Tuesday, June 29

Kathy Griffin visits Levi Johnston in Alaska on D-List

Tonight on the 3rd episode of the new season of "My Life on the D-List," she goes to Alaska and visits 'her lover' Levi Johnston. He is not that communicative but he is actually a good friend. It is not like just for publicity. He hangs out with them a lot and is actually friendly, charming and sexy. He is a man's man, he's young and gets Kathy's humor. And she is helping him to be more understanding about gay people. They were going to her book signing, double it up with having him sign his playgirl magazines and she had him 'practice' with her with mostly gay guy fans scenarios. AND there was a lot of gay guy fans! Borders didn't sell the Playgirls and didn't him sign his. But some gays snuck in the magazines and three lovely ladies as well. Levi looked a bit freake dout. it is something practicing and joking around with Kathy in a safe environment and then actually seeing the flamboyant fanboy fans. I think it really helped Levi and I think it surprised not only Levi, but me that there were that many openly gay men in Alaska.

Also, in the episode Tiffany had a little Bachelorette contest int he bar that Levi's manager/bodyguard owns. Even though Tiffany is looking for her own little Chris Brown, she ended up with Harry from Aintitcoolnews.com, but there's nothing wrong with that. I was going for the cute guy Chris that said he's beautiful and she's beautiful. I am surprised she didn't go for him since she onced said she liked Justin Timberlake. But I guess she went for the underdog. AND we saw Levi's bum in Playgirl pictures but even with clothes on, his butt looks hot. He is not that sexy but he has this real guy sexiness.

Tuesday, June 22

Green Hornet Trailer.. pretty good, except....

I wasn't expecting much from the Seth Rogan adaption of Green Hornet, if it wasn't for the 60's series that was produced by the same Batman people or than it started Bruce Li, many wouldn't know about the comic book hero. Seth Rogan as a playboy may not be that believable and he isn't as out of shape as he was, so it is sort of understandable. The break out star has to be Jay Chou. But what makes the movie trailer sink for me is the appearance of Cameron Diaz. For some reason, her being the film looses cred. I would have been more accepting of an unknown actress playing a romantic interest opposite Rogen. Maybe that cute redhead from Superbad would have been better. Oh well.

Saturday, June 19

Adrien Brody's career down hill

Adrien Brody won an Oscar for the Pianist in 2002, but after that he's just has had failures like The Jacket, The Village, and King Kong. Now he has Splice out in theaters and Predators coming soon. It's like Cuba Gooding Jr. who got an Oscar and then has just failed with Snow Dogs and that stuff homophobic cruise movie. Splice is currently number 10 in the Box Office. The Film Stage gave the movie a 9 out of 10 saying that "This is more than a typical B-movie. So far, it’s one of the best films of the year." Adrien's career is no where near, let's say Leo DiCarpio's and Leo hasn't even won an Oscar. A lot is expected of Predators, but I am not expecting much.

Parting Glances Movie Review

This movie came out when I was 4, but I heard about it a couple of years ago in a LGBT in the USA class and that Steve Buscemi was in it. I finally saw it yesterday, you can see it instantly on NetFlix but I'm having trouble with my java so I had to settle for a DVD. The DVD by the way sucks because everytime you press 'play', even if you are in the middle of the movie, it goes back to the beginning and the 'scenes' section has everything written, no images. Anyhoo, the story is about Michael (Richard Ganoung), who is worried about his piercing eyes partner Richard (John Bolger) leaving to Africa for work because Richard reveals he thinks things are boring between them. Meanwhile, Michael takes care of his Ex Nick (Buscemi) who is HIV positive. The movie mostly deals with one night Even though it was made and set in 1986, it feels very modern and four a gay guy, the characters are identifiable.

Michael doesn't like Richard's boss (Patrick Tull), who in front of his wife (Yolande Bavan) is oblivious that Mike and Dick are gay. Mike is close to the wife and she knows that the couple are gay. But when Dick and the boss talk alone, it is revealed Cecil likes men and knows about Richard, but just doesn't tell Betty (who I think was originally supposed to be White but the awesome Yolande was cast and they just didn't change the name). There are characters I can recognize: The fat guy Douglas who flirts with everyone and is creepy (Richard Wall), the hanger-on to the guy I just mentioned--who doesn't even have a name! (Jim Selfe), the black guy with no personality (Andre Morgan), the twink Peter that is 'in love' with Michael (the beautiful Adam Nathan), the straight guy who tries to find a chick, and Richard's ex-girlfriend is his ebst friend and she is happy with a normal guy.

And the party to wish Richard goodbye is held at Joan's house and Joan is played by nobody else but freaking MIMI FROM THE DREW CAREY SHOW!!! Kathy Kinney looks awesome in this movie, it seems that this is her first role ever. She is still acting these days, in The Late Late Show with Craig Freguson and The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Steve Buscemi looks so cute back when, he stills has the buggy eyes, he doesn't even look that young in context of seeing the movie 24 years later. Come to think of it, the 25th anniversary of the movie is next year. Nick and Richard do have a competing relationship, Nick calls Richard a 'ken doll' in a negative manner and Richard may not like how much time his boyfriend spends with his ex. But it is later insinuated that Richard might be leaving so he doesn't have to be there when Nick dies, which it seems to be inevitable.

The movie does have some bizarre parts and it peters out by the end. There is this weird artistic dude, I didn't understand whose friend he was because the dialogue is kinda hard to hear and the DVD doesn't offer any closed captioning or subtitles. The weird guy says mean things about people with AIDS and Nick threatens him. And there is a scene between twinkie Peter and Nick that felt more like a 'move' than a 'moment.' And Nick has a dream sequence with a creepy dude in a knight outfit that foreshadows death but it is just a weird scene. But take a look at the movie, its awesome. I didn't like how it ended, it seems as if they didn't have enough money and were planning more and had to cut some stuff out, or they found out they could film more and did. It has some great groundbreaking stuff in there too. One dream sequence with Michael and Nick ruining Douglas' day, that leaves me wanting more antagonism between them and Douglas.

Thursday, June 17

Do Justin Timberlake and Matthew Morrison look alike since they are playing brothers?

It has been announced that Justin Timberlake will appear on 'Glee' for one episode in the second season. Justin will be playing Will's brother and is a substitute teacher and will join the glee club for a week. The producers say that they look alike but I don't think very much. They both got short brown hair and blue eyes. What do you think?

I am all for Guest Stars but not musical ones because what if they want to sing a Justin Timberlake song? And I think they already did (Cry Me A River), and I am not just gonna accept 'Oh, he looks like Justin Timberlake.' Putting glasses on him and changing his hair would be enough for me. But Glee is always tongue-in-cheek anyway so it doesn't matter too much.

Tuesday, June 15

What makes Kathy Griffin relatable

Tonight was the first episode of Kathy Griffin's new season of "My Life on the D-List" which was more heart felt then funny but I did laugh out loud when Kathy said she should be replaced by CGI for the episode. It was mostly about her guest appearance on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" episode PC that aired a while ago. Fans loved the episode. Unfortunately I missed the episode but I am sure I will see it soon on USA as they repeat it over and over and over again. LGBT community didn't like the message, that it ended up being that Kathy's character Babs ended up being bisexual and not a lesbian. But, I really liked this episode of her reality show, because she opened up. Kathy is relatable here as she fears that she is a bad actress and can't compete with the pros. She believed she was flubbing her lines but the director told her to take it down a 'notch.' Some critics said she was campy on the show. I don't think Kathy fully realized it as she was concentrating on lines.

She was really stressed about doing the episode, but it is what we love about Kathy, she really wanted to work and do her best. She just didn't want to drag people down. She is so cute, where she runs through the halls to show Mariska Hargitay her book and remind her that she dropped her on her ass during a 'trust exercise' in the Groundlings. It is a relief to her that she hold bad feeling. Probably Mariska doesn't even remember she was in the Power Rangers movie. You could tell that the cast of L&O: SVU did love her around, well, at least for the cameras. The reality show episode made a big deal about her kissing Mariska, but many fans complained the kiss wasn't a full kiss on the drama. We see the whole kiss on the reality show. Kathy admited it was a tough gig, I am supporting Kathy by saying to those critics that say Kathy was campy and over-the-top in the episode, but maybe that is just the nature of Kathy's face and personality. Many fans had commended Kathy as a breath of fresh air on the show. I mean NBC was smart to air her episode along with Mischa Barton's ep, because come on! Kathy is gonna look better next to Mischa Barton's acting.

And they thought she was hamming it up on the episode? On the reality show, she did a 'crime scene' with her employee Tom and Ice-T and she just, was herself and funny. It was a hilarious little scene. Oh, they found the dead body of Tom and Ice T asked if there was anal tearing, Kathy said she could put her fist up in there.

Eclipse trailers are not exactly putting fear in me

Now that Eclipse trailers are airing during commercials, they don't really put fear in me. They start out with "Seattle is in a state of panic" and then we see a crowd of Abercrombie and Finch models coming out of water. And then we see werewolves and vampires fighting in a park. Ooh wow! They have much of the budget of Wizards at Waverly Place and the same director of photography.

Thursday, June 10

100 Questions

100 Questions aired tonight on Thursday after Community, I hadn't been home and now see this show with a British woman, looking for love and it has laugh track. Horrible laugh track, I thought it was fake. I actually thought it was 30 Rock making fun of sitcoms. Lord, NBC was going to premiere this show on Tuesdays but reduced the episodes from 13 to 6 starting May 27, 2010. So apparently this show has been airing for 3 weeks and I didn't know. Well, this for sure should be canceled, it's bad. It's like those 'girl in the city' sitcoms NBC tried after Friends and failed so badly with.

Wednesday, June 9

Alyssa Milano's Sitcom canceled - Told ya!

ABC officially canceled "Romantically Challenged" on May 16, 2010. Six episodes were produced, but only four aired.

Tuesday, June 8

Marc Blucas and Cameron Diaz in Knight And Day

Seeing Marc Blucas and Cameron Diaz together in the trailer for Knight And Day seem to have a blatant age difference, maybe not as much as Cameron's with Tom Cruise. Cruise is 10 years older than Diaz, but I thought Diaz was maybe 6 or 8 years older than Blucas but it turns out Blucas is actually older than Diaz! I'm not crazy about the mustache but he still looks younger than her with the mustache. Blucas is 8 months older, they were both born in 1972, but him in January and her in August.

Is it Me? Or Does Indrani look like Finola Hughes and Summer Glau?

Indrani, the photographer and rumored Lindsey Lohan's girlfriend, looks a lot like two actresses: Finola Hughes ("Charmed" and "Blossom") and Summer Glau ("Firefly" and "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles").

Sunday, June 6

Mark Wahlberg's Curse Words don't get bleeped for MTV Movie Awards

This is why to watch the MTV Movie Awards live! Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell were both on the award show with harnesses up in the air and the show was being bleeped, but whoever was in charge of bleeping, messed up or Mark was too quick. I heard at least 2 fucks and 1 shit. Maybe there were more, dunno. They were also not expecting the very studly Peter Facinelli to let out so many F-Bombs. He said he hadn't heard the word Fuck so many times, so he even said Fuck Stephanie Meyers. Awesome!

Thursday, June 3

Betty White is The Last Golden Girl Standing

Dlisted reported that Betty White wanted to be the last Golden Girl standing, as Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty had already passed away last year and two years ago, respectively. Rue McClanahan suffered a stroke earlier this year and Betty White sent her a touching card that read: "Dear Rue, I hope you will hurry up and die so that I can be the last Golden Girl left." McClanahan died today on June 3, 2010 after suffering a massive stroke at age 76.


McDonald's French Commercial

I got to talk about this! I am not crazy about McDoanlds, I still go there but I don't eat every month because of the nature of the food and the chemicals (greasy food and the french fries don't turn black if stays in a container for a month). The commercial features a father and son, the son is talking to a romantic interest on the phone, hangs up when the dad comes. The dad says how he looks like him and he was a lady-killer and that too bad he goes to an all-boy school, but it is suggested that the son is gay. The ending tag line is "Come as you are." Very commendable by the makers to do this. Too bad it wouldn't go as well in the USA. But it isn't that overt in the ad either. It is not ballant. It would have been more brave it was more 'out' that he had a boyfriend.