Monday, September 10

Greek Finale Review

I love the character of Jen K., first of all. Let me tell you that I really didn't expect much from the show "Greek." I thought it was going to be another party harty--just dumb jokes and drinking, nothing special. But it is a pretty good soap. Even though it doesn't really go in the down and dirty details butt it does give an idea of what Fraternities and Sororities. That their activities entails more than just rush week and parties.

What is interesting is that the lead geek, protagonist, Rusty got a girlfriend the first season. You might be saying that he is the protagonist, of course he will get a girlfriend. But she is pretty interesting, not what expected. You would think she was nice and nothing much to her. People would find it suspicious about her and surprise, surprise, in the final episode she turns out to be a traitor. A Journalist, working 'under cover.' I like her because she is sweet and truthful, and had Rusty learn a lot about himself. It shakes up the whole gang and tears thing between Rusty and his sister Casey. Rusty brings up that Evan cheated on her and she forgave him.

When Frannie said 'Can't Remember anything' Reagan joke was a little too over the edge. She could have said 'Rumsfeld' or something.

Even though most of the characters are annoying, they come off as endearing, very much as the characters from "Nip/Tuck" and "Everwood." Well, the least annoying is Rusty and Cappie. But Casey is pretty irritating, but you just have to care for her. I definitely enjoyed the gay storylines. Calvin may be a bit stuck up character but his storyline was very truthful. That he didn't know if he had a relationship or not with Heath. Heath cheats on Calvin and he can't figure out the non-relationships. How Ashleigh could never figure out that Calvin was gay, I thought he told her. And Calvin and his frat house's reaction was heart-breaking.