Wednesday, September 26

Kid Nation Second Episode Review

When it is suggested to kill the chickens on the farm for food, other kids that didn't get their chance to stand up and get their limelight do. There is Emilie, who is opposed to killing the chickens and with two other kids try to protest and try to stop the chickens from being killed. When they decided two to be killed, she still went to see them but couldn't bear it after the first one was off. So there is big ethical questions and questions of whether or not if you would kill the chicken at that age. Emilie, does think about the others. On the other side, Greg, the oldest, tries to get the gold star by killing the chickens, boasting that he had killed animals before. Also cleaning dishes, which Mike was suspicious of. The Gold Star went to the well-deserving Michael, instead of Greg. Greg did give a good reason for why he wanted it, for college but that would be a lot of kid's reasons. Maybe the drive wasn't in the right place. Especially his reaction to Michael getting the star. I am glad Emilie stuck with it and didn't go home.