Monday, September 3

Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 13 Review

September 3rd, 2007
"Leap of Faith"

The episode picks up where the last one left at. Kyle and Jessi head to a location given to them by the Latnok ring triggered by the escaped Foss' suggestion. They end up at the diner Adam Baylin and the mystery woman did in 1982. A senile old man recognizes them as the old couple. Meanwhile, the Trager family hold a Kyle-A-Con. They put things together. For some reason, Andy is M.I.A. and Declan faces Foss who is Mr. Peeping Tom (appropriate) once again. Jessi feels that Kyle should give up on her, she is the fame fatale that supposedly can't be helped. Kyle won't give up Jessi. Jessi sees the world different than Kyle does. Everyone tries to figure things out, even Jessi. There is a lot Kyle has to explain. The Trager family tries to figure it out, Stephen makes it dark while Josh doesn't. It gets more than emotional for Josh in a great scene.

Okay, let's back track, Tom Foss was released from Madacorp by Emily, who was supposedly sent by Balantine to kill him. Foss calls Kyle and tells him to destroy his cell phone---because Balantine is following in and that is so. Foss tells Kyle he has all the tools he needs to find where to go. He thinks about the Latnok Ring. He finds a hole in it and uses the headlight from Declan's car to funnel it to find a map that leads them to the diner that was in the picture of Tom and Jessi's look-a-like. Kyle shows the picture to Jessi and she becomes enthralled. She wants to find the woman, thinks she is her mother. They go down a closed road and find a cabin. They find a door with a musical lock. Kyle calls Amanda to figure out the song to unlock the combination, which could be messy but gets even more when Lori makes Declan fess up to the Tragers.

Watching all the episodes consecutively, I noticed the writers planted more than just the Kyle mythology but other plot arcs such as Lori's drinking.. Lori also fesses up to her parents about the Zzyyzx visit, Nicole was told by Kyle that there was only trees there. Lori tells her there was more than that.

More Spoiler-y
Tom Foss appears in Trager's house and Declan defends him. More liars are revealed and the Tragers try to access it. Lori asks Declan to leave and he asks Stephen to listen to Tom and leaves the Tragers to talk to Tom. As for "Leaps of Faith," the title stays true to the characters. Amanda takes a leap of faith that Kyle is not cheating on her with Jessi. The Tragers take a leap of faith on Tom Foss. Kyle takes a leap of faith on Jessi. The shocker that Jessia nd Kyle find behind the musical lock in the cabin is... Adam Baylin? The rest is a doozy to explain. All I can say is that the writers take the word 'cliffhanger' way too seriously. New episodes coming in Early 2008.

Coming Soon, I will lay out all the connections to everything so far. dissecting past episodes.