Monday, February 27

The Wuzzles Cameos

UPDATED 6/19/14
The Wuzzles was a Disney animated series in the 1985 and it was made along with Gummi Bears and I know how much fans love Gummi Bears. For one reason or another, Gummi Bears suceeded and Wuzzles didn't. Wuuzles only made it to 13 episodes. One factor was that Wuzzles was on CBS and Gummi Bears was on ABC. One season later, Wuzzles moved to ABC (which was eventually sold to Disney) for reruns, and disappeared from network television after that. They made lots of Merchandise, party supplies, toys and even costumes and they have been popping up lately...
In a recent T-Mobile commercial, Bumbelion (the lead Wuzzle) has a jersey on and like a mascot.
Butterbee was a girl Wuzzle and she appeared last year in an episode of "Sonny With A Chance" which is now called "So Random." Anyway, one fan online thought it was a knock-off but since the Wuzzles were made by Disney and owned by Disney and Sonny With A Chance is also owned by Disney, it makes sense.

Rick Gonzalez dressed as Eleroo in the movie Old School during a birthday party. Thanks to mousepaws for the picture.,,161865,00.html

Tuesday, February 21

Glee is so predictable!

When I saw Quinn texting and everyone waiting for her when Rachel and FInn getting married, I knew Quinn was going to have an accident. And boom, at the end, yes, she got a hit by a car. I am so angry.

Tuesday, February 14

Glee pays tribute Whitney Houston not on purpose

For the Valentine's Day Glee Episode, they decided for Amber Riley (Mercedes) to sing the Whitney Houston version of "I Will Always Love You" before she died. Amber Riley met her Thursday before she died. The sequence is just beautiful and has nothing to do with Whitney dying because it was planned and taped before her untimely death. It was just a coincidence. But they did add a card that said they loved Whitney Houston and has the dates at the end of the episode.
"I didn't need her to take a picture with me. I didn't need an autograph. The fact that she even acknowledged that I was standing there was enough for me.
I was very broken up [when I heard]. My dad actually called me and told me. He was like, 'Are you driving because I'll need you to pull over' because he knows how much I love Whitney Houston." - Amber Riley