Friday, September 28

Big Shots First Episode Review

Four guys that are friends who are high up execs with lots of money and drama. Duncan (Dylan McDermott) is the bad boy play boy with ex-wives with a teenage daughter Cameron (Peyton List) who calls him 'Duncan' who drops out of school and gets a job at his makeup business. He still has sex with his ex-wife, her mother Lizbeth (the stoic Paige Turco from "Rescue Me"). James (Michael Vartan) is the well-meaning guy with he wife and kids. Karl ("West Wing" Joshua Malina) is the pharmaceutical nerd that is having a manipulative interior designer mistress Marla ("Tru Calling" Jessica Collins) and has a worryworth wife Wendy ("Gilmore Girls" Amy Sloan--she played Sheila). Brody (Christopher Titus) is the cool guy whipped by his wife Janelle (no one cast--we just see her back). He is like the Chandler of the group. Why are trannies so popular with ABC's new shows? First with 'Dirty Sexy Money," now here where Duncan was caught having sex with a transgender individual (Jazzman) in a public restroom. Poor James, first is fired by his boss, his boss dies and then he finds out his wife had an affair with his boss. Nia Long (Are We There Yet?) deliciously plays James' co-worker Katie. She is not above having sex with hot men and she seems to be a good friend to James. What is great is how Duncan can read James' metaphor or whatever without bringing it up.

The show is fun, not all of it gels and some of the dialogue is trite, especially Duncan's. As for the shirtless scenes, we see Joshua Molina twice in bed with his mistress (eh..), Dylan McDermott shirtless in a steamy pool room and Chris Titus with a towel over his chest. The poor guys, the women manipulate them or try to get the best of them. Karl's mistress Marla gets to know his wife Wendy and they become friends and she wrangles up that she is their new house designer. Duncan's daughter Cameron tries to stump him as she can. Are the women in the show treated the same on "Entourage"? So far, the men are chauvinist pigs but the women or gender-wise, are trifling. We don't even see Jeanelle's front side and doesn't speak one line. The only one that doesn't seem trifling is Katie, but she is promiscuous The argument can go to "Sex and the City" where they say that they treat men like crap and toys. But it would be refreshing if one show focused on one gender wouldn't tip the scales.