Friday, January 28

My Little Pony first Allicorn?!

I have been hoping and praying for an Alicorn in My Little Pony. In the history of My Little Pony, there has only be 'Earth Ponies,' 'Pegasus' and 'Unicorns.' And that was it. Never anything else. Not even a Pegasus with a horn or a Unicorn with wings, which some call Alicorn. For 28 years of the franchise (1982), there has never been an Alicorn (except for a mistake Sunbow did to Baby Surprise for the 80's cartoon--she was a Pegasus and they accidentally put a horn). So to my surprise, there is one in the McDonalds Happy Meal, her name is princess Celestia.

A Princess Celestia toy, the prototype of which appeared in a business magazine in June of 2010, was released in December 2010. She also came in the package above with other little ponies.

It seems she is pretty much, a big deal as she is a 'princess' and has a crown.

Above she is white in a cartoon. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a Canadian/American Flash animated series, which is currently airing on The Hub effective October 10, 2010

There also seems to be NightMare Moon, another alicorn, an evil one, I don't know if a toy came out yet.

This is her true form, Princess Luna.

Check out the FiM wiki

Bobby Moynihan should play Taco Bell President Greg Creed on SNL

Taco Bell President Greg Creed above with Ken and Barbie. Creed has come around because of the debate over Taco Bell not having Beef. I think Saturday Night Live, if they do a sketch about this, should use Bobby Moynihan as Greg Creed. He could totally played him. Many like his take on Snooki.

bobby moynihan

Saturday, January 22

Robert Downey Jr. to star in 'Peabody and Sherman'

Robert Downey Jr., who recently gave the iconic Mr. Peanut a voice for the first time, has signed on to lend his distinguished pipes to the DreamWorks animated project, to be directed by Rob Minkoff in time for a 2014 release. “Certainly for Boomers, they’re in the sweet spot of our childhood animation memories, but beyond there it gets a little bit, well, not quite as familiar,” says director Rob Minkoff (The Lion King). I think this is the first time Dreamworks has adapted an existing animated project. "He is Sherlock Holmes, who's the world's smartest detective, and Tony Stark, the world's most brilliant inventor," Minkoff says. "He exhibits all the qualities we're trying to instill in Mr. Peabody." No other cast decisions such as Sherman, Peabody's 'boy' hasn't been announced as of yet.


Interesting fact on Disney's Family Tree and Elbridge Gerry

There is a segment that airs during commercials called "My Family Tree" on the Disney Channel. Two children travel to find where their ancestor from their father's side, Elbridge Gerry, lived. Elbridge Gerry was an American statesman, diplomat and Vice-President to the USA. When the question of slavery came before Congress, Col. Isaac Coles of Virginia voted to abolish the practice of slavery, while his brother-in-law Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts voted to retain the same. "In his time there were not many who openly opposed slavery and he was no different, slavery was an unfortunate way of life back then." So basically he did not want to abolish slavery. The two kids' father is named after him and he is White, but their mother is Black and they look more like their mother, their skin color is similar. I think it is a quirky thing about the times, how they change. And maybe a bit ironic. Of course, the segment is short and doesn't mention slavery or how Gerry felt about it. I doubt the Disney Channel would bring it up otherwise in this sort of context.

Monday, January 17

Ricky Gervais Burns a whole bridge

The vampire tooth former fatty but still looks fat British comedian Ricky Gervais --- that repeats 'right.' and 'really?' over and over again --- insulted his way through the whole Golden Globes. I usually love the show but I quit and changed the station mid-way through the show, because just depressed from all the insults, it was just in bad taste to go so far.

It was challenging to keep track of all the celebrities and institutions that Ricky Gervais insulted during his second year as Golden Globes host. But here's a partial list: Charlie Sheen, Cher, Johnny Depp, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Hurley from "Lost," Heather Mills, Bruce Willis, Scientology, Hugh Hefner, Hugh Hefner's fiancee, Sandra Bullock and Tim Allen. Gervais’ biting lines were scattered at various stars (and movies like The Tourist), with not everyone taking kindly to the treatment. Bruce Willis seemed miffed to be called the father of Ashton Kutcher, Robert Downey Jr. seemed to take slight umbrage about his rehab past (before going into his own salacious and super speech), etc.

Wednesday, January 12

Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray Review

The movie is great and the DVD is great too, with lots of information, ideas and explanations. The Blu-Ray/DVD combo comes with FOUR discs. One disc is the digital copy, one is the regular DVD (no director's commentary on that), the Blu-Ray is just the movie (with three small cute videos), and the extras on the second disc. The Extras Disc is the one that has two Director's Commentary and lots and lots of extras, jam pack. If you are not familiar with the past two Toy Story re-issues, that has this cute 3 to 5 minute stories (Studio Stories) with drawings that are more or less true story. Two of the feautrettes in the DVD disc and Blu-Ray disc are repeated in the Extras disc. The Directors' Commentary has Lee Unkrich and Darla K. Anderson. The director Lee Unkrich expresses that he wished he had more hours to express more stuff. Darla is the producer, she mostly tells of inside info of little small things in the movie people should keep their eyes out.

In the commentary, Lee does confirm the cameo of Sid, the trash guy--who is wearing the same skull shirt. The Extras are split up by 'Family Fun' and stuff for extreme fans and other stuff. But check it out! Check them out because there ARE THESE AWESOME commercial videos. These are faux commercials for Lotso the bear, made by Pixar and they are to look like real 80's commercials. I do not know how they did it. They look like those commercials recorded off the VHS on YouTube. In the Behind-The -Scenes of the Lotso commercials, they don't reveal much on the technological aspect, but really just some stuff on the shooting with kids, with a small glimpse at use of a portable green screen. Actually the DVD extras has a lot about Lotso, on how they made toy bears to help animate the character for the animators.

Piranha 3-D

Piranha 3D came out in theaters this summer, but on Blu-Ray and DVD today. I hadn't seen it, it is a remake. There is plenty of jump out of your face gimmicks that when not in theaters in 3D, it just looks ridiculous on regular TV. The plot to the movie is basically like a Syfy Channel Saturday movie. Prehistoric piranhas ruin Spring Break for porn director (Jerry O'Connell), a young teenager Jake (Vampire Diaries' Steven R McQueen), and his sheriff mother (Elizabeth Shue comeback). Elizabeth Shue should have done something better. While the movie started out like a SyFy movie but when the Piranhas come in and eat everyone up, it amps up, with really great graphics and extreme gore.

Buckets of blood were used in this movie. There are some good deaths, but unfortunately most of them are women. I like it when it is a decent ratio, when men get real good on-screen deaths, but most of theirs are off-screen. Nude women get the majority of the big deaths. Jerry O' Connell's character is just a big jerk like in all these horror movies and his bottom half is eaten out. His character's severed penis are all flung out of the screen. Adam Scott (Party Down and Parks and Recreation) gets a small part as a dude who helps the Sherriff but acts like an action star, swinging unto a speed boat and jumping into another boat. There is a cameo by Richard Dyrfus from Jaws fame in the beginning of the movie and a memorable cameo by Christopher Lloyd, which is just hilarious. Also in two instances where men go to women for help, they call them bitches or whores and then are then eaten.

The freights are what to be expected, just to startle you and the gore is just gore-a-licious. Some good moments. The movie is not horrible, it is really what you would expect out of these movies and even though the script isn't self-aware, the actors sure are, they take it lightly as they should. Jessica Szhor (Gossip Girl, above) is vibrant in her role as Jake's love interest. As for shirtless guys, we got Jerry O' Connell, Steven R McQueen, Adam Scott and other Spring Breakers. As for nude women, plenty of them, but not Jessica, sorry dudes. Oh yeah, and even though there are children in the movie, it doesn't mean the movie is for children, way too traumatizing even for the toughest kid. And the ending was ruined by a trailer, but pretty much leaves it open to a sequel. The Blu-Ray comes with deleted storyboards, deleted scenes and director's commentary. The commentary is interesting because the director is Alexandre Aja and French and his voice is very soothing.

Wednesday, January 5

"Modern Family" "Slow Down Your Neighbors" Episode Review

This show is incredible, believe the hype. This is one of the best episodes of the season, maybe the whole series. it had a great way of tying things together and making sense and not feel convoluted. The plot is that Clare is against a driver that speeds way too fast in their neighborhood (which was done before in "Malcolm int he Middle" and a large child-height speed bump), but it didn't end there, Phil's client is the driver! And he has to live a double life to keep them apart. On the other side, the hilarious but never given a chance to be funny handsome actor James Marsden plays Barry, who claims to be the new upstairs neighbor to Mitchell and Cam, but it turns out--SPOILER ALERT-Barry is homeless and living inside their daughter Lily's dollhouse.

Also on the side of Gloria and Clare and Cam's dad, he finds out that Gloria and Manny don't know how to ride a bike. Manny almost rode on a bike with training wheels. So it goes well with Manny but Gloria is a mistake, it is not easy to teach her. So, she goes to look for Phil... but he is busy with his deal, Luke the young crazy boy ends up teaching Gloria. Gloria says she needs someone nurturing, he starts out like that, but he then starts out with squirting her with a squirt gun. Yes, squirt gun! And it works! Right when Clare steals Gloria's bike to go chase the speeder, I forgot to mention that it was established that her fear was to be stolen. Anyway, it was really hilarious and smart episode.

Sunday, January 2

TV Shows about Young Witches/Wizards with more 'mature' intros

For the Fourth Season of 'Wizards of Waverly Place', there is a new intro sequence. The old sequence was more child-like, interactive and looked like it cost a lot to make it. The new one looked like it didn't cost as much, that it did cost a great amount of money but it wasn't as much as the last one. The first song was sung by Selena Gomez but the new one is a remix, a more club mix, which sounds a bit like Selena's band. This reminds me of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a sitcom that aired in the 90's on ABC and then later the WB with Melissa Joan Hart. The first sequence was just Sabrina, changing into different outfits. For the fourth season, it was changed to a club techno song with the whole cast in bubbles and other scenes in bubbles and the ending is very unbecoming of a sitcom, a very ominous mystical end.

I have a feeling Melissa Joan Hart was behind the change of her show's intro in the fourth season because she always wanted the show to be more mature, in the sixth season intro--in which she went to college, it showed her partying in a club---which rarely happened on the actual show. She even wanted the WB to change the name of the show to Sabrina, as Sabrina was no longer a teenager. Anyway, I think much like MJH, Selena was behind the change of the new intro, to show she's more mature and cool. But the show hasn't changed in mood as much from season 3, maybe from the first season but not as mature as the intro suggests. Who exactly do they think theya re selling with this intro? The show is for kids, not club kids. Anyhoo, I find it curious that both new sequences have the casts in circles (Bubbles and Crystal Balls). Judge yourself:

First Intro to 'Wizards of Waverly Place':

New Intro to 'Wizards of Waverly Place':

First, Second, and Third Season Intro to "Sabrina the Teenage Witch":

Fourth Season Intro to "Sabrina the Teenage Witch":