Wednesday, September 26

Dirty Sexy Money First Episode Review

"Dirty Sexy Money"
Wednesday 10pm

I did not expect to like this show. I thought it was going to obnoxious, the characters are a bit but its okay.

Peter Krause plays a other respectable honest guy, a bit better than his "Six Feet Under" character. You can actually like him this time. He plays Nick, whose father's life was all the rich family The Darling's whims. They are seriously screwed up rich people who need constant attention. He practically grew up along side them but some resented him, namely Brian (Glenn Fitzgerald), who is a priest who refuses to claim his son. William Baldwin, plays the oldest Patrick, who is the District Attorney and has a thing for trannies. Jeremy (The go-to screwed up guy Seth Gabel from "Nip/Tuck") is the young one and most misunderstood by his father. He has a coke dealer but is well meaning. He is extremely close to Juliet ("The O.C." Samaire Armstrong), who is basically a Paris-caricature but she plays her with honesty. Nick has a past with Karin (Natlaie Zea), who is still not over him and all over him.

Zoe McLellan plays Nick's wife Lisa, who like Nick, isn't fond of the Darlings but when Nick is offered the job by Tripp Darling (Donald Sutherland)---she is okay with it. Even though they know what it will entail, Nick as their lawyer/publicist is their babysitter--they still dive into it, like a deal with he devil. Donald offers Nick a boat load of money. Surprise, surprise, Donald is actually caring in this one, he doesn't come off as a prick. Jill Clayburgh ("Nip/Tuck", "Ally Mcbeal") is a great pick as the mother. Even though Nick and Lisa know things won't be great, they still dive into it. So do we, everything is a bit practicable but the show is hilarious and enthralling. The 'serious' stuff doesn't bog down the show, which is a good. Like all these screwed-up dysfunctional families, you can tell they actually care about each other. One of the exec producers is Greg Berlanti, also responsible for "Brothers & Sisters," but the show doesn't feel like it. It feels more like a The Royal Tenenbaums/"Nip/Tuck hybrid with a "Boston Legal" overlay.