Saturday, September 1

Miami Orange Bowl: Last year to enjoy?

The Miami Orange Bowl, that is about a mile from my house, is a legendary stadium that hosted the Super Bowl II, III, V, X, and XIII. By today's standards, it is tiny It used to host the Miami Dolphins, until 1987, now the Dolphin (former Joe Robbie) Stadium. [By the by, it was also known as the Pro Player Stadium for a while] The University of Miami, that was the tenants to the stadium, have now announced they will be leaving this year and Dolphin Stadium will host them for the 2007-2008 season. UM wanted the stadium to expand for their needs but that would have cost the taxpayers an arm and a leg, so they decided to go to the other stadium instead. Now, the previously dead mumblings about Florida Marlins wanting their own stadium is back.

Even though my alma matter Florida International University (FIU) is temporarily being hosted there, the Marlins are laying eyes on the area to make a new stadium with a 'retractable roof.' The Marlins have failed to bring up the money and the taxpayers have refused to pay to make a whole new stadium. But there seems to be more a positive response to the Marlins taking the spot. Except of course from the Orange Bowl fans. I always felt the stadium to be a bit cramped and the traffic is murder when there is a game. I think it is too small of an area to have the Marlins there. In the area where the Dolphin Stadium, there is plenty of space for heavy traffic and mad drivers but, where the Orange Bowl is... it is a heavy residential and metropolitan area. The main avenue next to it is 17 avenue and the bridge is under repairs that may not be done in a year, of course this whole stadium thing may take a couple of years but still... I don't think it bodes well.