Friday, January 29

Dollhouse Epitaph Two Episode Review

No Spoilers
A brilliant and entertaining series finale, it is explosive and passionate, very emotional. There are some sore spots and some parts that anger. Those that didn't see "Epitaph One," which is only available in Season One DVD. The recap was very short and made no sense. Poor Ballard gets stepped on for the whole episode. Zone and Mag from the DVD episode are cool and true to how they were in that episode, but if you didn't see it, you would confused to who they are and their story. There are some surprises when it comes to Pyria and Tony. Maurissa Tancharoen, who co-wrote the episode with her husband Nate Whedon, gets a part as one of the freedom fighters. Nate Dushku, Eliza's brother, gets a cameo early in the episode as a bad guy. Former model Christian Monzon also plays Romeo, another freedom fighter.

Dollhouse Series Finale Tonight

Don't forget! The Series Finale of Dollhouse airs tonight at 8pm on FOX! It is a continuation of the special DVD episode "Epitaph One." Yes, the show has been canceled but at least FOX has aired all the episodes, well except for Epitaph One of course.

Tuesday, January 26

Is Varlie Bertinelli old enough to be Sara Rue's mother?

In a Jenny Craig commercial, actress Varlie Bertinelli ("One Day at a time") is forced to say she is old enough to be actress Sara Rue's ("Less than Perfect") mother. Varlie was born in 1960 and Sara was born in 1979, they are 18 years and 8 months apart. So yeah, I guess Varlie could have given birth to Sara at age 18. Her son Wolfgang is 19 years old.

Saturday, January 23

Vader or Yoda?

In the audio commentary of Gamer (starring Gerard Butler) with directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, they mentioned if Gerard Butler was circumcised or not. How they said it was rather interesting. They said either Yoda or Vader and that Gerard Butler has 'Yoda.' Interesting. I had to think about it at first to figure if Yoda meant uncircumcised or if Vader meant circumcised.

Wednesday, January 20

Russell Brand in Drop Dead Fred Remake

Drop Dead Fred was a 1991 film that delighted and perplexed me as a child. I liked the premise but the film gave me a chill of emptiness. The film is about Lizzie, who has been psychologically abused by her overbearing mother and has lost her job and husband and returned to live with her mother. She unleashes her childhood imaginary friend who remains in childish humor (farting, vomiting and womanizing) and she gets blamed for his antics. She plans to reclaim her husband but ultimately has to stand on her two feet. The movie itself is surreal, sometimes great, sometimes just stale, with level one humor.

Russell Brand is an interesting choice. They say the movie will be darker, it was dark enough the first time around, being announced as a kids film, I think it was PG-13 at best. There is promise the remake will be like Beetlejuice but with one of the writers of "Land of the Lost," is to pen the remake, doesn't give much promise. We'll see. It would be interesting if it will be good and a hit. I hope this one isn't as depressing as the first film is (to an adult). I did like when Fred got serious though.

Universal Remaking Film
BBC News

Monday, January 18

Alert Buffy fans! If You haven't read the comics, don't look online!

There is a big Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer spoiler is coming issues of the comic books so if you haven't read the Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 8 comics, read them! And don't search anything online! Definitely DON'T READ WIKIPEDIA! Because that's what I did and that's how I was spoiled. The #24 issue cover was released earlier this week and fans have been spoiled to the identity of Twilight, the Big Bad villain of Season 8.

Friday, January 15

Hoodwinked Too! Being Hoodwinked by Burger King

Hoodwinked! was a 2005 computer-animated family comedy that was produced by... not Disney, not Dreamworks, not by 20th Century Fox, or even Paramount, but Blue Yonder Films with Kanbar Entertainment--. It was released by The Weinstein Company in selected markets. The sequel Hoodwinked Too!: Hood Vs. Evil was set to be released January 2010, but for some reason, will no longer. The Weinstein Company promised Burger King a January release date. Burger King went through with the promotion even though the film was no longer being released in January 2010. Burger King toys for the film are now available (January 2010) even though the film has no release date, not even a trailer or poster to let audiences know that a Hoodwinked sequel was coming. No matter what the reason it is clear the Burger King promotion will not benefit the theatrical release because the toy promotion will be long over prior to the film is released. Because of previous Weinstein Company films due to their financial problems, the sequel might go direct-to-DVD. The movie stars Red Puckett (Hayden Panettiere), W. Wolf (Patrick Warburton), Granny (Glenn Close), Hansel and Gretel (Bill Hader and Amy Poehler) and Mr. Alligator (Bill Murray).

American Hoodwinked Burger King site

United Kingdom Burger King Site

Conan's show up in the air!

Jay Leno is on track to retake the helm of "The Tonight Show" - and Conan O'Brien could be gone by next week, according to two new reports. The moves would solve NBC's late-night woes, restoring Leno to 11:35 p.m. in his old hour-long slot. O'Brien's staunch opposition to a plan to move him as "Tonight Show" host to 12:05 a.m. has made Leno's return all but inevitable, insiders said.

Conan and Ritcher spoke of what he can do afterwards:
He will now take any job it can offer: “You want me on one of those celebrity rehab shows? You name the drug, and I will get hooked on it tomorrow.” Conan, meanwhile, took the liberty of thinking up titles for the porno he’s been asked to star in based on his battle with NBC. A few of my favorites: Two Hosts, One Slot; Changing Time Sluts; and NBC Lawyer Gang Bang: The Backend Deals.

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Tuesday, January 12

Sarah Palin joins Fox News

Sarah Palin joins Fox News. Hilarious. Fox News has definitely made it clear where they stand and they have for years but it is sad how linear and blatant liars they are (fair and balance ring a bell?). They are so full of it.

She will also participate in special event political programming for Fox Broadcasting. "I am thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at Fox News. It's wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news," Palin said in a written release.

Time Magazine
FOX News

Monday, January 11

12 Corazones: Rumbo al Altar

Telemundo has had the dating game show 12 Corazones (12 Hearts) since 2005, it started on daytime and then transferred to prime time, two years ago at 7pm. The show is hosted by Mexican Penelope Menchaca and features advice from co-host Edward'O, a flamboyant Nicaraguan astroanalyst. The show is based on an Argentinian show with the same name. The show consists of twelve contestants divided in two groups (usually four males and eight females, but sometimes vice versa). Each of the contestants is identified and referred to by his/her Zodiac sign. 12 Corazones: Rumbo al Altar is a one-hour new spin-off hosted by Penelope Menchaca, the show features 12 engaged partners (6 couples) competing for weekly prizes to jump-start their lives together and a chance to win the grand prize of a dream wedding. It is very emotional and way more serious.

Telemundo ha tenido el programa de citas amorosas 12 Corazones (12 Corazones) desde 2005, se inició en el día y fue transferido a las 7pm hace dos años. El show es conducido por la Mexicana Penélope Menchaca y presenta consejos de Edward'O, un astroanalista nicaragüense extravagante. El espectáculo se basa en un programa Argentino con el mismo nombre. El programa se compone de doce concursantes divididos en dos grupos (generalmente cuatro hombres y ocho mujeres, pero a veces viceversa). Cada uno de los concursantes se identifica y se refiere por su signo del Zodiaco. 12 Corazones: Rumbo al Altar es una nueva hora organizada por Penélope Menchaca, el programa cuenta con 12 asociados que participan (6 parejas) que compiten por premios semanales para poner en marcha sus vidas juntos y la oportunidad de ganar el gran premio de una boda de sus sueños. Es muy emocional y es más seria.

12 Corazones: Rumbo al Altar

‘Balloon boy’ dad begins serving jail sentence

The Colorado man who admitted orchestrating the balloon boy hoax reported to jail Monday to begin a 90-day jail sentence.


Saturday, January 9

Snow in Florida after 33 years!

It snowed in Miami, Florida in 1977, just a little bit. 33 years later, there is ice flurries in Ocala and Orlando, Florida and some other parts of South Florida. It is that coooolllldddd here!

Prime Winter

Another death related to Club Space

Paula Sladewski, a model from Michigan, was found last Sunday night dumped into a dumpster and set on fire in the 1400 block of Northeast 130th Street in Miami, Florida. her live-in boyfriend Kevin Klym told North Miami Police the last time he saw Sladewski was at a Downtown Miami night club called Space (Club Space), at around 7 a.m. when he got kicked out after having an argument with Sladewski. Klym is a person of interest, not a suspect. But they did find video of Sladewski leaving with a tall man suspect.

Jaclyn Elisse Torrealba, an 18-year-old FIU student was found dead in the car of Juan Carlos Portieles, DJ Seasunz, who worked at Club Space. This happen in October. Seasunz walked into a police station Sunday night, led the police to a body in his car and turned himself in to authorities for the murder. According to reports, Seasunz and Jaclyn’s argument turned violent when he began ”to beat and bite [Torrealba] repeatedly and she fought back.” Seasunz then choked her ”until she stopped moving.” Now I got to get personal, I actually new him. He was my boss, sort of. I was a DJ at FIUs Radio station WRGP and he work there as a program director. I remember him having a problem with my name, saying it wrong, he chalked it up to my name being uncommon, he said his name was uncommon too.

I said I knew many people named Juan Carlos. He was kinda weird, he acted too cool for school and was prone to getting angry. He had a goatee, facial hair and big hair. He did help me sometimes though. I remember he had a job at a roller-skating place called Thunder Wheels (now closed) as a dj. My nieces birthday was there once and I saw him. I cant believe I know someone that would do this. My friends that work at the radio station now told me the killer worked there and I couldn't believe it, but I didn't catch his name. Anyhoo, the point of this post was to say about two murders related to Club Space. I went there and didnt like it, it was too crowded. My nephew used to go there.

WSVN-TV Family speaks about daughter's burning death
CBS News

Jay Leno & Conan O'Brien Switch Places

I am sure everyone has already heard that because of Jay Leno's low ratings, he and Conan are switching time slots either during or after the Winter Olympics. Last week Conan called NBC the 'Never Believe Your Contract!'‎ With the new switching, this has created a mini-feud between Conan fans and Leno fans. Leno fans are happy about Leno being at 11:30pm again, but Conan fans are not happy. And rumors say that if Leno does well on that spot, it might be permanent. But his show might still remain being called The Jay Leno Show. Or it could occur that Leno takes over the Tonight Show once again. Conan has not commented yet. I am personally siding with Conan, I dont think it should be a war but I dont think Conan should loose his spot. He deserves it. I think Leno should stay with his spot, it might work out. You guys already know how I feel about Leno, hes homophobic & insensitive (he has hurt Kathy Griffin already)---critics berate him for being nice to everyone, but that is only to popular celebrities or those he likes or needs to kiss up to. Anyhoo, I think hes time is done, he should just retire and play with his cars.