Monday, September 24

Journeyman Review

The story of a man who disappears from the current timeline for long periods of time and appears in different time periods, Dan Vassar ends up in 1987 or 1997, and sometimes runs into his family members and friends, even himself. He can be diriving and taken on one of his 'trips' and his car crashes into a post. He even bumps into his dead ex-wife Livia. In his current life, he is married and has a child with Katie, his brother Jack's ex or something. Entertainment Weekly called the show, the same old same old, good protagonist but kind of mundane. But the show really effects. Everything is devastating. I felt down through the first half. Everything was going down for Dan. Everyone thinks he's crazy, he has disappeared for two days ans everyone suspects drugs. He saves lives and tries to figure out who he really is there to save. The ending of the pilot is amazing and really pulled me together. But I don't know if I can go through this up and down sort emotional ride every week, people doubting the hero. I had my doubts about Kevin McKidd, some people have compared him to Anthony Michael Hall--he looks more like Daniel Craig to me. Entertainment Weekly calls him a star ready to pop but the show isn't his vehicle to propel him. After seeing this, I do agree he has charisma and has star potential.