Monday, September 24

Actorexia: Update to Manorexia

Four months ago, I wrote a post about manorexia, men being effected by Anorexia. Now Entertainment Weekly had an interesting article about 'Actorexia,' when male actors had to loose weight for a role.

Matt Damon most notably lost weight for "Courage Under Fire" in 1996. He lost 40 pounds and he admitted that 'it was too much.. I was a wreck."

Entertainment Weekly says that Quaid stripped down to 138 pounds to play consumptive Old West gunman Doc Holiday in Wyatt Earp in 1994. Last year, he confessed to suffering from 'manorexia' and over-exercising in the mid-'90s. I personally didn't notice.

Tom Hanks lost weight two times, 30 pounds for Philadelphia and 55 pounds for Cast Away. The director halted production so Hanks could whittle his frame.

Christian Bale most famously became a skeleton for not only 1 but 2 roles: The Machinist and Rescue Dawn.

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