Sunday, May 31

About the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot

Okay, all Buffy fans are upset about Fran Rubel Kuzui, and her husband Kaz Kuzui wanting to reboot Buffy the Vampire Slayer without Joss Whedon. I was not going to say anything but with Entertainment Weekly (big Buffy fans there) confirming it might be a go, I just want to say that no fan of the TV show should go see this travesty. The first Buffy movie did not succeed because it did not go with Whedon's vision. It was directed by Kuzui and she didn't want violence and it sucked. Some people like the movie but it made no money. Fans of the movie are only maybe 25% of the Buffy TV show fans. Whedon doesn't control the rights to Buffy. Kuzui plan to make a new movie with a new story and new actress but they don't have the rights to Willow, Angel, Xander, Giles, Cordelia, Spike and any other character from the show. Even Buffy's mom Joyce didn't have that name in the movie. The only characters they could use are from the movie--Merrick and Pike (Luke Perry's character). But why make a movie out of a bad movie with the very people who made it bad and not use the person who made it popular? With no Whedon, there would be no Buffy popularity.

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Saturday, May 30

Make Me a Supermodel Season Two: Who Will Win?

I know I spoke a lot about the first season of Make Me a Supermodel and haven't said much about season 2 but I have been watching season 2 intently. Last Wednesday, Montahahahana was kicked out and I think she did a good effort and evolved and didn't need to be kicked out. Anyhoo, it is interesting that there is only three guys left. Branden is cute and young and naive and sweet, I think they are giving him more credit that he deserves. Maybe they should have kicked him out for him to learn harsh realities. Clearly he is not going to win. This has always been and will be in the end a competition between Sandhurst and Johnathan. Oh my god do I love Johnathan! He is a loving father, sexy, versatile, fun, and a thinking model. I didn't like how he lost his confidence two weeks ago. I think the runway last week hurt Sandhurst, they want Johnathan to bring it, I think he can. But it is still 50/50 between the two.

Thursday, May 28

Alberto Cutié on no English-Speaking News Channel except for CNN

My mom called my dad and said Father Alberto Cutié, the priest who had an affair with a woman and not a little boy, was having an apology news confrence on TV. She claimed that all the English-speaking channels were broadcasting it, not only the Spanish ones that have been running crazy with them. So, my dad had me check the channels and no local English-speaking channel had it, only Telemundo, Universal, Telefutura, and CNN. CNN? Well, because Ricky Sanchez was reporting it! Sanchez was even translating it! So my dad was not surprised, that only the Spanish-speaking channels or channels with a Cuban cared about this.

The longevity of Sesame Street

I read this real good article from Newsweek Magazine about Sesame Street and how it has changed the world. I grew up with it and love how they had a deaf character at that time and my sister was deaf and I identified with her. The article speaks on their pro-multi-cultural stuff but also on how many groups gotten upset for a number of things, like the lack of a Latino character in the early times and Bert and Ernie being allegedly gay. They now make 26 new episodes a year (which used to be a lot more decades ago) and have cut down in the crew because of the economy. On November 10th, the series will be around 40, but the article also says how it is up against Dora the Explorer, Spongebob, etc. and if it can stay on the air. I do honestly believe Sesame Street has changed the world in a way and does infulence me and it kids inspiring children. It is an institution, I think it will survive.

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Religious School teacher sexually active with 15 year-old Student

The latest news on the religious school teacher, Maria Guzman Hernandez (32 years old) who had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student in Hialeah, Florida is that she is out of jail on bond. If convicted on her charges, she could face up to 30 years behind bars. Hernandez has two children and was estranged from her husband. On the TV news but not on article, it says he is an 8th grader. No one has mentioned the fact that he is a 15 year-old in Middle School. Wouldn't that rings some bells too? Instead of a blurred picture, we get video of the boy but no face of course. I did not know how old he was when I saw it on the news but his body looked way too old to be a 13 year-old, which is the oldest age you can be in middle school without flunking. Well, news is that the boy's mother is from Cuba, so maybe he is from Cuba too, explaining his age. That he is behind because maybe he just arrived to this country. According to police reports, a detective on the case wrote, "The victim stated he and the defendant have been sexually active since March and that Hernandez confessed." DCF officials are also working to make sure the victim and his mother get counseling.

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Wednesday, May 20

Glee Pilot Sneak Preview Review

I did not see Glee last night because I was busy. I watched it on the FOX website. Some insiders say that the pilot that aired was not the full pilot. Many people are raving about this show. It is from Ryan Murphy, the openly gay and crazy creator of "Nip/Tuck." The show starts out like a indie movie (doesn't help that Jane Lynch is in nit, when I first saw the promo--I thought it was a movie!), with its outspoken cartoon-ish flawed characters but it sucks you in. The stand-out characters are Rachael (Lee Michele)--the obnoxious overachiever (who happens to have two gay fathers); Kurt (Chris Colfer), the out and gay talented singer; Arty (boybander Kevin McHale), the boy in the wheelchair; Mercedes (Amber Riley) is the sassy Black girl; and of course the football player who really can sing Finn (Kyle XY's Cory Monteith). One of the lines I like is when Rachael says, "I can feel the clock ticking away, I don't want to leave High School with nothing to show for it." and Finn says "When we fought the Osama Bin Laden for the first time."

I can really feel for the teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), mainly because I am a teacher too, well a substitute teacher. I am still hopeful. And Murphy was smart to hire Jessalyn Gilsig (who played Gina in "Nip/Tuck" and Meredith in "Heroes"). She is not a bad girl here, she is just overbearing and an interesting character. She has a craft room where Will is not let in there and she doesn't want him to be a teacher but an accountant. Some great casting, characters are a little overbearing, and I hope they tone them down. Jane Lynch is just at her best really, not too overbearing and she is to what everyone expects her for now, even if everyone know their name. If you think it is just like another underdog story... then yes, it is. But you want to cheer for these freaks. The most brilliant part of the plot is when Schuester, Morrison's character plopped marijuana on him to get him in the Glee club because he is a good singer.

Also, could the pilot have a reference to "Kyle XY"? Finn mentions "Sour Patch Kids." "Kyle XY" had sour patch kids product placement all the time. Finn also has a celibate girlfriend who is into celibacy. One interesting sequence was when Will takes the Glee kids to check out the 'competition' and the camera sticks to them in a long shot when they enter the auditorium. Very rare for a TV show. Justin Gaston, current boyfriend to Miley Cyrus and Nashville Star contestant, plays one of Finn's teammates that pelts him with paint from his paint gun. Lee Michele looks familar but she hasn't been in anything else. But in that finale, seriously, was everyone in that auditorium and how freaking big is that freaking auditorium???!

"Re-capturing the Golden Days"
Terri Schuester thinks Will is trying to recapture the glory days by being a teacher, I resent that. As a teacher, I do not believe I am trying to recapture the glory days. There was no glory days. My high school days suck. I do want the kids to succeed in school, but it's because I've been there and I want the best for them. I only substitute for Elementary school students and in many of these classes, I see kids that remind me of the kids I went to school with. In fact, I am teaching at the schools I went to as a kid, so same neighborhood I grew up in and my former classmates are either in jail, dead, or in debt. So, I don't want that for them. It's a vicious cycle. Also, I stuttered as a kid, I like that Tina is Asian and stutters.

Tuesday, May 19

I hate those movies when Angel gives one person another person's life

I don't know how to describe this and I don't have a lot of examples because I can't remember any but I know there are more movies to illustrate my point. IMDB doesn't even have a keyword for this anyway. The movie Ice Angel (2000) had a popular hockey player who dies and comes back as a woman figure skater (who was in a coma). What I don't like about that is that the woman looses her life and some jerk takes over her life because he died too soon. As for the movie Down to Earth (2001), Chris Rock takes the life of an old rich white man---old white man ends up going to heaven and then the body dies with Chris Rock in it and then Chris Rock goes in the body of another comedian and forgets who he is and the original inhabiter of that body goes to heaven. Confusing? Well, I am not confused but I wonder who ever invited this idea for movies and TV shows, I have seen it on Sci-Fi shows too. The reason I don't like the idea is that you are living your life, you get in an accident and then someone else takes over your body living your life.

It has also been done in the show Ghost Whisperer where big boobs' husband died and then when one guy went to heaven, he scooped up and went into his body. Now, I think he's back from the dead in his own body or something.

Top 10 Biggest Douchebags of the past 6 Months

What is a Douchebag?
For me, it is a jerk or an asshole, a man who thinks he is a big shot when he really isn't anything. He is all talk and very annoying.

10. Jim Cramer, "Mad Money," he gave a sweaty excuse on the "Daily Show" after that whole to-do.
9. Gisele Bundchen, the 'Other woman,' Tom Brady's girlfriend who thinks Tom's son (son of Bridget Moynahan) is her son as well.
8. Ryan Seacrest, he might seem nice but he can be homophobic (a few years ago with Simon Cowell they would say homophobic comments to each other) and how he treated Kathy Griffin once by going the wrong way at an award show and saying "That's what I get for following a woman." He is just a consistant douchebag.
7. David Hasslehoff, and those British reality-show judges, all those judges, annoying!!!
6. Chris Brown, we are all innocent until proven guilty? For whatever reason, you just don't do that, I don't care if I don't have all the information. That just can't be done.
5. Kayne West, well, lots and lots of reasons but when South Park tore him a new one, he went off a large rant on his blog on his 'growth' and the image he presents to people.
4. Brody Jenner just looks like one and his dad...
3. Bruce Jenner (with the plastic surgery) is just a creepy step-dad to the Kardashians.
2. Spencer Pratt of "The Hills" or "The Hills are Alive" whatever it is called. The Biggest Douchebag ever! But he is not good enough to be number one on any list.
1. Dick Cheney, who goes on the news eight years after being vice-president and go blabbing and didn't even have the balls to do it in the beginning?

Yes, I know, Matthew McConaughey, Dane Cook, and countless others are candidates for douchebags but they don't bug me as much as those above. And Sarah Silverman hasn't bugged me lately, she is not on my radar right now. I have also grown accostumed of Simon Cowel now, I just ignore him, and the shit he says is only directed to the American Idol people, so that doesn't bug me as much. You know who else bugs me? Those Fox News assholes.

Desperate Housewives Season Five Finale

It was an interesting season, while last season became a bit stale and probably felt so-so because of the Writers' Strike, this season has been infused with what made the first season so great. But I think the topper was casting Neal McDonough. If you see the first episode and then last episode, they tie in perfectly. I think it is the first season of Desperate Housewives that feels full-circle, very tight. Because even the first season went into its own tangents. It is the type of show that has no other choice but to go into different tangents, as a new plot or arc is introduced and quickly lost when not popular (for example, when Zack fell in love and tried to woo Gabriele). This season had some of that, for example, one of the Twins getting a lady pregnant, even though it lasted quite a few episodes, it wasn't mentioned in the two-part finale. Anyhoo, I digress. Other than the Susan/Mike/Neal McDonough plot, the other plots in the season finale felt like a bridge to the next season. Like Lynette finding out she was pregnant, Gaby having a rival in her house in the form of Carlos' niece and Bree's new affair with Karl.

Man, Karl and Edie were the whores of the series. Edie was with Karl, Mike, Carlos and tried to get with Orson. While, Karl has been with Susan, Edie, a bunch of other women and now Bree. And as for the new kids, let me tell you that the new kids like Susan's son MJ and Gaby's girls are way more interesting than the other children in the past seasons. But am I looking forward to season 6? No, not really. Last season's cliffhanger was way more interesting and hard to top. While this cliffhanger of who Mike will marry... red-head #2 Katherine or Susan again? And what the hell happened to the gay neighbors? And for once can Lynette be centered around the main plot PLEASE! It wasn't a fluke she got an Emmy for the first season, freeze-face Bree has gotten two big plots and Susan has gotten countless, why can't Lynette be in the center of the action? She was in the center of that supermarket shoot-out and for that episode with a child molester, which could have easily been a season arc.

The Office Season Five Finale

I loved this episode "Company Picnic," it was funny and irreverent. Michael and his soul mate Holly meet again and do a skit that seemed un-funny at first which was a mix of Slumdog Millionaire and Dunder-Mifflin. Michael reveals a branch is closing, which I believe he does out of spite from being fired, then being rivals with the company and then re-hired. Holly and Michael don't talk about their relationship and don't get back together and Michael makes a touchingly sweet and very mature speech on how they will get back together one day. I loved the scenes with Phylis and also the relationship between Dwight and Jim. At the end, it is implied that Pam is pregnant. There is a rumor that the hospital scenes were filmed using the set from Scrubs, an ABC series which recently wrapped its final season. Many may think it is cliched but I personally think it will bring more conflict. Pam just started a job as a salesperson and she is not married yet, and now she is pregnant? She will get lots of flack out of the Office gang and she is planning a wedding, so the stress may get to her. So I see a very interesting arc for Jim and Pam for season six, when fans were complaining that season five didn't give them enough of an exciting plot. I barely ever think about the Office's ficitional lives but now I am wondering if Jim and Pam are going to change Jim's parents' old room into a nursery.

Wednesday, May 13

Is Matt Groening becoming George Lucas?

Simpsons fans have like Matt Groening for years, but I am not sure what they think about him now though. But Star Wars fans hate George Lucas, as he changed ("digitally enhanced") the original movies not once but twice. I have been listening to the audio commentaries, which I love, of Seasons 3-6, 8 and 10 of the Simpsons and the latest ones Matt mentioned that fans are not happy with the newer episodes, saying that they suck and he says it is because the new ones are not going to match the old ones, in shock factor. Also to those who grew up with the show (like me), it won't be the same as they remember, which eerily echoes what George Lucas has said in defense of the prequel trilogy. Is this a pattern to famous fanboy franchises and their creators?

Tuesday, May 12

Adam Lambert's sexuality in Entertainment Weekly

Adam Lambert, American Idol's 100th season contestant is on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly magazine. There is an asterisk on the cover saying "*And not just because he might be gay" and there is an emphasis on his sexuality. The article is written by Mark Harris, who is gay. He says, "Many readers will say 'Why are we even discussing this? Why does it matter whether he's gay or not?' It doesn't. Or rather, it shouldn't. Except that unlike his counterparts, who commodify their lives on their sleeves, Adam isn't talking about it." Why should it matter if he is out and proud? And why isn't he? When people ask about his sexuality, Adam Lambert goes around in circles with the answer, very prepared. Gay contestants are nothing new, but they never won and Clay Aiken never won and he wasn't out at the time. It is interesting that Entertainment Weekly did this article, it is quite brave to do so. Many may criticize it but I applaud them.

Wednesday, May 6

Scrubs Series Finale Review

Since last year, I had heard there was going to be a big cameo appearance by a lot of the minor characters that have been on the show Scrubs in the finale. I waited and waited through the two-part finale and the episode was mostly about that it wasn't going to be a big farewell to JD, who was changing hospitals. So by mid-way to the 2nd part, it finally happened but it was a dream sequence of sorts. Many of them looked familiar and some looked so different, unrecognizable. There was like 3 or 4 dead ones, except for his dad and Brendan Faser. Some I did not recognize (even though I watch the reruns all the day!). It was a good 2-parter, about how things don't have be how you expect them. We finally got Janitor's true name.. sort of. And there was a nice emotional moment between Carla and JD. JD had a 'projector home movies' sort of dream sequence of the future, where he and Elliott marry, have a daughter and then in the future, he and Turk's first-borns are engaged. But of course, these are just fantasies. When he left Sacred Heart in his car, I was afraid he was going to get in a car accident after saying who is to say his fantasies wouldn't come true but thank god, he left with no accident. After the commercial break, we got a making-of-of sorts of course.

Sunday, May 3

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review

Yet another fan review slamming the movie? No, not really. If you read my blog, you know the 411... spoiler-free review first and then spoilers last.

If you like the Wolverine in the X-Men movies, then you will be happy with this. It is a good movie, nice action and not-bad special effects. But if you want a berserker Wolverine, then you will be disappointed. I went to see the movie with my cousin, who is a big Wolverine fan and he liked the beginning but not the ending. And no, Wolverine doesn't make a new 'X' team, he is just part of a small military one early on.

I liked the movie except for the 'bone claws.' Yes, bone claws. According to a friend, the bone claws were in the comics but I didn't know that. It was just bothersome. Sabertooth (Liev Schreiber) is Wolverine's brother in this movie and they grew up since the early 1700's or something. Wolverine kills the man who kills the man who thinks is his father but that man was really his father and shows his claws when he is young. His name is James but then called Logan by the end. Last Name? Dunno. Anyhoo, he and Victor join the army and fight war after war (Civil War, World War, Vitanam War..) and join a team of mutants for the army under William Stryker (Danny Houston, who looks like a mix of Reaper's Ray Wise and Desperate Housewive's Richard Burgi).

Part of the team is a teleporter John Wraith (Black Eyed Pea's Will i Am), Fred "The Blob" Dukes (Lost's Kevin Durand)--- who's super-strong and invulnerable, electricty controller Chris "Bolt" Bradley (Lost's Dominic Monaghan), expert marksman Agent Zero (Daniel Henney in his first English-speaking role even though he is American born) and mercenary Wade Wilson (Blade: Trinity's Ryan Reynolds). By the way, as a gay man, there is an array of hotties and we get to see Hugh's butt a bunch of times but no full frontal. So James quits and then falls in love with Kayla, who is seemingly killed by Sabertooth--who is killing mutants. Stryker collects mutants and James is out to kill his brother as revenge for his love's murder. He lets Stryker inject him with the legendary metal and he gets metal claws.

Then there are twists and turns but basically Stryker is collecting mutants to get their powers to give to Wade, who is now Deadpool. Wolverine has to get to this island where Stryker, Sabertooth and the kidnapped mutants are, and the only one to escape was Gambit (Friday Night Light's Taylor Kitsch) and he needs him to get there. Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops is one of these mutants and Kayla's sister is Emma Frost--or a X-Men movie version of her. In the comics, Silverfox was not related to Emma Frost and nor was Wolverine and Sabertooth. The movie is not bad, but is it worth seeing? Well, if you liked the X-Men movies, sure yeah then. My cousin said it was better than X-Men: Last Stand. Fans of any of these characters will not be pleased though. Will i am did a good enough job, Ryan is great actor but annoying here, Dommick is a great actor but this role is forgettable, Liev hams it up here, and Kevin is hilarious and energetic.