Saturday, October 31

Marvel Super Hero Squad

I have seen two episodes of Marvel Super Hero Squad, they are based on the toys, of the mini Marvel heroes. Spider-Man is absent from this series, it is for the under 7 set and clearly looks likes. Iron Man is the leader and the roster mainly contains Captain America, Hulk, Falcon, Thor, Silver Surfer and Wolverine. The bad guys are led by Fantastic Four's main villain Doctor Doom, green amphibian Abomination and a squeaky voiced MODOK (giant floating head with little arms and legs). One episode I saw had a young rookie named Reptil (not created for the show--he's one of the latest characters from The Avengers) and the episode was pretty juvenile. There is not a lot of female heroes, they might guest for one episode but not part of the whole roster. In one episode, Mystique (voiced by Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles' own Lena Headey!!!) comes in disguised as Black Widow of S.H.I.E.L.D. and 'mystifies' the boys, except for Silver Surfer and Hulk in order to infiltrate the crew. It was a great episode, it was really smart episode and flipped on its head the 'clone spy' episode with 'femme fatale' episode. The villains also rotate, in this episode Screaming Mimi was present and looked like a clown.

The voices of the main heroes are stereotypical: Thor speaks old school viking, Captain America speaks like a 30's superhero, Hulk smash, and so on. Marvel is known for their strong women characters, it is shame they aren't highlighted in this series. Clearly this series is aimed toward boys. The producers have a lot of Marvel characters at their disposal--from Fantastic Four, X-Men, the Avengers, etc. Some of the characters don't even have toys yet--Enchantress is yet to be released and Screaming Mimi doesn't have one at all, so interesting she is on the show. Some of the guest voices are shown above. Interesting enough, Shawn Ashmore who played Iceman in the X-Men movies will play Iceman's voice on this show. James Marsters (Spike of Buffy) will play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic and Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn of Buffy) will play Valkyrie in one episode. An annoying part is when they 'Hero up,' it is useless. This show and a couple of other new shows on Cartoon Network make its Saturday Morning line-up very vibrant.

Friday, October 30

Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) cameos on Medium

In tonight's episode on CBS October 30th, 2009, Cassandra Peterson cameoed as Patricia Arquette's character Alison DuBbouis but dressed as Elvira and looking good at 58 (she became so on September 17)!

Sugar Daddy Ken

Ah dios, Ken has looked like a 90's gay man, has had a beard (other than Barbie) that you could 'shave off,' a prince, a groom, and now Ken is a Floridian with a fake tan. Inspired by Palm Beach and with a dog named 'Sugar,' Sugar Daddy is a reference to the dog, meaning he is the dog's father. And that is after Barbie broke up with him and hooked up with another doll.

NY Post

What is a Comptroller?

We've heard it on the Simpsons, and now the guy opposing Bloomberg for New York mayor is a comptroller. A comptroller is a person who supervises accounting and financial reporting within an organization. A controller is an accountant in a business who oversees accounting and the implementation and monitoring of internal controls. In the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, a controller or financial controller is a senior position within most companies. Basically they are in charge of the money. The term comptroller evolved in the 15th century through a blend of the Middle English countreroller (someone who checks a copy of a scroll, from the French contreroule "counter-roll, scroll copy") and the French compte ("an account"), thus creating a title for a comptroller who specializes in checking financial ledgers. This etymology explains why the name is pronounced identically to "controller" despite the unique spelling.

Thursday, October 29

Project Runway Season Six Episode 11 Review

This week they should have kicked out both Gordana and Logan. Gordana nodded way too much when Heidi told her what was wrong with her dress. Oh my god, Gordana should have been kicked out first. Logan, I have accused him not being kicked out because he is so cute, hot in those pants and so cute. Logan, honey, you didn't get kicked out because of taking a risk. It was tasteless and not well-portion. If you are attracted to women, study their bodies better. You are a boring designer. Rock can be boring if you see it too much. So now that there is five designers, are we finally going to get kicked out. From the preview, it is sounding that Christopher still hasn't learned his lesson, still crying and not putting a fresh eye on his crap. Think about how they are going to make fun of it and make it better. And Gordana, think fun, and fresh, stop being so drab. No, she can't help it, but I think Logan can change. And Logan was bitching too much on the other Designers right before he left.

Gay Halloween Boasting in NBC Thursday night

The shows on tonight's NBC shows have been boasting about gay Halloween parties. The annoying teenage girl on "Parks and Rec" said gay parties are better, saying it with her bi boyfriend (who dressed as a 'straight guy' and looked just like one of the main characters) and his gay boyfriend. Then on "30 Rock," the straight guy writers Toofer, Lutz and Frank wanted to go to a gay halloween party in order to score with the hot straight women. I've been to a couple of 'gay' Halloween parites, and they are not as different as 'straight' ones, just I get to make out more.

Monday, October 26

Glee gets 22 full episodes this season

Fox has ordered a full 22 episodes from Glee, meaning there will be 13 more episodes to look forward to. Usually when there is a new show, it gets 13 initial episodes but most seasons are 22 episodes (except for "24" which is 24 each obviously). So it has now been ordered for a full season. Entertainment Weekly reports that the plan for the last episodes is that they will go against one school and the producers say have a 3-year plan, so after that, they can go for State and then nationals and hopefully, after other countries. The producers say that they spoke to FOX and they say it is okay, they joke they will go after 'Russia.' I would say China. Some people have complained that "Glee" is not creative and has perpetuate stereotypes (sassy black girl, effeminate gay boy, etc.) but I find this as a satire/farce, they are more than that. They might start as those archetypes but they are more than that. For example, Kurt (the gay guy) has been allowed to be a football player. And I love how most of the boys don't know the definition of most big words, it's cute.

Saturday, October 24

James Ellis in Hitler's Blood Oath

I was watching the History Channel's "Hitler's Blood Oath" and in the first few minutes they showed a shirtless white man, model James Ellis as the 'Aryan' example. It is a chilling documentary, so those who can't stand the neo-nazis and skin heads, I suggest not to watch this program. He also appears at the 44 minute mark (with commercials withstanding), in tattoos and doing boxing and looking menacing and with the swastika on his back.

Friday, October 23

Good Dollhouse Season 2 Episode

Fourth Episode of Season 2, great episode! It was written by actress/writer Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon (Joss' brother). It was a Sierra episode, an origin story and guest starred the sexy and talented Vincent Ventresca ("Invisible Man"). It tells the story of an Australian artist Priya, picked up and seduced by a rich doctor (Ventresca) and she rebuked his advances. He set up an art gallery show with a bunch of dolls, since he was the friend of the owner of the Dollhouse. He couldn't have her so he drugged her to make her seem crazy, put her in an insane asylum. She was then turned into a doll named Sierra. So the doctor kept engaging with her, the only one to take her as a doll. Basically raping her. And Topher gets his first moral dilemma. Well, watch the full episode on

Thursday, October 22

Project Runway Season Six Episode 10 Review

Thank god Nicholas is out!!! I have been so waiting for him to be kicked out. Christopher has been in the bottom three eliminations in a row, his ex-model even said he should be kicked out. He had such a sad puppy face when he was on the bottom two, Nicholas was okay about it. I think Christopher will go out by next week judging by his shocked face. Logan might be out too, it's between the two. I am turning around about Gordana, but I think the top 3 will be Irina, Carol Hannah and Althea. Althea has not faltered, maybe not hit the mark but hasn't been in the bottom. Mila J. was a great judge! She should be a guest judge more often! She was really funny when she said if the show was called 'Project' Logan would win it.

Elizabeth Hasselback the 'rebel'

Today on "The View," the women hosts including Barbara Walters wore dark clothing, almost black, for Halloween. Joy wore dark blue, Whoopie wore black, Barbara and Sherri wore dark brown but breeder Elizabeth, ever the 'rebel' and has just given birth, wore bright pink.

Wednesday, October 21

WWE Smackdown commercial runs during Pro Wrestling themed South Park Ep

Tonight there was an episode of South Park spoofing Pro Wrestling and their audience--rednecks believing all the drama is real and then they air a WWE video game commercial? Either WWE didn't know about this and let it air or they knew about the episode and was cool about it. I hope it was the latter.

Also, I don't know South Park knew this, but Kenny's wrestling name was Boy-O Loco, which sounds like Bollo Loco---Bollo is a slang term for vagina. Maybe they did know.

I discover the Skelanimals

At Target stores, they are featuring these cutie Skelanimals. The copyright says 2008, I guess they have been around for a while. There is clothing and stuff animals. Art Impressions' site says that their demo is pre-teens, collectors, Girls 6-13 and chridren ages 4-6. The Keep the Party Alive - EP is an EP by the Rock/Crunk band Family Force 5 that is exclusive to the store Target to promote the Halloween merchandise for Skelanimals. This EP was announced on the band's MySpace and by their premium fan club on September 9th which included a CGI promo video with the band's song "Keep the Party Alive" playing during it. What is disturbing is their stories on how they became Skelanimals.

Sample poem:
Kit had a head bigger than her body.
The laughs she endured rang all through the lobby.
Looking at the pool she would see her reflection.
Wishful thinking for her water friend connection.
She slipped and fell as she looked nearer.
No more laughter and jokes would she hearrr….


Taran Killam is with Robin from How I Met Your Mother?

Taran Killam and Cobie Smulders have had a baby, born in May. They have been engaged last January. Cobie is best known as Robin in How I Met Your Mother and Taran was the youngest member of "MadTV." He has currently been seen on "Scrubs" but he was in Nick shows like "The Amanda Show" and "Drake & Josh" and was in the internet sensation "Nobody's Watching" with Paul Campbell. This is the first I heard of them being together.

Sunday, October 18

Aqua's "Barbie Girl" song used for actual Barbie commercials

Back when the "Barbie Girl" song came out by Aqua in the late 90's, Mattel was mad and sued them, but Aqua won. The song said stuff like "undress me everywhere" and "plastic bimbo girl." So now Mattel is using their own version of the song for their commercials and also for the Pink Ticket contest promos. They only use the parts that say "come on Barbie, let's go party" and they change the lyrics to match with the Pink Ticket stuff. It turns out that it was no fluke. Barbie Senior Vice President of Marketing, Stephanie Cota says. “Yes, there’s an interesting history with Mattel and Aqua. But one of the things that’s great about Barbie is that she’s had 50 years to figure herself out. ” The song “is such the epitome of Barbie. It’s a fun, kicky upbeat song,” she added. “We’ve re-written the lyrics ever so slightly. There’s a bit of girl empowerment that gets infused in there.”

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Thursday, October 15

What Up to Change the Game

GOP's website blog was first called "What Up" is now "Change the Game." No comment.

Project Runway Season Six Episode Nine review

The challenge was to make a Bob Mackey-inspired dress with glitz and glam for Christina Aguilera on stage. Carol Hannah was a surprise, I liked her dress, she was not crazy about it, because she is not used to glitz and glamor. Irina was a total bitch about Carol Hannah, and Nicholas, who is also a bitch, said on the show that Irina is a great designer but a bitch. It's ironic since Nicholas poo poos on other people. It was so funny that Irina was just excused and passed, she was neither on the bottom nor on the top. Hilarious! Gordana had immunity and had a break down and was told by Heidi Klum that she would had been eliminated. Tim Gunn was totally harsh on them all and I liked what he said to Nicholas, that his dress was a clone of his winning Ice Queen dress and he did change it enough and the gang didn't notice it. They liked his dress, I hate that it was white.

I wish Logan ran with his dress, Logan has been safe and has been in the bottom and I can now literally say he has skimmed by before because he is handsome. Christopher... third time you are out!!! Come on, what is happening? First with a pumpkin dress, then the trash bag and now, this weird "The Littles" dress with giant buttons. Very tasteless. Christopher takes this stuff way too personal. If he did mention that he was in the bottom twice, so then the editor didn't put it in and I think we needed it, to know at least he was acknowledging this in his design process but it seems he didn't. He just kept going with his blinders on and having no formal fashion education is not an excuse. And Judge Nina hasn't been on the show a lot and it surprises me she knows who the designers are and what they did if she has been absent. Please, we want Nina and Kohrs back next season all season! But it was great having Bob Mackey and Christina as judges, they have so much to add and say.

And like last week, I didn't like Heidi's look this week. Last week she looked like a nurse in scrubs, this week she looked like Up-tight Corporate Bitch Barbie. Anyway, the winner was Carol Hannah (well deserved!!!)--I kind of knew she was gonna win since they focused more on her and her flirting with Logan in this episode and the kicked out one was Shirin. Shirin's fashions have been declining since a few episodes ago, I can't pin point it. But now for sure, we can tell who more or less will be the top three (more or less)... For sure Althea and Carol Hannah or Irina, with maybe either Nicholas or Christopher, it's hard to tell, they can fall either way. For sure, Gordana and Logan may be out soon. And like I said, with Christopher, he could be out as easily as that. Hey, the final 3 may be all women like last year! Who knows?

Park and Recreation Episode Five Review

"Sister City"
The episode with Fred Armisen, I wish I recorded it or could access but I am having problems with my flash, but the spanish they spoke and the subtitles did not correspond. To clarify, they said something different than what it said in the subtitles. They matched most of the time, but I think they changed last minute the audio.

No.... Obama Chia... no


Sunday, October 11

Family Guy's Different Porns

Family Guy seems to have a porn for everything, they are missing 'Deaf Porn.'

British Porn
"North by North Quahog"
Setup: Peter is watching it in a hotel.
Cutaway: The British man is on top of the woman and says 'almost, almost, done.' And then she says 'well done.'

Jewish Porn
"Padre De Familia"
Setup: "We are gonna patrol the borders, and keep this town as clean as a jewish porno." -Peter
Cutaway: A dressed man and woman on their bed, the man tells the woman all the money and stuff he has. She says they will have sex at some point.

Senior Citizen Porn
"Boys Do Cry"
Setup: Chris says something is kinkier than Senior Citizen Porn.
Cutaway: An old man comes to an old woman and she asks if he has new slacks.

Silent Movie Porn
"Road to Germany"
Setup: Where Brian says this sort of porn is irresponsible.
Cutaway: We see a man and woman in black and wight in bed and then title card.

Wheelchair Porn
"Cool Hand Peter"
Setup: Joe talking. No cutway, just says wheels mash into each other.

Wanda Sykes gets a Late Night Talk Show but only on Saturdays?

The Wanda Sykes Show premieres November 7th, a Saturday. The Spike Feresten Talk Show has been canceled and the Wanda Sykes Show is to replace Spike and MADtv. Everyone is talking about she is the first Black person to have a late night talk show since Arsenio Hall in 1994. But the Arsenio Hall show was on weeknights. The Wanda Sykes show will only be in Saturday... why can't FOX have the balls to put the show weekly. And come on, since she is a Lesbian, come on, its a sure deal if the show is weekly, because Lesbian talk show hosts have a good track record. And just being on Saturdays, might just have her disappear.

Friday, October 9

Eh? Yellow Fleshed Playboy?

Ay, Caramaba! Madre de Dios! Dios Mio! What the hell? Marge Simpson, the queen of the soccer moms (Lisa plays soccer), will grace the cover of the November Issue of Playboy magazine. Simpson will appear naked in a three-page pictorial according to Hugh Hefner. Is this for real? Will she really be naked naked? Like with nipples and a vag? Did Matt Groening approve them? Knowing the fellas at the Simpsons, they might cover her naughty parts.

TV Guide

Thursday, October 8

Project Runway Season Six Episode Eight Review

What was Heidi Klum wearing? She looked like a doctor, like she had scrubs on. I am surprised by Gordana, she really did make a beautiful great dress. And wow! She won! Shirin had a stressful situation and her client was horrible nightmare and I am glad to turned out fine. And for Irina, even though she is bitchy, the dress she did was beautiful so the boost from winning twice really has helped her. Great that Irina didn't win yet another challenge. Poor Christopher! He failed twice, he needs to look far from his dress and say--what will it be compared to? Let me stay away from this. Last time he brought out a Pumpkin dress and now a garbage bag. The men failed at this challenge, they just didn't get it, most men fail at making clothes that flatters a woman's body. You gotta make women feel sexy and not make them look bad! Forget your damn 'aesthetic!' And Logan, grow some balls man! A freaking shock he didn't get kicked out, he should have been kicked out. Epperson was not that bad, I think Logan's outfit was worse. Epperson did get pretty far and had a positive attitude and wish him the best.

The Office - Pam and Jim Wedding Review

Great EPISODE!!!!!! Hilarious!!!! Very very funny and touching and beautiful. I'm not going to spoil it, watch it, watch it! The ending is touching, sweet and well done, I'm glad the whole cast joined in the fun. And I liked the moments of Pam's family.

Suprise Hits, comedies back for ABC

ABC struck gold with their comedy Wednesdays, finding funny hits in "Modern Family" at 9pm, about a kooky family made of two gay fathers with a Korean baby, a 'regular' family that is dysfunctional and their father is married to a younger mother; "Cougar Town" at 9:30, Courtney Cox as a mother trying to get her love life back together; "The Middle" which is a really funny comedy about a family of three in Indiana and fanatic mother within budgets. "Cougar Town" still needs a little help but the other two shows are really great and funny.

Wednesday, October 7

Martin the Geico Gecko

Adjab has a 'Quick History of the Geico Gecko.' Martin the Geico Gecko has been voiced by Kelsey Grammar (the stiff English accent), Richard Steven Horvitz (the voice in the Kung Fu Fighting spot), and Dave Kelly (the relaxed British-Aussie accent).

And then Jake Wood, English comedian and actor does it in a hybrid Cockney London style.

Ray Park, the British actor and stuntman (now on "Heroes" and Dath Maul in Star Wars Episode 1), is the current voice of the GEICO gecko from 2006 to now. In current commercials the gecko's accent is more working-class, perhaps in an effort to further "humanize" him.

Monday, October 5

Zombieland Movie Review

The comedy about a world dominated with zombies and with very little normal humans left, is not a laugh-out-loud movie but it has its moments and is quirky. It is rather short though, at a slender 80 minutes. Jesse Eisenberg is the protagonist and narrator, a neurotic love-sick lonely homebody young man, who has developed his own rules for surviving, which we see visually throughout the movie. Along the way, he meets badass zombie killer played by Woody Harrelson, who doesn't want to know people's names, not to grow attached, so we know them by the cities they are from or going to. Zombieland was originally thought of as a CBS TV series and it sort of shows in plot, but in thematic style, it doesn't. It is a good movie. And for zombie lovers, there is plenty of blood, gore, and guts. Unfortunately, we don't get to see a decapitation in one scene. And a surprise cameo from someone ghostly familiar with comedies! The girls played by that chick from Superbad and Abigail Breslin---are annoying as con-artist sisters.


Kill Bill Volume... Wha????!

During promotion for the first two "Kill Bill" films, creator Quentin Tarantino hypothesized that he'd like to return for a third installment that would take place 10 years afterward the second film ended, but he said it would take ten years or more to wait for the actress Ambrosia Kelley (Nikki) to grow up. Ambrosia is now 14. Tarantino says he still plays to shoot "Kill Bill 3" in or around 2014. According to Variety, the filmmaker said he'd shoot a different picture inbetween. He's currently contemplating a "re-imagining" of a number of genres including a Western or a '30's type gangster movie. " Kill Bill, Vol. 2" ended with Beatrix (Uma Thurman) reunited with her baby and all of her targets killed.

Most speculate that Vernita Green's daughter, who is spared in "Vol. 1" would be the most likely protagonist now that she's all grown up and no doubt has revenge of her own on her mind. The "Bill" portion of the film would be difficult to incorporate even in flashbacks after David Carradine's death this past summer.
Ambrosia, if she is re-casted as Nikki, she will be 18 by 2014, so filming a movie in 2014 would be interesting. I thought it would call something else. I have been waiting more for the DVD box set Director's cut of the 2 volumes. I want it! I want it!

Sunday, October 4

Winnie's new friend

Lottie the Otter is Winnie the Pooh's new friend, in the new book written by David Benedictus and illustrated by Mark Burgess, and approved by the Pooh Trustees, it is called "The Return to the Hundred Acre Wood." In the course of “Return to the Hundred Acre Wood,” the publisher said, Lottie takes a swim in Christopher Robin’s bath, helps to set up a school for the denizens of the Hundred Acre Wood, and turns out to be great at cricket. Last night Seth Meyers did a controversial joke on Saturday Night Live, saying she would replace Eeyore because he 'finally did it,' showing an illustration of a fallen chair and the famously depressed donkey hanging. The audience groaned and booed, Seth then added, "It could have been sexual asphyxiation."

Thursday, October 1

Project Runway Season Six Episode Seven review

Yay! Michael Kohrs is back, he should be through the whole season. He would poo-poo on some of the winners this season. This week was another team-up and who knew the one to do badly with each other---Gordana and Irina, won the challenge. And the ones who got along with each other and pat each other on the back---the sexy and sweet Christopher and Epperson, were trampled on each other. Kohrs and Heidi were vicious on them. While, Louise and Nicholas---even though Nicholas is a bitch, he said the truth--the ruffles on Louise's dress were not going to help her. Louise was dumped. Nicholas was lucky to have immunity. Also, Shirin and Carol Hannah's designs looked similar to Irina and Gordana's, they went hand in hand. I thank the lord Christopher did not get kicked out!!!!! I really thought for a second he was gonna be kicked up, he has so much talent and has been applauded so much, it is like Ra'mon, Ra'mon shouldn't had been kicked out. Irina was such a bitch and shouldn't had won, now her ego has been boosted, I wish she gets hers next week. Gordana should have been kicked out, she's boring and her accent is annoying.