Thursday, May 14

The Success of Nick Jonas vs Joe Jonas

With Nick Jonas' noted success (high record selling, concerts, multiple public appearances, club appearances, popular TV shows and hot photoshoots), I decided to compare it to his older brother's short-lived solo career. In the United States, the three Jonas Brothers sold the most records with "A Little Bit Longer" by $2,082,000 in 2008. Their last record "Lines, Vines and Trying Times" got $757,000. Joe Jonas' solo album "Fastlife" made $45,000 in 2011 while Nick Jonas' solo album "Nick Jonas" $182,000 in 2014. He also had an album in 2005 but I don't have the numbers there.
 His first single "See No More" charted at Number 92 in the US in 2011. But the highest number he charted with that single was in U.S. Pop at number 37 and 53 in the UK. My theory in why he failed was his single was just not catchy, just boring. "Just In Love" toed the line of ‘adult’ representation regarding sex, which everybody notices, he slyly introduces a more grown-up aesthetic in the background. An official remix of the track features a verse from Lil Wayne and slightly altered production. It received a Parental Advisory sticker for this because of the explicit lyrics Lil Wayne raps. The video and song didn't get much airplay in the U.S. Also, I think what plagues him is the constant gay rumors, which he refutes and which kills his gay audience. Also, his history with women, especially Taylor Swift who infamously was dumped by him in a short telephone conversation. Even though this happened years ago (2008), it was still fresh when he did solo (2011) but now he laughs about it (2015). And he also broke up with Demi Levato before her breakdown.
His first single from "Nick Jonas" called "Jealous" charted at 1 in Dance Pop in the US. Overall it charted at 7 in the US. In the UK, it made number 2. "Chains" was also 1 in Dance Pop US and number 13 in the U.S. overall. I think his success stems from a multimedia attack (TV, movies, music, award shows, photoshoots). He embraced his gay fan base by touring gay bars. In the show "Kingdom," he also played a closeted gay boxer and he has done slight nudity (butt). He also hit the kid market by hosting Nickelodeon's Kid Choice Awards. His two singles are very catchy and he has also touched heart strings with his diabetes and ability to keep physically fit. Nick Jonas is much more charming and disarming than Joe Jonas who might come off more stuck-up and careless.