Monday, September 24

Entertainment Weekly strangely connects Saved By The Bell with the Emmys

In this week's Entertainment Weekly, they make the bizarre idea to do a 'six degrees' connecting "Saved By The Bell" with the Emmy awards. They connect the winners, namely. They went from Sally Field to Rachel Griffiths to Peter Krause, who was in the sitcom "Sports Night" with Felicity Huffman. Kiersten Warren, who was in "Saved by the Bell: The College Years," guest starred in "Desperate Housewives" with Felicity. But they connect Kiersten to Lark Voorhies, who only guested once on the short-lived prime-time series. They also went from Ricky Garvais to fellow "The Office" Lucy Davis to Madelline Zima, who they star in "Californication.' Zima was in 'The Nanny' with Nicholle Tom. Nicholle Tom guested on '90210' with Tori Spelling, who played Screech's girlfriend.

The strangest connection is from Jaime Pressly to Dustin Diamond. It goes from Jaime Pressly to Giovanni Ribisi, who has guested on "My Name is Earl" and then to Katey Sagal, because Ribisi guest appeared in "Married With Children." Then the most far-fetched connection is from Katey to Ruben Studdard, because he appeared in her show '8 Simple Rules.' Then from Studdard to fellow 'Idol' Kimberly Locke, who appeared in "Celebrity Fit Club" with Diamond. Veyr interesting, but I wondered where all of this started.