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Evolve your Creation Cake and eat too

Well, here is my spin on all this evolution debate...
Evolution is a heated topic. People who believe in creationism or basically that God created everything, believe that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution takes God out of the equation. While, evolutionists aren't exactly atheists but just see the scientific side of things. I don't know how Charles Darwin gets pinned on this, since evolutionism has been known to be theorized as early as pre-Socratic philosopher Anaximander and Empedocles. Some critics, one linked below, has point out that both creationists and evolutionists over-simplified things too much. But I think even as complicated as it can be, it can be simplified, only to reveal the complexities.

My personal belief and theory (belief, looked up in the dictionary mentions god and theory, mentions Darwin) is that god created science, everything around us and including us. But we did evolve. From monkeys, I don't know but, evolution is very apparent when you see butterflies. Caterpillars evolve into Butterflies. How hard is it for religious types to believe that god created evolution? And I think it is just not because it is in the bible. Most likely because it doesn't go along with their religion. As for politics and religion, I think they should stay apart. Also science and religion. Because they are different things and people have different beliefs. Our government, primarily, is supposed to let people believe what they want and do what they want. But of course, people don't agree and it creates chaos.

I was talking to a religious fellow a few years ago, he wanted to be a archaeologist but he didn't believe in cavemen. So, I went to him "How can you be an archaeologist and not believe in Neanderthals?" He told me about religious archaeologist, like those who found the Dead Sea Scrolls and such. I found that interesting but consider it a niche. I told him he was narrowing the field, which is not great to do with your life. Narrowing your view.

My Apple Dictionary's definitions:
Belief: an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists : his belief in God | a belief that solitude nourishes creativity.
Theory: a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, esp. one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained : Darwin's theory of evolution.

Some articles on the subject:

Wednesday, August 29

Mark Ronson - 'Stop Me' Critique

This is Mark Ronson featuring Daniel Merriweather with "Stop Me." The video is beautifully shot but I think that the animated turquoise tears kills it a bit. The song is great without knowing the lyrics. The video is as said, beautifully shot, it could have been fine without the animation.

Tuesday, August 28

It's All Coming Back to Me: Eureeka's Castle outro

This brings me back, the Nick Jr. answer to Sesame Street was pretty good. Eureeka wasn't the most interesting character, there was plenty: Magellan, Batly, the cute little mouse and those two pink and orange monsters--Bog and Quagmire.

Monday, August 27

Those Adorable Slowskys

Some of their commercials

The puppets are great. Let's forget all that 'it's just a TV commercial' and how real do we want things. But they do feel 'real' to me. I forget they are puppets. I start thinking if they are even puppets but I am sure they are controlled by radio wave puppet mitts.

Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 12 Review

Spoilers AboundAugust 27, 2007

I believe this show has gotten so textured and layered, that it is important to dissect it. Lori wants vengeance on Jessi, Josh is on her side and both Kyle and Nicole are worried about Jessi. Tensions are high in the Trager house to say the least. Lori and Josh are upset at Kyle defending Jessi. While initially Balantine's plan to break Kyle's family apart felt one-sided and unrealistic, it has grown true. Nicole locks the kids in the house because Jessi is out there and is a threat. Predictably, their friends that were going to go to, come to them but this time, Amanda makes a surprise visit. She asks Kyle for help to what she should do.. stay or go to the music school.

While most TV and film writers feel the protagonist knowing too much leaves them in plot holes, these writers are not afraid to go there. Kyle knows Manticore sent Jessi, he still doesn't know why or what the propose is. Emily makes a surprise move by calling Kyle. She tells him her family is in danger and so is his and to be careful and hangs up on him. Kyle gets 'episodes,' feeling the pain. He goes into a sleeping state and talks to Adam in inner monologue. Kyle feels responsible for all the pain everyone is feeling--I admit to feeling like that. Is it selfish? Or is it being selfless? He wants the best for his family. Kyle does the usual 'hero' thing, go into the trap, knowing it is a trap but not wanting to believe it. Kyle asks a question I have been wondering: Nature and nurture, why did Kyle get a loving family while Jessi didn't. Kyle's mind maybe more complex than he could have foreseen, even for him.

As for everyone else:
Hilary calls Kyle 'Dr. Phil' and mentions Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) from "Heroes." She says 'for the love of Peter Petrelli.' About the scene between Stephen and Lori, it is heartbreaking and so truthful, I have been there before and not necessarily with a parent, but it was a authority figure. Nicole and Stephen finally fight and bicker, I say finally because they haven't with all the pending issues. Josh has matured very quickly, also in his relationship with Andy. Andy admits to 'withdrawing.' Josh is upset at Andy keeping secrets. Josh, feeling uneasy with Andy's ultimatum and night of making out is no resolution... leads to sex talk. Well, I call it that because I can't find the word for it. "You're ruining it." Josh is very truthful and it is freaking touching in its bluntness. Stephen continues to wonder what is going on at work and gets deeper. The harsh line: "Find someone else to feel you up."As for trusty Tom Foss, he's alive... for now.

Where's Jessi?
Good question, she doesn't come into until the third act. Everyone talks plenty about her throughout the episode but it is a poignant scene where she returns to the scene of her only murder and remembers exactly what happened. Jessi is basically traumatized and can't believe what she did.

Hilary finally brings up the issue that Kyclan (Kyle + Declan) has interfered with Lori and Declan in a funny scene.

The ending is a dozy and well worth it! A must watch!

Nick Bollea in Car Accident

Hulk Hogan's son, Nick Bollea who we have grown accustomed to from "Hogan Knows Best," crashed his yellow Toyota Supra into a palm tree. Even though they live here in Miami, Nick was flown to a hospital in St. Petersberg. His friend who was in the passenger's seat has also been in the hospital.

Unknown Hotties of the Week 8/26/07

Colin Kane
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Mark Bedell
Stunt Actor/Coordinator and writer
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Robot Chicken Review 'Rabbits on a Rollercoster'

August 26, 2007
'Rabbits on a Rollercoster'

I don't remember any Rabbits on a rollercoaster but tonight was a real great episode of "Robot Chicken." They made fun of how Battlestar Galactica use similar words (that sound dumb) for curse words. It is described on the synopsis as 'The crew of Battlestar Galactica defeats the FCC threat.' Also there was a priceless sequence of one of my favorite shows, Turbo Teen. You get exactly what you expect with Robot Chicken's take on a teenager who transforms into a car and everything bad that can happen to a car happens. As well, another cover on M.A.S.K.

But the cake goes to The Worst Halloween, in which a boy named Randy is given Robot Chicken's version of the MMPR Pink Ranger costume. Of course, as a PR purist, I got to say something. The helmet was good but instead of diamonds on her outfit, there are two 'boob' circles. Other than that, a good sketch.

Seth Green or someone at Robot Chicken has to be a BIG Rainbow Brite fan because they did their research! It was priceless! They did a SECOND Rainbow Brite sketch. I love Robot Chicken now. In this sketch, a little girl in a corn field is spoken to by the 'sphere of light' to 'find the seven color kids,' which is basically the plot of Rainbow Brite's origin. That this big ball of light brought Wisp (Rainbow's original name) to a dark land to find the Sphere of Light and find the seven color kids. She later did and the Sphere of Light was another giant ball of light. So in this sketch, what appears to this little girl in the corn field is the ball of light. She accepts the 'mission' and later, her parents find that she is dead, she bascially 'followed the light.' Awesome!

4400 Season 4 Near-End Review

There is two more episodes to go and the finale of the USA Network Sci-Fi series is on September 16. When it used to be called 'X-Men'-lite, it has now kicked up into extreme mode. This season has been quick moving and more jumbled than the entire series of "Lost." It is a bit more clear cut but there has been lots of changing. Let me tell you, I am enjoying this season. It has drawn from its mythology and built up. Giving a name to the people that wanted 4400 dead and who sent Isabelle, what Matthew Ross was--one of the Marked. Now, Tom that has been turned into a 'marked' and working both sides. But there is many sides. Kyle has also become a major player, becoming Jordan Collier's second-in-command. Also, Isabelle who has been trying to find her place in world, now is being forced to go back to her 'destiny.'

Now that the Promicin was rampant, many 'normal' people want to take it to gain abilities. Lots of stable characters now have abilities and more and more abilities have turned in. From simple to mimicking voices, to strange as making movies about revealed conspiracies and ridiculous to being a 'therapist' and creating a rock in its place--supposedly, the stress that was held up. So yeah, the show has gotten confusing in the respect of trying to track down who is who and who is in cahoots with who. And who to invest in. Especially, the main character of Tom Baldwin, who has been restless to save his son Kyle and now is one of the 'Marked' and sort of abandoned us. As for Kyle, he is now sure of Collier and believes in a list that his father of, that must take promicin. Collier has definitely become what we knew he was going to be and has stayed 'peaceful' but a brain tickler. Who I think they should get rid of is Shawn, he has burned his usefulness, now that the wants to be a senator. It was interesting that he rejuvenated his opponent from a coma, even though Mya had predicted he would turn against the 4400. In turn, Shawn has turn his back on Collier and the real 4400.

Saturday, August 25

Best of SNL and 30 Rock DVD at Starbucks!

Best of SNL 06/07 available at Starbucks on September 11th. One of those limited time sales deals, I so want to get this. It has an episode of "30 Rock" and uncensored digital shorts.

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Tuesday, August 21

The Gayest street in town

As last mentioned in casting calls, Nathan Fillion has been added as the hot young gynecologist, there is now a gay male couple in town.

"One Life to Live" Tuc Watkins

and "Judging Amy" Kevin Rahm.

It seems Wisteria Lane sure is getting busy and full. Someone must be kicking her grave for killing herself off with all this new real estate. Anyhoo, they are moving into the old Applewhite house.

Monday, August 20

Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 11 Review

"Hands on a Hybrid"
August 20, 2007

Kyle decides to get closer to Jessi, given that he found a picture of Adam Baylin and what could be Jessi's genetic donor. His mom Nicole is also in detective mode, because the drawing Jessi did, with the symbol that is similar to Kyle's symbol from his drawings. Kyle just tells her it is a symbol from the company Adam owned and no longer exists.. which is partially true. A charity event to earn money to Cancer Research, 'randomly' chosen people put their hands on a car to see who lasts and wins the car. Josh decides to cheat to get his hand on the car to win it for Andy. But once Andy finds out, things get bad. Meanwhile, Balantine and the hot but sneaky Brian Taylor decide to try out the new machine Emily and father Trager have been working on poor Tom Foss that was left behind in the last episode. Also, Lorri does some snooping and finds out who her attacker was.

Review: Yet another great episode!!! I am sad that after these two upcoming episodes, we have to wait until next year for the next 10 episodes. They are calling the Sep. 2 episode a Season Finale but in truth it is not. There is 10 episodes more to go after that. Most cable shows say that, they split the season in half and the mid-way episode is called a 'finale.' Anyhoo, at least we got 3 more episodes than we did last year. I loved the exchanges between Hilary and Andy. Also, the stuff between Emily and Tom Foss, poor Tom. I can so figure that Balantine is planning to not only extract the information from Kyle but to erase his memories and make him a soldier.

I also love that once Kyle and Jessi use their powers the most, it creates electricity and power surges. These are brilliantly thought through. It works as a metaphor on how many teens feel lost and want to get to information quickly and it comes with costs. Just like how Kyle wanted to listen in deeper to far away conversations but unfortunately it caused him to have a seizure. So as Jessi tried to push her powers, it caused a big reaction. Kyle sure has a dilemma now and so does the other characters. April Matson really puts so much emotion into it. It's awesome. I wanna cry.

Critique mode: Finally someone said something about Andy's hat. What is up with Josh's shirt (the shades)? I so like Andy's shirt at the end better. And since when touching bellybuttons is sexual?

Best line: "I wonder what it might have cost me."

Unknown Hotties of the Week 8/20/07

Joe Griffith

John Beck
New Miami Dolphin Quarterback
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Rupert Friend
Actor, "The Last Legion", Keira Knightely's beau
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Joe Martinek
Rutgers Scarlet Knight Football Player
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Mencia's 2nd Annual Stereotypical Olympics

Last year Carlos Mencia of "Mind of Mencia" had a Stereotype Olympics, he had plenty of cute guys. He had a white guy, black guy, middle-eastern fellow, Asian, and a beaner (Latino). This time he mixed it up with a gay man (named Sparkle) and a Jewish person including the Asian, black guy and Latino (Cuban). It was just five instead of six. Last time it was fence jumping (Latino), ice skating (White), looting (Black), penis size (Asian), and bomb making (Middle-Eastern). This time they had to swim with tires (Cuban stereotype), grab money (Jewish), hip-hop dance (Black), dive (Asian), and banana eating contest (gay). I was surprised with the gay guy added, his name was 'sparkle.' This time the gay guy, the Asian and the Cuban were cute. Last time it was the Middle Eastern guy. I liked that the medal for the gay challenge was a row of condoms.

My Newest Blog

Decided to add a new blog, it is another cute guy blog but this one dedicated to those who made be considered 'nerds.' I put it separate from 'Caramelitos Baronil' because I wanted it to be special.

Sexy Geeks

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Save the Black Dogs!

I didn't know about Black Dog Syndrome, but apparently there is a staggering number of black dogs that don't get adopted and so much that it is now a non-scientific condition. Without knowing that, I am saving the black dogs. Me and my parents have two black dogs. The bigger one is Kiwi, she is a ten year-old German Sheppard/Doberman mix and the little one is a Australian Sheppard mutt. My niece's dog is also a black dachshund. So we are all doing our part.

"Black dogs, particularly large black dogs like Labradors or Lab mixes, have a very difficult time getting adopted, and are euthanized at a staggering rate at many animal control facilities throughout the country."
Glendale Humane Society

"That there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support the position that color has any bearing whatsoever on temperament, health, or overall quality of any dog, regardless of breed!"
Back in Black

More info here at:
Black Pearl

Thursday, August 16

Buffy Music Video: Willow

My newest music video featuring the music of Without Temptation "Stand My Ground." This is dedicated to Willow Rosenberg. If you are a Buffy fan, there is a 'blue shirt' warning.

Tuesday, August 14

Big Ups to Jon Stewart

On tonight's (August 14, 2007) episode of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," Jon covered a special show on the Logo network with the Democratic presidential candidates and Melissa Etheridge as the host. When one of the candidates (forget his name, the fat one) said being gay was a choice, he called him 'crazy' and overall made it into even a question. It was more about if the dude understood the question or not. And also did a hilarious dirty joke montage which he discribe it himself childish. That is what is great about Jon and the show, they are aware of their childishness. And it is not even an issue that the show is pro-gay, it is not even an issue. He finds the truth. He makes lays out the idiots for who they are. It is beyond pro-gay, they are not afraid of saying the truth. He makes an analogy of if the candidates was upfront about being pro-gay or catering to the GLBT issues, with clips from the movie Caddishack. Surprisingly David Kucinich made a hole in one, but it made that gopher puppet come out. Anyhoo, yay Stewart!

I found this pic just perfect for this.

Also on the subject of Presidential Candidates and GLBT issues, in the August 13 article ["Show 'Em Whatcha Got"] of Newsweek by Jonathan Dorman, brings to light that some candidates are 'okay' with GLBT community but don't talk about with mainstream society. For example, Clinton didn't speak up in congress by marriage, voted but didn't speak up.

Toxic Cursaders

In 1991, when the fame of the Ninja Turtles was at its height--a similar show caught my eye. I was 8. The cartoon had only 13 episodes, being canceled quickly. Me and my friends really liked it. I asked my parents for the action figures... the one I wanted the most was Toxie, the leader and when my dad saw it in the toy store, he thought it was too ugly so didn't get it. The story made me laugh. Since there was only 13 episodes, it was like a special, they would move the show around and sometimes stopped showing it all together. It was syndicated so it might have been different for the viewers in whichever area or country they were in. In Miami, they showed it every weekday just for a month and then months later, weekly on the weekend. I got to see it everyday through the Palm Beach channel.

Years later I found out what many already know. That the show was based on the 1985 B-Movie now cult classic and extremely violent "The Toxic Avenger" which became a trilogy and now there is four movies. The cartoon Toxic Avengers gave the hero a softer origin story and many many friends with equally mutated powers fighting against alien polluters.

There was:
-NoZone, a big nosed blue-skinned former pilot with super sneezing.
- Major Disaster, a former military solider with plant-controlling abilities
- Junkyard, a wolfman hobo.
- Headbanger, a mad scientist mixed with his surfer dude assistant

I have not seen it in years but I really liked it and was disappointed it only lasted 13 years. There was even a movie based on the cartoon planned that never really launched.

The Official Website

Pinocchio and the Scarred Children

I don't know what it is about Pinocchio that brings the darkest in film makers. Not only animation, live-action adaptations have also been scary, especially when it comes to scene where the kids turn into donkeys. Well the animation that has scared us 80's baby was the Disney movie "Pinocchio" and the Filmation 1987 movie "Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night," the non-0ffcial sequel. I saw it on TV after it came out in the theaters and I was just freaked out. The scene that is the darkest is when Pinocchio goes from a real boy back to puppet. Now, I am not saying being dark in cartoons is bad. It is actually a good. It rarely happens these days. Disney gets accused these days that they are too politically correct and soft. But the artists were more lenient back then. But you scared us people!

Monday, August 13

Wyclef and Lauren Hill Blame Game

Lauren Hill is one of the most talented artists out there, so why hasn't she released an album in this decade? She did have her rare MTV Unplugged appearance in 2002 but most articles and interviews by her point to the industry and her self image. Also some culminate it to Wyclef Jean. interview with her

Now it is highly popularized that Wyclef Jean blames Lauren for the lack of a comeback with the Fugees. The Fugees performed on September 18, 2004 at Dave Chappelle's Block Party but there has been a falling out. Wyclef is saying that 'she wants to be the producer' and that it is 'her problem.' Pras even confirmed that 'some things she needs to deal with.'

HipHopDx Interview
Hiphop galaxy
Gigwize blog

Interview with Pras

There was a Rolling Stone article in 2004, it was talking about Lauren being depressed and because of Wyclef. His psychological trauma he has caused her through the years. I think it is screwed up if he says that it is her problem (that he probably had something that caused it) and that she is the one to surpass it. Sometimes, when people that are responsible for the behavior don't realize it. Now, I am not saying he is the one for the sole blame. They all have lots of issues to work through. They each have to take the responsibility of the past. If she doesn't want to work with him, then she shouldn't and doesn't have to. They just have to move on.

Unknown Hotties of the Week 8/13/07

Landon Liboiron
Canadian actor
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Gil Meche
Kansas City Royals Baseball player
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Lachlan Patterson
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Jason Kapono is now a Raptor and to help the Dream Team

Jason Kapono, who I have been following the past year in Miami Heat, is now signed to the Toronto Raptors. In the ESPN article, it is funny that the manager says, "Jason is an ideal fit for our system and for our locker room." I wonder what that means. I can't help but to think wicked things. I wish him the best of luck. I am gonna miss him in the Heat. He has also been selected for the 2008 Summer Olympics. It is not the dream team but USA Basketball Men’s Select Team that has been chosen to help prepare the 2007 USA Senior National Team

Saturday, August 11

Little-Known DC Comics Superheronies

When asked the name of a super heroine from DC Comics, Wonder Woman is mentioned. Practically, she is the only one to come to mind other than Batgirl and Supergirl. In South and Central America, she is barely known, only the women who have a male namesake. In the media, there has been scattered DC heronies that don't have a male counterpart but still remain little known. Of the heronies with male counterparts include Batgirl, Supergirl, Matrix, Hawkgirl, Batwoman, and Hawkwoman.

Even though Rima the Jungle Girl only had seven issues from 1974 to 1975, Rima is one of the first female titular lead.

She made guest spots in the "Super Friends" Animated series in the 70's. She originated from a 1904 novel by W.H. Hudson.

Vixen, the first and most prominent black DC female DC Superhero. Unfortunately, the first issue of her comic was canceled in 1978. It did get published in the second and last of the never sold "Cancelled Comic Cavalcade". Her first appearance distributed to the public was in Action Comics #521. She has since joined the JLA, even though being a reluctant hero.

Although not a main character, she has made cameos in "Justice League Unlimited." She was last seen being in a relationship with John Stewart/Green Lantern.

Fire a.k.a. Green Fury a.k.a. Green Flame, her real name is Beatriz Bonilla da Costa. She first appeared in 1979 Super Friends #25. She is Brazilian. She has been paired with Ice in recent comics and media.

Visually appealing, she appeared and spoke the most in "Justice League Unlimited."

Michelle Hurd ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit") also played her in the canceled TV pilot-turned-TV Movie "Justice League of America." It never aired on regular U.S. television but was transmitted through satellite feeds. It has appeared as a TV Movie outside of the United States. I saw it in Honduras on cable.

Phantom Lady was originally published by Fox Feature Syndicate in 1941. She is best known for being busty and scantly clad. When DC Comics acquired her, they changed the details of her origin by giving her a more active and aggressive role in her own empowerment, explaining her skimpy costume as a deliberate tactic to distract her usual male foes.

One of her identities was killed in 2005 but a new one was introduced in 2006. She has continued to be in DC Comics not having her own comic. Even though being a long standing female DC comic character, she has yet to appear in any form in the media.


Some people might find for losers but when you are not included in stuff, you got to complain--it's the American way! eHarmony has no options for male for male or female for female search. Now lawsuits have appeared against eHarmony.

The Huffington Post: A Woman sues eHarmony

Reuters: eHarmony sued in California
Indepedent Gay Forum hosts a Bay Area Reporter article about 'overdoing anti-discrimination'

Maybe it is a bit much but I did find it unfair that eHarmony did not the option. A eHarmony rep says, "Nothing precludes us from providing same-sex matching in the future. It's just not a service we offer now based upon the research we have conducted." eHarmony is a private company and if they want to exclude gay couples, that is fine. But it would be nice if they would just be up front about it. Even the SNL spoof 'MeHarmony' included a gay site.

Voltron: What We All Fear

Comic Book fans, Sci-Fi fans and Voltron fans have feared this. Voltron has been sanctioned as a movie by New Regency with ark Gordon Co. Mark Gordon (Saving Private Ryan, "Army Wives") has been developing the movie and Justin Marks is writing the script. Justin Marks who is also writing and Mark Gordon is producing the upcoming Masters of the Universe. In 1984, Voltron was taken from two Japanese Animated series, 1981 series called "GoLion" and another "Dairugger XV." Five Galaxy Alliance pilots control lion-shaped vehicles that combined to transform into the massive sword-wielding Voltron robot in order to combat evil.

More here at

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Naming Names

It is a popular joke that there should be a test and license people should take before they become parents because some parents make really strange decisions. Now, who are we to decide what is appropriate or inapporiate? But do you really want to be called Apple or Kal-El or Navaeh or 4Real or ESPN?

Celebrities have recently called their children strange names but now there is that New Zealand couple that made headlines because they wanted to call their kid 4Real. Now they want to call their kid Superman. Naming your kid Osama Bin Ladin and Adolf Hitler is against the law in Germany. French have to pick a name out of a list, while you can't call your kid a four-letter word in the Untied States but I couldn't find any references on this. I don't know if it is the word Shit or Fuck or both.

But seriously, when I was a kid don't want a name someone can make fun of. But your last name--unfortunately you can't change that. People called me Condom for years, well at least I could say, 'hey at least I'm safe.' But then people would retort, "Yeah but no one wants you!"

When My Patriotism is Still called into question

Well practically everything I post here can be considered an Editorial but now I want to talk about something serious. While most of the media outlets are calling a hypothetical article by Steven D. Levitt, a Freakonomics Blogger. Freakonomics is hosted now by NY Times, that is why it is being referred to as New York Times blog in most reports. Here is an article from Fox News. Everyone is accusing him of being irresponsible and unpatriotic. What happened to freedom of speech? Can't people understand something that is meant to be objective and reflective, not to be taken seriously. Who are we to consider someone unpatriotic or not? Fox News, in this case and how Jon Stewart has pointed out, are not objective and they lick the balls of the current administration. When it came to Bill Maher, ABC canceled his show when he agreed with a guest that the Terrorists were not cowards in his September 17, 2001 episode. "Stupid, but not cowards."

Now, what is unfortunate about these times is that now after writing that, fearing that I will get hate mail or something worse, I may feel I have to write that I don't agree with these views. I was born in the United States, I have lived here my whole life and I consider myself an American and part of being American is having balls. George Washington had balls. Abraham Lincoln had balls. Ben Franklin had balls. And so did JFK. Not fearing, and not giving into fear. What is fear is accusing other people of other things and fearing not to speak your mind.

Thank god we have not had terrorism attacks since and that is thanks to all American security efforts. But all the horrible things that happened lately, such as Hurricane Katrina, Virginia Tech attack, the Minnesota bridge collapse, the trapped miners, have nothing to do with our foreign enemies. It is unfortunate and terrible what has happened but thankfully it hasn't been terrorism. And after six years, we still freak out when something is close to a terrorism attack. We have to be strong by not being scared, terrified. To terrorize is defined as 'to create and maintain a state of extreme fear and distress in.' So far it has unfortunately been maintained.