Sunday, October 31

Monster High Review

I have always had interest in Girls Franchises. This one is interesting as it is not Bratz. Mattel has dolls called Monster High, the commercial for the website has been airing like crazy, more than the doll. The commercial contains cartoon versions of the dolls, so does the Nickelodeon special, webisodes on the website and the msuic video that aired after the special. The animation in the commercial and the music video is much better than the one in the Nickelodeon special and webisodes on the website. The cartoon animation of the webisodes and the special seem to be like Flash animation.

A 30 minute episode entitled 'Dawn of the Dance' will air on Nickelodeon October 31st 2010. The show is made for Halloween. I saw the episode, the episode is pretty a-typical for a girl show, even though the girls are daughters of famous monsters and have creative names, the episode in itself is stereotypical in girl worries. Frankie Stein is the new girl and wants to be a cheerleader (here Fear Leader), she worries about fitting in and lies to Cleo, the head Fear Leader, telling her that hot boy Deuce M. Gorgon (son of Medusa) is her boyfriend but in reality he is Cleo's boyfriend. So Cleo throws a hissy, Frankie 'fixes' it by having Justin Biter (Justin Bieber only has the name in common, he looks nothing like him, more like a stereotypical 90's rocker) do a concert. The web shorts are the same too, basically what old men think girls worry about, no real morals and it doesn't seem it is a in-joke. I think they are actually being serious.

Ghoulia Yellps (above, left) is a smart zombie that did not appear in the commercial nor the music video, but did appear in the TV special and web series. At Comic Con 2010, new figure Hot Hyde and Ghoulia were revealed, they are part of the 2nd wave of the line. The first basic line includes Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, Cleo De Nile & Deuce Gorgon. I am surprised to say that the dolls are beautiful crafted and detailed. My favorite design is Lagoona Blue, who seemed to have an African-American voice in the commercial but an Australian accent in the special and web show.

Review on the Dolls

And the daughters of famous monsters going to a school is not a totally original idea as in 1988, Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School already cover daughters to famous monsters.

Saturday, October 30

The Black Cauldron on ABC Family

The film is based on Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain book series, which is in turn based on Welsh mythology. It debuted in 1985 and took many years to make, maybe 8 or 5. John Katzenberg came in when it was almost finished and he wanted to cut out a lot of the violence. The animators told him you can't edit an Animated film once it has already been animated. Anyway, Katzenberg made the hard work into a mess, the quality isn't 100%, it was a box office failure. This morning I wake at 8:30 to discover it was airing! It aired from 7am to 9am on ABC Family and it is not scheduled to air again any time soon. They most likely aired it for Halloween, it would have been nice to get a heads up.It was the most expensive animated feature made as of its release in 1985. It cost $25 million to produce, but grossed only $21 million at the North American box office. In September, it was released on DVD.

Thursday, October 28

Project Runway Season 8 Finale Review

Wow, a pee break. The discussion between the Judges was interesting. This was a 2-hour special and the reunion special was sandwhiched in between. I wish it was a bit longer so they could lay more into Ivy. And those promos with the Fairy Job Mother were horrible, those guys are no actors, well, except for Ivy. I loved what the judges had to say. I didn't like Andy's, I like Mondos, but I think it could have had more oomph, it wasn't as strong or polished as Seth Aaron's last year, and they were very much alike. Gretchen's looked much more better with styling, but it could have had more color and more diversity. Gretchen wouldn't stop crying through the 2 hours, it is true that women get called bitches when they are strong but she did say back-handed and two-faced things about the designer's designs. She said it wasn't personal but to their faces, she said the DESIGNS were good and then something else to the cameras. But I know women like her. ARGH, I can see her panties! Eww!

Salt and Sugar, which is your choice?

Tuesday, October 26

Rocky Horror Glee Show Review

Good show. It had many homages to the movie, with some nods to the stageshow. It moved the plot along. it also had a message of teenage men and body image, an important message. When I was 12, I first saw Rocky Horror Picture Show and I loved it, it was awesome. I caught it on Bravo back when they aired movies and I caught it in the part where Rocky was born and I loved the blonde white boy, it was so cool. When I went to High School, Halloween party there was a thing with the seniors doing a song from it and the class hunk, white and blonde dressed as Rocky, shirtless and all, me and my friends were like falling apart. That stayed imprinted in my memory.

Thursday, October 21

Project Runway: Andy vs. Michael

I knew it would be Andy vs. Michael. I feel for them all, they all did good, but all together, they really need to grow. I was like, that's all? All other seasons have been more polished, more together. I knew Michael would be out, because they showed a promo of next week and they showed Michael in the work room while they show everyone else at Fashion Week. It look so sad seeing Michael by himself, the episode really made you feel for Michael. I don't hate Michael, I think in reality Andy should have be kicked out. Michael really has a polished collection and Andy's headdresses are ugly and only the green last minute one I liked, I mean he did his collection in 2 weeks, he is a lot better in a hurry. Poor Michael, Gretchen and Andy were such bitches to him to begin with. I don't blame when he cried and hit the wall. I didn't like that Gretchen hugged him, she is so full of shit. But I do feel bad for her that she was practically homeless and moneyless. I didn't like her clothes, they were boring, the only one I liked was the green one. Apparently green works for Andy and Gretchen.

Thursday, October 14

Project Runway Season 8 Final Five Review

The final 5 were Gretchen, April, Andy, Michael C. and Mando. Tonight April was sent home. Gretchen was strung out and admitted she didn't like the challenges. She's nuts, she is debt and has done some gambling with her credit, she is also super bitchy---still criticizing the other's designs yet she can't take critiques right. April just didn't take risk, Tim Gunn told her to use color, yet she did not. When everyone was asked for asked 2 to pick to go to Fashion Week, no one picked Michael C. and everyone looked bitter when he was the first to be picked and win. Michael has talent and the others are jealous, it looks like laziness but he really puts thought into what he will do. I think next week it will for sure by Andy vs. Michael C. for the third spot because the finale will definitely be between Mando and Gretchen.

30 Rock Live Episode Review

I am in the East Coast, so I only saw the East Coast feed, When I heard 30 Rock was going to be live, I was excited. But I did not realize it would look at this. It is shot differently, like SNL and the regular show is filmed with film, not video, so it is hard to get used to. The sets are also different and there is no natural light. Also, there is applause and laughter, which it is hard to get used to. We even finally get to see sketches on TGS with Tracy Jordan, which was not bad. They were pretty good. The lines sound strange live, with applause. The show works because it has no laughter and it is shot on film. This episode was funny, I just close my eyes and ignore the laughter and imagine it like a regular episode of 30 Rock.

Tuesday, October 12

Glee Episode Review "Duets"

Great Episode, it seems Sam (Chord Overstreet) might not be for Kurt afterall, but for Quinn. Quinn needs an Emmy for her subtle performance of a woman scorned and all she has suffered. Tina indeed has changed a lot since last season, form shy wallflower, to a woman who knows what she wants. Rumor is that Kurt will be getting a gay mentor from a all-boys school but I hope it doesn't turn out like in Dawson's Creek where the gay guy fell for an older guy and he turned him down because he already had somebody. In two weeks, we get Rocky Horror and Sam is the shirtless hunk! Yay! Anyhoo, Mike Chan is quite charming. Also, it seems that Brittany may indeed have feelings for Artie. For you guys who haven't seen the episode, Brittany wants to duet with Artie, for revenge against Santana, who wants to duet with someone else. They have sex and Artie looses his virginity.

Monday, October 11

Beauty and the Beast Comparison between Original and Extended Edition

The "Human Again" sequence was added to Beauty and the Beast for the 2002 DVD (after the duet "Something There"). It has been re-released once again on DVD this week and I say thank god because the 2002 DVD was impossible to find and out of print. The new one comes with new extras... only available on Blu Ray unfortunately. I don't have Blu Ray so I can't see it but luckily it came with regular DVD, so I can see it, it has the three versions--regular, the extended version and the unfinished one that showed in New York (which is a fun watch). Anyway, I have never seen anyone compare the scenes after "Human Again" because in that new sequence, the gang cleans the house---so the Beast's room has been spruced up, but up until Belle leaves, so logic tells us the Beast messed up his room again because she left.

The "Human Again" sequence was added immediately before Beast takes his bath, as you can see, they fixed the torn sheets, fixed the mirror and cleaned up the floor.

And as you can see below, Lumiere's chair has been changed to some sort of footstool probably because the chair was at an angle and it would be too much to add a chair.

It seems Cogsworth's movements had been changed a bit, including one animation I loved and I have no idea to why they changed it.

Now here it is the part, it is to after Belle leaves...

Cogsworth asks Beast 'Why?' and he does it in a dramatic fashion. This animation has completely been redone and I have not seen anyone mention it online. It is not even mentioned in the Director's Commentary. As you can see, in the new one, he has barely any shadow and Beast's tail is barely in the shot. Cogsworth does a more subtle 'why' looking upwards. I loved the way he used to do it. I've been trying to make a video of it but having great difficulty in doing so.

Thursday, October 7

Project Runway Ivy Returns and Drama Ensues

Lots of drama has been in a workroom, but never this much. The old designers return and Ivy tells the people in the room that Michael C. cheated in one challenge, using tape to hold up the dress. Michael gets flustered and then he says 'fuck' to her. Ivy says he is the devil. Michael is offended. Ivy even mentions that he shouldn't be cursing because he's son will see it on TV. Ivy then proceeds to talk to Mando and Mando doesn't want to hear it. Ivy mentions karma and the producers decide to show video of her getting pocked in the eye after she says that in an interview. Hilarious. Tim Gunn says it is 'he say' 'she say', that it is a non case. Michael confessed that he was sad. Tim said to put it behind him. Ivy is bitter and she is a bitch. She should just get over it. Michael is hurt and I get it when you are in a room with people who resent you, but you got to get over it to and move on. It is a competition, it is not the Real World.

I am surprised so many people want Michael C out, especially the girls. And it was Mondo and Gretchen that had a tough discussion with Heidi. Heidi can be super strict and super German and it got real tense. I felt sorry for Mondo. Mondo and Gretchen could have handeled it better. Gretchen is so two-faced, she said Michael C should have gone and then she 'supports' him and tells him to move on. One of the judges mentions that the outfits look like they are worth $10 but that is Heidi's brand! That is the looks she showed the gang, they looked cheap, I mean, they are meant for middle-class mothers. I think Christopher got brought down by Ivy, Ivy kept reassuring him and giving him ideas, making his stuff look blah. Christopher has a cute boyfriend but his fashion is bland and not for fashion week, he did really get real far so kudos. Christopher never got a win before.

It is hard this year to tell who will be the final 3, every year it is kinda easy to tell. This time, it could be anyone. April is strong. Gretchen could had been an easy bet in the beginning, but now I am not sure. I know for sure Mondo will be one. Andy, I don't like his clothes or his peck face but some people like him. And Michael C., even though the judges love him, he might not make it. So it could be Gretchen-Mondo-Andy or it could be April-Gretchen-Mondo or Mondo-Michael-April or Gretchen-Michael-Mondo or Mondo-April-Andy.

Sunday, October 3

Legend of the Gaurdians Movie Review

Legend of the Guardians: The Owl of Ga'Hoole is a new movie from Warner Brothers, from the creators of Happy Feet, it is also a bird movie and based on books by the Gaurdians of Ga'Hoole. I wanted to see the movie because it looked beautiful and it indeed is beautiful, it is immaculate. It is directed by Zack Snyder, best known for 300 and Watchmen, and he does a decent job, sometimes the camera work gets a lot live-actiony than an animated tale and sometimes they do that freeze-frame Matrix thingy he did in 300 and Watchmen. It tells the story of Soren, a young owl and his brother, are kidnapped by bigger owls and are made slaves. Owlets are hypnotized, 'moon blinked' by the moon and are forced to collect metal fragments from other owls' regurgitated pellets. Soren's brother Kludd (True Blood's Ryan Kwanten) separates himself from him and ends up betraying him and committing some pretty unforgivable things. Soren goes on a journey to look for the Guardians and they help save the day against the 'pure ones' and Metal Beak.

This movie is not for young children, there are moments that are kinda scary for them. I love that they kept Australian and English actors for the voices, it gives it authenticity. But the strange names are hard to hear and grasp and the movie needs you to pay attention, which is hard to do with a lot of kids talking through it. Also, the pace is way too fast, I didn't read the books but you could tell they were squeezing a lot into it. I did research and in fact, it is 3 books squeezed into one. Helen Miren plays the villainess, wife to the main villain Metal Beak and she does a great job, there is even some tension between her and Kludd. The movie is deliciously dark, it reminds me of The Secret of Nhim, which was about mice, and had to deal with magic, societies and alchemy.

In fact, the main villain Metal Beak in the movie is actually Kludd in the books. Bascially the character of Kludd has been split into two characters for the movie. So they moved a lot of things and re-purposed things and got rid of some characters. But there are lovable characters and understandable stuff. But even without reading the book, I felt they could have trimmed some things. And it turns out they did. wow.

Rick Scott the Raptor

Rick Scott wants to be governor of Florida but he reminds me of the velociraptors of Jurassic Park. The reason I say they are from the movie because recent scientific research suggests they didn't really look like that.

Saturday, October 2

Vanessa Bayer as Miley Cyrus on SNL

Vanessa Bayer, a new featured castmember of "Saturday Night Live" made a pretty accurate version of Miley Cyrus tonight. Usual people that make fun of Miley Cyrus aren't really good, she did her research and did a real good job! She was really loud and that's what Miley does. And it is the same reaction to everything. And the expressions, oh my god, accurate.