Friday, September 7

Deciphering Kyle XY's Connections

I may have left some pieces out, e-mail me what I missed and I will add it and give you credit. You have had to seen the show before reading this.

  • June 1982 - Adam Baylin and a mysterious woman (where Jessi's DNA comes from) used to frequent JP's Restaurant by Route 12.
  • 1985 - Adam Baylin disappears from the University of Washington. There he had a mentor was Professor William Kern.
  • Baylin and Kern create Zzyzx.
  • 16 years before season 1 starts, Kyle is created.
  • May 1996 - Tom Foss joins Zzyzx.
  • Adam's friend Brian Taylor is involved with Zzyzx. Tom Foss plays music on top of Kyle's chamber. Adam and Kern have conflicts about what to do with the 'project' 781227 later to be known as Kyle. Brian and Kern betray Adam and kick him out.
  • Season 1: 781227 is scheduled for termination. Tom Foss took Kyle out of the Zzyzx building and Kern went out to retrieve him. Kern held Tom at gunpoint and ordered Kyle back. Tom overpowered him and shot and killed Kern.
  • Kyle is released and found by Nicole Trager and eventually raised and adopted by the Tragers.
  • Zzyzx tracks down Kyle to kill him but misses.
  • Two strangers claiming to be Kyle's parents takes him from the Tragers to Adam Baylin.
  • Adam trains and teaches Kyle for a period, while the Tragers believes he is with his parents.
  • Season 2: Adam is supposedly assassinated and Tom blows up Zzyzx, releasing Jessi to the world.
  • Tom Foss picks up where Adam left off and trains Kyle.
  • Foss leaves mysteriously for a while.
  • Foss comes back, he, Kyle and Declan break into Madacorp. Foss stays there.
  • Foss is the first subject and victim of the CIR machine.
  • Foss gives Kyle and Jessi a clue to a secret cabin, where he may have been during his mysterious absence.

Now the connections...
[The Father]
  • Madacorp, which oversaw all of Zzyzx's operations, has a sub-company that buys out the company Stephen worked for. Madacorp hires Stephen.
  • Julian Ballantine, head of Madacorp, tells Emily Hollander to flirt with Stephen to break up him and Nicole.

[The Mother]
  • Emily Hollander 'bumps' into Nicole on purpose and convinces her to have Jessi as her patient.
  • Nicole has Jessi as a patient and notices she makes drawings like Kyle's.
  • Nicole keeps a secret from everyone that Kyle is some sort of superhuman.

[The Sister]
  • Lori is attacked by Jessi and her necklace stolen. This leads to heating things up between Kyle and Lori about Jessi.
  • Lori's ex Declan is attached to Jessi for a while, making her jealous.
[The Brother]
So far, there is no connections between Madacorp, Zzyzx, and Josh other than just Kyle.

  • Julian Ballantine has a Latnok ring from his father.
  • He became acquainted with Brtan Taylor.
  • Ballantine buys the Latnok ring that Kyle pawned.

[All things Jessi and Emily]
So Ballantine's plan was for Jessi to become Nicole's patient so she become closer to Kyle. He perhaps did not forsee Nicole being suspicious of how Emily treated Jessi and get closer to Jessi. Emily was to get closer to Steven to strain things between Nicole and Steven. Jessi, perhaps programmed to or not, goes for Declan and steals Lori's necklace. Jessi is then programmed to go after Kyle, straining things between Kyle and all the women in his life... Amanda, Lori and at some extent, Nicole (because they are telling each other the truth about their clues linking Kyle and Jessi together). As a result of Emily's involvement in the family, Lori's relationship with her father becomes strained. After Lori finds out Jessi was the one who attacked her, she also goes against Emily. Emily and Nicole had already fought over Jessi. The only interaction Emily and Kyle ever had was a phone call she made in "Lockdown."

So it is unknown if Ballantine planned to target Lori but some fans to believe Jessi was programmed to attack her. But, he definitely did enjoy it than things became strained between Lori and her father Stephen.