Thursday, September 13

Do Celebrities' Skinny Post-Pregnancy look bring more false promises?

If it was ever possible to make the unattainable image of skinny women that the media projects even more damaging to women... recently, celebrities that have been pregnant, work on their bodies tremendously to maintain their figure. But are these celebrities bringing a false promise to the women that recently gave birth and want to loose the weight? Average women don't have the trainers, money and time to look exactly like these celebrities in the time they did it. More and more, women want to desperately change their figure right after birth. Of course, it isn't necessarily from seeing these specific women below but because of media pressure--which celebrities also feel.

Gwen Stefani in May of 2006 before her son was born.

Gwen Stefani in December 2006, 7 months after her son was born.

This is Charisma Carpenter, in the June 2003 issue of FHM Magazine, three months after she gave birth to her son Donavan.

Nelly Furtado, four years after her daughter Nevis was born September 2003. Well, not a great example, but she pretty much has kept her figure.

Gwyneth Paltrow October 2006, six years after she gave birth to her second child Moses.

Update 9/16: After seeing the pre-show of the Emmy's, Marcia Cross and Mariska Hargitay had babies recently and have great figures.

And of course, this always isn't the case. Look at Britney Spears for god's sake. But I think, that shows the truth, you can't always loose the baby weight. As for this subject, I am not saying that it is the fault of the celebrities. I am glad they lost the weight in that length of time that they did it. But I believe average woman should realize that reality.