evil Emma says. Cut to Jax and Evil Emma kissing at 7. "For the first time in my life, I feel alive," she tells Jax. Andi catches them. "Then Daniel finally discovers the truth." Cut to Danny seeing five Emmas at Emma's house. Emma reveals she has magic and Daniel freaks out. He gets mad at Andi for not telling him either. "You have been lying to me for months. I'm breaking up with you," Daniel says. Later, Evil Emma tells Emma "You're welcome." Cut to Desdemona. "Desdemona still needs for Emma to lose her powers." the narrator says. Cut to Gigi sending a fake text to Danny and Emma. Desdemona makes the storm to trap Emma and Danny in the school but traps her and Jax.
Jax loses his powers
Cut to Maddie and Danny hanging at his house. Then we see Emma and Jax kiss in the principal office and Desdemona freaking out about it. Maddie and Danny talk, Maddie defends Emma. Jax reveals about the clones and Desdemona hears this. Desdi then reveals this to the council. Jax takes the wrap for it and his powers are taken, Emma teleported away. Cut to Jax and Emma meeting in the hallway. She hugs him and Daniel sees this. Jax and Emma kiss after her thanking him for sacrificing his powers. "Emma and I are meant to be," Danny says in a scene between him and Jax. They mention things they did for Emma at the backstage. Cut to Desdemona and she makes all girls fall for Danny to make Emma jealous. Cut to T3's pranks. "Now you are caught up on every thing. Stay tuned for clips for the final week," narrator says (paraphrase).

The following is descriptions of the clips.
The narrator says: "There's so much more action, enhancement, and funny still to come on Every Witch Way."
- Sophie in goo jumps on Desdemona. ("Emma vs. Emma")
- Desdemona makes snakes appear in the clinic. ("Emma vs. Emma")
- Half of Desdemona's hair is black and curly. "My hair!" ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- Andi, Philip, Emma and Jax dance at the 7.  ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- A statue like Desdemona makes a spell and teleports away ("Emma vs. Emma")
- "Save the Magic Realm from Destruction," Ursula says with her arms in the air. ("The Abyss")
- "Jax still doesn't have his powers but he has plenty of plans." Jax tells Emma he wants to get his powers back and 'push the magical boundaries' which Emma doesn't want. "Just want to be a regular old witch?" "Is that what you think of me?"  ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- Philip cleans Andi's face at 7. "Andi Pretty" ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- In the Janitor's closet, Andi, Philip, Danny, Gigi and Francisco are gathered. Philip attacks Francisco. Danny stops Philip.  ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- Maddie mocks Philip in the hallway and is almost attacked as well.  ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- Cut to Danny chastising Andi. "Philip almost ate Maddie's brain." Andi quips. ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
 More clips:
 - Narrator says: "Agamemnon is on to Desdemona." They fight in the clinic. ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- "Desdemona is getting anyone who can stop her out of the way," Agamemnon says inside the Abyss. ("BF-Never")
- Desdemona blasts at Jax and he dodges it in the hallway.  ("BF-Never")
- Desdemona writes something in a book in the clinic about getting rid of all witches.
- Cut to Agamemnon in the clinic saying he has to stop her.  ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- Narrator says: "Will Maddie and Diego go public?" Maddie talks about keeping it a secret. ("BF-Never")
- Cut to Andi taking her stuff out of her locker. "Could Andi and Emma's friendship be over?" "I'm not your sidekick anymore," Andi says to Emma in the clinic. (Doesn't anybody ever get sick?) ("BF-Never")
- Back at Maddie's house, Diego opens a portal. "Diego discovers a new power." Katie thinks it is a black hole or holding the space-time continuum. ("BF-Never")
- CUt to Evil Emma and Danny at a dock. Real Emma comes and Evil Emma sends them to the Abyss, where she was sent to.  ("The Abyss")
- Andi asks Evil Emma what she did with her. Jax is by Evil Emma's side. She tells her she sent her to the Abyss. "She can't get in my way when I destroy the Magic Realm." ("The Abyss")
- Cut to: Desdemona, Evil Emma and Jax in the clinic. Evil Emma joins Desdemona. ("The Abyss")

Rapid clips:
- We see Danny teleport back to the dock at night. ("Emma vs. Emma")
- Andi and Jax teleport in from a portal at the lockers. ("The Abyss")
- Maddie changes a dog into a boy for Katie. Sophie also has a dog. ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- Emma and  Danny in the Abyss (looks like where all old spells go). "We get squashed by a giant trash compacter?"  ("The Abyss")
- Danny and Emma almost kiss.  ("The Abyss")

Friday, August 1

Every Witch Way - Season 2 Week 4 Review

UPDATED 8/3/14
One more week to go after this! "Every Witch Way" has been renewed for season three. You can watch this show on Nickelodeon at 7:30pm Weeknights until August 8th. To make the summaries smaller, I will shorten the names.

Desdi = Desdemona
Agie = Agamemnon

"Emma wants a Cracker"
Emma has become a bird, she runs from Danny and scares Jax. Sophie blocks Diego from seeing Maddie changing face colors with her emotions. At the clinic, Danny goes to Andi for help. There is a storm coming apparently (never mention before). Danny knows about Lily and the phone. At the stage, the council meets at blue tables. Desdemona tells them that she thinks someone is trying to take over the realm. Lily is teleported away to the clinic, mid-sentence. Lily tells them to get the parrot, where Emma would go, Hex and someone who can cast the spell. Gigi does a news thingy, people want to get Emma and Danny back. She talks about the storm. At Emma's room, Danny sneaks in to get Hex and hides from Francisco. Andi follows feathers and finds Emma. Desdi shows Agie a ripped page of what shows the last hour of the Fool Moon (foreshadowing the finale). Lily arrives, explains about Emma's phone. Desdi accuses Lily for betraying her and suggests she has something to do with the Fool Moon. Agie doesn't believe her. Lily is teleported away again, now by Danny. Danny tells her that Andi has Emma and coming on their way. Lily is surprised he is helping Emma. Danny says just because she is mad at him, doesn't mean he doesn't care for her. Lily explains that they wanted her to break up with him or lose her powers.

Andi comes with the parrot, Danny doesn't think it is her. Maddie arrives. Andi explains she told Maddie that Emma turn Sophie into parrot. Maddie doesn't get along with Hex. Andi locked Sophie in the Jaintor's closet. Maddie turns the parrot back into a person and it is not Emma, it is a woman. Lily goes after the woman. Maddie asks if it was supposed to be Emma. Andi wanted to use Sophie as leverage but she appears and Maddie runs away with her. Andi suggests a locator spell in Hex. Andi says to get Jax, which Danny doesn't get it.  Sophie, Maddie and Katie meet Diego at Maddie's house find that Maddie's face is like a mood ring. Purple is mad, Blue is sad, Red is embarrassed and Green is envious. At 7, Andi tells Jax that she needs help, that she turned herself into a parrot, Jax flakes--making Andi realizes that he is afraid of birds, which he denies. At Daniel's house, Jax is tied up with ropes. Jax says it freaks him out with birds indoors. Danny is freaked out that Jax is a wizard. Jax casts the locator spell. Emma arrives and Jax faints. Back with Maddie, Katie suggests to stop hanging out with Diego. Maddie thinks Emma put a spell on her. Sophie says how could that be if she became a parrot.
Maddie thinks it happen before. Andi tries waking Jax up. Danny tells Emma he is upset she lied to him and he doesn't want her to loose her powers. With water Jax wakes up. Jax faints up again and Maddie arrives with her purple face. Andi and Danny laugh that Emma is responsible. Maddie turns Emma back to human. Danny is about to hug her. Emma is confused about what happened. Maddie wants all credit and wants Emma to change it. Maddie realizes that Danny tricked Maddie to change Emma back. Dax wakes up. Andi explains he is afraid of birds. He calls it a phobia  disease. Danny says a storm is coming, Maddie is waiting for Katie and Sophie for pizza. Emma and Andi leave for pizzas hauling Jax away. Andi goes for Pizza and bumps into Sophie, Diego and Gigi. Back at the stage, Desdi still tries convincing Agamemnon that Lily is the villain. Agamemnon teleports away to 7 for pizza (a subplot about Gigi messing up a promotion at her dad's business the 7). Desdi plots to get Daniel and Emma back together. At night, Desdi and Gigi meet, Gigi does a text hacking to get Danny and Emma back together. Desdi makes a spell to make a storm into the school, Gigi asks if they are in the school, Desdi says no. Agamenmon arrives at 7 and finds out about the storm and teleports out. Andi and Diego are stuck in 7 as the storm begins. Emma gets a text from her dad on her phone--which is from Gigi. T3 get near Maddie, Daniel tells them to leave her alone. Daniel gets a text.
Special Guests: Francisco, Desdemona, Lily and Agamemnon
 Not Present: Ursula, Daniel's mom

Emma and Jax (who was following her) walk into empty Principal's office and the door shuts close, figuring it to be a trick. Desdemona (thinking Daniel is in the school and not Jax) makes the storm tougher. Emma panics about the door. Jax opens the door and it is not locked. They both get texts for extreme weather warning. (But schools are safe for storms no?) Jax protects Emma from debris in the hallway. They run back to Principal's Office. Emma thinks it is all Jax's plan. Jax explains teleporting thought a storm is a bad idea. Desdi and Gigi teleport into the janitor's closet and are full of leaves, mud and etc.--proving it true. Meanwhile Daniel enters T3's room to find Maddie is tied up to a prank device. Danny scares the T-3 away and releases Maddie. TV is out and they are forced to stay together. Emma talks to her dad, she asks Jax if he wants to call his parents, he says his dad doesn't. He takes out a file for Daniel. Gigi spies on them. Jax is about to change Danny's grades, Emma stops him by casting a spell for all A's. She blames the Fool Moon, six more days for it to finish. Jax takes out Diego's files and then tempts her with Maddie's. Jax says they should play Magic Truth or Dare.

Meanwhile, the lost council member Ramona frees herself and finds out she is not free from the Limbo Desdi put her in. Gigi tells Desdi her mistake (that Emma is with Jax, Maddie is with Daniel). Desdi hurts her 'blog hand.' Meanwhile at 7, Diego gives Gigi 13 pizzas. Diego and Andi build pizza forts and throw fruit. Back with E & J, Emma says 'truth' but changes to 'dare' thanks to Jax. Jax imitates her to Maddie. Jax tells her to use magic and he changes his voice to her father's. Emma changes into Maddie and make fun of her. Jax changes 'Dare' to 'Truth,' which Emma asks about his family. Jax says he has dad, aunt, uncle and a doctor cousin. Emma asks about his mom. Leanna died a long time ago when he was little, he breaks the wall with a ball, finding out its fake. Emma says the last principal had a secret room. During the commercial break, Emma explained to Jax about the evil principal from the last season. Jax can't imagine losing his powers. She shows Jax the plan she had, saying Emma is prettier in person. He looks at another plan about the Fool Plan (Desdemona's), to use the last light of the Fool Moon to destroy the magical realm.

Meanwhile Daniel and Maddie are in black suits, jump off a trampoline on a sticky wall. Maddie asks Danny why they never did this when they were dating. He says she is different (she changed since dating Diego), that she was uptight back then. She refuses to agree that Diego is her boyfriend. He asks if they spend time together and care for each other, she answers yes to most of his questions. He says that is a relationship, she doesn't agree. Danny asks her what he expects of relationships, she says she thought they were supposed to be fighting because of movies. Danny says that must be why she was picking fights with him. Maddie asks about Emma and he explains what happened. Maddie defends Emma. They are stuck to the wall. Back with Jax and Emma, Emma asks why would anyone want to destroy the magic realm. Jax's mom told her that they were two different sides of the realm: good and bad, his mom was good and his dad is bad. He says he takes after his dad, Emma thinks he takes more after his mom and holds his hand. Desdi and Gigi sees this magically. Emma and Jax are about to kiss when Desdi makes the door blow open with storm wind. Jax recommends playing chess.

Soon, Emma wins chess, showing off a more wild side to him. Jax says he misses the Bad Emma. Desdi is shocked to hear about the clones, she writes about it. Emma asks how he get along with Jax Jr, he explains just make them happy, he asks her to bring an Emma back but not Lazy or Nerdy. (Interesting he doesn't mention Hippie Emma). Emma says the spell cost her Daniel, Desdemona says it will cost her powers now. Gigi sleeps and dreams of Jax. Ramona escapes and ends up in Los Angeles. Back with D and M, Danny asks if she is going to make a relationship with Diego. She says it is hard to make a 4th panther because of jealously over Katie and Sophie. She asks if Danny will make up with Emma. He says maybe. They talk about Katie's birthday coming up and Maddie wants to plan a party for her. Danny sees his phone with the text message (supposedly from Emma but was from Desdi). Later, Francisco comes in to find Emma and Jax, he thanks Jax. Jax and Emma hug, Daniel comes in, sees them and runs out.

Later, Desdemona has an emergency Council meeting at the clinic, Desdi tells Agie and Lily that Emma cloned herself and made four clones. Agie asks how she got the spell and Desdi blames Jax. Desdi says that Lily knew. Agie is mad. Emma and Jax (being tricked by a text sent by Desdi) arrive. Agie says they will lose their powers.

Special Guests: Desdemona, Ramona, Agamemnon, Lily
Not Present: Ursula, Sophie, Katie, Daniel's Mom

"About a Wizard"
 Jax asks how long they will lose their powers and they say forever and he says his dad will stop this. Agamemnon says no. Lily didn't vote, they only need two votes. Jax takes the blame, saying he made the only clones. Desdemona says he is a liar and wants Emma to lose her powers. Jax claims he wanted Emma's powers and didn't want Emma to take credit for his spells. Emma is against it, Agie teleports Emma away and puts Jax's power in a bottle. Gigi says Romeo and Juliet starts Friday on her news report and Emma teleports in and Gigi is unphased, Emma is surprised. Gigi asks if she will get back with Danny. She signs off, she gives her tips. Emma asks why she is not surprised to see her. Gigi said she thought maybe she was hiding. Gigi 'hides' behind a mop, hiding that she knows she has powers (because of Desdi's threats). Emma runs out when Gigi acts threatening. Jax walks in a messy hallway sadly. Danny catches Emma and Jax hugging in the hall and then passionately kissing. Danny leaves. At Danny's house, T3 is surprised Danny was with Maddie. They ask if he will get back with Emma. Danny says he won't say anything because of the Emma pranks. They promise not to prank her. They plan to add Jax to the prank list since Danny slipped about Jax.

Jax and Emma meet at Cafeteria, Jax doing his homework (as he lost his clone). Emma offers to do spells for Jax. Meanwhile, Sophie and Maddie work with Diego on a guest list for Katie's surprise birthday party. Katie arrives and they hide it from her. They walk away and Katie opens a balled up paper that says "Katie needs more friends" and walks away sadly. Jax is called to the Prinicpal's office in the stage, where Jax and Emma were talking---Jax wants her to do spells. Daniel defends Emma to Jax, they argue. They both reveal things they did for Emma, including Jax giving up his powers to save hers. Jax says Danny can't compete with him. Jax says Emma is dating him now, to stay away from her. They fight with swords. At the cafeteria, Emma finds T3 in the cafeteria, telling them not to play anymore pranks. They are shocked to find out that Danny broke up with her. They thought it was her. T3 add Danny to the list. Katie plays basketball outside. Andi bumps into Lily at the clinic, Lily is upset her things are gone and that all Andi's stuff is everywhere. Lily says that Desdi is too intense about wanting Emma's powers and she has changed. Andi tells her Gigi has been acting weirder than usual. Emma comes in to Jax and Daniel fighting with swords. Emma tells them to stop, they don't and makes glitter appear over them. They stop.

Emma asks Jax if they can go and they leave holding hands. Desdi and Gigi enter, Desdi upset about the glitter and also Emma with Jax. Gigi mentions Daniel being jealous, Desdi thinks she has to make Emma jealous of Danny. Sophie plays in the glitter. Desdi convinces Sophie to act like she loves Danny and take him on a date to Katie's party. Katie changes to a Goth look and Maddie tells her to cut it out. Katie says she has new friends and won't go to the beach and won't be a panther anymore. She leaves and Diego comes and they talk about problems with the party. Later on, Ramona appears at the school looking for the council entrance. She takes off her shoes and goes into the clinic looking for Lily. She hears Desdi and Desdi catches her. Desdi teleports her away, leaving one shoe in the hallway. At Emma's house, Andi arrives and finds Emma, Lily and Agamemnon and they have to be ready for the last light of the Fool Moon. Lily asks Emma how Desdi has been, Emma says she's been finding and trying to get Daniel and Emma back together. T3 plot how to dump a bucket on Jax when they are on stage.

Then at the beach, Emma meets Daniel, when he was texted by Diego. Jax arrives and they are together. Sophie arrives and tells them she is Danny's date.

Special Guests: Desdemona, Agamemnon, Lily, Francisco's voice, Ramona
Not Present: Ursula, Daniel's mom, Francisco himself

"Beach Birthday Bash"
They are all at the beach for Katie's party. Sophie says she is dating Daniel. Emma and Jax go find a spot. Sophie tells Danny that it was Desdemona's idea to pretend they were together for the play. Maddie and Diego come, Katie is not responding yet. Desdi and Gigi see this from the school. Gigi says why not use a spell. Desdi says that the 'Chosen One' is immune to the love spells. Desdi casts a spell that any girl that looks at him falls for him. Maddie instantly falls for him. Diego is jealous. Sophie comes, saying Katie isn't answering and then she falls for the spell and grabs Danny. Maddie and Sophie both pull Danny. Gigi arrives and falls for Danny too. Diego tries to get Maddie but she screams out his real name which she likes. Danny escapes and gets more girls crazy for him. Elsewhere, Emma thinks something is up with Gigi and tells Jax and Andi. They see a swarm of girls. Jax says the only girl he wants is Emma. Emma goes for drinks and tell Jax and Andi to behave. Andi thinks it is a charade, she thinks he doesn't buy it. Jax says as soon as he gets his powers he will turn her into a fish which she is into. Meanwhile at 7, Ursula (incognito as she has no makeup on) orders pizza in the name of 'Ms. Alonso.' She bumps into Katie (in goth look). Ursula thinks she is going to the beach, Katie considers them her ex-friends. Ursula tells her that they have something special for her. Katie says that Maddie has Diego and Sophie has the play. Ursula tries to convince her to go to the beach, Katie decides to put makeup on her.

At the school, T3 plot a prank for Daniel/Jax at the backstage. Lily arrives and they hide. She thinks the prank belongs to Desdi. Back at the beach, Jax is hurt by Andi and Emma comes. Desdi and Gigi are behind bushes. Desdi makes the spell stronger and more girls go after Daniel. Maddie, Sophie and Gigi go after Daniel hiding under a bar and more girls join in. Desdi enjoys the spell. Ursula goes in her new goth makeover to Maddie and Sophie on the beach. She tells them about Katie alone at 7. Maddie tells her mom that she is back to Danny but she is happy about it, looking at Diego--who is not for it, of course. Ursula gets them back on track. Maddie shows her a mirror and Ursula screams, having not seen what Katie did to her. Diego tells her it probably is magic and reminds her about Katie, saying friendship is stronger than magic. Maddie snaps out of it (momentarily) and goes with Sophie to get Katie. Daniel hides behind a bush and finds Andi. Andi is under the spell too. She suggests base jumping and he tells her to get her gear. Maddie, Sophie and Diego find Katie at 7 and try convincing her to go to the beach. Katie complains about them not spending time with her and they reveal they were planning a surprise party. They make up and hug. Maddie asks Diego if he is coming, he says he doesn't want to see her gaga over Daniel, she says she isn't gaga over Daniel. He goes after her. 

Andi comes running to Maddie for her parachute. Emma spots Danny who signals her to come to him. Emma and Danny meet up, he is happy that she isn't in love with him. He tells her that the girls are after him, she thinks he is trying to make her jealous. He thinks it is like a spell. She wonders who put the spell. He thinks Jax. She says he doesn't have the powers. Gigi arrives and then hordes of girls who chase Danny out. Emma and Jax meet up, she looks for Andi's goggles, telling Jax what is going on. Jax thinks the spell is awesome, picturing how it would be to under that spell and Emma leaves. Emma sees the spell with the magic-detecting goggles. Katie arrives and is under the spell too. Emma reverses the spell and everyone walks away from Daniel. Daniel hugs Emma and thank her. Jax sees this and is mad. Back at the school, T3 finished their prank. Some want to get Jax and some want Daniel. We re supposed to vote on it. Later, we see in a montage Katie blow out her birthday candles, Danny, Sophie and Andi hit a piƱata. The gang is around a campfire. Diego makes fireworks, everyone turns around to see them. Diego and Maddie are alone. Daniel is alone. Jax and Emma are together. Daniel looks at Jax and Emma.

Later back at Emma's, Jax wants to play Andi's game since he brought up the TV. Emma forces him too. Gigi says not to attack one Zombie--Emma says it is her boyfriend Phillip. Jax laughs. Jax wants to text Miss Information, Andi runs out angry with his phone. Andi says no guy is her type and she hacked the game to create Phillip. Jax teases her that Phillip is in danger and locks the door. Jax accidently is about to destroy all the Zombies and Andi frets that Phillip will be deleted. Emma casts a spell and Phillip magically appears, making Jax scream.

Guests: Ursula, Desdemona, Lily (briefly), Phillip (briefly)
Not present: Francisco, Danny's mom, Ramona, Agamemnon

 "Zombie Boyfriend"
Andi is anxious before meeting her Zombie boyfriend that Emma just brought to life. Emma magically opens the door, Jax is scared of Phillip so Emma is about to zap him away but Andi stands in the way. Andi is sent away and Phillip jumps out the window. Jax and Emma find that Andi is the video game but Emma quickly takes her out (we conveniently don't see the game). Andi is upset he is out on the loose. Andi, Emma and Jax look for Phillip at 7 and Daniel of course figures it out. Daniel and Jax both come up with an locator spell idea but Danny gets credit which makes Jax mad. At the clinic, the council find Ramona's shoe and the plot paper--which Desdi uses to pin Lily. Agamemnon thinks it is Lily, Lily is about to run out but Desdi closes the door. Lily tells Agie that it is Desdi. Agie sends Lily away, which Desdi loves. Back at Emma's, Daniel tries to convince Andi that Phillip is not real but Jax tells him to back off. Emma is about to do a spell. Andi convinces Emma to keep him, saying he has low level aggression. Danny and Emma is against it.

Jax is for it. Emma makes a deal and summon him. Phillip and Andi reunite. Andi thinks he is harmless, he says hi to them. Back at Daniel's, T3 get a shipment from their grandmother. The oldest boy wants to trap Daniel and the girl wants Jax but the final vote is for the little boy. He makes confetti come out of the machine. Back at Emma's, Danny is gone and Phillip is freaking Jax out. Jax doesn't know you have to wash your clothes. Phillip tells Andi he is hungry. Andi offers him Pizza. Emma offers pancakes and hugs Emma. Andi throws pizza at Phillip. Meanwhile at Maddie's room, Ursula is anti-Kanay and Maddie says they will go to the play and then dinner in public with Diego. Back at Emma' house, Phillip dress in preppy clothes, Andi doesn't like it. He thinks she doesn't like him. At Emma's kitchen, Jax and Emma talk.  Jax thinks she can do whatever she wants. Jax wants to go out on a date on the last night of the Fool Moon. Jax wants his powers back and destroy the Magic Realm and be the two most powerful beings on Earth. Emma laughs. Emma thinks he is joking, he goes along with it.

 Emma goes to Diego at 7, he is slammed at work. Gigi is MIA (Missing in Action). Emma and Diego talk about how strange Gigi has been. Emma asks Diego if Gigi knows about magic, he says no, he never told her. She tells him about the janitor closet thing. Gigi listens to this. Diego and Maddie come into Maddie's house, Ursula laughs at a joke that Diego said. She wants to talk to Maddie alone, Diego goes. Ursula is shocked Maddie said 'please,' she says Diego is a bad influence. Ursula orders her not to see Diego again. Later on, Andi has enrolled Phillip to school, with a locker next to his. (She doesn't hid his zombie face). The Panthers and Diego meet him. Sophie thinks they have zombie makeup. Katie asks if they are in a relationship, she then asks Maddie and Diego the same thing and they run off. Later a montage of Andi and Phillip having fun car wash, Maddie and Diego sneaking around, Jax, Emma, Andi and Phillip hanging at 7 and Danny spotting them; Emma, Andi, Phillip and Jax at Emma's house watching a movie; Maddie and Diego almost kissing and Diego hiding from Ursula; Phillip and Andi at 7, Phillip wants to go out with her to the play.

Andi panics about the 'date' at Emma's house. Emma clams her down. At the kitchen, Francisco interacts with Phillip. Andi comes out and Phillip gives her a flower and Francisco is about to take a picture. The flash goes off, scaring Phillip. At the school, Danny's mom takes T3 in to the play. The older ones ask the little one who will be pranked. Backstage, everyone readies for play. Danny tells Jax to have a great show. Jax then tells Danny to stay away from Emma. Danny says that Emma belongs with him. Phillip and Andi sit next to Emma in the audience. The T3 ready their spot. Maddie sits with Diego. Jax tells Danny good luck and goes out. Daniel gets his sword and readies himself. The two play fight with swords. Andi says it is not rehearsed. Danny yells "Stay away from her." Sophie comes out to do her lines but Danny is knocked down. Sophie runs out. Danny is at an X and gets foamed by T3.

Guests: Phillip, Ursula, Francisco, Lily, Agamemnon, Danny's mom
Not Present: Ramona

This week we saw the softer and goofier side of Jax (afraid of birds is just adorable). Also the most complicated side of Maddie, her actress is better than I give her credit for. "Stormageddon" sure split our main six into three neat groups and gave Daniel and Maddie time to bond as exes and Jax and Emma to get closer. I was skeptical about Desdemona and Gigi as a pair but they work great together. I like how the writers make Gigi ask logical questions and Desdemona just dismiss them. The real Desdemona was much smarter than the evil one. Desdemona is crafty but an idiot at times (ketchup squirting on her, not knowing Romeo & Juliet is a tragedy). Ursula, as much as I didn't like her actress, was absent for the most of earlier this week, mostly because Maddie has her powers back. I kind of missed her. I do like Lily's actress and miss her. It would've been nice to see her training in the magical realm.

Also strange we never see Katie's 'new' friends and the only lead-into it was a basketball match she was losing. If they can afford extras to go crazy over Daniel, why not some 'goth' extras? Oh well. Also this week it has been announced "Every Witch Way" will get a 3rd season so congrats to the kids (cast)! Some parts were predictable like "Beach Birthday Bash" with Katie angry with her friends ignoring her and girls chasing Danny but I like that Jax dating Emma hasn't exactly changed Jax. And I like the there was foreshadowing in that episode. The zombie subplot of "Zombie Boyfriend" sure does seem out of place in "Beach Birthday Bash." "Stormageddon" has to be my favorite episode of the week. Plus, the council meeting at the school constantly is getting pretty tiring. They can't put a green screen and meet in some 'castle'? "Emma wants a cracker" was obviously made to give Emma's actress a break since she did five-duty last week with the clones. But it did gives us great interaction between Daniel and Lily.

Phillip is portrayed by Liam Obergfoll