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Grey's Anatomy Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith is the new addition to "Grey's Anatomy," where she plays Erica Hahn, who replaces Dr. Burke at Seattle Grace. I think it was a good choice. it made sense for one and it shakes this up for Christina (Sandra Oh). TV Guide magazine mentioned they thought Brooke was going to be gay and that they thought of the possibility of her and Christina being together. Producers have toyed with the idea of Sandra Oh being bisexual. But in October 25 episode, the character of Erica specifically said she was into men. And was antagonistic towards Christina. It seems they are rivals. Maybe, if they do indeed choose to reveal Erica is gay or bisexual, they can say she was just using that as a front.

Brooke Smith and Sandra Oh actually did play lovers in a Sapphic off-Broadway play called "Stop Kiss." Smith told TV Guide that she and Oh have been "secretly pushing [to reunite on screen]... But I don't think anyone knows what's going to happen." If Brooke Smith looks familiar, she was the victim in the hole in 1991's Silence of the Lambs.

Sunday, October 28

Why must girls be whores on Halloween?

My best friend who I care for deeply, brought up a good issue when shopping for a Halloween costume this year. The only costumes available these days for girls, most teenage and older, are 'sexy' type. There is no regular costumes. If someone wants to be a regular nurse, sorry no. There is low cut costumes and cleavage-showing blouses. I checked and in some cases, if they do have a regular long-skirt costume---it is more expensive! Some sexy outfits are more expensive but in the same caliber, the sexy one is more than the regular one. When I was in high school, most girls didn't even get costumes. They just dressed like whores. What happened to imagination? I mean, that is great that you wanna look sexy or whatever, but you don't have to lean on that. It is not your only choice. I don't want girls growing up thinking Halloween is just to show off skin. Most girls I knew growing up dressed as witches, pirates and genies growing up.

And what the hell is....


Tuesday, October 23

Beauty and the Geek Season 4 Ep 6 Review

The kids were lucky to go to Comic Con and some of the beauties didn't appreciate it, it was kind of wasted on them. As usual, I did not like Sam's superior attitude about comic books not being important. The challenge was for the beauties to come up with their own superheroes and for the geeks to make outfits for the beauties. Bad idea with the sewing. For some reason, Sam won. He looked like a WWE wrestler and even the judges said, "You look like the guy that used to beat me up." I actually liked the aqua hero Erin and Jesse did. I hated that Sam and Nicole picked Jesse and Erin to the elimination round. They were chosen before and they weren't as bad as others. I think William and his chick should have been sent. In the elimination round, I was interesting to watch the girls struggling with the comic book stuff. They questions were easy, regular stuff. The locomotive part of Superman is very well known. It was even more funny how the ladies didn't even know the fashion questions. It did suck that Erin and Jesse were sent home.

Yeah, I didn't like that Sam won, Nicole took the easy way out by not sewing and just sticking tape with shorts. As for the rest of the episode, Jen and William kept fighting and it seems their fightng reaches the boiling point in the next episode. I found it strange that David could not sew, I thought he was a role playing geek. Well, I guess that would mean he could sew.

Monday, October 22

Aliens in America: I Stand Corrected

I said the CW's "Aliens in America" was going to suck but I stand corrected but it is real good. The affable guy (Dan Byrd) reminds me of Topher Grace in "That 70's Show." Him and his sister are cast like ordinary kids, they don't look showy. It is funny, yesterday's episode entailed Justin had to deal with his kindergarten crush who now is a bitch that toys with boy's affections. Raja points this out and has her turn around, making Justin's parents believe she is an Amish girl. It was a great episode. Adhir Kalyan plays Raja to perfection, maybe sometimes a bit stereotypical but he goes beyond. He plays him with conviction.

The Real Albus Dumbledore

All search engines and blogs have been raving about this... 'Dumbledore gay' and I being a gay man and a Harry Potter fan, I thought I would put in my two cents. My dad was first to alert me to this news. Now, articles write 'Dumbledore is gay,' but isn't he dead? shouldn't it be 'was'? Anyhoo, this news makes sense. I remember in reading "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," something seemed to be omitted. They would talk about how Dumbledore had his rival Grindelwald and they were friends and he never realized he was bad. Then when he found out the truth, he felt betrayed. Harry felt betrayed too, in hearing his mentor was friends with this bad dude. J.K. Rowling says Dumbledore was actually in love with Grindelwald, which makes sense. I think that fills in the plot. Jo said, "If I'd known it would make you so happy, I would have announced it years ago!" Maybe she was afraid, not from what the fans would think but the rest of public. It is easier now that all the books are done, for her to announce it.

Some might think it is tacked on, that none of the other books showed any evidence of him being gay... but, I did notice some innuendo in the last book. Though her saying it now, after the fact, sort of feels ingenuine. He never mentioned a woman in his life either. I would have liked more about his sexuality in the books but I think it is fine how it is. Because, the last book was all about Harry finding out more about Dumbledore and at one point, feeling he really didn't know his beloved mentor. Some smarty pants would say that they always knew Dumbledore was gay... come on, the robes and half-moon glasses!
About the sixth film, she said, "In fact, recently I was in a script read-through for the sixth film, and they had Dumbledore saying a line to Harry early in the script saying, "I knew a girl once, whose hair..." I had to write a little note in the margin and slide it along to the scriptwriter, "Dumbledore's gay!" The scriptwriters always want to add things here and there and I am glad they listen to Rowling. I hope they took this seriously. It is most likely they won't blatantly say he is gay in the movie.

What is great from what Jo said, is this: "To an extent, do we say it excused Dumbledore a little more because falling in love can blind us to an extent? But, he met someone as brilliant as he was, and rather like Bellatrix he was very drawn to this brilliant person, and horribly, terribly let down by him." I think it is a great untold story. It is a tragedy as she said, it is un-requited love and he had to kill the one he loved and was betrayed by. I mean, it can sort of be seen but the reason or answer is left in the air. I think she meant it to be ambiguous. I usually pick up on gay innuendos, I sort of did in the back of mind that there was a romantic connection between Dumbledore and Grindelwald but never thought Jo would openly say a major character was gay. And there we go, now she said it. And Dumbeldore is definitely a major character. So analyzing all of this and looking back through the story, it does make sense and have basis.

G4tv opinions
Mugglenet has a snippet about it article
Full transcript on Leaky Cauldron

Most fans are like, "Oh, and Dumbledore was gay..." Awesome reaction. Like it's not a big deal.

Sunday, October 21

Brothers & Sisters: When Gay is just right

As in the last post I was complaining about "Desperate Housewives" treatment of gay characters, tonight's episode of "Brothers and Sisters"--they get gay right. The gay innuendo is ripe and full of culture stuff. Uncle Sal goes to the party of his friend. The friend that recently came out as gay in last year's season finale. It has been alluded to be that Sal is actually gay. But the special that aired before the season two premiere, the producers said he might actually be bisexual. Sal is uncomfortable that the room is mostly of men. To make matters worse, Kevin's ex-boyfriend Scott is the waiter at the party. Then when meets with Kevin, he says, "You didn't tell me your uncle was gay."

Kevin does not take this well. Neither did Tommy. Two weeks ago, Rebecca's friend Lena who was hired to the vineyard when Sal and Tommy works---mistakes Sal for gay when he mentions the bachelor life. Tommy gets angry at the insinuation. So is Kevin. I don't believe it is homophobic on Tommy's part, when you are close to your uncle, you think you know everything about them. Kevin, was sure Sal was straight because that's the way they know him. In my life, a male family member committed suicide and I told three gay friends separately and they asked me individually if he was gay. I was insulted. Not because I couldn't see my family member as being gay or that I thought being gay is a exclusive club, but I believe I know the family member very well. Well, also--a bit off topic but I don't like connecting male suicide with issues of sexuality. Anyway back to show...

Kevin decides to confront Sal about it, he is defensive. Of course, Kevin is the gay expert in the family and he gets to the heart of the matter--if Sal is indeed gay, he could have defended him when he came out to his father--who didn't take it well. All Kevin wanted was consolation, support. He also offers the hand for Sal's own consolation over his sexuality.

Desperate Housewives: WHat are we in the 70s?

When I heard there was going to be a gay couple in "Desperate Housewives," I thought they were going to skip the gay stereotypes and give something different, something that doesn't meet the eye--like with Bree's convening bisexual son. But when Susan met the new neighbors from the city... all the mistaking stereotypes came along. Where's your wife? Oh, partners, are you guys business partners? And then when she found out they were gay, she said that she saw gay people on cable. ::Rolling my eyes::

I know this is the suburbs but honestly. I thought Susan was going to be less ignorant about this. She even contacts a gay uncle, where apparently he didn't know she knew he was gay. In usual Susan fashion, the episode was more about her trying make good with her neighbors. Marc Cherry, the creator of the show, is gay and has gotten scrutiny over the previously mention character of Andrew. Lee, played by Kevin Rahm, definitely is a bitch, as described by the producers. Honestly, wouldn't there just be a bit more progressive?

Tuesday, October 16

Stephen Colbert on "The Daily Show"

One wouldn't imagine Stephen Colbert being on "The Daily Show" a big deal a few years ago, since h was a member/anchor for the show. But tonight, since his show The Colbert Report--which has been on the air for about 2 years, he returned---being carted by Uncle Sam (Justin, who works on their show). He gave high fives to everyone like on his show and Jon said he had an announcement. They showed clips of him denying presidential candidacy. Stephen handed John a card to ask him if he was running. It was hilarious, he brought out a stack of hay to put his feet on and a beer.

John says Uncle Sam was Justin, I am guessing it is Justin Melkmann, a segment producer.

Monday, October 15

Tony Snow on the Daily Show

Tony Snow on the Daily Show? Whaaaaa???! Jon Stewart always makes fun of what he says, I would think Tony would stay away from the show, like let's say Bush but much like the Straight-talker, he goes on the show and tries to be Mr. Cool. Yes, I understand that if let's say a guest or host on a comedy show will be made fun of---it is the way things are, but to me, I'm like, not be kissing ass and then talk shit behind their back. Because it isn't behind their back, they can just tune in and see it. In the case of Jon Stewart and Tony Snow, Jon is trying to understand the government people and Tony, well, he was not being a dick. But, Jon was sort of because he would stick on to "Bush doesn't make sense." It gets a bit old.

Jon continues with his jokes and Tony was actually understanding, he wasn't on his 'agenda'... well too much. I mean, yeah he was on his agenda sometimes but not completely. Tony did say, 'no' a lot. He says that the show has a knack to find funny stuff they say---but hello! It's not that hard. Jon's analogy of 'making a sweater out of puppies' sounds like something I would say. Tony pulled away, said 'oh no' and put his face in his hands. It was like he was sticking with middle America, to say he doesn't approve of the joke. Most of middle America, Bush-supporters or old stick-in-the-middle are fuddy duddies and think that is too far. For me, it isn't. Jon says that he respects Tony as a person... Is that true? Well, you cna make fun of someone you respect but not as much as he has. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. I did get the sense that they do agree in some forms.

Patrick Dempsey-It's a good thing

Some people might believe we are seeing too much Patrick Dempsey. But come on, think about it... the poor guy has had to struggle after being a teen heartthrob and now is finally getting his second chance or whatever. Even I have to admit that I thought he is shown as the Grey Anatomy's poster child instead of Ellen Pompeo, who is the protagonist. But maybe it is a good thing. He represents noble and intelligent sensitive men out there, even if it is a McDream.

Sunday, October 14

Making Fun and Hating Dane Cook?

It is getting awfully popular to make fun of Dane Cook. Many people make as he is super annoying. I remember about four years ago, Dane had fringe popularity. I did like him, I found his comedy endearing and refreshing. But once he became 'popular' and started doing big movies, his comedy has been considered 'frat-boy.' Last year Ike Barinholtz imitated Dane Cook. On "Saturday Night Live" last night, Jason Sudeikis portrayed Dane Cook. I found it strange since Dane has been a host on "Saturday Night Live" twice in under two years.

Saturday, October 13

Unknown Hotties of the Week 10/15/07

Wes Welker
New England Patriot
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Maksim Chmerkovskiy
"Dancing with the Stars" Pro Dancer
More Soon

Dash Mihok
Actor, believe it or not, one of the ABC "Cavemen"
Click here

Friday, October 12

My Name Is Earl---I am paying attention

October 11, 2007
In the flashback episode of "My Name is Earl," I decided to translate what Catalina says to the Crabman in Spanish. She says:

"Disculpe. Disculpe Señor. Mira. Yo se que esto no tiene sentido con este programa porque como nuestros viesto yo viene despues de I-dos-K, pero en realidad quien pone atención a esos tipos de cosas."

"Excuse me sir. I know this makes no sense with the program, because as we have seen I came after I-2-K but in reality, who pays attention to those types of things?"

She says I-2-K but I think they meant Y2K. The Episode "Y2k."

Well, I do pay attention.

Watch the episode here

Update 10/13:

Reader Parrish Ethan Danforth e-mailed me the translation to what the Japanese fellow said:

He said, "I really hate doing Japanese stereotypes, but my agent said I should probably do it."

Then after a short exchange he says "Where is he? He's always doing this to me, Let's go."

Update 12/13:
The Smarmy Carny has different translation

Wednesday, October 10

Pushing Daisies Episode Two Review

October 10, 2007

The issues from the pilot episode are addressed here, Emerson Cod still doesn't like that Chuck is still alive and Chuck asks Ned many questions about Emerson. Chuck still misses her aunts and wonders what to do with her life. They go to check on the new case, an auto safety scientist is dead and he says it was a crash taste dummy. He tells them to say he love Jeanine, who loves Ned's pies. The flashbacks to Ned's childhood continues, I think they will happen every episode. I thought the narrator would be annoying the second time around, it is kind of annoying but it is okay. I didn't think I was going to make a review on the second episode but here I go. In this episode, the show plays with the narrator and the characters. The narrator comments that Ned has a mixture of feelings, then Ned comments, "Why does it always have to be a mixture?"

Chuck doesn't like that many secrets, and Ned still has his little secret from Chuck. She does mention that Ned loves secrets in a funny riff. The episode might be a bit eccentric, with Jeanine ("Gilmore Girls" Riki Rindhome) as a dandelion model and binging on a pie and crying at the same time, but the show certainly is creative and entertaining. The episode has an interesting but fictional concept of a car running on dandelions. Patrick Fabian is wonderful as Mark Chase, the president of the car company. He speaks Japanese, and Chuck shows she does as well. Mark is a control freak and likes things to be clean. He is just delightful. There is funny scene where he says a long monologue and no one couldn't hear him.

Just when you think the show couldn't get any more surreal, Olive (Kristin Chenoweth) sings "Hopelessly Devoted to you" in a lovely sequence. She has a lovely voice. Olive had a new haircut from the pilot and what we thought to be a crush, like her song says, she is hopelessly devoted to Ned and she realizes Chuck is in her way. Olive kinda creeped me out in the 1st ep, afraid she might become a dangerous woman scorned but she made me feel for her. She has visions of Ned and Chuck happily in a bubble bath. The episode has a creepy plot line, with more dead bodies and such. Real bodies being used as crash test dummies and then our heroes being used as dummies. Great imagery though. The car chase ending to get a ridiculous way, like one of those cutesy funny shows. But I'll forgive them. The ending ending is awesome, romantic.

Tuesday, October 9

Knocked Up Movie DVD Review

When I review the movie Knocked Up in June, I consider it the best movie and now on DVD, I would still want more. It comes with funny deleted scenes (one below), line-o-rama (where the ab-libing lead to alternate lines that weren't used in the movie), and extended scenes within the movie that are actually forgetful. What I didn't notice the first time around in the theaters was that Judd Apatow's daughter Iris in cute outfits like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Snow White, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in an extended scene. Judd claims in the commentary that he dressed her like orphan Annie but I didn't notice it. What is funny that Judd left his friend's names the same in the movie but not his kids. Could his kids be smarter than his friends? They kept calling Seth his real name, forgetting his character's name was Ben.

Critics are complaining about the sub-par commentary that features for some reason, SNL's Bill Hader. I have no problem with Bill Hader but his impressions suck. His Al Pacino impression sounds like a black man and he does it endlessly. I like to hear what were the alternative lines and thoughts over stories, which they mention here and there but I enjoyed so much in the commentary of The 40-year-old Virgin. Not so much luck here. He admits you need to see him visually for some to work. Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen actually admit they aren't really being informative. Entertainment Weekly claims they applaud their own jokes but I don't think so. They are honest and modest people. Seth Rogen thinks he can't act but he can, he shows actual warmth in the movie. Watching the movie again, I feel this is Leslie Mann's launching point. One would think Judd chose this movie for his movie because it is sort of a chick flick but she totally goes for it and it is a raunchy movie. Against chick flick type, but totally frat brother type.

Here is a scene I edited together with Brokeback Mountain, it is not the scene completely and to hope it doesn't get taken off YouTube, I censored it. I totally agree with what Jonah Hill says. "What kind of country do we live in?!" Amen bro. The funny thing is that I took my dad to see the movie when it premiered and he told me afterwards that he was happy he didn't see a blowjob in the movie. LOL

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Beauty and the Geek Season 4 Ep 4 Review

On tonight's show, Jesse and his beauty where looking for revenge on Rebecca and Will for sending them to the elimination room last week. Also, tensions became high with Sam and Nicole when Sam and Rebecca were getting intimate on the top bunk above Nicole. Same admitted he was thinking with his dick, when Nicole left the room and went to sleep in the living room. Nicole was concerned about how her friends and professors would think about her when they would see losing her composer. As for Will, everyone wants him out of the house, except for one of the Geeks. Even Nicole was talking to Luke about Will's reign. The Geek challenge... it was up between Will and Jesse and everyone was afraid Will was going to win yet again and Jesse won. Rebecca then knew for sure that Jesse was going to kick her out. Then Sam won the Beauty challenge.

Sam didn't know who to get rid of. Sam didn't want Rebecca gone, so he wanted someone that could she could beat. A different side of Nicole was seen when she suggested a team to Sam that she thought could actually take Rebecca and Will home. Jen and William went against Rebecca and Will in the elimination room. Rebecca felt that Jesse and his girl were seeking revenge. She started crying when few people were helping her and almost everyone was helping Jen and William. I'll tell you the truth, usual with these super beauties, I think they are lame dumb bitches. Stuck up and full of shit and don't want to admit they are smart and try. But I actually fell for Rebecca. I actually think Rebecca is smart and actually cares for Sam and is aware that he is a bit of distraction. She also has no problem being close to Will, who is hat and sweaty. I personally know stuck up nerds and know what the gang is talking about when they say Will is one, but I don't think so much. I see that aspect in him but I don't see that completely. Will seems to have a good head in his shoulders to not be jealous about Rebecca and Sam together. He is so smart to think that Sam didn't set them up.

Rebecca was very stressed to win the contest, I think if Will and Rebecca won two challenges, then they did complete their mission but I think Rebecca wanted to stay because of Sam. Rebecca actually wondered if Sam set her up and didn't expect Nicole. Well, maybe she did but the show didn't show it to us. I liked it when Jen told William to not cocky i thinking they were the new Alpha Team. Rebecca and Will were definitely the Alpha Team. It will be interesting to see who will take the reign or if it ever will like Season 2.

Sunday, October 7

What happened to Anna Faris' 'Smiley Face?'

I was all excited that Anna Faris was getting her own starring role movie without 'Scary Movie' as the title, also that the movie Smiley Face is probably the only pot movie involving a woman. It was a big hit at the Sundance FIlm Festival and got modest reviews. It was set for a July 27 release but for some reason, it never premiered. Now it has reported, that for some unknown reason, it might just be shown in one theater in L.A. (which the industry does to burn out--pun intended---a movie) and just go straight to DVD.

This MTV Article talks more about it

So Anna Faris is disappointed and so am I. People have been talking for years about how Anna Faris deserved her own movie. As MTV says, "Smiley Face" seemed like a sure bet to break out Faris, who portrays Jane with an eye-opening mix of physical humor and utter lack of vanity. And they bring up that it is strange since R-rated comedies have been hits lately like Knocked up and Super Bad. The movie also stars John Krasinski, Adam Brody, Jane Lynch, Danny Masterson, John Cho, and Danny Trejo.

Saturday, October 6

Kudos to 'My Name Is Earl'!

[Picture above thanks to]

So far Season 3 is proving to do no wrongs and just be overly entertaining. The two-parter opener was awesome, with a great spirited performance from Ben Foster, as a prisoner screwed by Earl as a kid and then had a poor outlook about himself. The episode on last Thursday October 4th episode, "The Gangs of Candem County" had a full-on male on male kiss, I think more than just one. Earl is sent to make two gang leaders kiss and make up, little did he know they already did... Hector and Jamal, leaders of respective race-themed gangs. Straight-ass talks about what kind of storylines can be considered shocking these days. While gages if the jokes were offensive or juvenile. reviews it:
It's difficult to gauge how outrageous a gay storyline is these days. Some still might find two men kissing a shock at 8pm, but it all depends on your level of tolerance. In this instance, the kiss and the plot in general didn't seem like a ratings stunt (unlike 30 Rock's "Seinfeldvision") but rather as part of a logical story that was told with both respect, and more importantly, humor. says:
What stands out about "Gangs of Camden County" is that Hector and Jamal's relationship is based on the two making a personal connection, not from a lack of options from being imprisoned. Earl has a history of treating its oddballs with respect and, along those lines, it avoided making Hector and Jamal's affection fodder for gross-out humor.

I think it was well done. I personally forgot it was network television watching it. Going in to it, seeing the relationship, I was thought it just would end there. I was hoping for it to show more and they did, they certainly were honest. When Earl advises the gang leaders to go public with their relationship, Hector refuses, leaving Jamal the spurned lover and thus causing violence to escalate further. Earl's plan to get the guys back together with Jamal eating a popsicle suggestively and the slow-motion hose-down of Jamal's tight white t-shirt. The funny part isn't that 'ooh, they are gay and this stuff women usually do and a gay guy doing it is stupid' but 'Hector really thinks this is hot and Jamal has a beer belly.'

Of course, Earl being in Jail now, we expect men on men action but the gang did it in a creative way and did a whole storyline revolving around it. And as AfterElton blog writer says, it isn't because of lack of options but that they genuinely love each other. That even in jail, they couldn't be together because of social phobias and not just because of them being gay. calls it 'West Side Story,' which I find just funny because technically it isn't. Because that would have to be one gang member in love with the sibling of the other gang member.

You can watch the episode here on!

Wrap it up boys, Male Contraception?

Today I heard on the news about male contraception, which I never ever considered or though was possible and it will completely open new potential and options. For years women have taken birth control pills and men hated put condoms on. Sometimes condoms, even if they don't break, aren't 100% in preventing pregnancy. And spermicide may cause irritation or infection, so that doesn't really attract men. It seems male contraception pills and patches have been in the works for years.

WebMD: New Lead for a Male Contraceptive
Seems they are trying to develop something that doesn't 'tamper' with male horomones. This article from 2004 talks about the mouse chemical GAPDS-- glyceraldehydes 3-phosphate dehydrogenase-S

Male Contraceptive in the Works
This 2006 article talks about the pill called Adjudin.

More Birth Control Options
This is a recent article. "Clinical trials at the University of Washington found that a testosterone gel in combination with a progestin shot (both already on the market) knocked out sperm in 90 percent of men."
Has a lot more options and talk about the alternatives.

Now if these are approved and go on the market, it will be probably take years for them to catch on. Some are said to already be tested on men and some of the side effects have been weight gain, acne and I forget the other one. But that doesn't sound that bad to me. If men don't like condoms, I think their pride will get in the way of them popping a pill. I am primarily thinking about promiscuous men. If women has to have a schedule to take the pills, dunno if promiscuous men will take the regime. I think this can totally help in preventing teen pregnancy but that will have to mean teenage boys have to start taking those pills and that may take decades... well this is just all speculation.

Friday, October 5

Unknown Hotties of the Week 10/8/07

Dani Pedrosa
22-year old Spaniard motorcycle racer.
Aqui para mas fotos!

Alex Smith
23-year old San Francisco 49er Quarterback
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Pushing Daisies Episode One Review

Wednesdays 8PM Eastern/7PM Central ABC

"Pushing Daisies" is about Ned (Lee Pace), a pie maker who at nine years old discovered he could bring the dead back to life. He figures out the rest of the rules in a horrible way. If whomever he revived, stays alive more than a minute, anyone else in close proximity dies. His dog dies, he revives him and a squirrel dies. His mother kills a fly, he brings the fly to life and his mom dies from a blood vessel popping in her brain. He brings her back to life, but his neighbor (the father of the girl he loves) dies. But there is just something worse. His mother kisses him good night and dies. Meaning that he touches whoever he brought back to life one more time, they are dead forever. Now in present time, he brings murder victims back to life to find out who killed them but only for a minute. With private detective
Emerson Cod (Chi McBride), they collect the reward money, which most often is attached to who had been killed.

What can I say? No words can accurately express how wonderful this show is. I will try, it is beautiful, imaginative, warm and full of promise. The show was created by Bryan Fuller, who also created "Wonderfalls," "Dead Like Me," and the pilot for "The Amazing Screw-On Head." It is also directed by Adam Kane and Barry Sonnenfeld, who directed the pilot and executive produced the live-action "The Tick." He also directed the two Men In Black movies and produced the upcoming Enchanted. It shows in its beautiful imagery that is not too showy and not off-putting, it reminds me a bit of Tim Burton's work. Even with its morbid subject matter, it is fun and optimistic. Chi McBride, who made up for "The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer" with "Boston Public," more than makes up for it as Ned's partner, who serves as Ned's conscience, in this one. The dialogue is crisp, maybe a bit too intelligent for average folk. Personally, I just love the dialouge. Lee Pace wonderfully plays Ned with exuberance and understandable lament, Ned is a man who chose not to touch anyone fearing he might loose them and as a result, many want to get close to him but he doesn't let them. Lee Pace has a way he makes things sound matter-of-factly. The narrator is a bit tacky but he grow on you, explaining every scenario and the pilot, if anything, definitely needed explaining. The complicated plot and other plot twists are made simple through the narrator and apt storytelling.

Above are Charlotte "Chuck" (Anna Fiel) and Olive Snook (Kristin Chenoweth), the two women in Ned's life. Olive Snook, works for Ned in his pie shop and lives next door. She gives his dog the much need affection he needs since Ned's touch would kill the dog. She has come on to him and can't understand why he won't get close to her. Chuck, Ned's lady love at 9, whose father died, was Ned's first and only kiss. Chuck was killed on a cruise and Ned's world spirals. He knows the risks but he lets her live longer than a minute--the crooked funeral director dies in consequence. Like Ned, Chuck has a unique story as well. She was raised by her two shut-in aunts and had to take care of them. Lily (Swoosie Kurtz) and Vivian (Ellen Greene) are her creepy and eccentric aunts, who used to be synchronized swimmers with a mermaid gimmick. Chuck was also forced to stay at home, so she read many many books dreaming of an adventure. Once she decides to go on cruise--which is free, taking some prized monkey trinkets for the tour office lady--and dies at the hands of a murder who suffocates his victims with a pink bag with a happy face on it. Every time the bag appears are pretty eerie.

The episode has a lot of names have repetitive themes such as the town he and Chuck lived in--Coeur d'Coeurs.
Chuck's aunts were the Darling Mermaid Darlings, and Boutique Travel Travel Boutique. There is a wonderful scene where Chuck is surprised she can't touch Ned, she asks, "Not even a kiss?" Ned gives her a face of 'are you kidding me?' which is classic Lee Pace, if such a thing would be known by the mainstream audience. So yeah, Chuck and Ned play the unrequited love with great something... I am out of words.

I just pray it won't get canceled and people will catch to it.

The Heartbreak Kid Review

Watching the trailer a few months ago, it would look like Ben Stiller was in a serious adult comedy, with his salt and pepper hair. Now that the movie is coming out, new promos on television slate it as your typical frat-brother-pleaser and that is pretty much what you get. Ben plays sadsack Eddie who after going to ex-fiancée's wedding and is teased by twins. Just playing, he tells the twins his last fictional wife was killed with an ice pick that comes back to bite him in the ass. He meets seemingly perfect Lila (Malin Akerman, who sounds like Cameron Diaz) when she is being mugged by a man who claims the bag 'is his.' Eddie should have seen his as a harbinger but he doesn't, he marries her when he fears he will loose her because of her job. On their honeymoon, every little thing bothers him about her. Her singing, her deviated septum, her wild whore-ish sex demands, and the fact that her job is actually a volunteering hobby. He then meets Miranda (Michelle Monaghan) and falls for her and classically doesn't tell her he is on his honeymoon. He befriends her family who are there for an annual wedding anniversary but, Miranda's cousin is understandably suspicious of Eddie.

Ben Stiller's father Jerry plays Doc, Eddie's father, who seems to be wearing leftover costumes from the movie Zoolander and Rob Corddry, is actually the only good thing in this movie as a pussy-whipped Mac. By half-way through the movie, Eddie gives up on Lila and is obsessed with Miranda, making the same mistakes again and never learns his lesson, even all the way to the end of the movie. We are also made to give up on Lila, who was focused on in the beginning and then suddenly is forgotten. The movie is full of cliches and does nothing to renovate them. Eddie tries to tell Miranda the truth but is interrupted (oooh) and then never tells her--oh my! All the things Eddie finds wrong with Lila except of course of the important tidbits she omits, like her singing and shit are not so bad. She wants to hold his hand and she swirls her finger around his nipple--doesn't sound bad to me but are his pet peeves. We are tricked to believe Ben Stiller is the decent guy but by the end, we see he is just as loony as he thinks his wife is.

For a movie that is billed as "A Comedy for Adults," it sure has a lot of children in it--those twins, I previously mentioned, are everywhere. Carlos Mencia, is in a forgettable role that can either be billed as stereotypical or typical of Mencia. He doesn't exactly take over much of the movie but one wishes Rod Corddry was more in it than he was.

Then at the end it says "Directed by the Farrely Brothers." I thought I knew everything about this movie and I didn't even know it was a Farrely Brothers movie. I thought they were really changing after "Fever Pitch," this movie seems like a week attempt at a serious indie flick but it still has the little Farrely quirks. If they went all the way with the craziness, it would have been better. Without knowing it was a Farrely Brothers, I would saw it was a sucky movie. Strangely, they usually have their brother-in-law Zen Gesner in the movie. The movie is apparently a remake of the 1972 film with Cybill Shepherd. The sex scenes are all right, funny and not too off-putting. The movie is funny but that's it. I wouldn't give it a second look.

Tuesday, October 2

Reaper Episode 2 Review

"Charged" - October 2, 2007
I didn't review the first episode of "Reaper," because lots of people did. Second episodes of new shows are always interesting for me. Sometimes they are 'fillers,' that are sometimes meaningless, just meant to fill in time. Some continue the story of the first. I feel they are completely different from the pilot. Unique and sometimes, not similar to the rest of the season. Most second episodes are written by other writers and never write other episodes.

The cast gels, Brett Harrison is awesome as Sam, endearing and cute. His sidekick Sock (Tyler Labine), like Entertainment Weekly says, you actually want to hang out with him. Tyler has played sidekicks a lot and in other 3 shows. Andi (Missy Peregrym), the love interest is actually likable as well. You can understand why Sam likes her. She is fun. One complaint: Ben (Ricky Gonzalez) is Hispanic and almost a 'red shirt'. For those that don't know, that is a Star Trek reference. Almost everyone with red shirts got killed. He got hurt and seriously burned in the first episode. Then in this episode, Sam says that 'somebody' ended up in the hospital. Ben's name was not even mentioned, in terms of him being the one that ended up in the hospital. Ben gets hurt once again in this episode---and still is on Sam's side and wants to continue fighting. Everyone has talked about Ray Wise as the Devil, the role is delightful. I was afraid he was going to be annoying but so far none are.

The series is like any superhero/sci-fi/fantasy show but much funnier and with a complicated plot made simple. To save his life, Sam's dad soul his first born's soul, thinking he wouldn't even have kids because the doctor told him so. What he didn't know was that the doctor was paid to lie to them by the Devil. So then Sam was born and when he became 21, he would be the Devil's bounty hunter for the rest of his life. The Devil threatens Sam's mom's life to do the job. So Sam lies to his mom telling him he is not working for the Devil anymore. What is cool is that Sam's friends Sock and Ben and his father know about his 'secret identity.' Interestingly enough, the Devil is not the one encouraging Sam to lie to his mother, it is his father--with a new car. Said car is then turned against him.

So for the second episode, Sam is not sure about his destiny. He avoids doing his bounty hunter job. The Devil convinces him like a father that sees potential in their son and encourages him with tough live. Cool things that remind me a bit of Beetlejuice, Sam gets transports (Vessel) for his prisoners in a creepy box that follows him. Also, when he finally has his prisoner trapped, he takes him to 'hell on Earth.' Like in the first episode, he went to the DMV, that reminded me of afterlife office Beetlejuice went to. Each Vessel is designed especially after each target, supposedly--their 'fighting' outfits change with each foe as well. The first one is a dirt devil, the second is a remote control car. Basically, regular stuff. In this second episode, the foe ('The Soul') is barely seen until halfway through the episode, which is interesting.

Beauty and the Geek Season 4 Ep 3 Review

Tonight, the challenge for the Beauties was spotting out organs on human bodies and for the Geeks, making a romantic basket. The power couple Will and Rebecca win both challenges, while Rebecca starts a making out/hanging out thing with Sam. The others believe Rebecca is becoming distracted with Sam and others feel Will is abusing his power. Rebecca proved she was smart when it came to her challenge and her choices to eliminate. She was also very astute when it came to admitting that she was distracted. Sam was cocky in thinking Rebecca wouldn't eliminate him.

I love Hollie, she is the best. Not because she is nerdy but she is so smart and witty. Hollie is so smart, in the IQ test in the first episode, she was impressive. When the girls are talking about Rebecca and Sam being together, one girl said Rebecca must be hearing the sound of little birds and then Hollie said "The sound of condoms are breaking off for Sam." After Rebecca picks her to the elimination round, Hollie said how Rebecca was more concerned with making out with Sam, that jests, "I should have been sleeping with her." Rebecca said Hollie was already smart and Josh was already charming and hot. I agree with that, but he hasn't really shown it in any of the rounds. In the elimination round, both beauties got everything right. It was amazing.

I was so torn for the first time in an elimination round because I liked Hollie a lot and also Jessie and Josh. It is so sad to see Hollie and Josh leave. Hollie definitely learned a lot, Josh maybe needed to learn a little bit more. Hollie says she feels like a different person, I don't think she changed but maybe she will trust her brain more.

Monday, October 1

Sexual Content: Wiki After Dark

When you think there was just enough Wikipedias out there... the Star Wars Wikipedia, Muppet Wiki, Harry Potter Wiki, and Transformers Wiki... there Wikipedia to find out about Rim Jobs and Enemas.

No Wonder: Eve

The other day I was listening to the radio and the DJ called the rapper Eve a one hit wonder and played her hit song "Let Me Blow Your Mind" with Gwen Stefani. Her fourth studio album "Here I am" will debut October 16, her first single "Tambourine" was released in April, probably that DJ did not notice. I am not a big fan but I appreciate she is one of few female rappers that are successful and known. There is now only like Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah hasn't rapped in years. Eve's UPN TV Series ended in May of 2006 when UPN folded.

Pick your Battles... Lucy, daughter of the devil

It is surprising what the Christian Rite chooses to 'rabble rabble' (fight) about. Usually when something on television upsets them, they boycott it. "Lucy, Daughter of the Devil," a computer-animation series that started a few weeks before on Adult Swim has plenty to get upset about. It is sort funny, some parts of it is hit or miss. There is plenty to get upset about. It is about the Devil, his daughter Lucy and Jesus is a DJ. Satan has a Devil's Advocate called Becky with is a woman with a skull head and hair. Jesus is referred to as DJ J and in one episode, a dildo is made of him and in tonight's episode, he writes a book about having a relationship with Lucy and kisses women he auditions. Satan has a club, Lucy is the bartender and their relationship is like the typical father and twenty-something daughter relationship. He wants to be proud of her. Satan wears Cosby sweaters and basically considers his 'work' as actual work. Jesus is portrayed as a 'cool guy,' a little out of it. I don't think Lucy and Jesus' relationship was shown, maybe I wasn't paying attention. In the show, there is also a 'comic relief' goofy group of a priest and a man-ish nun. The show is just absurd.