Monday, August 20

Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 11 Review

"Hands on a Hybrid"
August 20, 2007

Kyle decides to get closer to Jessi, given that he found a picture of Adam Baylin and what could be Jessi's genetic donor. His mom Nicole is also in detective mode, because the drawing Jessi did, with the symbol that is similar to Kyle's symbol from his drawings. Kyle just tells her it is a symbol from the company Adam owned and no longer exists.. which is partially true. A charity event to earn money to Cancer Research, 'randomly' chosen people put their hands on a car to see who lasts and wins the car. Josh decides to cheat to get his hand on the car to win it for Andy. But once Andy finds out, things get bad. Meanwhile, Balantine and the hot but sneaky Brian Taylor decide to try out the new machine Emily and father Trager have been working on poor Tom Foss that was left behind in the last episode. Also, Lorri does some snooping and finds out who her attacker was.

Review: Yet another great episode!!! I am sad that after these two upcoming episodes, we have to wait until next year for the next 10 episodes. They are calling the Sep. 2 episode a Season Finale but in truth it is not. There is 10 episodes more to go after that. Most cable shows say that, they split the season in half and the mid-way episode is called a 'finale.' Anyhoo, at least we got 3 more episodes than we did last year. I loved the exchanges between Hilary and Andy. Also, the stuff between Emily and Tom Foss, poor Tom. I can so figure that Balantine is planning to not only extract the information from Kyle but to erase his memories and make him a soldier.

I also love that once Kyle and Jessi use their powers the most, it creates electricity and power surges. These are brilliantly thought through. It works as a metaphor on how many teens feel lost and want to get to information quickly and it comes with costs. Just like how Kyle wanted to listen in deeper to far away conversations but unfortunately it caused him to have a seizure. So as Jessi tried to push her powers, it caused a big reaction. Kyle sure has a dilemma now and so does the other characters. April Matson really puts so much emotion into it. It's awesome. I wanna cry.

Critique mode: Finally someone said something about Andy's hat. What is up with Josh's shirt (the shades)? I so like Andy's shirt at the end better. And since when touching bellybuttons is sexual?

Best line: "I wonder what it might have cost me."