Friday, September 30

Project Runway: Joshua should had left

I know that the judges of Project Runway send people home by the garment in the challenge and not the talent of the past, but Joshua should had been sent home. He had a near meltdown when they told him his outfit was horrible (it was more 80's than 70's)---even though Anthony Ryan's wasn't great either, at least it was 70's and not like Joshua's and Joshua even almost burst when Victor simply said he knew the 70's from movies, even though he wasn't born in it. Joshua asked like they were asking for outfits inspired by the 1470's and like the 70's was this faraway decade. I was born in the 80's and know 20's fashion more or less and am not a fashion guy. Anyway, Anthony is a cancer survive and he was positive about his farewell, so more power to him! Heidi even said he was cute. By the way, Anya was a make-it-work example as she lost her $100 and made an outfit with Anthony's $11.50 and became the winner!

Wednesday, September 28

Subogratory TV Review

Jane Levy is a star and Jeremy Sisto (first seen in "Clueless") is adorably hapless in this series. It is a great pilot but maybe not great for a series, I don't know what they will do with it. It is a dad and teenage daughter who move from New York to a suburb but she doesn't like it because everyone is plastic. There is plenty of SNL ex-stars and MADtv alums like Ana Geyster, Jay Mohr and Aden Myrin. Cheryl Hines does come out as a big plastic thing but does show heart and potential. Jane Levy also was a sweet girl, a big talent. Alan Tudyk ("Firefly") is also a delight. This show airs Wednesdays at 8:30pm, which makes a perfect match with "The Middle" and "Modern Family" as a family-safe sardonic twisted comedy.

Sunday, September 25

Desperate Housewives FInal Season Premiere Review

I've watched this show since the beginning, some people have given up on it and some didn't even see it, but I stuck through. This night soap opera is starting to show its age. While other premieres felt like the final season, this feels like a spin-off special. Same tired predictable jokes like Vanessa Williams flirting with the new neighbor (Carlos Mesure) and being shut down. Where we were left last year was that Gaby's abusive step-father attacked her and Carlos killed him and the four women decided to cover it up and bury the man. Now hiding this secret is tearing them apart--Susan barely hangs out with them and is getting guilty; Gaby tries getting Carlos to confess to a priest; Brie plays double-agent with her detective boyfriend Jonathan Cake and Lynette is separated from her husband Tom. Now the logic thing would had been to not bury the man, get Carlos arrested and acquitted for self-defense and 8 years of predicaments like this, you would think the ladies would know better. But, eh, its the last year and they are forgiven.

Thundercats 2011 series review

I haven't been able to see all the episodes. I saw "The Sword of Omens" and "The Duelist and the Drifter." I'm a big fan of the original series. When I was 4, I had Lion-O toy and loved the 'Thunder thunder thunder' part, my parents won't let me forget about it. Seeing the original series as an adult, I realize how slow-moving and boring it was. the animation was so-so. In this new series, the animation is smooth and beautiful, but of course copies more anime and it looks more like Anime and can be confused for one. It too is slow moving and like the original series, not every episode is the thundercats versus Mum-ra. Even though the characters look similar, have the same names and personalities are more or less the same, their storylines have changed slightly.

 Where we don't really sees Thundra in the original series, we see it in its full glory in the first episode. Tygra is now Lion-O adopted older brother, Cheetra is not well known to Lion-O, Panthro is believed to be dead, the twins are poor and not related (they don't know each other) to the others, Snarf is more a pet than a nursemaid and doesn't speak and Mumra has not been released--until the second episode. For older fans of the original show, they will love the carefully crafted homage and enjoy the twists turned to these old characters. But for newcomers, it might be confusing that the characters pay homage to a warrior they never seen or heard of in Panthro. Judging by the style and subject-matter I think children 8 and up will enjoy it. I don't think it appeals to younger children. My 2-year-old nephew sort of ignored it. But I think it will have a slow-moving audience to build up into liking it. Many kids love Dragonball Z (which is on Nick Toons and CW 4 Kids) but the colors are duller here than that so maybe it will take time to catch on.

The first episode I saw was "The Duelist and the Drifter," which in fact is the 8th episode and it only featured Lion-O and Snarf, as they went to a strange town and Lion-O fought a duelist who takes swords from loosing duelists. A strange floating rabbit-like drifter gives him strange riddles and warns him not to duel the duelist. Lion-O is hard headed and looses the Sword of Omens. Lion-O discovers that the strange drifter is the one who created the sword that the duelist wields and asks for his help. It is a great episode, even though you know where it is going and the storyline is a bit played out, it is charming and great storytelling. "The Duelist and the Drifter" can stand on its own but does supply growth in the character of Lion-O, which does capture the spirit of the old series. Hope we don't see those robo bears form the original, they remind me too much of Ewoks.

Wednesday, September 21

Tower Heist Net Worths

There is a new movie called Tower Heist with Casey Affleck, Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller and Matthew Borderick. I was wondering how much Eddie Murphy made these days so I did a little research. Casey Affleck's net worth is 5 million dollars, Matthew Broderick is worth 45 million and Eddie Murphy has 75 million net worth and Ben Stiller is worth 120 million dollars. I was surprised by Ben Stiller, I thought Eddie would make more or even Matthew. These numbers could be wrong, but they are from

Tuesday, September 20

Glee Season 3 Premiere Review

Where everyone was wondering about Mercedes and Sam, that storyline was quickly dumped as Sam's character was written out off screen, his dad getting a job and moving far away. In the summer, Will and Emma have gotten into bed, Mercedes has gotten a new black football player and Quinn is rebelling by leaving the glee club and the cheerleaders and torching a piano. Will gets these purple pianos to get new talent (As they lost Lauren, Sam and Quinn). They manage to get Blaine, who Kurt convinces to join the group. Those who watched Glee Project and ate paying attention, the only one to appear so far is Lindsey as a similar Rachel part of a group trying to get into an Arts college in New York that Rachel and Kurt want to get into it. Santana is put in the middle, again to figure out her alliance as she is made co-captains with Becky and Miss Bad Ass Sue has an agenda to destroy all arts in the county.

I have to see again to review the episode, if it was good or not, but it definitely was entertaining and refreshing to catch up with the gang. I am sure glad to see Blaine in the Glee group. The biggest shocker comes at the end of the episode where one member is kicked out. Finn and Blaine have some fiction, which was more Finn. Kurt announces he will be running for class president. The episode definitely establishes the challenges of the season, a common enemy and people unite. Some things don't change: Will good, Sue bad. Tina and Mike are together, Kurt and Blaine still hot, and Will and Emma finally together, but they have new 'jobs' and new platforms (Sue running for a position to cut the arts). And Quinn now is on the outskirts, which I feel it is true to her character as Quinn is full of it.She has her own journey to go through.

Charlie Sheen Roast Review

Originally I thought this was going to be a disaster but it was pretty good and funny. They even tore Seth Macfarlene a new one. Kate Walsh (Private Practice) was there, everyone made fun of her, she was cruel but not so funny. She resorted only to gay jokes Jon Lovitz promised to be pathetic but he was quite funny. They all made fun of Partice O'Neal's diabetes and he rightfully complained about it. Seth was the only one to poke at many of Charlie's quotes like a Vatican assassin. At the end, Charlie says he has seen the error of his ways and that he will change. It is sort of humbling and a little discerning, because we expect him to be nuts and upset, but in the end, he learned his lesson... he says. Oh and I forgot to mention Mike Tyson's smart ass jokes but his voice and accent ruined it. William Shatner gave some sage advise, but I don't think I will be giving it a second look.

Friday, September 16

Andre Pejic taken off FHM Magazine 100 Sexiest Women

Serb-Bosnian Australian Andrej Pejic is all the rage in the Fashion World. In March, he was voted 98th of FHM Magazine's Sexiest Women. FHM quickly pulled off his picture in their online version but it remained in the printed version. Some people say it had unlined homophobic. And it doesn't seem like FHM has realized an official statement about the retraction. Andrej is 20 and has modeled in Women's and Men's clothing. Andrej says men still offer to buy him a beer even after the clarification.

"The difference is that he is still biologically a man. Pejic said he does not take hormones to alter his appearance, and he has never had to shave his face. While he does consider himself to fall under the transgender umbrella, Pejic said he has no plans to undergo any surgeries. “I feel comfortable the way I am,” he said. “I don’t feel the need to alter my body significantly.” Happy in his own skin, Pejic readily admits that his look doesn’t just blur the line between male and female, it seems to erase it. The runway is now dominated by flat-chested, rail-thin giants like him. More friendly than flirtatious, Pejic said he’ll chat with both men and women while out in public, but remained coy about his sexual identity and his romantic life." "Now, I tend to use the women's room because it's a lot less complicated," he said. "When I try to use the men's room it's like, 'Please leave,' when I want to go to the toilet. I don't want to go through the whole process."

The two articles below talk about 'passing the sick bucket', ugh, lord. There is still stigma about transgender individuals:

Wednesday, September 14

Andy Whitfield passed away

 Andy Whitfield, who played the title role in the hit cable series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand," has died at age 39, according to representatives and family. Whitfield died Sunday in Sydney, Australia, 18 months after he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, manager Sam Maydew told the Associated Press. He was diagnosed more than a year ago and they couldn't make a second season without him, they made a prequel series and then had to replace him for season 2. He was truly a genuine talented smart and handsome man. He will be missed.

Tuesday, September 13

Ringer Review

I believe Sarah Michelle Gellar is a great actress, Emmy-worthy. I am surprised she has not been on Law & order or CSI. I believe she belongs on a  high profile network like NBC or CBS. After watching Ringer, I believe it also belongs on NBC or CBS, at least for a bigger budget. Sarah plays both Twin roles of Siobhan and Bridget. I don't like the name Siobhan by the way, it seems like trying to hard to have a snobby name. I say that because of the production values, the twins go on a boat and it looks really fake. The effects of the twins look okay, but sometimes it is too obvious. Bridget is a recovering addict/former stripper running away from a killer out to get her because of something she witnessed. She goes to stay with Siobhan, who leads her to believe she committed suicide. So Bridget pretends to be Siobhan, thinking she is dead and taking a new life. Siobhan's husband is played by Ioan Gruffudd, who has kept his British accent, thank god. Ioan has the same problem as Sarah, great actors, have cult following but fallen into dead-end movies, like Fantastic Four.

Sarah does some terrific acting in juggling the roles and when pretending to be Siobhan, you can tell it is Bridget. But after watching Buffy's seven seasons repeatedly, I already know her inflections, mannerisms and pauses, which she has not changed. But the show does fall into a soap opera. Sarah says it is a noir/soap opera, but I wish it had less of that soap opera-ish music. Nestor Carbonell is as hot and on his game as ever.

Friday, September 9

Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga

Taylor Kinney is model/actor that I first saw in my Men and Motorcycles calendar back in 2007. He has been since in a MyNetwork show Fashion Show, on a NBC series Trauma and CW series Vampire Dairies as a werewolf.  He is 31 and she is 25. Kinney studied business management at West Virginia University before catching a taste for the theater. I hope this lasts, he sure is a hottie. But alas, Lady Gaga's romances don't last long. At least she has some sweet arm candy for a while that doesn't look like a grungy rat.


Thursday, September 8

Project Runway Blow Up

Josh M. melted down, he exploded and the show made him look crazy. I am sure he is going to say that he isn't really like that and that the show edits stuff to make him look nuts. He broke down in the confessional camera, about his mom dying. He called his dad and he is surprisingly supportive. This challenge was a team challenge, splitting the 10 into 2 groups. Bert and Josh clash, naturally. Last week we find out that Burt is not straight and is actually gay. He didn't get along with Anthony nor Josh, poor Burt, can't get along with his fellow gays. I think Josh really needs therapy, that he seems to into himself and doesn't want to let people in and overreacts about stuff and has a diva ego. Calm down man. Take this too seriously.

Monday, September 5

"La Barbie" the living Ken Doll Kingpin?

Edgar Valdez-Villareal is a wealthy businessman from Laredo, Texas, who has hit the big time, raking in millions of dollars. He was a high school football standout. Valdez's nickname, La Barbie, came from his American football coach at United High School; due to his light skin, green eyes, and facial features, he was compared to a Ken doll. At the time of his arrest there was a $2.4 million reward offered by the Mexican government for information leading to his arrest, and a $2 million reward offered by the U.S. for information leading to his capture. He was indicted in the U.S. in June of 2010 for cocaine trafficking, and was indicted by the federal government of Mexico in 2002 for conspiring to distribute marijuana.

 So why bring this up? Because I found it funny that his coach didn't call him Ken but La Barbie, because of his ignorance. It's just funny. And he is chubbier now, doesn't look like a Ken doll anymore.

Show Biz Bugs uncensored on Cartoon Network

Usually the end of Show Biz Bugs gets cut out by the Cartoon Network but I applaud them for having it uncut and uncensored, at 6 in the morning--after Adult Swim but it is at least something. Other times I see it, they cut it out completely. The scene I'm talking about is in order to impress the audience, Daffy performs a deadly stunt (which he refers as "an act that no other performer has dared to execute!"), by drinking some gasoline, some nitroglycerin, some gunpowder, and some uranium 238, "shake well," and swallowing a lit match ("Girls, you better hold onto your boyfriends!"), causing him to explode. The audience loves the performance, but Daffy (now a transparent ghost and ascending to heaven) "can only do it once."

Cartoon Network has, at times, aired the original ending uncensored. When censoring, CN typically aired the original ending, but edited it by removing Daffy drinking the gasoline and replace it with a frozen shot of Bugs staring at something from off-stage. Starting in 2003, CN had used the BBC and WB version of the ending (minus the addition of audience applause or laughter). The syndicated Merrie Melodies version, several local station airings, and the version that aired on ABC's "Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show" left in the ending, but cut Daffy drinking the gasoline, so that way it looks as if he drinks the nitroglycerin first. This is also how the short is shown on the Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie.