Monday, July 23

Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 7 Review

"Free To Be You and Me"
July 23, 2007

Just when I thought Kyle XY wouldn't deal with gay issues, even though there is no gay character, they did and it was a welcomed surprise. The whole cliche first date at a dance and 'I don't know to dance' was turned on its head literally. Amanda invites Kyle to a dance. Lori wants to go alone with Hilary, getting single tickets cost more than a couple and the school was not accepting same sex couples. Lori and Hilary aren't gay but they still wanted to fight for rights, especially when Andy pulled together a protest which of course the Trager kids had to be involved. What is awesome is that Andy (who might have a thing with Josh) has two mothers. The principal was not for it, even though Nicole fights for them, Lori, Kyle, and Amanda are not allowed to go to the dance. They then pull together an 'Alterna-Dance.' What I love is that Lori organizes everything. I am glad they focused on equal rights.

Even though there is no gay main character, it is good to show that even this effects straight people and heterosexual people can make a difference. Kyle, who is ignorant to everything, wanted to understand why people had problems with same-sex couples. I am glad Kyle always shows the rational side, showing people how silly they are. What wouldn't a gay-themed episode be without Lori and Hilary kissing? Of course, it wasn't a total "Cruel Intentions" kiss. I liked it when Andy confronted Josh about his homophobia.. sort of. She asks if he has a problem, then ask if he was gay and said no and she said it would make him cooler. In the Swing Dance, I don't think I saw many gay couples.. well except for the two guys Andy was dancing with. And if there is gay people, you know there will be good dancers. And that is not a stereotype, it is a fact. I am glad they touched on the subject.

"Aww" to Josh turning around on the whole gay subject and then getting a cheek kiss. Also great that Declan stood up to Charlie. I fell sorry about Charlie--he is always targeted as the bad guy. Declan told Lori how he and Kyle fell apart as friends and that they didn't trust each other enough. "Romance and Interruption," Lori responses. "You and your words," Declan says. After Declan stood up to Kyle, Kyle ran to Declan to tell him the whole truth. Declan told Kyle about Foss' threat and then Lori got assaulted (she and we didn't see who it was). Wow great episode.

I didn't expect to do so many reviews on Kyle XY episodes but I guess I will be doing each week. Depends if the episode is worth mentioning.