Saturday, September 8

My Predictions for the Fall

I am almost never wrong when it comes to what show will survive and which show will. Sometimes if I can't remember the show, it will definitely not see the day. Like "Heist," "Kidnapped" or "Vanished." Some that I wished to survive like "Boomtown" or "Wonderfalls" never did. Some shows never air like the "O'Keefes." Some shows surprise me that they are even back like "Rules of Engagement" with David Spade. And one show I was excited about last season was "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip" and once I saw the first episode, I was disgusted and bored and never saw it again.

Okay, so here are my predictions:

ABC's "Cavemen", canceled. That's it. That's when I think canceling is a good thing, like what they did to "Freddie."

"Aliens in America" from the CW, about a Pakistani exchange student coming to middle America. Just from the promo, it looks horrible. Are we still xenophobic after 7 years? Entertainment Weekly magazine, which I respect, gave its seal of approval but it can be 'iffy' ground. I don't care if it offends but if it is just plain tacky and stereotypical, it can come off as a horrible cartoon pastiche.

CW's "Reaper" could definitely be a breakout hit, I can see it being a cult following but maybe as popular as "Smallville," maybe it will get more respect than Smallville through the fanboys but not much with like Lost-caliber or Emmy-wise of course, but I don't think that's the audience they are gunning for. Jimmy Smitts finally gets his own series, in a prominently Hispanic cast in CBS' "Cane," let's see how that goes. But again, they are suppose to be Cuban and probably only 2 of the main cast has Cuban heritage.

ABC's "Pushing Daisies" from Brian Fuller who made my beloved "Wonderfalls" and the well-loved "Dead Like Me," may just be a cult favorite. (same goes for "Moonlight.") I definitely am excited about it, I think it is must see. But unfortunately, it has all the flavors of being canceled. I am just hoping it will be a killer DVD. If it does get picked up second season, I will be kissing ABC's feet. If I was ABC, I would pair it up with "Men In Trees" on Fridays.

"Private Practice" and "Bionic Woman" are iff-y for me. I don't know, they could go either way. Same goes for "Journeyman." "Journeyman" has the luck of being paired with "Heroes," it will remind people of "Early Edition" and "The Dead Zone" and I think that may succeed. As for "Private Practice," I hope it comes up strong because it has the danger of being forgettable. And changing one of the main characters and barely having the new actress in any of the publicity is a bit shady. And Creator Shonda Rhimes could be in danger of being pulled in different directions, being in charge of 2 shows. Joss Whedon was accused of it in 2002 when "Firefly," "Angel," and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" all where on the air at the same time.

Also canceled for me would be "Back to You" (sick of it already) and "Dirty Sexy Money." "Dirty Sexy Money" seems too niche for me, it might turn people off. Well, some shows I wished were canceled never were. Look at "Til Death," hasn't died yet.

And "Samantha Who?" which premieres in mid-October, who knows. I wish the best for Christina Applegate, I loved her show "Jessie" but we'll see can get pass this all.

As for returning shows, I love "Friday Night Lights" and I hope it finally finds an audience on its namesake night Friday. For once in years, the networks serve up good shows on a Friday. Shows I am not worried about are "Supernatural" and "How I met your mother." But once again, "Medium" and "The New Adventures of Old Christine" are no where to be seen. Both will back in mid-season, which is not a bad thing anymore. "Lost" is also coming mid-season. Networks now lean on powerhouse shows to fill in for those shows they consider had 'failed.' But let me tell you, last season's canceled shows definitely had a higher rate of being liked than ever before. Network execs just have to learn to let shows percolate.