Sunday, April 27

Kenny vs. Spenny: Who do Gay Guys like more?

I never watch Kenny vs. Spenny, the Sunday night Comedy Central show about two idiots who have competitions, mostly because I find Kenny disgusting and repelling. Some gay guys actually do watch the show, especially for the episode with them in briefs. Spenny starts the show by saying whatever Kenny does to offend the gay community, he wants to separate himself from it. Spenny goes out with a hot gay guy Steven. Spenny admits to the show having a homoerotic-like appeal. Spenny is a fucking stereotype and goes to the gay community to interview them with a lisp. He then calls one lesbian a man. And she says that he is the reason they are lesbians. Spenny admits maybe a bit too much to Steven, even though he doesn't want to dig into his relationship with Kenny which Steven does kinda instigate.

It is funny to see what straight guys think they got to do with gay guys, they think its make out city. Steven doesn't say much, until Spenny asks if he is attracted to him. He is a normal guy, he says it is an awkward situation. Spenny is the one to kiss first, in the midst of Steven speaking. Steven breaks off from the kissing and says he is uncomfortable. Spenny tells them to leave but they of course of a hidden camera. Steven tells him he is trying too hard. Spenny admits wanting to win. When Spenny leaves, Steven says Spenny is straight.

Kenny has a 'gay friend' Christopher when Steven arrives. Kenny is thankfully dressed normal. Christopher tells Steven that Kenny and Spenny are gay. It is a girl's house but Kenny claims the house is his. Kenny mentioning kissing with Spencer and Steven laughs. Kenny shows Steven photoshopped pictures of them together. Steven tells Kenny he didn't think Spenny was gay. They went to a museum, claiming him and Spenny are history. Kenny gives Steven a toy squirrel, saying they both like nuts. Kenny lies, acting like the victim. Steven starts believing it, thinking Spenny lied to him and admits being confused. If this show was all staged and Steven is indeed an actor, this is good writing.

Steven tells Kenny that he is kissing him and Kenny starts almost crying, having Steven start believing it. The drinks start and then Kenny starts with the stereotype lines. He does then acts like some legitimate gay guys I know. Steven plans on leaving, then realizes Kenny is putting up an act. He doesn't believe any of them. Kenny toasts to victory. Steven does have a nice ass. Kenny is concerned that Steven bailed. Steven's answer about who he likes: 'neither one.' The camera men tell Kenny that Steven might have flip them off. Kenny then calls Spenny and tells him what happens. Spenny thinks he won. Final verdict? Teabagging?

Two gay guys come along and teabag the two. Both scream and the gay guys win.

As for me? It was funny and not offensive and not gross. Call me, Steven.

Friday, April 25

The Casting in I Love You Philip Morris

I Love You Philip Morris stars Jim Carrey and Ewan Mcgregor, based on a novel by Houston Chronicle crime reporter Steve McVicker. It is about Steven Russell (Carey), a married con man who gets sentenced to 3 years in the Texas prison system and falls in love with his cellmate, the titular "Phillip Morris." When Morris (Mcgregor) is eventually released from jail, Russell escapes no less than three times in order to be with him. They already started filming and the two have done research in gay clubs such as Halo and Twist on South Beach. I find the pairing very interesting. This movie will probably be treated big since the two stars, but like Brokeback, unfortunately this movie features another wronged wife. This time played by Leslie Mann. Mann usually sticks to movies by her husband Juss Apatow. She did say she would try movies without her husband. She was great in Knocked Up, but she does get a bit shrill, especially as a wronged woman, I am not sure about this patch-work selected cast. We'll see.

Thursday, April 24

Commercials I Hate Now

This commercial freaks me out all the time, a nice couple asks for napkins at the drive-thru and suddenly a car pushes them with the wheels burning. He is so hungry for this new burger, but I feel it is so irresponsible. I am surprise nobody is raising hell about it. To make it worse, the Spanish version of this commercial has a woman doing this.

While this one is just silly.

Tuesday, April 22

Forbidden Kingdom Review

I went into this movie, not having high hopes to begin with. If you do, let me bring you down. If you go in thinking it is a whole movie Jet Li verus Jackie Chan, you will be disappointed. Let's say Jackie Chan is in 3/4 of the movie, then Jet Li is half the movie. And if you think this movie will be like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (one of my favorites) or House of Flying Daggers, you will be disappointed. The basic plot is a white boy in New York that loves Kung Fu movies get sucked into the past with a bo staff and has to return it to the Monkey King, from Chinese folklore. There he gets help from an 'immortal' Lu Yan (Jackie Chan), an orphan girl Golden Sparrow (Liu Yi Fei), and a silent monk (Jet Li). The trailer has you believe the monk and Lu Yan were rivals, but reality they meet each other in the movie and their fighting is just boring.

We are reminded endlessly that our hero Jason (Michael Angarano of "Will & Grace") is a white boy with no skills. He slowly becomes a warrior, but unlike Karate Kid, I am not so convinced. We are suppose to awe at his new muscles and tone-ness but unfortunately Angarano can't pull it off. And i say muscles loosely. The love interest Golden Sparrow has a unique way of speaking, she speaks to herself in the third person. My friend told me the reason she does this is to conceal her identity. She has some vengeance thingy and blah blah blah. Both Li and Chan play dual-roles. Chan with bad makeup plays an old guy in a pawn shop Jason goes to.

The screenplay has a bunch of holes, horrible writing. For one, they say Jason is a new kid in town but somehow has a report with Hop (Chan). The bullies want to break in and use Jason to do so. The bullies are horrible as well, tacked on and forced. As usual in these sort of white boy meets the East movies, the ringleader controls four not-so-sure bullies. On top of it, this bully Lupo (Morgan Benoit) is dumb enough to carry a gun. The main villain the Jade Warlord (Collin Chou) looks very familiar, he was in The Matrix. Run of the mill villain, so is his henchman the White-Haired Assassin (Li Bingbing) is a cliche of an Eastern villianess, she hates men and uses a feminine trademark... hair as a weapon. Ovberall, the movie reminds me of Surf Ninjas. The movie made #1 the opening week.

Greek Episode 15 Review

"Freshman Daze"
April 21, 2008

I love "Greek" so much that I have skipped the so-called 'higher class' "Gossip Girl," and was garnered a gift for watching. This season, Cassie is broken up with Evan and Cappie is now with Rebecca, who had a tryst with Evan and Cassie forgave him due to the urging of her big sister Frannie. There is now a Greek Ball, which hasn't occurred in two years, Rusty (Cassie's brother) is curious to why Cappie doesn't want to go to this 'testicle.' Last night's episode flashed-back to when Cassie, Ashleigh, Cappie, and Evan were freshmen. Evan and Cappie were best friends and roommates. Cassie was innocent and sweet and met Ashleigh. Evan wanted to get into ΚΤΓ (Kappa Tau Gamma) and wanted Cappie to join, who wasn't so into joining a frat. When they get to the frat, everyone falls in love with Cappie, not so much with Evan--who they dubbed 'Bing.' Evan didn't feel that much into it, so he went to his current frat ΩΧΔ (Omega Chi Delta). Cappie felt betrayed because it was Evan's idea to go Greek.

All the while, Cappie meets Cassie and dates her. At a karaoke night, Cappie sings and ignores Cassie, Cassie tells Evan she had only seen him twice in the past six months and he is Cappie's roommate. He takes her home and then Cappie was about to dedicate a song to her and see the two leave together. The night of the ball, Cassie waits for Cappie for more than an hour. Cassie goes to Evan and Cappie's roommate and finds Evan, who wasn't going to the ball. Feeling sorry for her and making it up to her, Evan offers to take her to the ball. Frannie gets mad and goes to Kappa Tau, to bitch Cappie out and rip a new one for The Beaver and that stoner leader guy (forgot his name)--making him cry. Cappie was playing video games and completely forgot. Cappie arrives to the ball to find Cassie and Evan dancing together. Of course one things to another and they have a fight and that causes such a roar that there is no Greek Ball until the current time.

Rusty tracks this info down through google and such and after much bother, he convinces Cappie to tell him. In present time, Cassie is still bothered by Frannie, who she accepted back into the sorority ZBZ to get rid of the perky Lizzie. When Cappie arrives to pick up Rebbecca at the sorority house, Frannie comments on him being two years too late. Cappie was actually dressed much better than he was two years back. Cassie finds out what she didn't know from Cappie about Frannie. She comes around and invites sadsack Frannie to the new ball. So, it was funny to see everyone's hairstyles and wigs, the wigs didn't look so bad. Cappie actually looked innocent and younger. Evan had awful facial hair, Cassie had longer hair, so did The Beaver (that he looked like a Musketeer). What I love about the episode is the Evan-Cappie relationship balances with Rusty-Calvin relationship, in that they are friends in different fraternities. The flashback was sweet and on point, just great writing. I was wondering why Rusty didn't ask Cassie about the ball, but I guess it was because of time--they didn't even have one of their trademark end of episode talks. It was also good to see bitchy Frannie vs. the new sadsack.

Monday, April 14

King of the Hill

For more than five years, FOX has preempted the show for sports, canceled it briefly during its 10th season, they even had to close up shop and later round everyone up again. They have been renewed for a thirteen season. Last year, they even begged them to come back because they have been in a jam. For me, the show keeps getting better. Last season was a bit slow, but Cotton Hill died and lots of hilarious stuff happened... including Joseph falling in love with a girl who turned out to his sister... John Redcorn had an affair while having his affair with Nancy. Luanne is still pregnant with Lucky's child, they will marry May 20th.

Thursday, April 10

The Future of "Scrubs"

Episodes 11 and 12 have been filmed, although Lawrence was absent because of the strike. Filming of episode 11 was disrupted by picketers - Lawrence quickly drove to the set to "keep the peace." On February 11, 2008, it was announced that the Writer's Strike would be coming to an end and Lawrence subsequently announced that the final episodes of Scrubs would be produced, although he is currently unsure where or how they will be distributed. Lawrence was thinking about a four-episode straight to DVD finale, as he commented to both Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide. On February 13, NBC announced that Scrubs will resume with new episodes with other comedy series on April 10at 9:30pm on NBC--tonight. However, only pre-strike episodes will be aired for now.

Amid strike-induced doubt involving the final episodes of Scrubs, on February 28, The Hollywood Reporter reported that ABC was in talks with corporate sibling ABC Studios to bring Scrubs to ABC for an Eighth season of 18 episodes, despite both Lawrence's and Zach Braff's protests that the seventh season will definitely be the last. Just hours later, Variety reported that NBC was lashing out and threatening legal action against ABC Studios. However, Joh n C. McGinley (Dr. Cox) has confirmed that he has been told to report back to work March 24 to begin production for another season. McGinley was also quoted as saying that the show's long-rumored move from NBC to ABC is a done deal. Aloma Wright (Nurse Roberts) says the same. According to McGinley and Wright, Scrubs will air on ABC during the 2008-2009 TV season.

On March 19, Michael Ausiello of TV Guide reported that although nothing is "official," the Scrubs cast will be reporting back to work next Wednesday for work on an "unofficial" season as of yet. Due to legalities of the contract between ABC Studios and NBC, until NBC releases a press statement releasing rights to Scrubs, nothing is official between the Scrubs production crew and ABC Studios. On April 2, NBC announced their fall schedule, which did not include Scrubs. NBC President Ben Silverman later informed reporters, "I don't know where Scrubs is going. It's finished its run on NBC, though."

On April 4, Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online reported that following the completion of the 12 episodes owed to NBC for season seven, production will immediately commence on 16 all-new episodes for season eight. These episodes will almost certainly air on ABC for the 2008-09 season. I personally love 'Scrubs' and do agree with shows to end early before going down the hill. Also, when shows transfer to another network just for one season usually don't prevail ("Family Matters" and "Step by Step"). I forgot where I read this, but Lawrence said the pre-strike episodes that are airing now, will be pointing towards a finale-feeling, but the new ones will take it to another direction. So I will find that this will be jarring on me and other fans. Well, they can always see this as new chance to tell stories they couldn't tell before.

NBC is billing the May 8th episode as "The Scrubs Finale." The last Buffy episode that aired on the WB, it was billed as "The WB Series Finale."

Tuesday, April 8

Gaysian in "Beauty and the Geek"

I haven't covered this season that much or seen much of it, but Greg, the self-proclaimed 'Gaysian' pretty much broke the traditionally straight, autistic-in-one-area geek mold (Asian Week). He may be gay, which many consider 'cool' but there are a lot of gay geeks out there. some that don't know what to do what to do. Greg admitted in the beginning that he never felt part of the crowd and now with the geeks, he didn't feel like he fit in. That "I feel like I don’t fit in with anyone … like I’m not geeky enough to be a geek or like all the other geeks are so smart, and I’m like the artistic gay guy.” Now that it has gotten to the makeover episode, the other geeks are comfortable with Greg and call him "Greggie" like the Beauties. I do feel for Greg that he doesn't have a forbearer or an instructor, much like many gay teenagers feel when they come out. Luckily he has his Beauty Randi who brings up his confidence. When there was only 2 African-American Beauties this year and only 1 last time, I don't think there will be more than 1 gay Geek next time or even another one. I think there should at least be 2 and 1 bisexual geek. I don't doubt there were bisexual geeks before, but probably they didn't have enough confidence or sexual experience to admit it. By the by, I can't stand squeaky-voice Cara.

Greg and Randi had to make a little play for The Young and the Restless and it was prom-related. He 'came out' and she slapped him, which was out of the script. He didn't expect it and he was shocked and it amused her and she started smiled. It got the judges from the show laughing. The other plays were funny and cute too. the later ones actually looked like it was from the soap. And they rubbed in cliches from soaps smartly like "Abducted by pirates." To make the episode even gayer, the elimination came to four geeks to dress in drag (of course Scissor Sisters had to be played) and the worst one would be to be eliminated. one of the geeks--Tommy brought one of the African-American beauties as impression. And Joe was picked to be eliminated, his Beauty was understandably upset because the girls ganged up on them.

Monday, April 7

Project Runway Dispute

Lifetime offered Project Runway a reported $150 million deal and NBC/Universal is suing because they claim they have first refusal for the show and any possible spinoffs. Which means they had a deal and they believe NBC is going against the deal. In the lawsuit, a copy of which was obtained by Broadcasting & Cable, NBCU cited a license agreement giving Bravo the right to the first five cycles and said it had first right of refusal for Runway and any possible spinoffs. Bravo, per the suit, has paid Weinstein “many millions of dollars in exchange for these exclusive rights” and alleged that Weinstein is violating its right of first refusal by going to Lifetime and that it “engaged in deception” to do so.

Greek Episode 13 Review

"Highway to the Discomfort Zone"
April 7, 2008

Rebecca and Cappie decide to go public with their relationship and Cappie decides to tell Casey and of course she doesn't take it well. Two episodes ago, Rusty's roommate Dale offered to 'straighten' out Calvin. Dale offers it again and Calvin tells him he isn't interested. But Calvin decides to humor Dale. Of course, Calvin goes through the regular "You think I chose to be gay" relay, but thankfully briefly. The show is creative, with Dale--being an unique character and being true to people I know, or exaggerated. Dale can come off as evil or stupid, but they way they do it, it is not so bad. So Calvin finds himself at Dale's purity club and they stare at him because they haven't "seen a Gay in the wild." It can come off as offensive, but again, they are just ignorant. Calvin likes the prospect of a group that talks about their feelings and don't have sex with women.

When it is good to bad, when Calvin looks at an underwear catalog and Dale shoves a rotten banana in his face. When Calvin does the classic bible scripture debate and Dale left, upset when Calvin insinuated that he might be a sinner. The funny thing is that Dale tries to get Calvin into women, but he hasn't ever got lucky into women. He tricks Dale and have him think he might be gay. Dale gets offended of course. Calvin returns the rotten banana and leaves. Calvin returns to Dale's room, where he tries to take out everything he had that was gay. He then stapled down the 'gay is not a choice' and Dale refuses to believe it. Calvin just tells him to accept that he is gay and happy about it. Calvin then tells him they will talk about the confederate flag he has and Dale decides to keep one of his things.

Meanwhile, Casey decides to show off a hot guy Jonah (Jerad Anderson) that works at an animal shelter and gives baths to dogs sans shirt to Cappy and Rebecca. When they are drinking at the bar, that snoopy chick that is from sorority comes after them for their IDs. She becomes mostly enamored with Jonah. Jonah is mostly interested in animals, but Casey doesn't pay him any mind, until she makes out with him to make the others jealous. She offers him a drink but he is against because he has to drive home... so she just gets yet another beer for herself. The next morning to wakes up naked to a shirtless Jonah to find herself awaken to Jonah's mother. She is seemingly okay with him having sex. And then she gets the shock of her life when she finds out he is 16 and not in college... yet. Hot guy. Casey tells him to call her in five years. His bedroom was covered with baseball stuff. Casey then does the walk of shame back to the sorority house. The episode ends with one of Rusty and Casey's patented talks.

The title comes from a reference to the film Top Gun.

Henshin Grid -- The Blog

This is my brand new blog dedicated to all kinds of Tokusatsu (Live-action special effects children's programming) from around the world. On my blog Spanengrish Ramblings, I covered a couple of things on Super Sentai and Power Rangers. I own the unofficial fan website and help Power Rangers Central that my partner inherited. I decided to put all my past posts on this blog, including more insights, rumors, and ramblings (of course). The reason it is called Henshin Blog is because Henshin means 'to change' in Japanese and commonly used by Tokusatsu heroes and Grid is from 'Morphing Grid' as 'Morphing' is the equivalent to Henshin. Above is a picture of the Red and White Rangers and the Masked Riders in a special 1995 episode in the third season of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." It is considered non-canon for fans and the only team-up (in a way) between Super Sentai and Kamen Rider.

Henshin Grid -- The Blog

Sunday, April 6

Angel After the Fall: Cover Mystery Man discovered!

Maybe I am a bit late, probably since this issue came out last month but anyway, I have been reading both the Buffy and Angel official continuity comics and both are gorgeously written and drawn but Issue #5 of "Angel: After the Fall" features a group shot but one mystery man character that was left undefined. Writer Brian Lynch clears it up on his myspace page (link below). It is Groo, who appears in the issue and the last issue. Just so happens the cover was drawn before the issue was finished because of publicity reasons. They were planning to show the Groo we saw when we last saw him with his hair cut (in Season 3) but Lynch figured it was lame and it was better to have old Groo instead of new Groo.

For those who know haven't read the books but have seen the show, these are characters above:

Top: Angel's Dragon (the one he said he would slay but ended up befriending) and Beta George (a psychic fish from Lynch's other comics that joined the continuity)

Clockwise: Gunn, Connor, Nina the werewolf (Season 5), Lorne, Spike, Angel, Illyria, Gwen (the lightning lass from Season 4), Wesley (with the glasses of course), and Groosalugg.

Saturday, April 5

Jay Leno Apologizes to Ryan for asking to make a "Gay Face"

I was outraged when Jay Leno asked guest Ryan Phillipe to make a 'gay face' on his show The Tonight Show a few weeks ago and now he apologizes. Takes a big man. "In talking about Ryan's first role, I realize that what I said came out wrong. I certainly didn't mean any malice. I agree it was a dumb thing to say, and I apologize," to said to People Magazine. would have rather him do the apology to his own show and not a magazine. His actual quote was this: "can you give me – say that camera is your gay lover – can you give me your ‘gayest look’? Say that camera is Billy Bob – Billy Bob has just ridden in shirtless from Wyoming." GLAAD President Neil G. Giuliano said: "We are proud of Ryan for refusing to participate in Leno's thoughtless attempt at humor. "Under the guise of comedy, the talk-show host is demonstrating a lack of respect for the gay community and insensitivity to both his co-workers and the audience, to whom he owes an apology."

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Friday, April 4

Make Me A Supermodel: Ben's wife meets Ronnie

Last night's last episode of the season, Ben was reunited with his wife April. She had to explain the 'Bronnie' thing. he showed her the shirt they got and she said she wanted one. He offered it to her and she was considered he didn't want it. He said, "It started as a bromance. It's harmless." More than anything she found it funny. Then he said, "He's my boy." And there was a pause. she coughed and there was an awkward pause. Later, Ronnie met April and he admitted to her that it was awkward and to the cameras too. Ben called him 'my other half.' And when Ronnie's mother came in and when she met April, she said, "We have to talk." She agreed and then his mother added, "They're just friends." LOL.

Holly's finance arrived and she said how she forgot how hot he is. And he is hot. Hot enough for the competition even. And he was all over her and he apologized to the gang and Perry told him it was okay. Perry was frustrated, because he didn't have anyone arrive yet. And finally, his girlfriend Amanda came and there was big tension. Obviously she didn't want the cameras around but they were all over her face. And Perry's face was heart-less producers would call reality-show television gold. Hollie won and before she did, she asked her man if he would be okay with if she won and what they would do and he said he promised her he would follow her and that was so touching. We all knew Holly was going to win. It was absolutely amazing three male models made it to the finalists, and it is not attributed to the gay viewers but it is amazing because the show Manhunt (for male models) failed--unfortunately so. And it is true what the judges said about Holly, she proved she could tough it out between three guys. Not like Tyra's America's Top Model, she didn't have to go against women.

Whoever made Tyson say, "The Bromance is over' and made it between Ben and Ronnie, it felt a stab to lip service. And I was not going to say this but---Perry put the nail in the coffin when he said that he couldn't believe he was beaten by Holly. He is a conceited asshole. He has to rise above. When the judges told him he didn't win, he said 'fuck' and hugged Hollie. I was going to let it go until he told Ben he couldn't believe he was beaten out. I hope he can rise above.

Wednesday, April 2

South Park and the Writer's Strike

For those who don't know, new episodes have started a few weeks ago and South Park have had great episodes and some hit and miss. The great ones include the one where Cartman and Kyle become HIV positive and no one cares because everyone's 'it' thing now is cancer and they cute it with money. Another one, one of my favorites was a very truthful and heart-felt episode about Britney Spears. Imploring everyone to leave her alone but in usual South Park fashion, there is a big conspiracy... having her as a sacrifice. Miss was last week's episode, I don't even remember what it was. This week they make fun of writer's strike by having it as Canada is striking, it is weak and made no sense. the good part of the episode was making fun of the viral video 'stars.' They can make fun of anyone they want, but by separating themselves from the strikers, is just weak.

Tuesday, April 1

Origin of April Fools?

According to Wikipedia, in Scotland the custom was known as "hunting the gawk," i.e. the cuckoo, and April-fools were "April-gawks," the cuckoo being a term of contempt, as it is in many countries. As the old New Years day was April 1st, French and Dutch references from 1508 and 1539 respectively describe April Fools' Day jokes and the custom of making them on the first of April. France was one of the first nations to make January 1 officially New Year's Day (which was already celebrated by many), by decree of Charles IX. All of this was easily summed up in the episode "So It's Come to This" of the fourth season back in 1993 of "The Simpsons," where Lisa explained that the pagans continued celebrating the new year on April and the Christians making fun of them.

In the pilot of the American "The Office," one of the employees put their boss Michael's mug that says "World's Best Boss" in a Jell-O mold. I was planning to do so to my friend who loves "The Office" and has such a mug--for April Fool's Day. He keeps it in his office, under lock and key, the office, not the mug. My accomplice went into the office where his office is with my friend but unfortunately my friend never left so my accomplice could get the mug for me to put it in the Jell-O. My accomplice waited for my friend to leave but he never did. So I never got to do the prank. Oh well.... there is always next year.