Monday, September 10

My Boys Season Finale Review

I love the show "My Boys," but I was skeptical with the season finale that it would be super dramatic or anything, or there would be something to wrap up. But there was plenty. This season finale was actually pretty good, compared to the last season finale. When P.J. thinks she didn't have a guy to take on her trip to Italy with her girlfriend, three perfect men she had circumstances with throughout the year, she is given three. The cute Cubs guy Matt (Travis Schuldt from "Scrubs"), a man that makes her fall to her knees Thorn ("Kidnapped" and "Six Feet Under" Jeremy Sisto) and a new guy botanist Evan ("Special Unit 2" and "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" Michael Landes). Even though it could be a bit predictable, it was a good episode because she definitely was given some great choices. Then there is who is chose... In a familiar place, she feels she is stood up when she asked the guy to come on the plane and he is not there. But she was told the guy was there and upgraded her to first class and she saw him, we didn't and neither did Stephanie.

I think she picked Thorn.