Thursday, January 19

Miss Piggy on Project Runway All-Stars

 This was an awesome campy funny episode. I was looking forward to this episode! The designers had to make an outfit for her for the premiere of the Muppets (this obviously was shot before the movie came out). The costume designer of Gossip Girl and Sex and the City looked more campy in his outfit than Miss Piggy. Rami picked a stereotypical expected outfit for Miss Piggy but she loved it. Everyone else thought it was simple. Mila did a goth outfit. Gordana did a 'surprise!' boring and dull outfit. Michael made an outfit that was like for both Piggy and real women. Miss Piggy was just so hilarious and 'hiyah!' the costume designer for keep mentioning her ears. I would had liked to see her do that to Michael Kohrs or Nina Garcia. Will they ever guest judge?! Maybe they are saving it for the last.

Thursday, January 12

Project Runway All-Stars Episode 2

Surprise surprise I am doing a review on Project Runway, but I didn't even know it was on. I was looking forward to this. lifetime has done zero off-channel promotion because I had no idea. I was not surprised at some returns like Mila, Mondo, Christopher, Austin, Kara, Rami and Michael and Sweet P but who I am surprised at is the one I hated the most---Kenley! Seriously? Kenley? Anyway, I was also surprised that boring Gordana was asked to come back. I like Kara, always liked her personality. It is not all-stars but more like D-List (not talking about Rami, Mondo, Christopher, Austin, and anyone before season 4). I love Tim Gunn but I welcome a change with Joanna, who we know as a judge before and I think she is a good mentor and different---as she asks the others who are their biggest competition, something Gunn wouldn't ever ask. The winner will be an editor and she is an editor, so it works.

Wednesday, January 11

Yay! Daily Show to an African-American Woman Correspodent

I welcome Jessica Williams to the Daily Show... could this be their first female African-American correspondent? They have had only two African-American men like Wyatt Cenac and Larry Wilmore and Wilmore (now a contributor) only joined in 2006 and Cenac in 2008.

Sunday, January 8

Wizards of Waverly Place Series Finale Review

It finally came down to this, it is a two-parter. The series was great, but at not one place, it didn't have continuation, nothing ever matched but they did reference old episodes and lots of the special effects were bad. In one episode, they went to a room that was going to transfer their powers and as soon as I saw it, I knew they were not going to use it and in the end, they didn't. They did a "Who Wants to be a Millionaire' like game show style. They also got Zeke, Alex's werewolf boyfriend and Justin's vampire girlfriend. During the competition to find out who will be the family wizard, Zeke and Harper get captured by a Griffin and Alex uses the time out to go save them but they return too late. They loose and loose all magic, the Russo business gets closed when there is strife between the trio sibling. And of course, it turns out to be part of the competition and the trio end up in a labyrinth maze, in the uniforms they wore in the TV movie. There was word of a second movie so hopefully we might get a reunion from them. The music was horrible though, it was worse than stock music.

Saturday, January 7

New Nick and Disney Shows

I covered the current Nick and Disney shows but there is a new slew of them and many suck.

Disney's Ant Farm
A toothy girl goes to a school for intelligent and creative kids, she has her wacky friends and the blonde frenemy that is always trying to make her loose. Her talent is singing. It's so-so, I don't personally like it, but the lead is charming and the musical numbers aren't bad. But the friendemy is pretty stereotypical.

They saddled Debbie Ryan of Suite Life on Deck with a Suite Life of Zack & Cody clone as a babysitter to assorted multi-cultural kids. I don't even want to this mess. Kids told me they like it.

 Shake It Up
This is just horrible. The girls... one is charming and the other not so much, I will let you guess which one. The parents and other characters are pretty annoying and intelligible. It is about two dance show fans that end up working in said dance show.

Austin & Ally
Set in Miami Beach but it isn't filmed in Florida. I like it actually, it is pretty good. It is a bit slow moving but has good music. Three of the four characters have some characterizations, except for Austin's guy pal. Austin is  a stuck up web sensation who can't write songs and steals a song from a girl who works at her dad's music store. So Ally ends up writing his music and her best friend, who goes form job to job ends up being his manager.

Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures premiered on Nickelodeon on July 1, 2011 that seemed to disappear as soon as it appeared. Next up is How to Rock.