Thursday, May 31

The "Trager" house is different in Kyle XY Exclusives

To get prepared for Season Two of 'Kyle XY,' ABC Family online has prepared 'exclusive' videos claiming to be the Trager's home movies but their house looks completely different--the outside and inside. And with season two, it starts out that Kyle is not with the Tragers so either this in the past and it is inconsistent or later on in the series, where the Tragers move away. I go with the former--that it is inconsistent. Maybe they couldn't book the usual house and got this one for a day or something. Kudos to them for trying, I guess.

Steve Burton Eye Candy

He is still on 'General Hospital' as Jason Morgan. He is now 36.

He supplies the voice for Cloud Strife to most of the 'Final Fantasy' English dubbings.

Before 'Out of This World,' he did 'Days of Our Lives' and 'Who's The Boss?'

He played in Captain Russell Keys in the Steven Spielberg/Sci-Fi Channel mini-series "Taken."

He has those penetrating blue eyes that hypnotizes you.

Remembering 'Out of this World'

Many of you may not remember this show, I do know the show did run in Central American cable but dunno if completely international. Anyhoo, it was called 'Out of This World' and it was a syndicated sitcom that ran weekdays. Depending on the local channel that aired it, it would air in the morning or afternoon. As for Miami's channel 39 (Now CW South Florida), it ran it on Sunday mornings and then weekday afternoons. It was one of my favorite shows I watched with my mom, another show I watched was with her was 'Quantum Leap.'

It was about Evie, who when she became a teenager found out the truth about her missing father--he's an alien and she inherited powers such as being able to stop time by putting her index fingers and clapping to return everything back to normal. She could also 'gleep', changing things like turning a pizza into her boyfriend Chris (Steve Burton, below).

Her mom was played by Donna Pescow, who is now best known for 'Even Stevens.' She is also best known for Saturday Night Fever. Evie's dad was voiced by Burt Reynolds. Maureen Flannigan, who later went on to do 'Star Trek: Deep Space 9' and '7th Heaven' as Matt's girlfriend.

On the left, Steve Burton looked like back then and then to the right what he looks like now. He's on "General Hospital."

I Spot: Mathew Botuchis

Now when I spot an actor in a commercial or something, I will categorize it as 'I Spot.'

Just noticed actor Mathew Botuchis on an Astrive Student Loan commercial. I guess you could consider him an 'unknown hottie' as well because no one knows his name but me. He played Dave in "Will & Grace" as Jack's assistant at the Gay TV station he worked at. Jack would call him 'Elizabeth.' He played Spike, a player in MTV's "Undressed" and he was Amanda Bynes' object of affection in a "Dawson's Creek" spoof 'Moody's Point' in "The Amanda Show."

This was in 1999, when he was like 16. He's now 23.

June 29th Update: I also spotted Mathew in a McDonalds Big Mac commercial.

Wednesday, May 30

Where does Sadie Hawkins Dance come from?

I always wondered where the name Sadie Hawkins came from 'Said Hawkins Dance' where girls asked guys out. Turns out it is from a comic strip, Al Capp's Li'l Abner. Sadie Hawkins Day was a day-long event in the comic strip named after Sadie Hawkins--the daughter of one of Dogpatch's earliest settlers, Hekzebiah Hawkins, "the homeliest gal in all them hills."

When she reached the age of 35, still single, her father in desperation called together the eligible bachelors of Dogpatch and declared that day to be Sadie Hawkins Day and she had to catch a husband from all the running ones. So because of that, the unmarried women of Dogpatch pursued the single men every year on that day. If a woman caught a man and dragged him back to the starting line by sundown, he had to marry her.

Abilene Christian University celebrates a Sadie Hawkins Week, rather than only one day. However, there is no associated dance, in light of the school's traditional policy prohibiting social dancing. The dances take place in High School especially in the Midwest and South during November, or in some places January or February.

Tuesday, May 29

Anorexia also extends to Male Celebrities

Starlets get a lot of criticism because of 'suddenly shrinking woman' act but I have noticed another trend...

David Gallagher ('7th Heaven' and The Picture of Dorian Gray) in 2005, approximately 20 years old. [Pictures thank to DG Resource]

Now him currently at 22.

That is pretty pencil thin.

He wasn't exactly chubby before but there is a difference.

Comedian Christian Finnegan.

One thing is loosing weight, the other is exaggeration that you don't even look alike to who you were.

With men, it is hard to tell with muscle, age, and etc. but British actor/singer Adam Rickett who is now 29 today (May 29) reported that he suffered from Anorexia according to this article from Anorexia Web.

Here are articles from Anred and Ezine Articles. I personally think that American media and society put too much on image and body type that it causes a psychological effect on us that is not the main reason but one of the reasons why most of our population is overweight. We want everything quick but then we get depressed with the constant bombardment of these images. It is damaging and that's why we see these effects, one both sides. I am not here to point fingers and judge but I am just concerned about these young men's self-esteem. That we are fooled into thinking that eating food is bad.

Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein was really overweight and underwent Gastric bypass surgery before he dated Nicole Richie.

Here is the 'before' picture that was sort of hard to find. He died in 2009 after a drug overdose.

Then of course, celebrities over thirty use botox and plastic surgery to look skinner and younger: (David Beckham, Kevin Costner)

Desperate Housewives Veterans in Hostel Sequel

In the sequel written and directed by Eli Roth Hostel: Part II stars Desperate Housewives veterans...

Roger Bart (the crazed George that terrorized Bree)

and Robert Burgi (Susan's ex-hubby Karl Mayer).

Just like the first movie Hostel, the second one is being advertised as 'Quentin Tarantino's Presents' and all he does is executive produce, it ain't his creation.

Men's Nipples Sexy?

Real World New Orleans' Danny brings to question 'Should Men show Nipples?' on his website In this day and age that men get equally objectified like women were, it seems we see more and more bigger nipples. Of course, big male nipples have always existed but it seems to be in style now.

[Model Cisoto Fotos refers to as "Todd Mitchell"]

Just like how overweight men don't appear in fashion, now we see more of this. I know about gay men but do women find men's nipples sexy? I think there is some lost potential there. If you don't know, some men get aroused when you touch their nipples. Well there is a big difference between Gynecomastia and hot pecs. I personally find pecs hot. And nipples under a shirt can be misleading, make you think they got large pecs but then turns out to be nothing to go crying to your momma about.

Daniel Mucerino's pecs

The notorious 'McNipples' Chris Lowell.

Now, is this taboo or is simply not attractive? Now, they can't just tell male models, shrink your nipples! What the hell is that? It's a nipple people, get used it. Back to if women find it attractive, Danny quote: Do women find male nipples sexy? "It's usually not where I'm looking," admits Robin Adams, one of the founders of Sweet Action, the "porn for girls" magazine that celebrates un-buff, average cute guys.

Monday, May 28

Kamen Rider Cutie #2

Matt Smith was last mentioned as part of the American version of the Tokusatsu series Kamen Rider coming in the near future. They are adapting the most popular series of recent times Kamen Rider Ryuki (2002) into 'Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.' (Somewhat rough translation, though they are keeping the word 'Kamen' instead of 'Mask'.) It is scheduled to premiere February 27, 2008, probably on the Cartoon Network (not confirmed!) and 13 episodes are so far being produced---there were 51 episodes from the source.

Adness Entertainment Webpage

Here is Matthew Mullins who will be Kamen Rider Wing Knight. Fans have pointed out how he has comically pronounced 'Kamen' as 'Common.'

The Japanese character was simply referred to as Kamen Rider Knight.

I believe Ryuki was so popular because the great writing. Both series are centered around one Rider who tried to make peace among a dozen or so Riders meanwhile fight monsters from a mirror world.

He is a five-time World Champion Martial Artist and Second Degree Black Belt. Matt has done stunt work, one as Ted Bundy's stunt double in the 2002 movie and also No Rules. As for martial arts, he also does Tae Kwon Do, Wu-Shu, and Kickboxing.

He will be 27 years old in November and has done some stagework. His acting credits include Adventures of Johnny Tao: Rock Around the Dragon, Bloodfist 2050, Wentworth, Kung Fu Love Triangle, Freshmyn, Light in the Forest, Light it Up and a voiceover for the video game Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

This is his Japanese counterpart Satoshi Matsuda, who is now a singer.

More Official Pictures at Henshin Justice

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I'm sorry but.... Ultimate Fighting is Gay

Okay, here is the deal. (My best friend likes it when I say that.) I know Ultimate Fighting has been around 15 years or whatever but I have noticed it has been getting pretty popular these days. Wrestling has lost its gleam so now people like ultimate fighting, there is even pay-per-view shows now. I think the draw is that anything goes. When men get close together in sweaty situations, like that Old Spice commercial I covered---people instantly says gay but I am surprised no one has said a thing about this. There is a fine line. I mean, if they weren't wearing those tiny little shorts... I am not surprised if their little friends come up for air, but if it did happen--then people might have instantly jumped off, I guess. And most of the fighters are wide and skinny twink-like dudes. So come on you straight Ultimate Fighting fans, you got to admit this is a bit gay. Don't get me wrong, I am gald it is popular and all, but come on!

I did some research and I guess I'm not the only one:
Cityrag: Fighting is so Gay

Unknown Hotties for the last half of May

This time I have 1 singer, 1 tennis player, 1 cook and 3 young actors...

Jose Galisteo
This singer was born Viladecans, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and is 30 years old.

He was in the reality show of "OperaciĆ³n triunfo."

Hot little number, eh?

Erik Eidem
He has been on "Veronica Mars" and "Cold Case" and the movie Tunnel Rats.

He was in the 2005 TV movie Ordinary Miracles.

Jesse Head
Actor, did voice work for the new CGI Penguin movie Surf's Up. He was in "Summerland," and the Olsen Sister's ABC Family fractured sitcom "So Little Time."

Recently he was on "My Name is Earl" and "Grey's Anatomy."

Mark Philippoussis
He is an Australian tennis player that has been playing since 1994.

He will in the new humiliating reality show "Age of Love."

His first language is Greek even though his mother is Italian.

Curtis Stone
TV Cook Personality, he is 31 years old and from Australia.

His current U.S. show "Take Home Chef" airs on TLC.

He has recently appeared on Martha Stewart's show, NBC's 'Martha,' preparing two of his signature dishes.

Josh Dean
27 year old Canadian actor was in the short-lived FOX (surprise, surprise) sitcom "Free Ride."

He did his own stunts as Cole Peters in the movie Purple Gas.

He will be in the upcoming movie National Lampoon's Bag Boy and Young People Fucking.