Saturday, February 27

Is Fanboy Sheen?

Fanboy from "Fanboy and Chum Chum" looks a lot like Jimmy Neutron's friend Sheen, who will have a spin-off in a year or so. I was surprised to find out, they are not from the same production company or same people.

Thursday, February 25

Andrew Koening (Boner from Growing Pains) Passed Away

Andrew Koening played Mike's best friend Boner on "Growing Pains" in the 80's. Andrew, who was 41, disappeared on Feb 16 and committed suicide. Walter Koenig (Mr. Chekov in the original Star Trek series) is his father. "My son took his own life," his father, Walter Koenig, said in an emotional news conference in the park. "We think he's probably in a very depressed state," he said. Multiple reports said the actor had cleaned out his Los Angeles apartment before coming to Vancouver.


Monday, February 22

Jem re-surfacing in the works

Pajiba reported in November that Hasbro is planning to bring Jem and the Holograms, the 80's doll and TV show franchise about a girl band headed by a foster home/music industry mogul/singer Jerrica Benton thanks to super computer Synergy. Now, all Jem fans like I have been wanting a live-action movie that stays in the 80's and has the original animated show writer Kristy Marx involved. In 2007, I have previously put who I think should be in the movie. Hasbro has been vague, they don't yet if it will be a new cartoon, movie or what. Hasbro is bringing up a new TV cable channel, with a My Little Pony show and other shows based on Hasbro products and original programming in the works. But it is unknown if Jem will be involved. With the success of Transformers and G.I.Joe, it is natural this would happen. BUT HASBRO: PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE A LIVE-ACTION MOVIE SET IN THE 80's WITH KRISTY MARX! She knows this and she is a genius! She is needed! She will make you more money!

Saturday, February 20

The Family Guy/Sarah Palin Controversy

Last Sunday I watched Family Guy and as soon as the character of Ellen, who has down syndrome, I knew there would be trouble for the writers. And ooh she had to say, "My father is an accountant and my mother is the former governor of Alaska.” So when Sarah Palin complained, it wasn't a surprise. Britstol had to comment as well on her Facebook, saying "If the writers of a particularly pathetic cartoon show thought they were being clever in mocking my brother and my family yesterday, they failed. All they proved is that they’re heartless jerks." One thing that did surprise me was that Ellen is played by actress Andrea Fay Friedman, who actually has down syndrome. She says, ""My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former Governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes," the letter she sent to the NY Times allegedly adds.

Seth Macfarlane said on Real Time With Bill Maher stated that Friedman's statment was her way of stating that "I don't need this, I love my life. I'm very happy, and I don't need you to use this piece of cartoon footage to inspire phony pity because I'm very happy and very content with my life." I think the character was done touchingly, in a Family Guy manner anyway. The message of the episode was that even people with special needs are like everyone. I learned this in college when I met a blind handicap woman that was mean and had an attitude. Friedman said she wasn't comfortable at first that she had to play a 'bossy character' but she started getting into the groove. I liked what I heard, it is good that actors like her get more exposure. And a realistic view is better. NY Times readers think they went too far. I think they didn't with this case Family Guy writers went far. There have had things I didn't like Peter, Brian, Chris & Stewie throwing up repeatedly. It was just because I can't handle vomit.

Wednesday, February 17

Twilight Parody Commercials

Tobacco Free Florida has a PSA with actors doing a Twilight rip-off and they are stopped by a director because they are covering a billboard for tobacco.

A vampire is about to turn his 'Bella' but he notices she has low AT&T coverage, so he goes for three chicks with Verizon. A wolf then winks his eye to her. This is a Verizon commercial.

In the Spanish version, the wolf winks at her and the girl scoffs in disgust. I couldn't find it.

Saturday, February 13

iCarly Product Name Replacements

I have admittedly gotten into iCarly now. Because not to have copyright infringement, they replace popular brand names with fake names, but we till kind of know what they are talking about.

Fig Newtons = Fig Nooters
Star Wars = Galaxy Wars
MySpace = SplashFace
Apple Computers = Pear Computers
Beanie Babies = PeeWee Babies
Starbucks = Skybucks
SnoBalls = Fat Cakes
Shamwow! = Shampow!
Google = Zaplook
Disney Channel = Dingo Channel
Magic Eight Ball = Magic Meatball
Nike = Daka
American Idol = America Sings
Build a Bear = Build a Bra

iPhones become Pear Phones, iPods are Pear Pods and almost every computer and laptop on the show has a pear logo, much like the Mac Apple logo. This is one product that continues in this show. Also, Galaxy Wars, as Freddy and Spencer are fans, Freddy has bedsheets.

Product Displacement

Wednesday, February 10

Fox plans to put Conan O'Brien on FX

Fox executives are planning to put Conan O'Brien on Fox's cable station FX, Conan hosting a four-night-a-week show. They will then air a show made up of the four shows on Saturday, most likely on the Wanda Sykes spot at 11. It is rumored that, "News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch will have a hard time resisting an attack on NBC's Tonight Show with the host they turned away." Because just putting Conan on FOX is not easy. It doesn't make sense money-wise for News Corp and Twentieth Century Fox. The local affiliates have syndicated shows at 11pm, which makes money for those companies since the majority of shows airing at that time are owned by Fox (like The Simpsons & Family Guy). Taking the time on FX would allow Fox to convince their affiliates. Meanwhile, they would have to figure out what to do with Wanda Sykes, who has a late night show at the 11 p.m. timeslot on Fox.


Mass Effect Commander John Shepard

I wanted to answer this question myself, other people might be wondering. Mass Effect 2 commercial came out and I wondered who was the model for the main character Commander Shepard (the default male version of course, as the real Commander is female). It is Mark Vanderloo (above). His voice is provided by Mark Meer in both games (first and second).

First legal Straight male prositute in Nevada compares to Gandhi

Straight male prostitute "Markus" got state approval through the Shady Lady Ranch in Nevada to be the first legal prostitute. But the disturbing part is that he compares himself to Rosa Parks and Gandhi. He's a 25 year-old college dropout from Alabama who left the Marines and returned home to Alabama, finding no job opportunities. He says "wants the world to know he's not available for homosexual sex and that his "sphincter is not for sale." Lord. "It won't be successful," said Arie Mack Moore, owner of the Angel's Ladies Brothel, just north of Beatty. "You can't have both (male and female prostitutes) in the same building or adjacent to each other, in my opinion." A 22-year-old prostitute at Angel's Ladies named "Cuddles" said Markus' unwillingness to see gay males makes the Shady Lady seem sexist and discriminatory. Her brothel services women. "How can you just turn down services because of what someone's preferences is? It comes with the territory. It comes with the business," she said. I have heard of gay prostitutes servicing straight naturally-born women and straight women prostitutes puttng a 'strap-on' to please a male cilent. Yes, this blog is not for the whole family.

Thursday, February 4

Project Runway: Jesus is OUT!

Argentinean Jesus Estrada was voted out tonight on Project Runway and for good reason, lack of taste. I think the color choices he chose for all his dresses were not as great and choices for sequins and other things were ghastly. He said he was shocked, he really had to look at his clothes. He's 21, still young, so he has time to grow. His taste level is not that bad, it is just it didn't agree with the judges, so this wasn't for him.

30 Rock Jenna's Birthday

Jenna has always lied about her age, but tonight there was yet another episode where she has a birthday. I wanted to check if it was in the same month. Last season, it was in the March 5, 2009 episode "Goodbye, My Friend" where everyone gives Jenna's birthday to Tracy. But tonight's episode Jenna suspected her mother forgot her birthday but in reality had a big party for her. It's February 4th, but its excusable since in TV it isn't always the month the episode airs. And they were close in time anyway.

Wednesday, February 3

Don't Ask Don't Tell Me

Obama stayed on his word to repeal the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy for the U.S. Armed Forces. Mike Mullan, The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff proclaimed that service members should not be forced to "lie about who they are." Joint Chief’s Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen said that they should study for a year the impact before the controversial policy is withdrawn by Congress. Admiral Mike Mullen said there were practical problems in repealing the policy where members had to conceal their sexual orientation if they were homosexual. Like I have said before, if the soldier is professional, then what is the issue? The ones against it say it goes against 'cohesion,' it is already against 'cohesion,' if they want to keep 'cohesion' with straight people, then don't let gay people out forever. But yes, there is the argument that if gay people were open in the military, that would let crazy bigots beat and kill them (which has happened before, even on a soldier that was never confirmed to be same-sex orientated). It is just hilarious how these old stuffy heterosexuals get mad at this. It is like they don't want to appear weak in front of other nations, but it has to do with Gender, like women in the service before.


Rapunzel to be released this winter

The first look to Disney's Rapunzel, to be released November 24, 2010--the birthday of my second cousin and niece. The original version was that a girl got pulled from the modern world and replaced Rapunzel, and Rapunzel got turned into a squirrel. But now, thank the lord, it is going more traditional. It is a unique film as it is the first to be animated with new technology, to make it sound simple--they use special pens to draw and it ends up in the computer, they want the look to be more like watercolor paintings. As you can see above, this gives the film an unique look.

Mandy Moore provides the voice to Rapunzel, Zachary Levi as Flynn Ryder, and Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel. Disney has announced the future addition of Princess Rapunzel from the computer animated film.

RAPUNZEL (Domestic Release Date: Christmas 2010, Disney Digital 3-D(TM))
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Directors: Glen Keane, Dean Wellins
Producer: Roy Conli
In this new telling of the classic fairy tale, "Rapunzel," audiences
will be transported to a stunning CG fantasy world complete with the iconic
tower, an evil witch, a gallant hero and, of course, the mysterious girl
with the long golden tresses. Expect adventure, heart, humor, and hair ...
lots of hair, when Rapunzel unleashes her locks in theaters for the 2010 holiday.

Tuesday, February 2

Lost Final Season Premiere

I won't explain the whole episode, but this to just give those wondering if the bomb caused them to go back in time, to where they never got on the island.


So yes, I still watch "Lost," it has gone from a huge hit to a cult show. The season premiere begins with the white from the bomb from last season, the longest white wash in. The first image we see are clouds from a airplane window. We treated to the old scene of Jack and Rose (the nice black lady from the first season) in Oceanic 815. There is a shake but no airplane drop. Rose is reunited with her husband. Jack goes tot he bathroom and notes blood on his neck. He meets Desmond, it turns out Desmond is now on the flight. Jack gets deja vu. We then five into deep into the oceans, to find a giant foot with four toes in the water, instead of above.

Kate wakes up on a tree. She finds Jack, James and Miles, they are where Sun and the others are, on the Island, I forget the year, but its around our current time. James is real pissed about Juliet dying in vain. Sayid, Hurley and Jin are two minutes away, near a van.

And we are also served to Jack being in a place where the plane never crashed and having deja vu with people who have never met him. So Kate is arrested again, back with the agent; James is bad old Sawyer, back from killing a man he thought was the one who led to his parents' death; Hurley being bugged by a fan--because he is owner of fast food chain and he is a lucky guy, nothing bad happens to him.

So yeah, no more spoilers. But it's a pretty good episode.

ManCrunch commercial pulled off Superbowl

There has always been some controversy over the Super Bowl, this year there is talk about the Tim Tebow/Anti-Abortion Ad. But now there has been one victim due to CBS. They pulled out a commercial. The commercial belongs to ManCrush, a gay dating site, which i can't find the link too. I think the company had very little money because the commercial looks very cheap in quality. When I saw the setup, I already knew what the commercial was going to be about. Oh, here is the link. So yeah, the commercial is tame but I think for the SuperBowl, it is not for the right audience. There is football fans that happen to be gay and watch the SuperBowl, like me, but you know, the majority of the audience are heterosexual.

So if they don't want the commercial, fine, whatever. But as a regular commercial, it shouldn't be pulled regularly, if it was to air on anything else. It's sad but like the women on the View said about this, it is hard on parents as a family event, as many hetero 'American' families freak out about this stuff. While more open-minded families don't give a football about it to explaining it to their kids. The View didn't show the part when the black guy looks shocked at the two kissing guys. It was so hilarious when I saw it.

Here is a view against the commercial:
Post Partisan

GLAAD's Response