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My Star Wars Prequel Ideas: How it should have went

I am aware that plenty of fans have written their thoughts on the prequels and how they would have wanted it to happen. Most of the descriptions are long. I am just going to write a short (as I can). George Lucas' original trilogy worked so well because he had different directors. He tried getting other ones for the prequels like Steven Speilberg, Ron Howard and Robert Zemeckis but they all turned him down, thinking he should do it. Lucas needs a story editor, he works better with special effects and CGI.
The original trilogy had key facts about the past:
  • Obi Wan fought in the Clone Wars
  • Obi Wan served Leia's adopted father from Alderaan
  • Leia remembers her mother being sad
  • Uncle Owen didn't believe Anakin should've gotten involved in the war
  • Anakin was already a pilot before Obi Wan met him.
  • Obi Wan thought he could train Anakin as good as Yoda.
Things I liked about Lucas' prequels:
  • Obi-Wan's disappointment in Anakin
  • Anakin and Padme falling in love
  • Anakin being the cause of Padme's death even thogh he wanted to prevent it
  • The clones of the Clone Wars being Janko Fett, father of Boba Fett.
Episode I
I liked the name Phantom Menace and I like Darth Maul, many agree they should had kept him a little longer. I found it was pretty obvious that Sentor Palaptine was the Emperor as he was the same actor but I have no problem with it though. Other names I would had chose would be: A Jedi's Hope or Peace Disrupted
  • First of all, I wouldn't have Anakin be a child, more a bit older. I know that defeats the whole Jedis being trained as little kids but if they really needed Anakin as a kid, maybe in the beginning of the movie and moved on.
  • Pod race was fine but I would had appreciated it being in space so he was a 'real pilot.'
  • Instead of being an only child with no dad, I would had appreciated Anakin to have his brother Owen and know him a little better.
  • I didn't like that in a deleted scene for The Attack of the Clones, Padme visited her family and it was mom, dad and bunch of kids. Padme was basically had away at summer camp being Queen. So her being an orphan is fine, or at least her father was a king and died mid-way.
  • Anakin DID NOT build C3-PO which makes no sense.
  • Gungans do not exist in my version. The main conflict should be the Jedi vs the Sith, and Dath Maul.
  • Have Qui Gon Jinn killed by Darth Maul but get away with it and leave.
Episode II
I know he was going for the whole 30's serials with the title "Attack of the Clones" but I didn't like it. Empire Strikes Back also had that feeling but as kids we accepted it. It isn't as corny. I wanted this movie to be the romantic one but it is barely romantic. I would keep Count Dooku but remove the whole Obiwan and Anakin fighting monsters and Padme being captured. Titles I'd prefer: Secret of the Clones or Secrets Uncovered or Moonlight
  • Keep Anakin killing the sandpeople that killed his mom.
  • Maybe C3-PO is introduced here as Padme's assistant.
  • Build a bit on Anakin and Owen's relationship and him telling him not to join the war.
  • Expand more on Janko Fett and his son.
  • Expand the battle of Count Dooku, the Jedi and the clones
  • Expand on the romance between Anakin and Padme, since in this version they would be closer in age. Anakin and Padme would marry earlier on. Obi Wan would be more against it.
  • Build on Anakin's relationship with Senator Palptine and hint more on his diversion to evil.
  • Keep Anakin's arm chopped off of course. Have Darth Maul do it and have Obi-Wan kill Darth Maul.
  • Have clearer explanation about Jedis retaining their identities after death and only a few can be Force Ghosts.
Episode III
I would keep the title "Revenge of the Sith"
  • Anakin killing Mace Windu at least in a different location and not with that giant window, I always think that of the people that have to fix that glass.
  • Change that awkward scene where Obi Wan tells Padme that he knows the Anakin is the father.
  • And change some people calling Obi Wan as "young" as later on he is old only less than 30 years later in "A New Hope."
  • Padme would had faked her death at childbirth to keep Darth Vader away
  • Padme would marry Bail Prestor Organa (Jimmy Smits) and go under an assumed name and live with Leia.
  • Luke would still be given to Owen and Beru.
  • Padme would had left Organa and Leia alone one night and go to another planet and discovered by Dath Vader, at that shock that what he has become, she becomes scared. He tries to show her he hasn't changed but inadvertently she is killed or maybe killed by the Emperor when trying to find out where Luke and Leia are.
  • Keep C3-PO and R2D2's memory wipe.

There's more but I wanted to keep it short.

My Simpsons Sequel Idea

 Fox wants a sequel but it doesn't look like one will be made soon, the Simpsons writers and producers have their reasons. But I think they real reason is they can't come up with a good enough idea to fill 90 minutes without it seeming like three long episodes. Despite what producers say, some episodes have a cinematic feel like "Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"" and many others. One of the biggest complaints of the Simpsons movie is that we didn't see enough of the townspeople. My problem with it was its use of too much music over the jokes in the beginning, making them hard to hear. It reminded me too much of the scoring in The Goofy Movie and Rugrats Movie. "At Long Last Leave" reminded many fans of the movie itself as the Simpsons were kicked out of town.
I would personally like a movie that tied the characters together. I would like to see some of my favorite Simpsons writers like Bill Oakley, Josh Weinstein, John Swartzwelder (he wrote some for the first movie), and Ian Maxtone-Graham (he wrote some of the movie too). I would like some conspiracy within the town that would someone link the military (Principal Skinner, Abe Simpsons, etc.), the criminals (Snake, Fat Tony and the mob), and M. Burns (Waylon Smithers' dad was killed in a nuclear accident in a flashback in season 13). I was thinking of re-hashing the Stonecutters from season 6 and Maggie's position as the 'gem child' in "Gone Maggie Gone" from season 12.
In "Gone Maggie Gone," Nuns took Maggie on a throne, causing a light to hit her which makes a rainbow that brings peace all over Springfield. Marge took her back. But maybe the nuns can come back to get her back as some apocalypse might be happening. Apocalypses and conspiracies are not new to the Simpsons but if it has enough of the lore from the past 26 years, it could be something interesting. Maybe Selma B. is dating Snake and Snake has been hired by the Mob with a big secret. But of course this seems like a lot of elements from the 90's and not enough from current but it can derive from a combo of all. Like for example, in recent years Edna Krabpel married Ned Flanders and later died because her actress Marcia Wallace died.

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