Sunday, May 30

Sex and the City 2 Review

Camp, stereotypes, big fashion, beautiful scenery, drama and drama and just over the top, all you expect from Sex and the City and for good cause. I went in looking for a good time and got it. Some fans might feel disappointed or not satisfied, but I was. The movie is just plain predictable but it is from the women we love. There are gay stereotypes a plenty but all the hot men compensate for it. It is 2 hours and a half, I could have done without all the Big/Carrie melodrama and Samantha complaining about her hot flashes. The movie starts with the City, which we do see a bit of... it isn't all desert, the girls are in NYC for like 45 minutes. Carrie serves us a flashback to the girls in the 80's in horrible outfits, only Samantha looked fitting. Then we are served the wedding of Stanford and Anthony (Mario Cantone).

The wedding is fun and they get to spend time with it. They go to Abu Dhabi (a.k.a. Moracco) because Samantha was offered a business deal by a rich benefactor to Smith's new movie. We barely see Smith (Jason Lewis) as he cameos. Actually, we barely see any of the Girls' men. The dilemmas the girls have in the movie are the following: Carrie fears being a run-of-the-mill marriage as Big just likes to get take out, lay on the couch and watch TV and she wants 'sparkle'; Charlotte fears her husband might be into her young babysitter with no bra; Miranda is being snubbed by a jackass of a boss and quits; and Samantha is finally the sex hound we all know and love--she didn't get to romp around last movie but this time she does! Oh, her problem? Menopause. So we all know Carrie meets Aidan on vacation and they go out to dinner, and Carrie is tempted to maybe cheat, Charlotte warns her to not play with fire.

So independent sexual women plopped into the middle east? Conflict? Yes, plenty but in an almost cartoonish fashion. It is all predictable, but fun. Even though the girls do try to 'respect' the culture, they do 'disrepect' it at every turn. The fun of watching in the theater with a bunch of women, they all reacted at the same time. When we see women in burka/bikinis, they groan. When Carrie kisses someone, they go 'oh no.' And when Samantha is showing off condoms to angry middle eastern men? They scream 'hell yeah.' I was a little pissed off (and it was funny) when a gentleman (clearly a straight man date dragged there) asked me and my girlfriends to 'stop chatting.' I told him 'yeah' sarcastically. I WAS LIKE, YOU CAME TO THE WRONG MOVIE. Everyone was chatting. And he then continued to chat with his wife and laughing loud. We just moved down a seat from the clueless man. Carrie would not stand for that. Samantha would have sat with a big hat in front of him and laughed really loud.

As for the fashion... WHAT WAS UP WITH CARRIE WITH THE FREAKING FOUR-LEAF CLOVER NECKLACE? She would always have it on! Pretty much everytime she was in America, she never wore it on vacation and went back to it after she came back. Also, a nice touch was that when Carrie went to see Aidan, she put on dark eyeliner and a crescent moon necklace---symbolizing transition. All of Charolete's outfits were over the top and ugly. A cute scene included Big being hit on by a gay version of himself at the wedding. Cameos included Miley Cyrus, Liza Minnelli, Penolepe Cruz and Tim Gunn. Nudity includes the bare asses of Noah Mills (as Anthony's brother Niki) and Max Ryan (as a dutch dude) -- both conquests of Samantha. Also the nipples (through clothing) of Charolete's daughters' nanny, plus plenty of banana hammocks (bulges and a boner).

I don't like how in the end, the heronie has to be 'punished,' even if jokingly, by a man. That if makes one wrong move and she has to conform to something she doesn't like doing (wearing diamond ring). I wish the girls were stronger when it came to important stuff, but they are only strong and in control when it comes to superfluous consumerism. When they are asked to pack in a hour and have to deal with 'bad men,' they act like chickens with their heads cut off.

And the guy who hit on Big I think was Michael T. Weiss, a.k.a. 'The Pretender,' it was a sci-fi show on NBC in the late 90's.

Saturday, May 29

Not only did Bo Beep lost her sheep but we lost Bo Beep all together!

Someone missing in the Toy Story 3 trailer? Bo Beep! Bo Peep and her sheep are adornments of Molly's bedside lamp. She was Woody's love interest in both first movies. It seems she will only appear in a video of the past, briefly in the home videos Mrs. Davis makes of Andy. Later on, Woody comments that she and toys like her were either given away or sold in garage sales. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I just hope they use this opportunity to have Woody be sad over the loss of her. It makes sense since she really wasn't Andy's toy, but Molly's. And it was something of when Molly was a baby, she no longer is a baby.

Sunday, May 23

Lost Series Finale Feelings


I cried when Claire gave birth and touched Charlie and they remembered. What didn't make sense was that Aaron and Sun's baby was in this alternate world and in the church.

Tuesday, May 18

Glee Dream On Episode Review

"Dream On"
I had to review this episode directed by Joss Whedon! He said he wanted it to be seamless in with the rest of the Glee episodes and not seem too much like 'his episode.' When he directed The Office, I could tell he directed it... only for one scene where Pam is all alone at her Art Show, except for of course when Michael comes in. Anyway, I usually watch Lost and record Glee because Glee is happier and I want to watch happy after serious. But tonight, I watched Glee in HD for Neil Patrick. Neil Patrick is tour-de-force giving the whole complexity of his character who appears in just this one episode. His duet with Will on "Dream On" is awesome. Neil plays an ex-rival of Will in High School and is bitter, and wants to cut the program. Will is able to convince Bryan Ryan to change his mind and they audition for a role in a play. Sue doesn't play a part until the Third Act. Bryan and Sue even have sexual chemistry, they actually have sex (off-screen). But they actually have chemistry. Also, Jesse is back and he is pretty sexy. Artie and Tina's romance continues as Artie's dream to be a dancer is revealed.

Recently there was controversy about a writer saying gay men can't pull off playing straight. Even though Sue and Bryan are both played by openly-gay actors, the chemistry is still there. You are convinced they will have naughty yucky sex. And in a SHOCKER, the coach of New Directions turns out to be Rachel's real mom. Jesse's true intentions are revealed. I originally thought it was that he was in love with his coach, since she looked like Rachel and kissed her, like he was kissing his coach. But in reality, his coach got him to 'befriend' Rachel in order to get her to look for her because she can't legally reach out for her. Rachel's emotional duet in the end, which is a bit Buffy musical-ish, unfortunately and fortunately. It is done beautiful. Kevin Mchale's boybander skills are also seen in a dream sequence. Whedon knows how to get to the heart, but not too mushy.

Monday, May 17

Monkey Shines movie that scared me as a kid

I was five and half years ago in July of 1988, this commercial below used to freak me out. The movie Monkey Shines (1998) was made by famous director George Romero, about a paraplegic man who gets a killer monkey helper. The toy monkey in the commercial was what freaked me out and it wasn't even in the movie!!! So I was freaked out by the commercial, not the movie. The movie featured a real monkey. I htink if they did a movie of a killer toy monkey, it would have been much more funnier.

Sunday, May 16

Desperate Housewives Season 6 Finale Review

It might surprise you that I am reviewing Desperate Housewives after Season 6 and that I am still watching them. But I got to say that after six years, the main four characters are still strong and show what they are best at, even in tense moments. Bree, in facing Sam Page's character, can still make someone hurt, she still good for that final stinger. Lenette, in having given birth and facing a killer, can still bring the heart and the tears, as a mother--to make him do the right thing. Gabrielle, even as superficial she can be, made a promise to a friend and is gonna keep it. In this case, she helps Angie against her ex-husband played by the legendary John Borrowman. And Susan? Well, Susan delivers a teary lament to Mike that she won't see her son MJ grow up in the house her daughter grew up in. John Borrowman does a decent job but his character is just like every other villain in Desperate Housewives, against last year's villain, Dave, Dave was much more charming and creepy. I do love John and want to marry him. Susan made a nice speech about the three friends being a good person. Bree finally confesses to Gabrielle about Andrew running over Carlos' mother.

Tuesday, May 11

Allison Janney guest starred on "Lost"


Alison Janey guest starred tonight on "Lost" and she was a welcomed guest. She did a terrific job. She only appeared in flashbacks. But she is now part of the mythology of Lost and the Island. Okay, here is the spoiler--she plays the mother of Jacob and the boy in black, well, not the real mother, the adoptive mother. A pregnant woman comes to the island and has the two twins and was killed by Alison Janey's unnamed character. She, of course, lies to the children. Telling them there is no one across the sea. The majority of the episode was about them, Jacob and the Man in Balck, who remains unnamed, and obviously, they are twin brothers. As soon as I saw the pregnant woman, I knew she was Jacob's mother. When I saw the twins, I realized it was them.

Sunday, May 9

Betty White on Saturday Night Live Review

Some may consider this episode 'over-hyped' as people on Facebook helped Betty White host Saturday Night Live last night. It was a special Mother's day episode with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch. I think it was worth the wait! It definitely was great! One reviewer said that the writers didn't know what to do with her but I hate to admit it because it is kinda true. They used her as the 'grandma' like four times (opening sketch, Macgruber's grandma, Macintosh's grandma, and Gingey's grandma) and an old lady twice. It was nice to see the guest former castmembers in sketches. Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon returned to their mellow-voiced NPR Delicious Dish. Maya Rudolph got plenty of screen time as Whitney Houston on Weekend Update. Dratch didn't get much, just a CSI spoof with White. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey got to do "Really?" with Seth Meyers which was very poignant and funny. Tina Fey got the last sketch of the night with White. And I thought Jay-Z retired. Two 'retirees' that night.

Thursday, May 6

Marriage Ref: Thank You Gwen!

Gwen Paltrow appeared on the show "Marriage Ref" with Jerry Seinfeld and Greg Giraldo, who is made fun of all the time on Comedy Central Roasts and only exclusively appears on Comedy Central. Jerry and Greg couldn't stop making fun, saying that the husband (The Rodriguezes of South Beach) is gay. They wouldn't stop making the jokes. Thank you, Gwen for stopping them. She put it wonderfully. She says that they should stay with the problem at hand. Oh god, even Seinfeld repeated his dumb line from his old show Seinfeld, "Not that there's nothing wrong with that."

Seinfeld did address Bones Rodriguez, which didn't understand what he was trying to say, trying to ask him if he was gay. 'Delicious.' Bones really turned it around that saying Greg was effeminate himself. The host was real good, saying what real men. Bones made it really funny. I think the real problem was what is considered feminine and masculine. Bones handled it very well! Kudos to Gwen and Bones. And Greg and Jerry should just avoid the topic all together and Greg should really STOP lisping.

Detlef Schrempf on Parks and Recreation

Detlef Schrempf is a German Basketball player that was a pro from 1985 to 2001. He guest starred on Parks and Recreation tonight. He also had a cameo appearance in the hit television show, Married... with Children. As mentioned on the show, he appeared in two episodes of the German soap opera Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten. He was highlighted for his time with the Indaina Pacers.

Tuesday, May 4

Obama and ABC News interupts The View about same subject

As Elizabeh Hassleback was talking about the Times Square Pakistani bomber, ABC News interrupted with live feed of Obama informing us about him. The View actually provided more information, maybe rumors. The View also poked holes into the Airport security that didn't notice the man (Faisal Shahzad) paid cash for his airplane ticket. Obama applauded the citizens and law enforcement. Diana Sawyer then interrupts him as he continued for his non-televised speech and reiterates what he said. . ABC News did provide more information about the attack. The whole ABC News special report lasted about 7 minutes.

Sunday, May 2

Willy Wonka movie infulences commercials and promos

An AT&T commercial used a song Gene Wilder sung in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" about imagination, while a recent Lost promo had a quote from the movie. So far, that's 2 points for the original movie and a big fat ZERO for Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Saturday, May 1

How is Toy Story 3 not rated yet?

Toy Story 3 is not rated yet, how could it not be rated? It has been in the works for years and the past two movies were rated G. Lazy by MPAA or Disney?