Friday, September 28

Grey's Anatomy Season Four Episode One Review

A lot has changed by season four. The whole dynamic in the hospital has flipped. Dr. Torres is now chief resident, while our favorite interns are residents, except for George, who going through the motions. The residents have their own little interns. Meredith hasn't talked to Derek since the non-wedding, to make matters worse is Lexie, Meredith's half-sister is 'the girl from the bar' and now an intern. She is basically Neo-Meredith, worry-wart and making pretty much the same strides as her sister. On top of that, she is friends with George. She freaks out when she meets Meredith, which Meredith also does. Izzie, is all foot in the mouth as usual, all worried about George and her interns don't respect her and tries to find a case. Miranda is upset about Callie being chosen and one still misses her and respects her. Derek tries to find a friend with the absence of his core people. Christina deals with an issue of loss. The five are pretty tight after all these years. More than ever, the characters have patients mirror how they feel. This time it resonates more than there is time to analyze. For example, George staring at babies, one he delivered, after Callie saying she might be pregnant.

Where I thought I would given up on the show, I felt detached from the show, now I think it can pull me back in. The premiere has a good pace and more interesting than the first episode of "Private Practice."