Saturday, January 10

Dike joke in SNL

The opening sketch featured Jason Sudeikis as Rod Blagojevich being interview by Abbie Elliott (Daughter of Chris Elliott!) as Rachel Maddow and now that Jason is playing more jackasses, he says, "I feel like a dutch boy with his finger in a dike." And he made two nods towards Rachel and saying that she would know he was talking about. Crude but funny.

Friday, January 9

Titanic vs. Revolunitary Road

Kate Winselt and Leonardo DiCaprio were romantic leads in Titanic (1997) and now reunited 11 years later in Revolutionary Road (2008). In Titanic, they played strangers who met each other in the course of let's say a weekend and fell in love and one died and supposedly, it was the woman's love of her life. While in Revolutionary Road, they play a married couple who stay together for many many years and the relationship doesn't last and ends from what I hear horribly. I understand Revolutionary Road is based on a novel, but I am talking about the movie and the fact that these two actors are playing a romantic couple once again. These two actors Kate Winselt and Leonardo DiCaprio never worked before Titanic together and never have since again until Revolutionary Road.

It is sending a message, probably subliminal and of course--I know--not a clear obvious message or there would be more buya (noise) about it; that in one movie two strangers that barely know each other have the love 'of a lifetime' and in the other movie, they are married for years and it ends badly, falling out of love. Funny enough, in both stories, one half of the pair dies. The message is one of my complaints about Romeo and Juilet! So, a one-night stand can be the best while a long-lasting relationship is bad. Now what sort of message is that sending to the mass public? Not only movie-going audiences but people who just hear about it, which is the majority of the case. Which may not be intentional but it is something worth looking at in the sense of how our society portrays love and how love is interpreted in cinema.

Wednesday, January 7


Tron (1982) is one of my favorite movies, I was born when it came out but I always saw it on reruns on syndicated channels on saturdays. I was thrilled when it would come on, I was probably six when I could remember it. There was always a rumored that there would be a sequel, some fans don't believe there should be a sequel, that the new technically would outshadow the original or the story would fall flat. I suspected Disney would make a remake, I would accept a remake in a few years. About story---critics say the story fall flat. Anyhoo, Disney surprised fans in July at ComicCon with a sneakpeak trailer to Tron 2. The animation is amazing! From that little clip, I feel the animation is not too over-the-top but enough of a homage to the original that it works. Let's hope the rest of the movie is the same.

Sunday, January 4

Little Miss Sunshine Cuts

I love Little Miss Sunshine, and yesterday they had the world permiere on the USA network and they are repeating it. When I first heard of the movie, I thought it would be a boring maudlin indie or even worse, a 'zany' family going nowhere but it is an instant classic. It does have a lot of cursing and I am glad it was tastefully blanked, not replaced with ridiciolous words. When movies go on cable, they trim for time, this movie got lots of cuts. For example, when Frank finds his ex in the gas station was completely cut. Probably because it didn't have a lot to do with the central plot and also because of the porn magazines. But! The Porn magazines are shown later but blurred. Funny enough, the grandfather snorting drugs is still left in! With no PATERNAL WARNING before neither! So you parents who think this movie is family safe, the movie was originally rated R. Also cut, for those interested, is when the family enters the motel and little things lke that. I have seen the movie now 5 times and until the fifth time I realized Dwayne wasn't the father's kid.

Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot Colors

For those who don't follow Care Bears, they recently re-designed them (once again) in 2007 and with a new TV series called Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot. I love the Care Bears and always been fascinated by the colors. I am not so crazy about the new bears they have added because it is like redundancy. There is Friend Bear, Best Friend Bear and Amigo Bear! Anyhoo, I have noticed with new bears, they can't decide on the color!

Best Friend Bear looks Magenta on her beanie toy tag but on the show she is like an Orchid-color.

Amigo Bear is like a dark orange on his tag and toy but on the show, he is more like a light peach/orange. I know the tag is a bit dark because of the photo but I've seen it, his fur is darker in tone.

Now Bears we have grown to love:

True Heart Bear, not an original bear but was part of the 80's brood, she was their mentor, but in this she is a regular bear. She was an egg color and now she is light pink, though on the show she much lighter.

Love-A-Lot Bear is the biggest variant of color from the merchandise to show. She has always been a darker pink than Cheer Bear or a light red--however you look at it, since Pink is considered a light red. But on the toy tag, she certainly is lighter than on the show. She is considered a red/pink.

Bedtime Bear as I remember him as a baby blue color and is so on the toy and tag but I dunno if it is the caption above but it looks like he is an aqua.

Wish Bear has remained the same color (bright Torqouise-ish green) since the 80's but I am not sure if it is the pictures above because I have not seen her tag in person but she look more green-ish than aqua on the tag.

I love different shades of pink and purple! This is not fair to color blind people, but just take my word for it.

Above from left to right: Harmony Bear, Best Friend Bear, Harmony Bear, and Surprise Bear.
Okay, Harmony is Lavender, Best Friend is orchid (light magenta-violet?), Harmony is purple (or violet?), and Surprise Bear is a deep dark purple. Or I can just be wrong for the name of the colors but I love the shades!

If anything, they kept the colors they established with the re-vamp in the 2000's, Champ Bear was orange-y back in the 80's, now he is blue. But I don't even know how to describe his color. A turquoise-y deep blue? A dark sea blue? He is a different shade than Bedtime, Grumpy and Tugs Bear.