Friday, September 7

It's Elementary My Dear

Now they are talks of making Elemiddle schools, getting rid of Middle Schools and add grades six to eight to Elementary School. As a product of American public schools, I resent critics putting down former public school students. The term 'Elemiddle' is silly, if there is only Elementary and High School, there would be no middle. It makes no sense. The reason the system is doing this is because the system believes students will be less likely to drop out of school. What is being done is that the students that would be in middle school are left in one class with one teacher like Elementary students instead of separate classes. Some kids like it because they stay with the same teachers and school mates, while others don't like it because quote, "I think it's horrible because we have to stay with the little kids."

I personally, think it would be better to transfer middle school students to high school. I always felt the different teacher schedule of middle schools prepared students for the scheduling in High School. I believe that if a student is stuck with just one teacher until they are 14, they will never get used to the scheduling of High School. And I can't imagine being in the same school for 9 years. Well, we see how it goes.

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