Sunday, September 16

Initial Reaction to Ryan Seacrest and the round set

I don't like this round set. It is not because it is strange and different, but it is just very awkward when Ryan Seacrest introduced all the people seated around him, from each show. The next person he had come up was Ray Romano, who apparently is doing standup (he actually there for Best Supporting actor for comedy). The round set has the guest have to walk around to face the different sides, it is annoying to the camera. Ray says, "I feel like I am disrespecting the people behind me." Ryan's jokes, as always, are not funny. Especially the one where he was suppose to sing and then said he wasn't. We are thankful you are not singing!

Update 10:57pm EST: Even James Spader said, "I've been to a lot of concerts and these are the worst seats I've ever had."